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“Would you like to see the new bedroom?” Mrs. Hastings asked in a low voice.

Tommy nodded, half in a daze. He didn’t know what was going on, but it seemed impolite to ask them now. He grabbed for his oversized swimsuit, and Mr. Hastings held up a hand for him to stop.

“You don’t need that,” he said, as he pulled open the screen door that lead inside.

Tommy hadn’t been in their home since he was ten, but it looked the same as he had remembered it. The furniture hadn’t moved, and the photos on the wall were all in their same places. Even the smell of the place was the same. Other than having a thinner TV, it was traveling back in time.

Mr. Hastings lead him in and down the hallway. He hadn’t seen much of this side of the house before. They headed toward the back bedroom.

Mr. Hastings closed the door behind them as Tommy stepped inside. “She’s going to take a minute,” he said, sipping down the last of his drink.

Tommy nodded. “Can I have one of those?”

Mr. Hastings nearly dropped his glass in surprise. “No, you cannot. I’m not sending you home with alcohol on your breath. You mother would tan my hide, boy.”

Tommy didn’t know what to say to that. He sat onto the bed, and Mr. Hastings sat down beside him, the bristly hairs of his leg rubbing against the boy’s smooth skin.

The old man’s fingers trailed down the boy’s smooth chest, and pushed him flat onto the sheets. Mr. Hastings rolled smoothly onto him, pinning him down with the weight of his body.

“Can I have a taste?” Mr. Hastings whispered into his ear.

Tommy blinked at him. The man’s eyes were wide and pleading. Tommy nodded quickly.

He shut his eyes as the man slid down his body, kissing his way across his belly and down his hip. Tommy felt his wet mouth enwrap him. It was warm, but the bristles of his beard scratched at him. Tommy squeezed his eyes tighter, picturing the man’s wife between his legs. Her heavy breasts heaving from the work as she pumped his cocked into her mouth. He remembered her smile as he sprayed his load across her tits.

But, after a moment, Tommy didn’t need the fantasy. His limbs twisted and stretched against the soft sheets. Mr. Hastings knew what he was doing. His calloused hands slid and spun tight around the head of his shaft. He kept it pressed tight against his wet lips, his tongue working efficiently. With his free hand, he stroked the boy’s tight sack.

It was only a moment before he was at the edge again. Mr. Hastings’ hand held firm, tightening hard. And then it loosened.

Tommy let his eyes open. His body was suddenly wet with sweat again. “Keep going,” he said.

Mr. Hastings shook his head. The grip he held on the boy’s cock held firm. Clear fluid dripped from it down his fingers. The two watched each as Tommy slowly went limp in the man’s fist.

Mr. Hastings lowered his mouth again and brought him right back.

Tommy was just going soft again when there was a knock at the door. His glazed eyes watched as she stepped into the room, a short silk kimono wrapped around her round body. Her heavy breasts heaved against it, and the cup of her ass was just barely visible beneath it. Her eyes watched hungrily as the old man lowered his mouth again and licked the boy’s cock hard again.

“I’ll give you something you’ll really like,” Mrs. Hastings said.

She threw her thick leg over the boy’s body and undid the sash of her kimono, letting it spill open wide, drooping low onto her shoulders. She was nude beneath it, save for a black garter belt that ran down to her thighs. She inched forward on her knees, positioned herself above his escort vip mouth, and sank down.

She was sweet, and she was salty, and she reeked of sex. The bristles of her mound ground against his mouth as she dragged her lips around his, leaving a wetness across his face. The old man’s lips wrapped tight against his cock, and he moaned into her. She pushed back against him harder.

In the darkness of her, and with the animal need her husband had built up in him, Tommy kissed and licked and sucked with abandon. His tongue found her opening, and he plunged his tongue inside of her. She moaned and dripped onto mouth, pumping her hips against him to feel it deeper.

He found the small, hard ball between her folds, and wrapped his mouth around it. He had seen enough porn to know what that was, at least. He licked across it slowly, then licked it again, teasing her as her husband had done to him. He could feel her thighs getting slick with sweat. He could taste the musk of her need.

“Do you like to make me feel good, Tommy?” she asked breathlessly

Tommy moaned against her pussy.

“Do you know how badly Marty’s wanted your body?” she whispered.

He didn’t know what that meant, but he moaned all the same.

“Tommy,” she said seriously, lifting her leg up and kneeling down beside him. Her eye were wide and pleading. “Mr. Tommy wants to watch this. Is that okay?”

Tommy felt the man’s hands and mouth release his cock. He felt his heart sink, but he was nodding before she had finished.

Whatever they needed to hear, fine, he thought.

Mr. Hastings grinned and said nothing as his wife settled herself against the bedframe. She spread her legs, and the two men saw the strands of wetness that stretched between them. Tommy turned onto his belly and crawled after her, nestling in his face between her legs. She moaned hard and squeezed her thick legs around his skull.

It was like that, when he was pinned there between her legs, that he felt a sudden shiver run down his body. Mr. Hastings had stroked the length of his ass with his tongue.

“Just like that!” his wife screamed, pressing Tommy’s face in harder.

Tommy pulled her clit tighter between his lips and stroked it slowly. The scent of her along might have brought him to orgasm, he thought. It was pure animal sex.

Mr. Hastings stroked him again. This time, it was pleasure that rolled through Tommy’s body. With two hands, he latched onto the boy’s cock and tugged it as his tongue lapped at him. It felt like he was being milked.

“Do you want to finish in my ass, Tommy?”

She released her thighs just enough to let him hear it. And what was there to say to that?

Mrs. Hastings rolled her knees toward her chest, and Mr. Hastings pushed Tommy’s head closer with both hands.

She shrieked as his tongue touched her. It would have sounded fake, but the smell of her pussy, and the wetness of her left no question. She loved it.

He stroked the tight fold of skin with the tip of his tongue, feeling the split, working his way into it. Mr. Hasting was showing him how. Everything he did, Tommy did the same to her. When Mr. Hastings’ finger slipped in, and he began to stroke the hole with both his tongue and his fingertip, Tommy did the same.

Soon, Mrs. Hastings’ moans became quick gasps of breaths. Tommy looked up and found her eyes tightly shut, her mouth sagging open, and her face flushed red. Mr. Hastings finger pushed in down to the knuckle. Tommy gasped and, once he recovered, he pushed his finger into Mrs. Hastings, as well.

“Here,” her husband said softly, and passed Tommy escort rus a long bottle of gel.

Tommy turned and watched the man stroke his own cock with the stuff, leaving it glistening. The boy nodded. He squeezed a dollop out, rubbed his hands together, and stroked himself with it as his tongue pumped into the woman.

“Ready, babe?” Mr. Hastings called out.

Her flushed face nodded quickly, and she peeled her knees back tighter. Tommy raised himself up and inched closer. Her eyes found him. They were foggy, and half-drunk from need. He pressed his cock against her hole, and he felt his cock gliding easily against the the saliva he’d left behind.

“Easy now. Not very far,” Mr. Hastings whispered.

Tommy looked down at her heaving tits. He breathed in the scent of her wet cunt. His hips pushed forward, and he watched the head of his cock slip into her. A drip from her glistening pussy slid down to meet it. The air went out of the boy’s lungs as he pushed inside and saw the ecstasy wash across her face. It was a good thing, too. Mr. Hastings pushed his cock into the boy a moment later.

Tommy’s legs spasmed wildly as the man entered him, his screams drowned out by the moans of Mrs. Hastings. Her legs wrapped around the boy’s back and pulled him closer. Tommy felt himself sinking into her body deeper. Mr. Hastings’ arms tightened, and he pushed in deeper, too. It stung, it felt like he was taking a shit, and his body fought to hold it off. His body squeezed tight around the length of the man’s cock, crushing it, trying to push it back.

Mr. Hastings hissed in a breath and pushed in deeper. Tommy felt his cock twitch wildly. His balls tingled strangely.

Something about the grip of the muscles inside his ass, the way they felt as they tried to squeeze the man’s cock tight… It was triggering some new feeling. It wasn’t how he had felt when Mrs. Hastings had made him cum, and it wasn’t like when he masturbated at home. It was something new.

Mr. Hastings slid in further, and Tommy moaned as the man pushed him deeper into her. Soon, the two of them were both slipping in and out in unison. They would pull out slow, and then Mr. Hastings would slam them back hard. When he shut his eyes, Tommy could the man’s swollen cock head dragging back and forth inside of him.

Mrs. Hastings moved the boy’s hands to her tits. He pawed at them greedily. Her nipples were wide, and hard as rocks. She squealed at first, then moaned again in short, breathy pants.

Her husband’s hips pumped faster. Tommy heard the clap against his ass growing louder. Mrs. Hastings screamed, piercing and harsh. Mr. Hasting’s hands cupped against Tommy’s tight chest, and his fingers pinched at the boy’s nipples. The two of them froze for a moment. Then, their bodies shook, and they let out a long, animal cry in unison.

Tommy felt Mr. Hastings’ tight arms wrap around him, bracing him still as the old man’s cock twitched inside of his body. He could feel the wetness that was already began to dribble back down. Soon it would be dripping out of his ass.

Tommy pumped his hips against the man’s wife. She panted and her eyes held on his. She gave him a soft, motherly smile as he finished the last few drops into her.

“You did amazing,” she whispered as he collapsed onto her warm breasts.

Mr. Hastings held him still as he slipped out. Tommy grimaced and moaned through all of it, and then Tommy slid out of Mrs. Hastings, who did the same. They all collapsed into the bed, their heads against the pillows, and panted wildly. Tommy laid between the two of them and shut his eyes.

They escort elit laid that way for a long while. At some point, Tommy fell asleep, only to jerk awake again as Mr. Hastings rolled out of bed. He returned with fresh drinks (a virgin lemonade for Tommy) and his phone.

His wife giggled, and pressed her knees against her chest again. Mr. Hastings set down the drinks, then leaned in close towards her wide bottom, the camera against his eye.

“Spread them apart,” he told her.

Tommy watched her rub her fingers into the cum that dribbled from her ass. She spread her fingers to show the mess. Her husband clicked away furiously.

“Can you squeeze anymore out?”

Mrs. Hastings scrunched up her face.

“Perfect,” her husband said.

After he was finished, he glanced to Tommy and raised an eyebrow. He began to speak, then scratched at his chin and thought some more.

“I wouldn’t include your face but,” he began, and then hesitated. “This might sound a bit strange, but could I take a photo of you by the wife? I’ll throw in two hundred bucks.”

Tommy blinked back at him, caught entirely off-guard. He looked to Mrs. Hastings for help, but she was only grinning at him. “I’d like to see it,” she said.

Tommy spread his leg. The length of his cock was stained from the mess they’d made.

Mr. Hastings swooped in quickly, clicking away. “Perfect. Done. They’re going to love that.”

Tommy felt his heart skip. “What’s that for again?”

“Just some friends of ours, love,” Mrs. Hastings said. “Not the internet! And don’t worry. They won’t know who you are. Marty just wants to brag.”

Mr. Hastings grinned and passed out the drinks. “Nothing wrong with wanting to see your wife made happy,” he said.

She scoffed at that. “Oh, so selfless!” she laughed. “I saw the face he made when he was inside of you,” she said to Taylor. She mimicked a face of blind pleasure, and panting thrusts. Then she grinned happily.

“Don’t go trying to work me up again,” he said indignantly. “I’m spent. I’m an old man. You’re not getting any more from me.”

Mrs. Hastings tossed an arm over Tommy’s shoulder, and wrapped a leg around his thighs. She pressed his face against her beasts. “How about you, Tommy? Are you an old man, too?” she said breathlessly.

“I’m going to go shower. You two tire each other out,” Mr. Hastings said, shutting the door behind him as he left.

Tommy smirked at the joke. It seemed Mrs. Hastings was following her husband out the door, but instead she twisted the lock and checked that it was working. Then she crawled back into bed. Her lips and breath were on his neck again.

He slipped into her easily. She used her body to slow him down when he began to pump too quickly. “Shh,” she whispered. “There’s no rush. It’s just us.”

They rocked together, their bodies pulled tightly against each other, grinding slowly. She rolled his body over and then she was on top. He saw nothing but her wide, sweet eyes starring back at him. He felt her heavy breasts and hard nipples dragging back and forth across him as she rode his cock. He gripped her tight as he came. He felt the smooth muscles inside of her clamping down against him as he sprayed his load into her. She drove her tongue into his mouth and they kissed until he went limp again.

“We should have done this a lot sooner,” she whispered to him as she tumbled to the side to lay on the pillows again. “There’s so much I want to do to that body of yours,” she said, pinching the side of his thigh and making him jump.

Tommy watched her hungry eyes taking his body in, and grinned.

He rolled across her legs quickly, and lifted her thighs up around his face. He saw the thick white drips that oozed out from both of her holes. He pushed his tongue inside and heard her squeal. He was rock hard again in an instant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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