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—This story includes sexual scenes of an incestuous nature. All characters participating in said acts are portrayed over the age of eighteen. Please do not read any further if this subject material is offensive to you—


Dillon left Samantha in his room while he wandered back into the house. Grandma was inspecting the contents of the oven and gave him a smile when she saw him enter. Peeking over her shoulder, he pecked her cheek and examined the oven.

“Morning, Grandma. What’s that?”

“Good morning, Dillon. It’s a breakfast quiche. You’ll love it.”

“You do know I’m a boy, don’t you Grandma?”

“My one and only. You’ll love it. I promise.”

Snagging a handful of gingerbread cookies, he pecked her cheek again and headed out of the kitchen. “Uh-huh. Even if I do, I’ll pretend not to. Pops already thinks I’m just another granddaughter. If I start liking chick food, I might as well start wearing dresses.”

Dillon found Alexis curled up on the couch beside Mom and Aunt Jane. Their chatter died down when he entered. He eyed them suspiciously, but couldn’t tell what their little minds were hiding. Alexis gave him a pouty glare and squirmed a little in her puffy robe. Aunt Jane’s lip curled up and then disappeared behind her hand.

“Good morning, Mr. Dillon. How’s the wrapping going?” Jane asked.

“Horrible. I found the one thing I suck at. I’m gonna need Lex’s help. If I have to do it, I’ll start duct taping everything. I don’t know why I bother. You’ll all pretend to love them and then rush out to exchange them for something you just can’t live without. Like your sixtieth pair of shoes that look just like the other fifty-nine. It’s such a waste. Men don’t even realize women have feet.”

“And you’re single. I wonder why.”

“I guess I’m just too much man. No one can contain such a sexy package like me. I’m perfectly chiseled, embarrassingly modest, and rarely fart during sex. I’m the trifecta.”

Jane’s mouth flew open as she shot a glare at him. She had to stand up to try and stop her cheeks from coloring. She closed on him to deliver a gentle cuff to his head. It was a lot softer then normal. Maybe he was growing on her. With her back to Mom and Alexis, she gave him a shy happy smile before heading towards the kitchen. “Yea, you’re the trifecta all right.”

He gave Alexis his best puppy dog eyes and motioned for her to come with him. She shook her head and tried to stay mad at him for last night. Kneeling at her feet, he stuck out his bottom lip. His hands accidentally found her thighs while his thumbs began to caress just to the inside. He felt her whole body tense up. She tried to glare, but her eyelids fluttered instead. He knew he had her when he saw her bottom lip start to shake.

“Please, Sis. Do me this one favor and I’ll do whatever silly favor you ask. I’ll be your slave. You’ll love it. I promise. I hate wrapping presents. It’s more fun unwrapping. Please.”

“Since when did you stop calling her Beanpole?” Mom was smiling at the two of them playing nice for a change.

“Since she finally kicked me in the balls the other day. Apparently she has boobies now. And her boobies demand respect. They’re all perky and everything. She can’t stop showing them to me. It’s like Mardi Gras around here. It’s awesome.”

Alexis gasped and kicked out at him. He was already chuckling as Mom yelled at him.

“Dillon! What’s wrong with you? I knew I should have spanked you more when you were little.”

“Don’t worry, Mom. I get spanked plenty.” He choked back another chuckle when her eyes widened and then narrowed to a perturbed glare.

“Dillon!” She snapped. “Knock it off.”

“What? It’s Christmas. I have to be naughty and nice. I make sure to spank them back. It’s all about the reciprocation in a loving and caring relationship. Didn’t you teach me that?”

“Fine, I’ll help you.” Alexis gave in to stop his hands from moving higher. Her breath was already short and choppy.

Dillon pulled her to her feet and tossed her over his shoulder. Mom was grumbling something under her breath as Alexis squealed in protest. She kicked a bit and punched him in the ass as hard as she could. It only caused him to chuckle and smack hers back. They met grandma on the way out of the kitchen. She got a kiss on the cheek from both of them. Jane was staring out the window at the sink when they entered. She turned to look at the pair with her arms crossed. Dillon noticed the sharp outline of her nipples through her shirt and his smile got even bigger. They were perfectly aroused. She gave him an exasperated look and a shrug before covering them up.

He dropped his sister and pushed her towards the backdoor. “Sammy’s out there waiting for you. I’ll be out in a minute.”

Alexis obeyed with a bit of disappointment aimed at him from over her shoulder. He gave her a reassuring smile and turned to open the fridge. When the backdoor closed he straightened up with a handful of grapes. Turning escort haberleri around, he saw Jane staring at him. She hadn’t moved from the sink. Dillon smiled when he realized she’d been checking him out. He returned the favor in slow motion.

“Morning, Janie. You look like you have the same problem I have.”

He looked at the door again and then the other room to make sure they were alone. He walked around the corner towards the half-bath swinging his hips like a girl and aiming the demurest smile he could over his shoulder. All he got was a snickering laugh, so it must have sucked. There was a small stub wall blocking anyone from seeing the door to the bathroom. He was leaning against it with his hand pressed to the wall behind him when Jane arrived. Her hands were clasped together at her stomach

“And what’s that, Mr. Trifecta?”

With another peek to make sure they were alone, he reached out and took her hands and put them on his hips. Dillon caught her hip and gently pull her against him. He smiled when her tongue came out to lick her bottom lip. His erection was pressed tightly between them.

“I’m as happy to see you as you are to see me.”

His lips found hers open and inviting. A shiver ran from her to him and caused them both to tighten their grip. Reaching up, he pushed her hair away and left his fingertips to tease her cheek. One finger found the back of her neck and then his thumb found a sensitive spot behind her ear. She groaned into his mouth and her grip tightened even more. Her warm silky fingers slipped into his pants and slid up and down his cock.

Their lips brushed as she spoke. “I’d kill you if I didn’t need this thing.”

“If you can figure out a way to make it detachable, it’s yours.” He kissed his way down her neck to pull her shirt off her shoulder. His teeth nibbled at the soft warm skin he found. She whimpered when his thumb ran across a nipple and then began tiny circles around it. “What are you doing tomorrow afternoon?”

“Hmmm. You tell me.”

“I work a half-day. You could meet me at the job site. Spend a few hours doing whatever we can think up.”

“Oh. Where would you take me?”

“I’m pretty sure I’ll take you right there in the minivan. You don’t know how sexy the backseat looks to me.”

“You know they lay down, don’t you?”

“That kind of ruins my fantasy. I was hoping for awkward uncomfortable sex. Maybe even sprain something after cramping up.”

She stopped kissing and rested her head on his shoulder. Her breath was ragged as his thumb continued to tease her nipple. “How did I end up like this?” She asked mostly to herself. “I’m gonna need therapy when you’re done with me.”

Dillon kissed her temple. “Then I guess I’ll never be done with you. If you’d like, we could always get into couples’ therapy. You, me, and two other women. Just one pecker and six boobies. You could all take turns getting rid of your frustrations on me.”

Her teeth found his shoulder and brought a playful grunt out of him before he pulled her head back so he could kiss her. They separated after a few more lingering kisses. She turned to leave and let out a startled gasp when his arms imprisoned her. His mouth was hot on her ear as his hand slowly moved down her stomach to disappear into her panties.

“Dillon, no.”

“Shhh. I just need a taste.”

She stood patiently squirming while his fingers discovered how wet she was. He stroked her, sliding his fingers through her velvety heat. Two fingers slipped into her briefly and then retreated. He felt her shiver again when his tongue wetted the spot right behind her ear. Her body relaxed into him, letting his fingers dip into her again and again. The squirms turned to grinding as he slid his fingers out and teased her clit.

“You have to stop.”

“If I do, you’ll have to take care of this yourself.”

With a grown of surrender, she grabbed his free hand and guided it to her breast. Her head dropped as she clenched her teeth to stop from making too much noise. Tiny little grunts only he could hear escaped every time he rolled her nipple between his fingers. His other hand began rubbing across her clitoris.

“Faster.” She instructed as her hips lost control.

Jane had barely gripped her other breast when a quick rolling shudder stuck her. Dillon held her until her head came up and she exhaled a heavy breath. He gave her a gentle squeeze and then slowly pushed her away from him. He brought up his fingers to suck them one at a time. She was still trying to catch her breath when she turned to watch his fingers disappear into his mouth. Jane took a quick step backwards when his eyes slid to the bathroom door and came back to her full of hunger.

“No.” She backed away from him. “We can’t.”

He listened to her footsteps hurry through the kitchen. When she was gone he slipped into the bathroom to wash up and make sure his erection was somewhat covered gaziantep escort haberleri up. Looking down at the bulge in his pants, he sighed heavily.

“You just can’t help it, can you?” Looking at his reflection, he glared at himself. “You can. You just refuse to be a good man. You’re going to hurt all of them. Every single one of them. What will you do then? When none of them want you. When they all hate you.”

With another sigh, he left the bathroom and headed out to his room. His fingers found the tiny indents from where Jane had bitten him. It had almost felt good. Maybe he deserved the pain. Before he opened the door to his room, he looked up to see the first snowflakes of the day drifting towards him. If he got snowed in with three horny women, he was dead.

Samantha and Alexis were leaned up against the wall using his bed as a couch while they watched TV. They both looked at him as he locked the door and sat down on the foot of the bed facing them. Running a hand through his slightly messed up hair, he stood and grabbed a pop from the mini-fridge. His mouth was suddenly dry. Both girls were noticing his nerves and growing suspicious. After a long sip, he sat back down with his eyes locked on Alexis.

“I’m not sure I can do this, Lex.”

Alexis’ response was instantaneous. Her knees curled up to her chin and her mouth dropped open. Samantha’s arm went around her to comfort her. Before either of them could speak, Dillon raised his hand.

“I need to say this and explain it to you. You scare me, Lex. I’m scared I’ll hurt you. I was the same way with Sammy in the beginning. Luckily she was older and stronger than I was. She was always able to get control of me before I did anything stupid. She never let us get too carried away. But you do something to me. And I’m afraid I’ll hurt you so bad it’ll ruin sex for you. The first time can hurt all by itself. I don’t want to make it worse for you.”

“You won’t. I know you won’t.”

“No you don’t. You’re just as bad as I am. I should be better than I am. I’m your brother. I can’t give you pain. I’m supposed to protect you from it.”

“I’ll calm down, I promise.”

“Honey, you still have your hymen.”

“Not all of it.” Alexis’ head came up, her lip firmly in her teeth as she bit down in worry. Her eyes had misted over. “It’ll be fine. I trust you, Dillon. You’ll be slow and gentle and perfect.”

“We can get rid of the hymen.” Samantha stepped in. “It’s not that big of a deal.” She looked up to see Dillon’s concerned face and rolled her eyes at him. “You boys are so stupid. We don’t really need you. It’s that nice warm pecker we like. We just have to put up with you to get it.” She hugged Alexis. “I’ll help you with it. A little toy and a little lube. You’ll barely feel a thing. We’ll get all the bleeding out of the way so you don’t mess the sheets. We can’t have your mom thinking Dillon took too big of a cock in his ass. It would break her heart.”

Dillon spit out the sip of pop he’d just taken. The conversation had turned way beyond what he’d prepared for. Talking about toys, lube, and his ass with his sister was too much. Even for him. There was always a slight filter when she was around. Now it seemed like everything was on the table. He put the can down and crawled onto the bed to lay face down with a pillow over his head.

“I’ve got to be the biggest douche in the world. My cousin is helping my sister get ready to lose her virginity to me. Who knew Greg Granger would take second place in the Douche Hall of Fame.”

“Leave Greg alone.” Samantha swatted his ass and laughed. She crawled over him and leaned down to kiss his cheek after pulling the pillow off him. “I’m leaving. You need to give her some relief and apologize for scaring the crap out of her. It’s not healthy for her to sit this long in a puddle. She’ll get all pruney. And both of you need to work on your impulse control. Now’s a good time to start. Count to ten before you rape her, genius.”

Dillon stayed on the bed as he watched Samantha walk to the door with Alexis. They hugged and Samantha whispered something in her ear that caused Alexis to laugh. With a final warning glare to be good, Samantha left and Alexis locked the door behind her. She gave him a shy smile and then started the shower. It caused Dillon to sit up, his eyes curious.

“I don’t get to know what she said to you, do I?”

“You have to earn it. You owe me a favor, remember?”

“No I don’t. You haven’t wrapped any presents.”

Her robe dropped to the floor. He could see her hands shaking as she started unbuttoning her shirt. His shirt, actually. How many of his shirts did she have? His sister was a klepto. The shirt fell away from her to leave nothing but a pair of light blue panties with a tiny bunny rabbit logo on them. He let out a short shuddered breath at seeing her lips and a tiny bit of dark hair outlined in the wet material. He slipped his escort gaziantep haberleri shirt over his head and had his pants already half undone when he got to the foot of the bed.

“Undress and sit on the bed.” She instructed in a shaky voice. Bending down, she pulled her panties off and wadded them into a ball. Alexis was standing ramrod straight, her hands balled into tight little fists at her sides as she tried to look confident. She waited for him to obey. When he didn’t, she brought her panties to her nose and inhaled deeply. “If you want to unwrap me, you have to obey me.”

The stare down was two against one. Four, if you counted her amazing little nipples. Though the left one was kind of staring off in space a little. Dillon had no chance at all. Her breasts were way too cute. With an exasperated growl, he stripped and plopped himself on the bed. As stupid as it looked, he crossed his arms and pouted. She stepped closer and held her panties out for him. With his eyes twinkling up at her, he spread them over her palm and gave them a long slow lick. Savoring her taste. Her breath caught as her stomach twitched.

“What was that?” Dillon asked in a low voice. He was visibly shaking. Fighting the need to toss her on the bed.

It took her a few attempts to speak. “I think I felt that.”

“Hmm. Where?”

“You know where.”

“Honey.” His lowered his forehead down to rest in her palm. Feeling the wet fabric on his skin. Loving the warmth of it. “You don’t even realize the war I’m fighting inside.”

“Really? I fought for six months against just crawling into your bed. I went to bed with an empty ache in my belly every single night. You don’t know how many times I cried right outside your door while you slept. Just stop fighting it. Please.”

He ran a hand up her arm softly and let his tongue slide over her panties again. His eyes turned up to stare at her face. Her unblinking eyes were locked on her palm. She watched his tongue clean her panties methodically. His hand found her breast and hard nipple. He teased and played with one and then the other. She had to brace herself by holding onto his shoulder with her free hand. Her tongue started coming out in rhythm with his.

“You’re wasting water, Sweetie. We can shower afterwards.”

She nodded but didn’t move. Pushing her away, he stood up and let his cock rub against her belly while his fingers grazed the bit of hair between her legs. Pulling her tight to him, their arms clung to one another unable to move. They stood there long enough for the room to fill with warm steam. Dillon finally raised his head from resting on hers. She didn’t resist when he pushed her down on the bed before he turned the shower off. With two deep breaths to try and steady his nerves, he faced her.

“Do you want me to finish with these or find out where all this is coming from?” The panties were swinging in front of her like he was trying to hypnotize her.

She blinked hard and then let out the breath she’d been holding. “No.” Alexis stood up. “You lie down on the bed. I want my favor.”

He was smart enough to obey without hesitation. She pulled his legs together and straddled his thighs to rest her butt on them. Her eyes were locked on his cock while she pursed her lips. Dillon grabbed a couple pillows and got comfortable. Whatever her plan, it looked fun. Her hand reached out and ran the length of his cock with just her fingertips at first.

“It’s hot.” She said in surprise as it twitched from the contact.

“So are you. You can’t even imagine how amazing the two feel together.” Her eyes lifted to catch him staring her. He’d been studying the line of her jaw and the soft curve of her neck. Remembering the taste of her skin. A vein in her neck gave away her racing heartbeat. “How is it that my annoying little sister who could never keep up, turned into something so enchanting? You’re a princess.”

“A spoiled princess?”

“No, just a princess. Beautiful. Fragile. Somewhat kissable. I really can’t do this unless you’re positive, Lex. There’s no going back with something like this. No way to erase the memory if it’s horrible or if you feel guilty. I don’t want you to hate me for what I do to you. You need to know for sure that you want me. I want this to be right for you. I’m selfish that way.”

“How exactly is that selfish?”

“If I’m good enough, you’ll come back for more. And keep coming back. Once won’t ever be enough for me. Not the way you taste or feel.”

“I want this, Dillon. I want you. You don’t know how it feels to be held by you. I lived for your morning hugs. For your soft kisses on my cheek and neck. Now that they’re for real, I can’t live without them. My only guilt is letting Michael touch me. You’re the only one I want to touch me. I’m in love with you, Dillon. Desperately. You’re all I think about. This has to happen.”

He rose up so he could run his hands up her legs to find her ass and give it a gentle squeeze. Her lips were shaking when she leaned in and kissed him as her hand continued to slide up and down his cock. Sending shivers of pleasure through him. Her eyes opened when his fingertips found her crack and traced down to graze her lips. She broke away from his kiss and pushed him down again.

“Stop distracting me. If you’re not going to have sex with me, I need my favor.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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