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It’s September right after Labor Day. My dad has brought me to this 4-story brick building that will be housing for many Ohio State freshmen. We sat face to face in my room chatting for probably one last time until semester break. Within a few minutes he will be heading home to Mentor by the lake. He and mom can always follow my life on Facebook.

An athletic person, I had played hockey since age 7 and started lifting weights at home in the basement when I turned 17. I grew up a sociable person who hung out with a bunch of guy friends and dated three girls.

The relationships with Jane, Callie and Anne had all been short-lived. Never truly happy in them, I made my excuses to get out of them. The secret fantasy that I’m having sex with a guy and giving him a blow job never seemed to go away.

Fred Lawton, a fellow Architecture student, had mentioned over lunch that he knew of a gay fraternity called Delta Lambda Phi. The lanky 5 10 redhead had apparently sensed that I am very much attracted to guys. That is a surprising insight because I had not yet come out. Did the looks I gave boys reveal anything?

I spent the next few weeks hanging out with guys from the frat and getting to know about the Greek life. Ron, Mark, James, Paul and Salvatore were becoming good friends as well as enjoyable company. I had also met many of the other guys.

Anyway after classes on a Friday found me in the common room at the frat house. We had been chatting for a few minutes when Zach informed me that it’s time for my initiation.

Cool, I got accepted. This is so cool.

Zach Lawson is gorgeous for sure. Though over 6′ tall, he is not a beanpole. In fact, he’s well toned, a body type that is sexy as all outdoors. He has black beşevler escort hair, brown eyes, a square face and a wide mouth.

“It’s time that we initiate you into the frat. We like you.”

“Cool,” I replied, oblivious to their plans for me.

I knew only that I wanted to belong. Membership would give me a chance to start a relationship, now the one thing I wanted in life even more than a college degree. It’s not that I didn’t want my degree.

He brought me into a windowless room where I stood facing several frat dudes, all of whom are handsome.

“Initiation time,” said Todd, a 5 7 blond with blue eyes with whom I had become well acquainted weeks ago.

“So what’s next?”

“We need you to get naked completely and masturbate.”

“You’re joking, right?”

“We’re not joking,” said Mark.

The expression on their faces confirmed that they are not joking. It’s not like I’ve never masturbated before, just not in front of anyone.

“Why are you bashful Steven?”

I didn’t expect Ron’s querie.

“I’m not bashful.”

“Then go for it. We’re all gay men here who like checking out men.”

I may as well go for it. People have done it in front of a webcam, before many more spectators than are in this room.

Off came the buttoned blue plaid shirt. I tossed it to my right. Seconds later I pulled my feet out of my pant legs then pulled off my briefs.

OH MY GOD I’m naked in front of the whole fraternity. Wait I DON’T care!

By now my dick is stiff and pointing at my chin. Bent on ejaculating, I held it with a tight grip. Several pairs of eyes watched me “rubbing one out”

I plopped into the sofa and extended my legs. cebeci escort Zach took his seat right next to me and although he didn’t get fully naked, he had taken his penis out.

A minute later he changed his mind so I watched him strip while still pleasuring myself. Other members of Delta Lambda Phi were also getting undressed. Clothing landed everywhere.

Zach’s thick cock hung invitingly before my eyes so I put my mouth down to his lap. My tongue flicked out twice at the pink head then slid along the 6-inch shaft to it’s base at the nut sack. I closed my lips around his member.

This is so awesome. I’m giving a blow job at last.

As my lips slid up and down on the shaft he ran his hands through my hair leaving it unkempt.

Meanwhile the continuous rub forced cum from my own dick onto my belly.

I brought Zach Lawson back to my dorm on Saturday afternoon after the Buckeyes football game. The plan was to study but sex was in the back of my mind and in his.

Both architecture students, we sit in the same lecture hall at the same time for Design Representation class. Finding one another in the fraternity house is just a happy coincidence.

During the late afternoon hours he and I mixed small talk with studying.

Night had fallen while Zach and I were learning architecture. With the darkness came increased desire for sex.

I had a story.

“Before I was initiated into the frat I was actually a virgin. I had 3 girlfriends but those don’t count. Neither of those relationships lasted more than 3 months. I broke them off but I never told them that I’m gay.”

Zach rested his hand on my left thigh. His palm crept toward my jewels which kolej escort reacted.

“I think I’m getting a boner.”

“Yes you are,” he quipped.

I pulled off my sky-blue three-button pullover sweatshirt then my t-shirt. He put his lips to my chest. His tongue slid across my right nipple then he straightened up only to pull off his shirt and t-shirt.

He said softly, “let’s do sixty-nine.”

I gave a smiling nod of approval to his suggestion.

Seconds later we are naked on the mattress. His head is toward the south and mine toward the north. I can feel his lips sliding along my stiff cock moistening it. At the same time while I’m looking up my head bobs sliding my lips over his cock.

For want of condoms and lube blow jobs would suffice. He rolled off me letting me lean my head against him. He draped an arm over me at my collarbone.

I added to my story.

“I had sex with each of them. I just could not get into it. I’m sure when they talked to their girlfriends they all said I was lousy in bed. So what if they said that.”

He finally replied.

“You were supposed to be lousy in bed with girls. I really don’t feel like going out right now but we’ll make a trip to CVS in the morning.”

Cool. A trip to CVS. Is he a bottom or a top?

I said more. “My parents don’t know yet that I’m gay.”

“I told my parents last May. I had to because I was taking Kenny Martin to the senior prom and he was picking me up. I guess there was no way to avoid coming out.”

After his long reply I rolled onto him and kissed him deep, my dick brushing his.

Zach and I no longer cared who sees us as a gay couple. We walked holding hands under the morning sun. A brisk wind was blowing from the west across the campus grounds.

There were questions I did not ask the previous night.

“How long were you and Kenny a couple?”

“Since just before the prom to the end of summer. He had just enlisted in the navy the day after Labor Day.”

“The same day we moved into the dorms.”

“The same day,” said Zach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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