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My assignment in Den Haag now being completed. I had handed back my rented apartment in Den Haag; enjoyed a cruise holiday in the Baltic with Knut, and moved to Southampton. Prior to taking up an assignment with a company that specialised in the management of clean-up operations for oil and chemical spill; but not starting for a further four weeks.

I was in my apartment outside Southampton when the phone rang. My Swedish friend Bjorn; on hearing that I was between assignments invited me out to Stockholm to joint him for their family Midsummer celebrations holiday; for a second year.

I flew out to Stockholm from Heathrow the following week. Bjorn was still working out of his law firm’s offices in Stockholm. When I arrived he could not meet me as arranged, due to an overrunning meeting, but, had arranged for a car to meet me and take me to his sister Hanna’s office. We had been more than friends for a few years along with her partner Suzi.

She now had her own business that they jointly ran; providing, personal security, Escorts and Advisors for the specialist businesses that her brother Bjorn worked for; providing international finance and taxation advice.

I had already learnt, “this is Sweden” and to expect the unexpected being the norm. Bjorn arrived from his office about an hour later; we were having coffee catching up on how life was treating us. Bjorn was one of those people who could read a situation in an instant and take it forward. He asked me if I would like to do some legal consultancy and Escort work for one of his clients in Guernsey for the next few week; through Hanna’s company.

This was to be for a consortium of financiers representing a number of discreet and wealthy individuals, looking to invest in oil and gas platform and facility decommissioning and cleanup projects.

As always Bjorn left the interesting bit to the end, once he knew he had you hooked. All the members of the Consortium were gay; in fact you could not join or work for the Consortium unless you were.

This was not optional and the Consortium went to lengths to ensure that this was always the case; Hanna’s company did the vetting. The pink Euro is now a major source of international finance and provides significant profit for those investors who participate.

Discretion and secrecy, for obvious reasons, were of paramount concern. I was to be assigned to one of Bjorn’s friends. As I was Bjorn partner for a few years, attending similar high level functions I knew what this would entail; no details necessary. I agreed, don’t know why but I did, another of life’s adventures that need to be lived; maybe.

Hanna handed me a file, in it was a contract, very nice fee, expenses and profit share and separate secrecy agreement, all needing to be signed; which I did. I was then given the brief for the consortium; it was self-evident why the secrecy, given the names of investors, monies and projects involved. One project named the, Hollyrood project stage 2, got my particular attention. I was to meet my new friend at a very exclusive and private, nightclub Midsummer Party. Not a fancy dress one this time; which had been a lot of fun last time.

We all went together; I met my new friend, for which I was to be Escort, Assistant and Legal Advisor for. In public I was to refer to him as Sir Alistair, but privately as Al. He was not what I expected but a very down to earth person. We seemed to hit it off with each other from the outset, as though we had been close friends for years.

Apparently, atakent escort when at Cambridge university as a student he had joined an amateur dramatics group and had performed Shakespeare’s Hamlet (the Scottish play), at Stratford on Avon for a summer season at the end of his first year. Tomorrow and for the following two days we were to go through the brief and strategies for the Guernsey meeting the subsequent week. A lot of work but we got it done.

We arrived on the Sunday afternoon at Guernsey airport from Stockholm by private aircraft. We were met by a limousine and what can only be described as personal security. As arranged by Hanna. We were driven to an exclusive country house; with very visible security their too.

We were taken to our room, shown adjacent secure office facilities that we would use. The room was very plush with separate sitting and dining area, bedroom and dressing facility. Together with adjacent jacuzzi and sauna. Al suggested we have a sauna to shake off the journey. We got changed, toweled up and went in. Meantime our luggage was delivered and unpacked for us.

In the sauna Al came up behind me, I could feel his presence close to me; I then felt his finger run ever so slowly and gently down my back until it reached my towel. Turning slowly to face him as he reached down, unrolled my towel and removed it; he had already removed his. It is a very exhilarating and arousing thing to have done to you.

We both moved on to the bench seating and started to explore each other’s nakedness. We were getting more aroused as we explored each other intimately. But, the heat in the sauna, although nice, curtailed any over indulgence.

We went out into the bedroom where Al invited me to join him in our bed for the next ten days; which I did. As we sat on the edge of the bed, facing each other; looking into each other’s eyes; he touched my lips with his finger. He then kissed me and out tongues started exploring and touching intimately.

As I lay back he kneels on the bed and straddles over me. He starts to nibble my nipples, my chest, my ear lobes; very erotic and stimulating. I could feel my desires for him to engage with me. I lift up my knees and arch my back up a little, inviting him to join with me. He rubs his lube on and reaches in me with his fingers; I could feel his fingers penetrate as he applies it. Rubbing it around and in and out, very relaxing, stimulating.

He then probed with his erection gently at first then pushes in slowly; I could feel him entering and sliding in, slowly withdrawing; re-entering and sliding further in each time; slowly a rhythm starts, sensual, warm, wet and relaxing. Building the momentum with each stroke, longing both our desires; we both look directly into each other’s eyes, our hearts now beating in rhythm; both knowing climax was imminent. Then it happened we were both contented, relaxed and disengage each other.

We both were lying naked together; hot and wet, exchanging each other’s warmth, we embraced each other, running our fingers over each other’s body. Our hungry mouths searched each other, nibbling, biting and sucking. The passion and excitation in each of us taking over; we both started to become hard and excited again, as we embraced each other’s hardness pressed together. We continued where we left off this time Al rolls over onto his back; raises his knees and invites me to join with him.

Al arched his back, his akbatı escort eyes roll in anticipation; I lean over and on him. Probe for entry with my hardness; barred by pressure at first; as he anticipates entry, eases allowing me to enter; slowly going deeper with each lunge. I could feel it starting to build within me as I undulated; our body heat was building; as I looked into his eyes I could see them rolling in anticipation; his head gently rolled as he smiled; eyes closing in enjoyment.

I could feel it starting to build with each lunge; we were both wet with sweat; both in harmony as I released it; we both paused for a moment before I withdrew. I rolled over; lay side by side; we embraced each other; exhausted and wet with sweat and cum. We lay their embracing each other in harmony.

We both relaxed together then showered together getting ready for the first night’s informal evening meal and drinks.

A get to know each other occasion no business discussions; that would start tomorrow. All told they were twenty two of us, historically had been limited to twenty, various nationalities, equally split male, female, all partnered, why not international business and equality is the way ahead and future. Also the formal Consortium meeting team photographs were equally balanced for public consumption. Hanna and Suzi doing, no doubt. The discussions stared at ten the next morning went on to four in the afternoon for the next five days.

We discussed various projects, options and opportunities; often the Assistants would breakoff and agree details before re-presenting to the Consortium for agreement and signature.

One of the projects being considered, the ‘Hollyrood project stage 2’ but was to be discussed outside the general meeting, as only one of the represented parties had an interest. A separate secure conference room was provided.

The Assistant whom I knew from my days in Whitehall, possibly why I was volunteered by Sir Alistair to attend, representing the remainder of the Consortium. An outside team of three then joined us for the duration of these discussions, to clarify their case and terms for providing finance into the consortium.

In essence; they would provide several billion from, existing offshore accounts, to be re-invested by the Consortium. The principle sum, plus an agreed minimal margin, from these projects would then be paid back into the original offshore accounts. And; the balance into a number, as of yet, new unspecified offshore private accounts.

My ex-colleague from Whitehall and his principle explored account details. Reached agreement as to how it would work; but, only if they increased their funding to a Whole investment fund.

I was there only to observe and report back to the Consortium, not comment or participate. On agreement and signature the meeting closed and out visitors left. Before returning to the main meeting I was presented with two secrecy agreements from my ex-colleague to sign.

They also discreetly left and did not return to the Consortium. When I returned to the Consortium meeting I reported the outcome. Failed to reach agreement; no further action; which was duly noted in the meeting records.

Friday had arrived, we had the next two days free for leisure activities; no business. Confidential papers all returned to their secure facilities; till Monday at least.

We all retired to the main lounge for afternoon tea, a tradition for the Consortium. aksaray escort Another tradition was Media student graduates were invited for the weekend to interview us about what we did; each of the ten remaining members sponsored two students each.

We had two Danish girls interviewing us, Helga and Siv; both attended the same university in Copenhagen and seemed to be close friends. We took them to their room, as students they were very impressed by its high standard, we allowed them to unpack. Part of their university assignment remit was to interview us in unusual surroundings or environments. They chose for the first one to be in our private Sauna.

They arrive together at our room with only towels on; we were dressed with towels on only, as agreed. Went into the sauna; they asked us their questions; we gave answers, in so far as we could, given the confidential nature of the meeting topics.

Their job was to get a story. They started to get excited and flustered, between what they were being told, the dry heat, our half answers and being naked apart from towels that were becoming loose because of the heat.

The inevitable happened Siv’s towel fell off as she adjusted her laptop computer. We finished off the discussions all naked. Al, by this time the Sir Alistair had been dropped, suggested we have a meal in our room, undressed as we were; they agreed. We all showered together and dried each other off, which was fun as was the discussions.

The meal arrived and was set out for us when this was happening. We went out and sat at the table still naked eating our meal; the wine and food were excellent. During our dinner discussions we found out although they were both gay they were not an item but friends. We shared our secret with them; in confidence.

They left late for their own room; we loaned them our bath robes for their journey back. I think they had fun together that night; we did. The following day they joined us for brunch in the bar, looking a bit guilty and hungover. Clearly last night’s interview and meal would get a tick in their bucket list of things done.

Their second interview was to be on the hotel’s private beach, it was a clothes optional beach, where the students interviewed us as a group. It started off orderly but developed into a competitive environment as the students tried to outdo each other in their questioning and trap us with our answers.

Heide, one of the Consortium senior members and her partner Mags, during this heated debate stripped off and mandated we all strip off as it was a nice warm day. Heide always got her way and we all did. The intensity of the interview dropped by several octaves at this point.

The students were learning to adapt to an unpredictable evolving environment. We all enjoyed the remainder of the afternoon on the beach. Tonight was to be a formal black tie dinner affair with speeches from the students to the Consortium of how they think the Consortium business should be conducted.

From fun on the beach to harsh reality of business in a few hours, the students were being exposed to the real world that they would soon have to report on. The Sunday morning was relaxing the afternoon was an open debate on journalistic and business realities.

The Consortium Chairman then presented prizes to each of the students, which would help them to progress their chosen careers. Each had an employment interview offer, with leading Publisher or Media CEO, for future employment and a cheque for one thousand Euros; as arranged by Hanna.

The Consortium then had three further days of meetings finalizing the Consortium’s business strategies for the next three year period. On completion I went back to Southampton with a very nice fee and bonuses to follow. A question; was I right to be an Escort to a stranger; albeit a very nice stranger.

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