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Oct. 25,

Mon Belle Gwenevere:

Act I, Scene II

Your green-grey eyes are looking at me with desire and passion. You take a deep breath and utter in your most sexy French accent:

Gwenevere: Merci, monsieur. My legs ‘eel soooo mush better. Now could you pleeease ‘elp me take off my ‘eadband. My arms are sooo tired from all that dustings.

I pull you down so that you are kneeling between my legs. The top of your head is at my eye level, and I carefully remove the hairclips from the headband, and then toss it next to my bag of tricks.

My hands cradle your head. My thumbs gently brush along your jawbone as my fingertips grasp the back of neck just at your hairline. Your eyes close, and your shiny red lips part slightly as you anticipate the pleasures to come. My fingers lightly massage the back of your neck, then run up along your forehead and down across your cheeks. I feel like a blind man, my fingers dancing across your beautiful face with feathery caresses. Whenever I am with you I have an uncontrollable desire to hold your lovely face in my hands and run my fingers though your fantastic blonde curls.

Your hair is pinned up and your long neck is exposed, and your angelic and delicate face is the focal point. Your eyes open and I notice the sea-foam green mascara you often wear that brings out the brilliant green of your eyes. I hear the lyrics: “Guinevere had green eyes like yours, baby like yours,” float though my head. I notice that you have longer curls of blonde hair dangling near your ears, like long golden earrings, illegal bahis but you do not wear. I remove the clips from your hair. You run your fingers through your hair and then shake it out, allowing your tresses to dance over my thighs. When you are done I reach out for you, my fingers starting at the back of your head. You close your eyes and your body turns to putty. You move down, your butt settling on the back of your legs as you relax, knowing the pleasure that is to come.

This is my favorite part, you think, as his hands start to firmly knead the back of my head. They dance along, randomly, going from light and feathery to firm and strong. From back-of-head- to top massages to light caresses long my forehead and ears, then down my cheeks to my neck. There is definitely a connection between the mind and foreplay, you think, but there is also a connection between the head and foreplay, too.

His hands — does he have more than two? — are all over my head, though my hair, dancing across my cheeks, caressing my ears, floating lightly down my neck. I open my eyes and find his deep brown ones staring into mine. His nose is almost touching mine, and I can feel his breath on my lips. Please kiss me. I need you to kiss me, my brain screams! I lean forward to try to meet his lips but he moves upward. His lips brush the tip of my nose, then move up to my forehead, where he kisses me while at the same time holding my head in a tight embrace.

The position puts my face close to his neck, and I inhale his cologne, and it brings back memories for me: illegal bahis siteleri of the time when I was sitting on his lap, my face nestled in his neck, as he held me tightly and close. And of all the times when we laid together in bed, my head on his chest, and how wonderful his warm body felt. How he had one arm wrapped around me while his other hand gently caressed my hair as I drifted off to a deep and comforting sleep. I inched toward him, trying to get close enough to kiss his neck and hopefully set off a passionate flame that would end this game, but he moves again. Now he is softly kissing my temple, then moving down to my ears, and a soft moan escapes my lips.

His hands continue to fly though my hair and massage my scalp. His grip is getting firmer now, and I feel his passion mounting. He’s massaging the back of neck one moment, and then the top of my head, then pressing my entire head into this chest as his chin rests on the top of my head. He’s hitting pressure points that that he probably doesn’t even know of, and I’m turning to jello in his hands.

Suddenly, with two hands, he pulls on my hair, moving my head back. I open my eyes and again I’m staring into his. The tips of out noses are touching, and his lips are achingly close to mine. He kisses me, quickly and unexpected. His lips dance across mine and I feel an electric shock as his tongue brushes across them. His lips pull fleetingly at mine, and before I can react they are gone again. No, not so fast! My heart is beating like a drum, and my lips yearn to feel his again. canlı bahis siteleri I move to kiss him but one of his hands pulls me back by my hair so that my lips are out of reach of his. One hand? From the corner of my eye I see him reach into his bag of tricks. I see him pull out a small green massage toy. Yes! It is the Glow in the Dark, Waterproof, Mighty-Mite Massager with the Scalp Attachment!

The buzz from the massager startles me, but when I feel it touch the back of my neck tingles shoot throughout my body, between my legs, and down to my feet. I feel at the same time very relaxed and excited. Perhaps I’ve been conditioned to link the sound of a vibrator with intense pleasure, but the longer he dances the toy across my scalp, the more I think that there has to be additional uses for such a wonderful little toy. As he continued to massage my scalp I move my hands across his legs and over his thighs. He loves my hair, and he could play with it forever, you think, but we have to keep this game moving, or else I’m going to explode!

This time I wait for the right moment and move back away from him just enough so that his hands drop from my head. I run my own hands though my hair, gathering it up to the top of my head and holding it there for a moment before shaking it and letting it fall past my shoulders. He turns the massager off and sets it back into his bag.

Where should we go next, I wonder. Should I have him remove these annoying but sexy little lace necklace and wristlets, or should we keep them on and move to the bodice or the skirt instead?

Gwenevere: Merci, monsieur, for helping mes with my headband. But now I thinks I needs ‘elp taking off my….

Let me know. What should go next?

Au revoir, mon cheri

Until tomorrow…

The Lord of the Manor

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