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We talked about doing it and role-played the fantasy into our hardcore fuck sessions but I never expected to be down on my knees with two cocks in my mouth and a tongue up my pussy. Maybe I should start at the beginning…

We met Sally and her older brother Ken at my sophomore college dorm party and a few drinks later, I started to notice Sally giving me bedroom eyes. I suspected she was bisexual when her eyes lingered on my full breasts as we were introduced. I felt my clit swell when I looked into her big blue eyes and saw a sexy smile form on her pouty lips.

Things became more obvious from there. There was lots of touching as we talked and Ken would lean so close to me and my Trent, that his lips would sometimes brush against my cheek as we talked.

We left the party and walked to the 24-hour campus hang out to get some food. We couldn’t stop laughing as we ate our fries and slurped our cokes. The chemistry was just right and when Ken asked us back to their apartment, we said yes…

Trent held my hand squeezing gently as we walked to Ken and Sally’s pad. I looked into his hazel eyes filled with love and passion and I knew I wanted to do this but he asked anyway. “Are you positive you want to go through with this Michelle?” I looked at the lovely couple we were joining. Ken had his hand on his little sister’s round shapely ass and turned to give me his pretty boy smile. His eyes were sparkling in the night. I leaned in and kissed Trent deeply. “I’m positive,” I said with a saucy smile.

Ken and Sally lived in an awesome apartment, and as soon as I walked in the door, Sally wrapped her arms around my small waist and pulled me to her. Our breasts were rubbing against each other as we started kissing with mad passion. Trent went behind her, and I watched as my love started to caress her ass and kiss her neck. Her older brother Ken was behind me, kissing my neck and touching my tits as I stuck my tongue in his little sister’s sweet mouth.

Ken got on his knees and lifted my short skirt. He pulled aside my black g-string panties and started to kiss and lick my tight, wet pussy. I started to moan with pleasure as I felt his tongue fill me and watched my man remove Sally’s halter-top revealing her firm boobs and pink pointy nipples. Trent touched her pussy through her tight shorts and sucked on one nipple as I sucked on her other. We kissed her breasts together and then kissed each other.

Ken and Trent released their hard cocks as Sally got under me and lowered me to my knees. I had a cock in each hand and her mouth sucking and nibbling at my puffy pussy lips. Her tongue found my clit as I filled my throat full of her brother’s cock, simultaneously giving my Trent a hand-job. I sucked his cock hard and deep looking up into his green eyes filled with lust. A lock of his dirty blonde hair fell on his forehead and I was taken aback at how escort numaraları gorgeous he was. He would be considered a pretty boy type, the kind that put Leonardo DiCaprio’s face to shame and had the tight, fit body of Brad Pitt. There was something almost feminine about the way he moaned as I swallowed his cock as far down my throat as I could.

I switched to Trent’s thick dripping cock as Sally stuck two fingers deep in my hairless cunt and started licking my pink clit harder. I lapped up a glob of Trent’s pre-cum and then took him full in my mouth. My hand was massaging his balls while my other hand traveled up and down the length of Ken’s cock. I sucked hard and deep as my hot boyfriend smiled down into my big brown eyes mouthing “I love you.”

I felt a building sensation of pleasure and as waves of ecstasy overcame me. I stopped sucking to moan with unbridled desire. Sally stuck her tongue deep in my pussy as it finished contracting to taste my sweet juices as I started to rub Ken and Trent’s cocks together, mixing their pre-cum and then placed them both in my mouth, stretching my little opening as far as it could go. I looked up to see them kissing. My man had his hand in Ken’s hair and was roughly pushing his face to him. Ken was sweetly moaning so different from the gruff sounds coming from my Trent’s throat. I pulled away to cum again harder this time.

I looked down at Sally’s beautiful tiny cunt. The inner lips were like pretty little petals on a pink flower and I lowered my mouth to kiss and suck on her musky, sweet twat. Trent joined me, sticking his fingers into her tight wetness as Ken came around and stuck my Trent’s cock down his throat. Sally was moaning and writhing under my tongue and Trent rammed harder inserting a third finger as he growled with animal lust. Sally’s plump clit throbbed as she quivered with her orgasm, and my Trent took his cock out of her big brother’s mouth to stick it deep inside Sally’s teeny hole. Urghhh!…He thrust deep as I moved behind him laying on my back and started licking and sucking on his balls as he rammed Ken’s little sister fast and hard splashing my face with her tasty cunt juices.

Ken lowered himself on my body, his hard cock pressing against my thigh as he sucked my hard nipples into his mouth. I arched up to meet his mouth still licking my Trent’s balls as he fucked Sally. Placing his cock at my small entrance, Sally’s brother teased me by just dipping the tip of his dick in me. My frustration was building when he finally slid his entire cock deep into me. “Yes!” I cried out as I was filled completely. His rhythm started out slow and then built up at the same pace of my impending orgasm. I heard Sally cum to my Trent’s cock and I lost it. I was screaming with the intense pleasure I was receiving. As Trent heard my throaty moans under his balls, gaziantep escort bayan numaraları he couldn’t hold back. As soon as I saw his balls contract, I licked them, placing one hand around the base of his cock as he filled Sally with his cum. I could feel his cum shooting out of his cock into her belly.

Ken flipped me around and took me from behind as Trent placed his cum covered cock in his mouth. Ken could taste Trent’s cum and his little sister’s juices as he felt my warm cunt wrapped around him. “Suck it off like a good boy,” Trent told Ken, and Sally’s big brother obeyed. Sally looked up me as I was getting fucked by her brother and I stuck my face between her legs and started eating out my man’s spunk from between her little legs, swallowing it all down and cleaning Ken’s baby sister like a good little girl.

Trent grew hard in Ken’s willing mouth and pulled his cock out. He started playfully slapping Sally’s brother across the face with his hard cock, “I want you to fill my sweet Michelle full with your cum and then I’ll give you what you want boy…” That’s all it took. Ken’s cock spurted hot sticky cum deep inside me, filling me up with it as I licked out his sweet little sis.

Trent wasn’t ready to appease Ken just yet. “Lick it up boy!” He commanded. Ken stuck his tongue deep up my cunt and ate as much cum out as he could swallow. “Good Boy,” Trent said. “Now you can have what you’ve been dying for all night.” Sally and I smiled and giggled at each other knowing what fun was to come.

“Lie on your back boy,” Trent rubbed his raging hard-on as he dominated Ken. Sally’s big brother did as he was told, his abs tightened in a six pack and his cock was already growing hard again still covered in gooey wetness from our recent fuck. “Sally, why don’t you clean your brother up for me?” I kissed my man’s broad shoulders as we watched Ken’s little sister suck her big brother’s cock clean. She swallowed it deep down her little throat causing her brother to moan madly as he looked down at his sweet little sister. “Good girl,” Ken told her. She smiled up at her big brother after cleaning him off and kissed him.

Then Trent stuck Sally’s brother’s cock in his mouth, sucking the newly cleaned penis back into his throat. Sally and I licked and sucked Trent’s hard dick as he sucked her brother’s thick prick. Ken’s moans were high pitched and feverish. “Please…do it!” he managed to get out as he looked at my Trent sucking his cock. Trent quit sucking and said, “Join your baby sister first, like a good little bitch boy.”

Ken moved fast. He was beside his little sister and I on his knees, and the three of us licked and sucked my Trent’s cock and balls until he said he was ready. Sally and I kissed before we moved away. Our lips were so soft as they meshed together.

Trent gaziantep escort numaraları grabbed the back of Ken’s head and roughly pounded his dick into his mouth gagging Ken and causing his eyes to tear up. “That’s right boy! Choke on it and cry like the little bitch you are!” Trent growled as he fucked Ken’s mouth so fast and hard. Then he abruptly took his cock out. “Lie back down boy!” he commanded, and Ken complied.

“Come here girls.” my Trent said, and we came to either side of him. He stuck two fingers up Ken’s little sister and two fingers up me, gathering our wetness and then rubbing us on his hard cock for lube. He lifted up Ken’s strong legs and stuck a finger up his pink ass. “Damn, you’re tight boy.”

“He’s a virgin!” Sally giggled and came around to sit next to her big brother placing her delicate hand around his hard cock. “Please fuck my ass Trent!” Ken begged.

“That’s right boy! Beg me to fuck you up your tight ass in front of your baby sister. Beg me to make you my little bitch!” Trent snarled, as I kissed him on his neck tenderly, loving the way he dominated everyone in the room with his strength. He was digging his fingers deep in Sally’s brother’s ass by this point and Ken was moaning, “Yes…Whatever you want. Just fuck me! Please! Fuck me like a little bitch boy!”

Trent didn’t hold back after he heard those magic words. He took his hard cock and looking into Ken’s pretty boy face rammed his cock deep into Sally’s brother’s tight ass hole. Ken jerked and bounced with pain and pleasure as my Trent reamed him fast and hard and I kissed and cheered my strong man on. Sally started to suck her brother’s cock as he got fucked. Ken pushed his little sisters head down on his hard shaft, gagging her as she looked up into Trent’s glazed eyes while he fucked her brother up the ass. I got on my knees and started to kiss my man’s cute butt as the muscles flexed every time he pounded into Ken Bitch Boy’s ass.

Ken was crying out like a little girl. His feminine shrieks were very arousing, and I felt myself dripping with wetness as I started to lick my man’s ass hole. Trent was ruthless. He was ramming and digging into the boy hard and telling him to take it like a bitch while his baby sister watched. I started to twirl my swollen clit hearing Trent’s throaty groans of pleasure as Ken’s ass tightened like a vice around my man. I massaged my clit with one hand and Trent’s balls with the other hand while I licked out his ass. I could feel his balls tighten up as I was about to cum. I held off until I heard my man shout “Oh Sally… I’m going to cum up your brother’s ass. I’m filling your tight ass up boy!” and he shot off deep inside Ken’s bowels as my pussy contracted with a mind-blowing orgasm. My screams of pleasure were matched by my man’s grunts.

Ken started coming right after my man’s last spurt. Ken’s cum shot out on his little sister’s face, covering her lips and cheeks and dripping down her chin. Sally came as she twirled her hard clit and her big brother’s hot sperm seeped between her lips, into her mouth and down her throat filling her belly.

Trent and I left that night glowing. We knew the next few years of college were going to be very exciting!

© Lisa Turner (-nymphette-) April 2001

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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