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I wrote this for my sexy text friend who has a fantasy about using a glory hole.

I lead you blindfolded into a sweet-smelling room and slowly remove all of your clothes piece by piece. I tell you to be still. You aren’t allowed to touch. I trail kisses and nips as I go, making your skin come alive. You feel my soft body and hard nipples press against your back as a wrap my arms around you and scratch your belly and tweak your nipples. I breathe in your scent greedily as my cheek presses against your back. I’m wet just from the sound of your unsteady breath. I take a generous taste, step to your front, firmly grab your beard and shove my tongue in your mouth. I nearly get lost in kissing you, but this isn’t about me.

You feel your blindfold fall away as my warmth disappears and you hear the door click closed. You blink, confused, as the room is completely dark. You turn in a circle and notice a shaft of light coming from a hole in the wall, perfectly placed for your dick. Your breath quickens as you realize what this means. As you begin to insert your dick into the hole, it’s engulfed in something warm and soft. It’s skin, but not a mouth as you expected. Something firmer drags from base to tip and then you’re sandwiched in a warm canal. You shakily exhale as you realize that they’re breasts.

The heat disappears but you don’t have time to moan as a hot mouth engulfs you. The tongue makes a familiar pattern and eager laves and suction bring you to the brink way too quickly. You know this mouth. This mouth knows you. This mouth knows all your tells. Just before you start to cum, it disappears, your wet cock cooling as you feel the breeze of the woman pulling away.

You regulate your breathing and your thoughts start to wander. Suddenly, a tentative, new mouth appears. A tongue traces around your head with kittenish licks. A soft hand takes you at the base as she takes your head in her mouth. She sucks you slowly and gently. You feel the vibration of a sudden pleasured squeak, almost as if someone tweaked her nipples. Her suction becomes firmer and more confident. She starts to moan and you think you can hear the Schlick Shlick Shlick sound of a wet pussy. Her hand disappears and she screams, suddenly taking you all the way in. You can feel her orgasmic tremors and you’re about to let loose until suddenly she’s pulled away. You drop your head against the wall, panting. Familiar lips press a kiss against your wet head and then you’re left to gather yourself again.

No more than a few minutes later, you startle when a new mouth surrounds you and begins sucking you at a brutal pace. You’re already so on the edge that you’re panting in no Eryaman Escort time. You hear a smack and a giggle before this mouth is yanked away. “Naughty,” you hear in a familiar voice. Your head drops back and you groan in anguish. Your poor, hard dick is left alone AGAIN and all you want is to CUM.

The door opens behind you, familiar hands pull your hips gently back, and a cock ring is snapped over your cock and balls. It’s not elaborate or uncomfortable, but it should help you control yourself. Gentle hands guide you back to the hole, the door closes again, and you wait. You aren’t sure if you’re grateful or annoyed, but when the familiar mouth engulfs you, you decide that you’re grateful.

Just as another new mouth engulfs you, a window into the room opens right at eye level. Your breath catches as you see the girl I’ve been crushing on forever sprawled out naked on a bed. You’ve heard me call her Gemma. She has long brown hair, a wide, friendly smile, a smackable ass, a soft belly, and gorgeous tits. I appear naked beside the bed and climb on top of her, pressing our tits together. I begin to kiss her languidly, running a hand down her side and around to grab her ass. She groans and grips her arms around me, thrusting up involuntarily. You recognize the groan as the timid mouth that swallowed you as she was cumming.

You thrust into the hot mouth servicing you as you continue to watch, now incredibly grateful for the extra protection of the ring.

I bury my face against her neck and grind my clit against her thigh. I’ve wanted her for so long. “Please,” she begs softly. She wriggles impatiently, grabbing onto wherever she can reach. I take her sensitive nipple in my mouth and dip a finger into her pussy. Holy fuck. I almost cum from feeling her. Yes, I made her cum the first time, but I used a dildo. This is my first time getting to feel her for real. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I feel my juices literally dripping down my thigh. I switch to her other breast and insert two fingers inside her. She keens, thrusting up hard and cumming immediately. I continue to lave her nipple and start rubbing my thumb against her clit while firmly stroking her g-spot. She shakes and screams, her face one of complete wonder. I start fingering her harder and she cums again, her pussy twitching and contracting against my fingers. I withdraw my hand and shove it in my mouth, tasting her for the first time. My eyes roll back in my head and my clit throbs. I planned to let her come down, but I can’t resist.

I look down at those large pussy lips covered in a light dusting of shiny, wet Sincan Escort hair, and I shove my whole face against her and breathe. I want to take a sample to keep with me at all times. I shove my tongue all the way up inside her to get as much as I can. Her juices are dripping down my neck and dampening my hair. Her hand comes down on my head and strokes my hair gently before tugging me back up. She kisses me deeply and then shoves me onto my back.

As she climbs on top of me, a third woman appears. She’s full of confidence and has a wicked smile on her face. You don’t know her name, so you think of her as Dark because of her short, black hair. Dark smacks Gemma’s ass and you watch it jiggle longingly. The hot mouth you’re thrusting into has been still, just a willing hole for you to fuck. You know she’s enjoying it because you feel the vibration of her soft moans occasionally.

Your eye is drawn back to the bed where Dark is taking control and biting my nipples while Gemma is softly stroking my pussy. I grunt and arch, the dichotomy of the rough and gentle both arousing me and driving me crazy. Dark takes Gemma’s wet hand and brings it to my lips. Dark slaps my clit with an open hand, the sound making an obscene squelch. You swear you see a splash. I scream and cum for the first time. Dark picks up a dildo you didn’t notice and starts fucking me roughly. I remove Gemma’s hand so I don’t bite her and hold her to me tightly as I writhe and scream. Dark fucks me through two orgasms before she gives me a break and I tremble and pant. Gemma kisses me gently and strokes my hair. I press my lips to her forehead in gratitude. I wriggle and notice the bed is wet from my cum.

Dark grabs the back of Gemma’s neck and pulls her in for a kiss. I caress Gemma’s ass as her nails scratch down Dark’s back. Dark’s fingers play with Gemma’s sensitive nipples and I watch as Gemma’s body twitches with each pinch. I can smell her renewed arousal and I want back in that pussy. As if she reads my mind, Dark whispers in Gemma’s ear and Gemma comes to sit on my face. Dark leaves the bed and walks towards you.

You see a blonde head obscure your window momentarily, and then your dick is shoved into a tight, dripping pussy. Dark physically moves Light (because you’re about to burst and that’s what you’re going to call her) to fuck you and pushes her small breasts into Light’s mouth. Light takes over the thrusts and moans, getting off on your rock-hard dick. The room is filled with moans. I’m still eating Gemma’s pussy and playing with my own clit. I’m getting desperate for your cock and I don’t want to come again Etlik Escort without you. Light is starting to ride you furiously and you feel a gush of wetness as she screams and her walls start to flutter against you. Dark takes you into her mouth and cleans your cock before turning around and riding you while she shoves Light’s face into her pussy. You can feel Light’s tongue against the base of your dick as she licks. As you start to tremble with a monster of an orgasm, Dark rips off of you and cums all over Light’s face.

You growl and bang the wall, the tip of your dick surely turning an alarming shade of purple by now. Dark and Light disappear and your door clicks open. You storm into the room where I’m still eating the sweetest pussy and mount me. My legs reflexively wrap around you. You grab my tits roughly and start fucking me, growling like an animal with your lust. I start cumming immediately, screaming against Gemma.

Gemma pulls off me so I can breathe and turns to kiss you. You remove one hand from my breast and put it on hers and I cum again at seeing your hands on her. You grab her ass and motion for her to get on all fours before smoothly switching from my pussy to hers. I reach down to fondle her clit and your balls as you’re thrusting. Your balls are covered in our combined juices. I get off the bed and come behind you so that I can lick your balls between thrusts. You thoughtfully slow down for me so that I can gently take them in my mouth. I slide a finger alongside your cock in Gemma’s pussy and she starts shaking and whimpering uncontrollably. You thrust hard twice more and she totally falls apart for us.

I move up to her head and kiss her sweetly and tell her how much I loved this. She smiles, eyelids drooping. “Go make your man cum.”

I approach you and drop to my knees, sucking you deeply, just like I did when this all started. I suck you to the brink and then remove the cock ring, bend over the bed, and wait. You growl and attack me, thrusting into me roughly and dragging your nails down my back. I scream in pleasure and arch into you, begging you to fuck me harder…faster. You smack my ass and I cum at the sting. “Please, please, please…” I chant, so gone I don’t know what I’m begging for. You drape yourself over my back and suck a mark into my sweaty neck. I don’t know how you’re still fucking me after being edged for so long, but you’re like a man possessed and it’s incredible.

Suddenly, you’re growling into my hair and I feel you twitching inside me. I orgasm again, forcing our combined cum down my thighs. You rip out of me and push me to my knees, grabbing my chin and forcing me to look up at you. You jack yourself into a second orgasm and cum all over my face. I slump against the bed before forcing myself to climb up. I settle in the middle and pull Gemma to rest against one breast and you to the other. Holy shit, that was epic. I let my tears fall and you both nuzzle against me soothingly. I think I’m going to keep you both.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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