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Chapter 7 – The Receptionists Story

“My husband took most of the pictures. They are all patients that we have had in our office over the years.”

I didn’t hear her come back into the room, the wheels of her chair rolling silently over the tile floors. I turn my head to the side to face her and notice that more of her legs are showing than when she left. Instead of her stump being mostly hidden by her knee-length skirt, she has pulled it up so that it is just at mid-thigh level now, exposing more of the leg-brace and about half of her stump. As she shifts slightly in the chair, a hint of lace shows at the hem of her skirt.

When she sees where my eyes are focused, she looks down at her legs as well. “I have some time to talk right now, so if you don’t mind, I will stay and talk to you. I am going to numb your gums a little so that the cleaning won’t be so unpleasant. The stuff that we use is a gel that we rub along the edge of your gums. Some of our patients have a bit of a reaction to it and start to feel drowsy after a while. If you feel like closing your eyes and napping, that is perfectly fine.”

“When you walked in, I saw how your gaze was drawn to my mouth. Most people take a quick look then try to ignore the look of the heavy brackets and archwire. You seemed to be drawn to them and didn’t look away. My teeth were pretty messed up when I first got them and I hated them at first. Now they are just a part of who I am. I don’t actually need them anymore but I don’t want to get rid of them. They are acting the same as a retainer would and I get frequent check-ups to make sure that everything is fine with my teeth. It helps that my husband likes how I look with the braces and that he is my orthodontist.”

She rolls up beside my chair and inserts adjustable metal cheek retractors into my mouth, gradually adjusting them so that they are comfortable for me. Whenever I begin to show any sign of discomfort, she backs it off a little and adjusts something else. When she is satisfied with the fit, she begins to apply the gel to my gums.

“Then, when I rolled out from behind the desk, you had the look that most people have when they first see the wheelchair, but you went past that closer to fascination again. Most people either stay with a look of pity or try to ignore the fact that I am not the same as just about everyone else. You took the time to look at me and see that I am different but still a woman. I like that in you.”

“I don’t usually tell people my story, but I like how you look at me and feel that you might want to know how I ended up this way.”

I make a sort of gurgling sound and nod ‘yes’.

“When I was in university studying to work in the orthodontal field, I was in an accident. I had a group of people who I thought were friends until the accident happened, and then most of them suddenly were busy doing other things. There was one guy who I had been interested in before the accident, but we had never seemed to get together for a date. After the accident, he was one of the few people who came around to visit me in the hospital. At first it was just for a few minutes to say ‘hello’ and it gradually became longer and longer. I didn’t want a boyfriend at that point, so he decided that he would be my ‘special friend’ instead.”

“Both of my legs were broken in several places and I was in casts for a long time. When the casts came off, I was fitted for leg-braces to help support them while I was going through physical therapy. I was lucky, the skin on my right leg wasn’t damaged and once the bruising and swelling went down, it looked good. My left leg was more severely injured and required a number of surgeries to try a repair it. My ‘special friend’ came frequently to visit me and he would take me to many of my therapy sessions, stay there with me and work with me, then return me to my room.”

“My jaws were also injured in the accident and my mouth was wired shut for a long time to allow the bones to heal. My teeth weren’t all that straight to start with and when they unwired my jaws, they were even worse. We had both been taking many of the same courses at the time of the accident, which is where we first met. I couldn’t attend the lectures, so he recorded them for me and we would spend just about every evening watching them. I had to drop a few classes and changed the career path I was on. He graduated and became an orthodontist. I got a degree in business management and then tried to find work.”

I keep on looking at her mouth and face as she is talking, trying not to be too focused on the metal that is glued to her teeth. I have a hard time, because she keeps smiling at me and her brackets glint back at me all the time.

“The insurance company for the business that was responsible for the accident eventually lost the case in court and I was awarded far more money then if they had just paid the claim at the start. I ended up with more money than I needed Escort Bayan to live comfortably. They also paid all of my medical costs and the cost of my education. I left university with no debt and no job prospects.”

“He ended up with a huge debt and several job offers. He worked at a few places to gain experience and become known. He only took jobs close to where I was living so that he could take care of me as much as possible and make sure that I got to my medical appointments on time. He was spending so much time at my place that I eventually asked him to move in with me. He had one condition that I had to meet before he would agree to move in. I had to let him be my boyfriend. That was an easy choice for both of us.”

“I had braces on my teeth for several years until I got fed up with them because the guy that was treating me wasn’t doing anything other than billing the insurance company for my appointments. Both my boyfriend and I could see what was going on, so we went to the insurance company and they sued the orthodontist, putting him out of business. He had a number of other patients that he was doing the same thing to. He had all the equipment and a building that was in great shape. The insurance company was going to auction everything off to try to get their money out of it. I saw a business opportunity, so I made them an offer on the whole thing. The insurance company saw that they could win both ways, they would get rid of something that they didn’t want and they could also get back some of the money that they had paid me.”

“I redid the interior of the building and reopened it with my boyfriend as the head orthodontist. We hired an experienced team to run it for us and arranged for the top students in the orthodontics course to work part time for us as part of their course. We had low labour costs and high-quality labour, making it very easy for us to compete with other practices.”

“My legs still weren’t healing right. There had been some nerve and muscle damage to both legs and I still hadn’t regained strength and mobility in them. My left leg caused me pain all the time and I could hardly put any weight on it. We decided that it would be better if I used a wheelchair most of the time to get around. He encouraged me to look around and find one that I was really comfortable in, then he had it customized with paint and fabric.”

“For quite a long time I put up with the pain in my left leg. I used crutches around the house, leaving my left leg locked at an angle. Our sex life was almost non-existent at this point. We kissed and were very affectionate with each other, but I couldn’t handle anything more physical. What I didn’t know at the time was that my disability was turning him on sexually and that he was having a difficult time with that.”

“His subconscious way of trying to cope with his fetish was to buy me things that he found excited him. I ended up with a couple of different customized wheelchairs, a variety of crutches to match some of my favourite outfits and a whole closet full of clothes that he had tailored to accommodate my leg-braces.”

At first I felt flattered that he was buying me, a crippled wreck of a female, all these things, but it also became overwhelming that he was making my disability so much of a focus in his life that he was losing sight of the person that I was. He finally confessed to me that he had these feelings and didn’t know how to deal with them. I was angry for a while, not so much at him as I was at how I saw myself. One day, he took me into the bedroom and blindfolded me, then completely undressed me and gave me a bath. He often bathed me, only this time it was different. I couldn’t see my crippled body and just listened to him describe how I looked through his eyes.”

“He described how he saw each part of my body as he was washing it. After he finished bathing and shaving me, he carried me into the bedroom and began dressing me the way that he wanted me to dress. His description continued until I was fully dressed. He even did my finger-nails, toe-nails and lipstick for me, Then he set me in my matching wheelchair, with the custom-painted crutches attached behind it, and put me in front of the mirror, before removing the blindfold.”

“That was the first time that I saw myself through his eyes. Instead of seeing a person that didn’t have anything worth looking at, he had created someone that looked unique and beautiful. I hadn’t taken the time to do much of what he had done. The woman that I saw sitting in the chair had long curly hair cascading over shoulders, well below her small firm braless breasts. Her lips were full and painted a vibrant red. The blouse that she was wearing had an eye-catching amount of cleavage showing, even if her breasts were small, the front of the blouse plunging to just above her navel. Her finger-nails were painted the same shade of red as her lips. Her skirt was short, probably Escort too short to be worn in a wheelchair, as the lace at the top of her stockings was just barely showing. She had a pair of open-toed high-heels on that revealed that her toes are painted the same red as her fingers. The thing that makes the shoes unusual is that they are attached to the bottom of her leg-braces at the heel, not just slipped over a plate inside the shoe. The shoes and leg-braces are meant to be worn together. He turned the chair just slightly until he can see between her legs in the mirror and all the way up to her freshly shaved pussy.”

“Then he removed my crutches from behind me and came around to the front of the wheelchair and handed them to me. Very gently, he lifted me out of the wheelchair, unlocked my right leg, leaving my left locked at an angle and had me stand on the crutches with the heels on so that my whole body was visible in the mirror. I began to cry then, and didn’t stop for quite a while. He just held me in his arms, then picked me up and carried me back into the bedroom, where he removed my leg-braces after laying me on the bed. His hands slowly worked their way underneath my skirt and not long after that, I had my first orgasm since the accident.”

“That is the night that my life changed for the better. I started to take better care of myself and paid attention to how I dressed, especially when I was dressing for him. I began to work out, developing the muscles that I would need in order to get around on my own. I still had a hard time using the crutches for long periods of time, so I used the wheelchairs most of the time outside the house. I had a set of leg-braces made that I could easily change the shoes on simply by unclipping them. I went shoe-shopping with him and bought shoes that he liked and were comfortable on my feet. And probably the biggest change was in the bedroom. We experimented with ways that we could pleasure each other without causing me pain.”

“My left leg didn’t improve and the pain was hard to handle without strong drugs. The doctors and surgeons all said the same thing, “More surgery”. We had been talking seriously about getting married, but I wasn’t quite ready yet. I agreed to being engaged but I had two conditions. I wanted my left leg to be pain-free or as close to pain-free as possible. The doctor and surgeons all gave us the same suggestion. The second was that I wanted to walk down the aisle. Maybe crutch down the aisle would be a better description.”

“One night, we were sitting at the computer before bed, doing research. We had found that one way for me to be comfortable was to sit on his lap so that he could put his arms around me and, when the mood took us, play with my body. As long as my left leg was supported above the knee by his leg, the pain in my lower leg was almost gone for short periods of time. We started to play around with photoshop and he picked out a picture of me standing on my braced right leg without my left leg-brace on. Just for the fun of it, I took the mouse and removed about a quarter of my left leg.”

“This had an immediate effect on him. I was wearing a very sexy short nightgown with no panties that night and he was wearing boxers with an opening in the front. I had been playing with his shaft earlier and had left it sticking partially through the opening. As he had gotten harder, I had shifted myself until his head was resting against my outer lips. As long as we didn’t move too much, my left leg didn’t bother me. As soon as he saw the picture, his shaft got hard and for the first time in quite a long time, I had his firm shaft inside my body. We had tried this position a few times but had never had any success. I carefully leaned forward until he was as far inside me as I could get him.”

“We stayed in that position as I moved the mouse again, removing the portion of my leg to several inches below my left knee. He shifted his upper body just slightly, leaning back a little and more of his shaft slid into my pussy. I moved the mouse again, this time removing the portion just above the knee. I slipped my hand between my upper thighs and began playing with the part of his shaft that was right at the opening to my pussy, trying to get just a little more inside me. This had the effect of giving him a small handjob and every time my hand came up, I bumped into my clit. We were both so turned on that it didn’t take much for him to go over the edge and his shaft to start pulsing inside me. That is all that it took to put me over the edge as well.”

“After that night, we both decided that maybe the best solution for both of us would be to see about having my lower left leg amputated. The surgeons were hesitant at first, but finally agreed that it might be the best option. The debate then centered on how much needed to be removed. They thought that they might be able to save the knee, but that they couldn’t leave enough of a stump Bayan escort to be usable with a prosthetic leg. Both my soon-to-be-husband and I pushed for a knee-disarticulation, leaving me with as much of my upper left leg as possible. My right leg wasn’t getting much better and probably never would.”

I watch as she begins to rub the end of her stump with her left hand. A smile of pleasure crosses her face and all of her braces become completely visible again. I can see the muscles in her left leg twitching as she rubs it. Something else catches my attention as well. Her nipples are getting hard and beginning to show through her blouse. She is getting turned on.

“As you can see, they did take it off at the knee.” She raises it slightly and I can see along the back of her leg to the lace at the top of her stocking. “It took me a while to recover from the surgery and I had to go through all the physical therapy all over again, this time to learn how to walk on one leg. It was more a matter of adjusting my balance while wearing a leg-brace on my right leg. My soon-to-be-husband bought me several new shoes without a heel and had them all modified to fit onto the right leg-brace. He also bought me a bunch of stockings to wear and had them altered to fit my left leg-stump.” This time she spreads her legs just slightly and I can see that her lace panties match her stockings.

“His wedding gift to me was a custom made leg-brace. My wedding gift to him was a custom-fitted wedding gown that the bottom hem ended just at my left knee. What made it really special was that I had the sides split so that my legs were visible to the lace at the top of my opaque white stockings as I crutched down the aisle to marry him. I wore his wedding gift to me coupled with my wedding gift to him. I made sure that my stump was showing through the side of my wedding dress as I crutched down the aisle. Rather than carry a bouquet, I had the florist wrap my crutches in flowers.”

“After we exchanged our vows and we were pronounced husband and wife, he took me in his arms and handed my crutches to his best man. Then he picked me up in his arms and carried me down the aisle and out of the church, the side of my stump rubbing against his chest the entire time. At the reception, I used my wheelchair and he found out that I didn’t have any panties on. His hand spent quite a bit of time on my stump, most of it above my stockings. When it was time for our dance, I think that most of the people thought I was drunk because of how unstable I was, but I hadn’t had anything to drink, it was just that the muscles in my legs were twitching too badly. It also didn’t help that he was using my stump to help support me as we danced.”

“After our wedding, things settled down for us. He had a job to go to every day and I became more independent. I had more money than I needed and the business was doing well, easily making enough money to support itself and make a generous profit. I found another office that was for sale. The owner wanted to retire and just wanted to get rid of the business. I decided to buy it and use the same business plan that I had already used.”

“After it was renovated and updated, I started to spend much of my time there, working around the office behind the scene where nobody really saw me. Most of the staff there worked a couple of days a week and went to school for the rest of the time. One of the benefits that we provided to all the staff was free orthodontic treatment as long as they were working for us. More than one of the female staff members had taken me aside and asked me why I hadn’t done anything about my teeth. My standard answer was that I had already had them once and had a very bad experience with them and didn’t want to go through that again.”

“My husband could see that something was bothering me and tried to get me to talk about it. We talked about everything, some of it very kinky and didn’t even try to hide anything from each other. He knew that when I was ready, I would come to him and talk about it. He talked to some of our new staff members and eventually put bits and pieces together and sort of figured out what was upsetting me.”

“Every year we shut down for a month in the summer to give everyone a paid holiday. This was also when we did any major repairs and upgrades. We had bought some new equipment and one day he came to me and asked if he could use me to test some of the new diagnostic machines out. The first one was a three-d scanner and he was unsure how to use it. We spent several whole days doing scans of my teeth and then working with the software to prepare a treatment plan. Just like when we had played around with photoshop, we did the same with my current dental condition. We ran through a variety of possible treatment plans using different devices each time.”

“Sometimes we would sit at the desk side by side, other times he would have me sit on his lap. When I did sit on his lap, he always seemed to have a lump in his pants. When he was working, he never showed any sign of being turned on by any of the patients, even by some of the beautiful patients that flirted with him. I knew that he was turned on by my disabilities, but this was different.”

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