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” Daddy, I’m ready for bed. Besides, I have something I need to talk to you about.”

“Sure baby, what is it?”

“Look at this letter, Daddy. Can you believe it? They’re going to make me take College English all over again! They decided my credits didn’t transfer after all.”

“That’s a bunch of crap. You’re on the Dean’s List in the freaking engineering department and they want you to repeat freshman English because they decided on a whim not accept the transfer after you’ve been going for a semester?”

“Yeah. Pisses me off. I’m going to take it in the summer semester. It’ll give me something to go with that fluid mechanics class I need.”

“I thought you wanted to take just that one class because you wanted to concentrate on it all by itself since you were going back to work at Hooter’s to pick up some extra cash. I told you you didn’t need to do that. I’ve got everything covered.”

“Daddy, I want to do my part around here.”

“Baby, you already do.”

“Maybe you don’t want to share me. Uh, huh. Anyway, since I found out a couple of days ago, I decided to write an essay since I’m kinda out of practice. It’s an expository essay. You want to hear it?”


“Well, come lay next to me on the bed and I’ll read it to you. I think you’ll like it.”

“Sounds intriguing.”

“You’ll find out. Here goes.”

“Ahem. I have the greatest Daddy in the world. There isn’t a thing he wouldn’t do for me, and I feel the same way about him. Without him, I wouldn’t be here today and have a chance to succeed in reaching for my dreams. The truly amazing thing about him is that he became my Daddy by choice, not once but twice.

“If you’re going strictly by biology, he’s not my birth father. My birth father isn’t worth the ink it takes to print this out. He managed to impregnate my mother, then take off shortly after my birth, never to be heard from again. All I can say is good riddance to bad rubbish.

“There was another candidate that took on the job when he married my mother, but he turned out to be as worthless as my bio sperm donor father. He too disappeared, which is just fine by me.

“Finally, my Daddy came along when I was eight. He married my mother and did all the things that the others failed to do. He helped me with my homework, taught me right from wrong, got me interested in soccer, and was there for me when I needed him. Best of all, he did it by choice. He WANTED to be my Daddy, and was exactly what a little girl needed.”

“Wow. Thank you, baby.”

“Just trying to tell it like it is, Daddy. Anyway, Then he was gone. It wasn’t his fault. My mother betrayed him in the worst way and made it impossible for him to remain. But before he left, he did something noble, and did it anonymously. When he left, there was a hole in my heart, but I understood why he had to leave. I vowed to remember all he taught me and make myself a better person.”

“Baby, that wasn’t me. That was all you.”

“Bullshit, Daddy. But thanks for the hug. Then my mother showed her true colors and betrayed me in similar fashion. And like my long-lost Daddy, I too had to leave home. I did so never looking back. It left me all alone, but I was armed with what he had taught me, and that made the future bright with hope and possibility.

“And then…we found each other again. It had been five long years. Yes, I now was a 19-year old college student, but I knew that my Daddy was still there for me. He took me in and made it easier for me to pursue my lifelong goals. He showed me that it was possible to create success from nothing after losing it all. escort gaziantep He showed me that hard work pays off. He also showed me that opening your heart to the possibility of love is the only way to live life. And that is so true.”

“Yes it is, baby.”

“Daddy, stop that. You’re distracting me. Where was I? Oh, yes. I wasn’t the same little girl I had been when he first became my Daddy, and that meant our relationship had to evolve to the next step. I was a big girl now, and I had matured, with a big girl’s outlook on life and a big girl’s desires. But even a big girl needs a Daddy. And he’s the perfect Daddy for me.

“I can be a very bad girl. When I moved in with him, I continued to live my life the way I had since I escaped from mother. He found my preferred practice of going nude at home to be disturbing at first. He told me that a young woman like myself should wear at least a minimal account of clothing around men of his age.”

“You still don’t listen very well when it comes to that.”

“You’re not complaining about that right now, are you Daddy? Didn’t think so. I asked him what was objectionable about the human body, and he replied that I was too beautiful, my breasts too large, my ass too shapely, my walk too sensuous for him to remain unmoved. But he said that it was my home too, and said that I should dress and act in a way that made me happy. I encouraged him to relax at home and enjoy himself, and on occasion he would. I have to admit that I liked when he did that, because my Daddy is a very attractive man, and I know he sensed that I felt that way about him. But I also realized that the love he showed for me deserved a more appropriate response, so I began wearing at least some clothing during those times to make him more comfortable. You don’t look very comfortable right now, Daddy. Guess that’s my fault, hunh?”

“Just keep reading. I think I know where this is going. I hope.”

“It wasn’t long after that that he began to show me that my Daddy understood that I had grown up and began to prove to me he loved me in a different way than before. He began tucking me in bed two or three times a week. But it wasn’t the way he tucked me into bed as a little girl, when I needed him in that way growing up. I was a big girl now, and our bedtime ritual showed a change befitting my greater maturity.

“The first time my Daddy offered to tuck me in, I told him I would love for him to do so, and prepared myself for bed. By preparing myself, I mean getting undressed to sleep naked. It’s better for your health to sleep that way, since your body regulates its own temperature at night, and wearing clothing actually puts stress on you when you’re in ideal sleeping conditions. Just like right now, Daddy.”

“Ideal conditions. Yes.”

“Mmmm. Yes. When my Daddy came into the room, he stopped and looked at me for a moment that seemed to stretch into eternity. Finally, I asked him if he thought I was pretty. He first looked shocked, then smiled at me as he strode forward. He told me that I wasn’t just pretty. He said I was beautiful as he kneeled down at the edge of my bed.

“My Daddy told me that not only did I have perfect features, that my body was perfect as well. He reached over and caressed my breasts, and told me that they were not just large and full, but shaped perfectly with the kind of nipples that would drive any man wild with desire.”

“Oh, yes, they are. Mmmm.”

“And with that, he took first the right one in his mouth, then the left, sucking on them gently. He caressed my breasts as he did so, escort gaziantep bayan and I felt myself warm to his touch like no other before in my life. Oh, yes Daddy. Just like that.

“He could tell that I have extra sensitive nipples, and used his experience to drive me wild. My Daddy practically worshipped my tits that night. It was amazing. He climbed onto the bed, still kneeling as he continued to kiss and lick me. Aaahhhh. Yes. God, you’re making it hard to read this.

“I could also tell that he was aroused as well. My Daddy came into my room also prepared for bed, and that meant I could see his cock. From the time he began, I could see it become more and more engorged as time went by. It kept growing and growing, bigger and thicker than any other I had ever seen, fully seven inches in length and thick and strong. Just like now. Can you take over reading my essay. I really need to do something for you, Daddy.”

“Sure, baby. Oh my. That feels wonderful. Yes. When I saw it reach that amazing size, I couldn’t contain myself. I motioned him to stand up next to my bed, and he complied with a confused and somewhat hurt look on his face. Then I got up, and kneeled before him. Before he could say anything, I reached out with my hand and drew him to me and slid my Daddy’s dick between my lips. Oh, baby. You do that so good. Ah.

“He let out a gasp as I began to bob my head up and down, taking a little more into my mouth with each motion. It filled my mouth and I savored the sensation and taste of his cock. Ahhhh. As I continued, I tipped my head back to look him in the eye as I sucked him. I pulled my head back, and his cock slid out of my mouth with a pop. ‘I love your cock, Daddy,’ I said to him and his face flushed red.”

“Just like it is right now, Daddy. Yum, I love sucking on your cock. Go back to reading. Mmmmmm.”

“Oh yes. Uh, yeah. I leaned down and began to lick and suck his balls. They had tightened, and I knew that they busy making some cum for me. I loved knowing that as I tormented him. I slid my tongue up my Daddy’s cock and once again took the head in my mouth and resumed sucking him. Ahhh. Mmmm. Then he grabbed my shoulders and told me to stop. I was confused because I knew he loved having me give him a blow job, but I should have known what was next.”

“Daddy, you’re shaking. Give me that paper. It’s time for me to take over reading again. Just let me scoot up a little bit on this bed so you can follow along, okay?”

“Oh. Okay. Sure.”

“I know you’ll like this part. I know you like the view right now. My Daddy is not a selfish man, and he proceeded to return the favor I had begun to grant him. He got me up from my knees and guided me back to my bed, kissed me, and then laid between my spread legs and began to kiss and lick my pussy. Yes, Daddy. Oh, yes. Just like that It was clear he knew exactly what he was doing. His tongue played along my slit, caressing my labia. Then he moved up and began to concentrate on my swollen clitoris. Ahhhh. Daddy.”

“Mmmm. You are so wet baby. You taste good. Mmmmmm.”

“Ahhhh. I shuddered and moaned. How could I not? The sight of the top of his head with his distinguished gray hair between my upraised legs and the feel of his tongue lashing my sopping wet snatch was so erotic that I almost came right then and there. Ohhhhh. Ah. It was almost as if he could read my mind as he moved from clit to pussy, to outer lips and back, hitting each spot with perfect timing. OHMYGOD. Ah. Oh.

“I thought it couldn’t get any better until he thrust escort gaziantep kızlar his tongue deep into my pussy and began pistoning it in and out. I could feel my juices EEEE. flowing and my pussy was this close to erupting EEEE. when he stopped again. EEEE. I let out a little sound of protest, but all he did was look me in the eye and smile and tell me that he had just been warming me up for what was next.”

“I know what’s next. Oh, yes I know exactly what’s next, baby.”

“Mmmmmm. He drew up onto his knees, positioning his stiff cock just inches from my pussy and asked me if I was ready. All I could do is moan a yes, and then he leaned forward. My Daddy’s dick slid into my pussy. Oh, just like that. Yessss. It felt so huge and I felt stretched, but I was so wet that he was able to enter me with ease. The feeling was Ahhhh. Daddy. indescribable. I had fantasized about him for years, and it turned out being fucked by my Daddy Ahhhh. felt as good as I had imagined. Daddy.”

“Mmmm, baby. I’m going to go nice and slow here. I like hearing you read while we fuck.”

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Yes. His length and girth was perfect. Any bigger would have hurt. Instead, he filled me to the brim, all the way to the core, and stretched my pussy walls to perfection. Ahhhh. I had my Daddy’s cock inside me finally, Daddy. and I was determined to make it as good for him as it was for me EEEE. as I used my pussy muscles to grab and massage his dick as he thrust slowly in and out. I was in heaven, because my Daddy. WAS. IN. ME. OHMYGOD. DADDY.”

“Put that paper down. Enough reading. Time to fuck.”

“Yes. Daddy. FUCK ME.”

“Oh, baby, your pussy is so tight. Ah. Ah. Ah. You like Daddy’s cock in you deep, don’t you.”

“Ahh. Yes. Deep. Fuck. Me. Hard.”

“Aaaah. Umm. Oh baby, I’m close.”

“Cum in. Me. Daddy. AhhhHHHHHHHHH.”

“AHHHHHHHHHH. Ohh. Ohh. Ohh. Yesssss.”

“Ahhhh. Mmmmmm. Yesssss.”


“I’m going to finish reading it to you now, okay?”

“Uh huh. Go ahead.”

“Ahhhh. I know that when I read this to him, I will have had to stop reciting what I wrote at this point because hearing about this will have been too much for him and I will have had to put the paper down while he once again showed me his love. And truthfully, it will have been too much for me as well.

“We will be lying side by side on my bed as I resume reading this. His huge cock will be glistening with our moisture as we both try to catch our breath. My pussy lips will be reddened from my Daddy’s use, tender and puffy from being split and pounded by his dick as I screamed in pleasure, and his cum will be dribbling from deep inside where he filled my pussy with shot after shot after shot of his essence. The sheets will be tangled and moist from our exertions, especially the area between my legs as our juices commingle and put yet another stain on the bed, because I’m sure I will have added my own fluids to the mix.

“The joy of all this is almost beyond words. The best part of all is knowing that my Daddy loves me so much that he gives me what I truly need. I will smile, secure in the fact that the time is not too far off when he will again prove his love to me in the most fundamental way possible and his beautiful dick will be inside me once again.

“I am a lucky girl to have a Daddy like him. The end.”

“So? Did you like it?”

“The essay, or what we just did. Hey, ouch. Don’t smack me like that!”

“Well, you deserved it.”



“It was well written. It was heartfelt. Felt other places too.”

“For sure.”

“But if I were you, I wouldn’t turn it in.”


“Because it was supposed to be an expository essay. That was more of an ejaculatory essay.”

“Good point, Daddy. I’ll just save it for us. We can read it together every once in a while when you tuck me in.”

“Suits me. G’night baby.”

“‘Night, Daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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