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Bobby, Michaela and I were all sitting on their living room sofa, snuggling and watching TV. Bobby was in the middle, although any one of us might be on any particular evening. They’re my best friends, and my only lovers since I lost my wife and the love of my life, Wendy, in a terrible car accident a couple of years back. I’m at their house several evenings a week for dinner, warmth and bed since the accident, usually sleeping over after the lovemaking. I guess you could say I was lucky, only having suffered a broken leg and a concussion in the crash, but frankly, I would have preferred to accompany my wife on to the next place. The kids were grown, and they would have been okay. There’s no other way to say it. Wendy’s death unraveled me. I just didn’t know what to do. Bobby and Michaela took care of me. They kept me alive.

Halfway through the ten o’clock hour, I gave Bobby’s crotch a gentle squeeze, reached across to caress Michaela’s breast, and announced that I was going in to lie down in the bedroom. Michaela said, “We’re going to finish the show, Colin. We’ll be in in a bit.” I walked into the bedroom, got undressed, and laid down naked on the bed.

Bobby and Michaela and Wendy and I had been close friends and a sexual foursome for many years. Bobby and Wendy went back a long way, and had been lovers for a brief time, well before I entered the picture. Remaining the best of friends after the sex fizzled out, Wendy introduced Bobby to Michaela, they fell in love and, after a time, they joined with Wendy in a sexual triad. Some time after that, I met Wendy, and knew I had found my soul mate. Early on in our relationship, Wendy introduced me to Bobby and Michaela, and it didn’t take long for them to welcome me into the group, creating a foursome that endured for over twenty years.

Bobby and Michaela married, Wendy and I married, and we all eventually settled into the same part of town. Wendy and I had a son and a daughter, and as they grew up, the four-way sex took more and more of a back seat to everyday life, but never ended entirely. As the kids left home for college, we found ourselves all getting back together in bed more frequently again.

Bobby and Michaela never had children. You have to understand about Michaela. She’s a woman. I’ve never known her as anything but a woman and, after my wife, she’s the most beautiful woman I know, even now in our fifties. Her features are lovely, her long chestnut brown hair is stunning, even if she does color it these days, and her breasts are exquisite.

But, she has a penis. Before I joined the group and made their threesome a foursome, she showed me. Invited me to her home when Bobby was out, and stripped in front of me. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but was stunned when she revealed that uncircumcised cock. She explained to me how she and Bobby had met and been instantly attracted to each other, how she stripped for him the same way, before they ever went on a date, and Bobby, straight guy that he was, fell for her anyway. They spent a year getting to know each other, sexually and otherwise, while falling deeply in love, with Bobby learning how to pitch and catch as Michaela already did. Around that time, Wendy learned the truth about her girlfriend and, after getting over the initial shock, joined with them in the triad. Actually, it was her idea. It worked for all of them. Wendy got two penises to play with, and Bobby and Michaela both got a pussy to fuck in addition to each other’s mouth and bottom, and everybody loved everybody.

In those days, Wendy was still dating men outside of the group, and we eventually met. After a bit, she told me about the triad, but not about Michaela. I would just have to see for myself. Hearing about the group, I was excited, but after seeing Michaela expose herself, I wasn’t so sure. Nevertheless, I figured I could always fuck Wendy, watch Bobby and Michaela do whatever they did with each other, and see how Michaela fucked pussy. It didn’t take long, however, before Michaela was sucking my cock, teasing me into sucking hers, offering her beautiful ass for my pleasure, and eventually taking mine. It took a while longer for me to do the same things with Bobby.

Michaela had one more surprise in store for me that first year. When November came and the cold weather came in, she stopped shaving her body hair. All of it. All of it except her legs below the knee, “in case I have to wear a skirt somewhere, Colin,” she told me. She grew hair on her butt, her thighs and in her armpits. Her pubic hair filled in on the sides and she grew a little strip up to her belly button. She took great pleasure in being a natural girl, and I found it quite exotic, although my preference has always been for well-groomed and shaved women like Wendy. Bobby, however, reveled in it, and he eagerly looked forward to the changing of the seasons when Michaela would go hairy, and again, in the spring, when the two of them would shave her smooth once more, save for her thick pubic bush kept in a box shape above her dick. She took absolute delight in the fact that ankarada yeni escortlar she had more hair around her penis than her husband. I took it in stride, and learned to enjoy both the body hair coming and going as well as Bobby’s exuberance about it as a comfortable rhythm of life.

After the accident, I was lost for a long time. Bobby and Michaela took care of me. They had me over for dinners, they cuddled with me on the sofa, and they took me to bed. They were grieving, too. We were three penises in a bed; our single vagina was lost. When my kids came home for vacations, I stayed home and pretended nothing unusual was happening. Then they would return to their lives, and I would return to Bobby and Michaela’s bed. We would hug and kiss, suck each other, take each other’s bottoms, rub cocks together, hard and soft, and bathe and masturbate each other in the shower or their large tub, finally falling asleep in a tangled heap in the big bed.

So, when my lovers walked into the bedroom, I was on top of the covers, playing with myself. I wasn’t really masturbating, I was just fooling around, making it hard, then letting it go soft, over and over again. I guess I should say I have a big penis. It hangs down about seven when limp, and grows to ten and a half at a full erection. Wendy had gasped, “Oh, Colin!” when I first exposed it to her. She’d had big ones before, but not like mine. Not that I brag about it. Actually, it’s kind of embarrassing. Lots of women would be scared when they first saw it, others jumped on it like a bargain at Nordstrom’s, but then kind of treated me like a penis with a man incidentally attached. They would make jokes and innuendos when we were out and about, and I would wonder what, if anything, I really meant to them other than being a living dildo. Wendy, however, was respectful, the same as she expected a man to treat her, her large, imposing tits notwithstanding. She lavished love and attention on it, but didn’t dwell on it to the exclusion of all else, and made me feel comfortable and desired. I did my best to give her the same, and we turned out to be an extremely happy couple, in bed and out.

Bobby and Michaela never made me feel awkward about it. I guess Michaela had probably experienced being treated as an object far beyond anything I might have endured. She did squeal once when she first saw it, but afterward always contained herself. Bobby was cool, even when, eventually, we fucked each other anally. His ass, of course, had long since been broken in, Michaela was getting mine used to penetration, and Bobby and I each just had to adjust to having a hairy man in our arms.

They undressed, climbed onto the bed on either side of me, cuddled up, and then Michaela took my hand from my penis and placed it on hers. Michaela’s cock is slender, not huge, with a long uncut foreskin, and a stunning bush of chestnut brown pubic hair, shaved on the sides (it still being early fall) but thick in the middle, kind of a wide, hairy landing strip. I tugged on her erection, pulled her skin up and down over the head, and then she leaned in to give me a deep kiss. Bobby’s penis is larger, though not as big as mine by a good bit, hairy but not as hairy as Michaela’s, and I felt him pressing it against my ass crack as he snuggled up to my back and nuzzled my neck, being the big spoon to my little one. I let myself go to their love and ministrations, felt Michaela’s mouth on my cock, then Bobby’s tongue on my balls, and everything was all right again for a little while.

After oral and anal lovemaking, tender and sweet all around, Bobby and Michaela laid their heads on my chest, faces together, and we all drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, we got up to shower together, dressed and headed off in different directions to work. My son, Jared, would be home from college in a couple of days for a long weekend, and I needed to get some stuff together at my house for his arrival. Jared was a senior, and starting to think about graduation in the spring and life after school. After work, I hit the grocery store and stocked up on basic items and some things I knew he liked. Jared has started dropping hints that I should be thinking about dating again, but I’m just not ready. Of course, he doesn’t know about my intimate relationship with Bobby and Michaela, who he’s known all his life.

I cooked up a couple of items, took half over to Bobby and Michaela’s and left the rest so there would be some “leftovers” in the fridge when Jared got home. When I got to their house, Michaela let me in. Bobby was out for the evening at a business function, so we decided to hang out in the big spa tub while we waited for him. Michaela sat on my lap in the hot water and I nuzzled the back of her neck. “Kayla,” I said, using the pet name Bobby had used for her for years, and that we all used now, “you guys have been so good to me, I can’t even tell you what it’s meant. You know I’m going to have to be home for a few nights, and I’m going to miss the two of you.”

Michaela replied, “We’ll miss you, too. We love you, Colin. bayan escort elvankent Don’t even give it a second thought. You’re family. We’ll be here for you.”

“You’ll probably enjoy the private time,” I said. “You should. I know I’m here all the time.”

“Nonsense,” she responded. “There’s always room for you in the bed. You know, we miss Wendy, too. She was my best friend.”

I knew. I’d heard the story lots of times. “Jared’s pushing for me to start dating. I’m not sure how to handle it. I don’t want to do anything that would change us.”

“Tell him you’ve asked Aunt Kayla and Uncle Bobby to keep an eye out for someone to fix you up with. We actually will, and it’ll make Jared happy. And, who knows, maybe one day we can be a foursome again.” I gave her a squeeze, felt up and down her body, and held her penis, which was becoming erect. Well, so was mine.


Jared arrived home late Friday night. On Saturday morning, he was making himself a PB&J in the kitchen when I walked in, wearing my bathrobe. “Dad,” he began. “We need to talk.”

“What about?” I asked, sensing the tension in his voice.

“I need to know something,” he went on. “Are you and Aunt Kayla having an affair?”

My jaw dropped. Well, that explained the push for me to start dating. “What makes you think that?”

“Never mind. I’ve seen some signs. Is it true?”

“Jared, sit down. I need to tell you some things. No, Aunt Kayla and I are not having an affair. But before I go on, are you sure you want me to? It’s not really your business, and there are some things you can’t unhear once you’ve heard them.

Jared, of course, is twenty-one. “Tell me!”

“All right then. What I’m going to tell you is private stuff. Family stuff. You don’t share it with anyone.”

“I won’t,” he said.

“I mean it,” I went on. Not with your best friend, not with your sister, not with anybody. Most certainly not with Aunt Kayla or Uncle Bobby. If you need to talk about it, you talk privately to me, and only me, understand?” Jared nodded.

“Very well,” I said. “First, I never cheated on your mom. Your mom and I loved each other completely and passionately. Second, Aunt Kayla would never — NEVER — cheat on Uncle Bobby. She never has, and she never will. They love each other, totally and passionately. And your mother and I, and Aunt Kayla and Uncle Bobby, all loved each other, totally and passionately.” I paused to let that sink in.

Jared thought about it for a long minute. “You mean like you and Uncle Bobby did wife swapping?” he asked.

“More than that,” I answered. We ALL loved each other. All the possible ways. Your mom’s gone, but we all still love each other.” Jared’s eyes grew wide. “I’m serious,” I went on. “This is not a game, it’s not a party. It’s a relationship that has been going on for longer than you’ve been alive. In fact, it was going on among the three of them before I ever met your mother. It’s as strong as a marriage and, while I’m not going into details, suffice it to say that it’s emotional, physical, sexual and supportive.

“I’m telling you this because you’re a grownup. You know that the world is a varied and complicated place. I’m sure you’d prefer not to hear about your parents’ sex lives, but you were also never the kid to run screaming from the room, fingers in your ears, when the subject came up. You can handle this, and I’m counting on you to be adult and discreet about it.” I purposely did not tell him about Michaela’s “special attribute”. That’s not for me to tell.

“Now, about me dating again, I’m not sure I’m quite there, but I will be before long. Aunt Kayla agrees, and she’s looking for acquaintances to introduce me to.”

“I’m glad of that, Dad. I think it’s a good idea. You need to get out,” Jared said.

“I do,” I agreed. Jared finished his sandwich and went on his way, to go meet some friends. I got myself together and headed out to take care of some errands that needed doing. The rest of the weekend was uneventful. We went out to dinner that night with Bobby and Michaela, and I was glad to see Jared containing himself and acting mature. Michaela mentioned that she had a friend in mind to set me up with, someone she thought I would like. That pleased me. I was glad to have her looking out for me, and Jared looked happy as well. On Monday evening, he packed himself up and headed back to campus.


And so, Michaela began introducing me to a succession of single friends and acquaintances, mostly divorced, some widowed, from her work and other groups she was active in. Mostly, the women were nice. We’d meet, with Michaela present, for coffee, or at Gus’s Bar for drinks, or sometimes with Michaela and Bobby both, at their house. If we both seemed interested, we would head out on our own, otherwise it was just a nice chat, after which we’d all go on our way.

Some of the women were interested in sex from early on, others were not. If they were, I would find ways to casually bring up topics of bisexuality and group sex, just to see the escort bayan etimesgut responses and gauge how they might eventually react to an invitation to join the group. I’d start with something innocuous, like, “I read an article about…” or, “One of the guys at work was asking if anyone had ever…” But regardless, I learned something about fiftyish women. They take things, for example a really big penis, in stride much better than early thirty somethings. They were usually complimentary, but not awestruck, and never became single-minded about it. It was a change from my younger dating days. It took a lot of the pressure off for me, and made me much more relaxed and comfortable than I would have been. All in all, I enjoyed circulating with an assortment of women. It got me out and about, seeing people besides Bobby and Michaela, and not spending nearly every night in their bed.

And so, after a few months, Michaela introduced me to Allison, a friend from her tennis group. We hit it off right away. She was attractive, with short dark hair and a nice figure, but certainly not a bombshell like Wendy had been. She was relaxed and easygoing, not exuberant like Wendy, but gentle and pleasant to be around. She had a calming effect on me, and I started to feel better than I had for a long time. After a couple of dinner dates, we went out dancing, we saw movies, we went to a concert. I was enjoying life again. Michaela let me know that Allison had told her she really liked being with me.

After we had been out a few times, I invited her to come back to my house following a dinner date. She accepted with a smile. When we got there, I opened a bottle of wine and we sat on the living room sofa. We drank our wine and chatted, and after a bit I put my arm around her shoulder and leaned in for a kiss. Allison responded, and we kissed for several seconds. After we finished, she leaned back in and kissed me again, her tongue exploring this time. I parted my lips and let her enter my mouth as we encountered each other’s tongue. I was feeling some motion between my legs, so I pulled her close and, after a few moments, stroked my hand over her breast. Allison leaned her body forward against me and rested a hand on my thigh. Sliding her hand up from there to my waist, she passed over my crotch, just for an instant, and surely felt the hardness welling up inside my pants. I took this as a positive sign, and I began unbuttoning her blouse.

Sliding off her blouse and unclasping her lacy bra revealed Allison’s breasts to me. They were on the small side, nicely pear-shaped, with pert nipples pointing above the horizon. I gently teased her nipples and held her titties as she reached down for a better feel of my package and started undoing my slacks. As she eased them down from my waist, I unhooked her skirt, and we stood up together, pants and skirt falling to the floor, leaving us in our underwear. I kissed her gently one more time, locked my eyes onto her gaze, and slipped my briefs down over my erection and let them drop around my ankles. When Allison looked down, to her credit she didn’t say a word, but her eyes widened, just for an instant. Then she looked back up at me, kissed me again, and moved my hands to the waist of her panties. Lowering myself to my knees as I slid them down her thighs, I exposed her dark, nearly black pubic hair, trimmed short and close, making a neat triangle, with clean, sharp bikini lines.

I pressed my face against Allison’s short fur, and, very gently, worked my tongue up and down her outer lips. She placed her hands on the sides of my face, and, encouraged, I probed a bit deeper. She widened her stance just a bit, and I eased her down on the sofa, her legs spread. I kissed her belly and returned to licking her vagina. Parting her labia with my fingers, I found her clit, and gently licked around it, causing it to swell and stand up. Allison’s breathing grew noticeably louder, and, with my hands on her buttocks, I pulled her vulva firmly against my mouth and licked deeper into her cleft, flicking across her clitoris with each stroke. As she started to whimper, I quickly flicked my tongue up and down over her little button, keeping it up until her climax kicked in, and she shouted repeatedly.

When she calmed down, she turned herself about, got on her knees on the sofa, with her hands on the back, presenting her bottom and her pussy to me. I took my erection in my hand, and pressed the tip into Allison’s butt crack, touching it to her anus. She gave a loud whimper, as if to say, “Don’t put it there, please!” I was just teasing however, and I slid my big penis lower, moving it into her wet vagina. Bit by bit, a little at a time, I slid my pole into her, until I bottomed out on her cervix. She squealed, and I started moving it in and out, my hands on her ass and my cock filling her pussy with every stroke. It didn’t take me long before I felt the familiar tug, and then, almost before I knew it, I was unloading my hot come deep in her chamber. As my orgasm subsided, Allison started to shout again, and I knew she was having another one, so I kept pumping while her climax continued, and just as she slowed down, my dick went soft and fell out. I backed off, and Allison turned to me, and we just held each other as we relaxed. Her smile at that moment was everything I needed it to be, and I squeezed her tightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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