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The events and characters depicted in the following story are a work of fiction. Sexual themes are explored between characters whom are consenting individuals over the age of 18.

Preface (Plot & Themes Discussed)

The story begins with an odd, but plausible event between a mother and son in a public changeroom, but at a certain point it takes an ostensibly swift detour into erotic fantasy, arguably detached from what is believable. Themes such as naked revelation, penis-adoration, reluctance-to-relish, and dirty talk are featured.


“Donny! Grab the sunscreen from the glove compartment, would you?” hailed Vicky from across the beachside carpark as she jogged in pain across the hot and sticky tarmac, desperate to reach the soothing patch of grass a few bounds ahead.

“You got my towel mom?!” yelled Donny in response, squeezing the glove compartment button, dropping open its door with a violent thud. The bottle of sunscreen tucked away amongst the neglected miscellanea contained within the compartment felt disturbingly warm and soft to the touch, as though it had just been microwaved; such was the searing heat of the day.

“Got it Don!” answered Vicky, making her final stride across the empty carpark. Breathing a sigh of relief, Vicky wiggled her toes through the cool, sand-mingled grass below, exhaling deeply as the hot sting of her soles quickly abated.

Donny secured the car and began his own dash across the blistering gravel toward his mother, passing by an elderly couple who seemed mildly amused at the sight of the young man wincing and gasping as he skipped along the sun-heated surface. To the couple, he must have looked as though he were traversing hot coals at some kind of self-development seminar.

Aside from the elderly couple there was not another soul in sight. The weather was prime for a trip to the beach, but the locals favored another beach nearby. This one was secluded and frequented by few.

“Oh come on. You’ve gotta be kidding me!” cried Vicky as she shifted her knee and placed her hands on her hips contemptuously.

“What is it mom?” replied Donny curiously from an obscured vantage point behind a bush leading to the entry of the amenities block.

“The women’s changeroom is locked. Why would they lock it on the weekend?” complained Vicky, now raising her arms to further express her indignation toward some unknown oppressor, responsible for the current inconvenience.

“I dunno mom, maybe there’s a problem inside? Hardly anyone comes here anyway. Just use the men’s room. I’ll scout it out to make sure there’s no creeps in there!” replied Donny playfully before tossing the gooey bottle of sunscreen to his mother.

“Alright…just let me know if it’s clear in there,” replied a concerned Vicky.

Donny had a quick peep inside and found the changeroom apparently vacant. “Coast is clear mom!” his voice reverberating loudly against the walls of the dingy changeroom. The floors and walls were grimey and the air was far from pleasant.

“I’m coming in Don, okay?” Vicky peeked her head around the entry tentatively before making her way in. She scanned the room, half expecting an old lecher to pop out of one of the stalls with his wrinkly privates dangling all about.

“It’s fine mom. No one’s here. Just come and get changed,” said Donny reassuringly as he nudged his shoulder against the nearest changeroom stall. The door didn’t give. He gave it a firmer shove, but to no avail.

“Damn thing is stuck,” said Donny as he reached for the door of the remaining stall to the right.

“Chuck me the backpack. I’ll change first,” requested Donny as he took a step into the open stall. Vicky slipped her arms out of the backpack and prepared to toss it to her son, but she came to a halt when her ear caught the echo of voices coming from the entry.

“Shit! There’s some guys coming in,” whispered Vicky with a look of panic on her face. “Quick, quick, hide in there! Hide in there!” ordered Vicky frantically, pushing Donny into the open stall, closing the door gently behind them. Donny shuffled back against the narrow bench inside the stall and paused as his mother locked the door.

“…you know what she’s like man. A fucking handful..,” said a deep voice emanating from the entry. Another voice laughed obnoxiously in response.

“Just let her go man. Plenty of fish in the sea,” added the second man.

“This is actually pretty fucking funny!” whispered Vicky to Donny, taking him by surprise with her language and sudden mood shift.

Vicky placed the bag gently on the bench and added, “…bet these twerps wouldn’t think there’s a mother and son hiding behind this door!”

“Mom…,” replied Donny dismissively, betraying a smirk.

BANG BANG! “What the fuck? Fucking door’s stuck,” one of the men complained before spitting on the ground nearby.

“Check the other one, dickhead,” replied the other escort portalı man with sass. Vicky stifled a giggle before snapping into a tense posture when the man began to knock on their door.

“Anyone in there?!”

“Y-yess?!” mumbled Vicky, affecting a masculine tone.

“Sorry!” said the man with forced civility.

“Won’t be long!” Vicky gurgled.

“Oh my god mom! You’re unbelievable!” whispered Donny, suppressing an urge to laugh out loud.

Donny heard the man’s footsteps lead back to the other side of the room where he plonked his butt down on the bench and returned to conversation with his colleague.

A few minutes transpired with mother and son feeling like foolish children playing hide and seek, losing themselves for a few moments in the juvenile thrill of it all. All the while the two strangers seemed quite quite content to wait for the lone, accessible stall to become available to them.

“Shit. These guys are actually waiting for the stall,” whispered Vicky, now looking at her son with growing concern. “What do we do?”

“Wait ’em out I guess,” replied Donny decisively.

“Are you nearly done man?” cried one of the men impatiently as he rapped on the door again.


“Fuck,” murmured Vicky, gripping her son by the arms in a bid for support.

“Alright. We’ll quickly change into our swimmers and then head out. Put one towel around your body really tightly and the other one over your head as though you’re drying your hair. We’ll just walk straight out,” explained Donny, figuring he could easily distract the two men with an apology while his mom slipped out of the changeroom quickly. “I’ll keep ’em occupied. You walk out fast.”

“Just one minute,” called out Donny, attempting to mirror the timbre of his mother’s earlier manly tone.

“Shit. Okay, okay. That’ll do,” replied Vicky as her arms slid limply from her son’s side, yielding to his plan. Without further ado, Donny whipped off his t-shirt and began unfastening his belt. Vicky gazed ambivalently at her son’s hands as they wrangled with the buckle.

“Come on mom, quick!” barked Donny as the metal arm of his belt buckle sprung free of it’s restraint, sending his shorts to his ankles, exposing his white briefs.

Vicky, bemused by the sight of her son’s half-nakedness took a blink and squirmed inwardly, but quickly acquiesced in his proposition with nothing more than a sigh and a shrug. Donny glanced up to see his mother reaching behind her neck clumsily for the zipper of her dress, her hands trembling with nervous energy. She quickly gave up, spun around, and submitted to practicality.

“Unzip me…quick!” said Vicky frantically. Donny, with briefs now halfway down his legs and a towel in one hand, took a gulp and let go of both towel and briefs in order to reach for his mother’s zipper. She’s facing the other way, don’t worry, he thought. An inexplicably odd sensation stirred within his gut, and it had nothing to do with digestion: there he was in a musty changeroom stall, stark naked behind his mother as she waited impatiently for him to unzip her dress.

Do I unzip it all the way down? What if she turns around and sees me like this?!, thought Donny in a panic.

Donny took a deep breath and unzipped his mother’s dress from the nape to her middle back as she bobbed up and down on her toes restlessly. The stubborn zip required a firm tug, and in the process Donny’s hanging penis swung forward and slapped back against the furry surface of his inner thigh with an audible fleshy thwack. The sound caught Vicky’s ear, but she paid it no mind as she was primarily concerned about the men outside.

“All the way down?” asked Donny sheepishly as the zipper braced itself on the precipice of his mother’s bra. Vicky knew her strap would soon be visible to Donny, but at this point she didn’t care. It’s just my bra, she reassured herself.

“Yes, yes, go go..,” she urged. And so the zipper crinkled it’s way down his mother’s back, revealing her remarkably supple, pale white skin, divided at the equator by a delicate pink strap of fabric. Donny blinked and rubbed the sweat from his eyes as a subtle whisk of air signaled the unexpected rotation of his mother’s body. She had turned to face Donny, clutching at her chest to conceal it. Donny hadn’t the time nor the awareness to cover himself up, and so Vicky unintentionally copped an eyeful of her son’s genitals.

In a fright, Vicky sprang back in shock; it was as if she’d been accosted by a mugger in a dark alleyway, her hands reflexively retracted to form a defensive posture. Her bulbous breasts made a dip toward her navel before swelling outward and coming to rest slightly displaced from her center.

Donny’s eyes also found themselves the victim of instinct, instantaneously leading his gaze toward his mother’s breasts, which he glimpsed threatening to overflow their pink constraints, escort gaziantep portalı swaying heavily atop her soft belly.

“Donny, what the fuck!?” squawked Vicky, wrangling her attention away from the dangling mass between her son’s legs.

“I had the towel covering me up but…my hands were full and I…you turned around so quick and I..,” stammered Donny, raising his voice just beyond a hush. In attempting to excuse his predicament, both Donny’s hands were occupied wholly by the gestures of his plea, and so he neglected to cover up the very thing responsible for the current dilemma.

Fuck, you looked at it again! Vicky chided herself internally, suppressing a slew of uncomfortable thoughts which bubbled to the surface of her mind’s eye from some hidden, unconscious depth. Unfortunately for Vicky, she was all too aware that in an instant her thoughts had contemplated the proportions of Donny’s flaccid cock. Before she could even snatch a breath, her mind had conjured up an expectation of his penis in an erect state. She was disgusted that her primal brain had even gone so far as to consider how within her grip. Will my fingers reached around it fully?

“Well..I ugh…,” gurgled Vicky as Donny finally gained the presence of mind to reach for the towel. As Donny budged, Vicky caught a closer glimpse of his testicles, thanks to his sagging penis possessing sufficient mass to swing to the side like a giant pendulum, unveiling the complete package behind.

Fucking hell. Look at those things! But he’s just your boy?!, thought Vicky as she apprehended the sight of a whopping sack of flesh suspended low and heavy, glistening with a fine mist of sweat.

It’s really hot today. I guess that’s why it’s hanging all over the place like that, Vicky found herself reasoning as her eyes darted to and from his nether region, bewildered.

Once Donny had fetched the towel and swiftly positioned it in front of his genitals, he returned to an idle position, unsure of what was to come. For a moment Vicky sensed and restrained the urge to grin at the somewhat cute sight of her son standing there like a good little boy awaiting instruction.

Vicky knew that she had to say something, but she didn’t quite filter her first thoughts, blurting off the cuff: “..I just didn’t expect you to be so big…it startled me!”

Donny’s eyebrows went north, astonished at his mother’s words. Little did Donny know that his mother was equally amazed at her candidness.

Vicky kicked herself for being so stupid. One thing was clear though: there was no simply way to backpedal out of a comment like that, and so she resolved to press on as though there was no reason to be ashamed or awkward about it.

I’ll show him it doesn’t bother me, thought Vicky.

“Well you’ve left nothing to the imagination, Donny. Don’t bother with the towel now, really…” said Vicky somewhat reproachfully, quietly reveling in her command of this odd little situation. Donny’s face and shoulders sunk softly at the hint of scorn in his mother’s words, but he did as he was told, bashfully pulling the towel to the side like a red curtain, unveiling what appeared to Vicky to be good 6 or so inches of thick, limp meat.

Vicky tried to compose herself and adopt a mature, motherly attitude — above the situation — but again, she was assailed by the twisted, unsettling little thoughts that emerged earlier from the deep recesses of her mind. She doubted her own intentions, detecting more than a little whiff of delight in seeing her son’s impressive penis made available for her viewing again.

Wow…his size… well, he has gone through puberty.. I just… haven’t seen his penis in so long, thought Vicky as she freely scrutinized her son’s manhood. It looks like it’s bigger than his father’s..hmm..jesus! Are you really comparing their cocks? Well, why wouldn’t you? Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s the animal part of you just doing its thing, she continued to wrestle with her internal appraisal.

“What’s going on in there?!” one of the men outside barked.

“Shit! I almost forgot about those two”, whispered Vicky. Donny simply stood there frozen, still not quite sure what to make of the situation; as one might expect from a young man exposed before his mother in such a way.

She keeps looking at your dick. She said it was big! Why did she say that? What is she getting at? Holy shit, her tits are god damn huge! They look like they’re gonna bust out of her bra. You’ve always kinda wanted to see them. Fuck, she’s your mom! Stop it!, thought Donny, besieged by his own internal conflict.

He keeps peeking at your tits. Poor boy can’t help it, just like you can’t help but take a peek at his young body, contemplated Vicky. She began to regard and rationalize her next steps, ..well, we’re in such a rush, and I guess it’s only fair if he sees me now. No, what are you thinking?! He looks so vulnerable, standing there like that. Wouldn’t it be the motherly thing to do? Why make such a big deal about our bodies? We’re all so caught up in hiding our bodies away in shame nowadays, what for? Not here, not like this! Why the heck not? Don’t be such a prude! No one has to know. It’ll be fun and harmless. What a memory it’ll be! Heck, don’t you remember that time you heard that in some past cultures, mothers gladly gave themselves to their sons as a right of passage? All you’d be doing is seeing each other naked! How tame!

“Well, there’s no way around it, Donny. We need to finish up here before these two make a scene. I’m just gonna have to square things up between us,” said Vicky as she took a breath and flung her arms around and behind her back. Her large breasts burgeoning outward as she fumbled with the bra restraint at her back.

What the f..?.. she’s taking her bra off? Shit! Has she lost her mind?, thought Donny as he stood there naked, eyes transfixed at the regrettably alluring display of his mother removing her bra so carelessly before his eyes.

“Yes, Donny. You’re about to see your mother’s breasts. Try and be mature about it okay? It’s not like you haven’t seen ’em before anyway, hun. Oh, and I don’t need to tell you that your father will not hear about this, do I? Good boy” said Vicky as she unclasped her bra clip. She looked confidently at Donny who shot back an approval-seeking look. Her arms wrapped back to her front as she delicately rolled the bra cups forward, looping them up and over her plump chest, setting her breasts free. There’s no backing out of this now, she thought.

“Well… don’t just stand there. Get your boardshorts on..” ordered Vicky as she turned her palms outward signalling impatience, but secretly she was attempting to cushion and lift her breasts slightly so as to improve their appearance; she was apparently self-conscious about her body image, even in front of her son.

Donny savored the sight of his mother’s rose-hued nipples; at the way her pale breasts appeared to swell defiantly outward, coming to rest lazily upon the inside of her arms.

Vicky felt her son’s eyes curiously scanning her breasts as she stood there — somewhat triumphantly and proud — exposed before her naked son. She knew that her breasts turned the heads of men, so she could be sure her son’s mind was swimming in sordid thoughts. She was equal parts tickled pink and downright disturbed.

You did it. That doesn’t feel so bad, does it? Guess you can just take a peek at it again now that he’s got his eyes all over you. Just have a good look at it, why keep acting so shy about your interest? Just Look. You’re actually eager to show him the rest of your body aren’t you? God I’m sick. thought Vicky.

As Donny slowly turned to fish his boardshorts from the backpack, his mother tucked her fingers into her dress by the waist and began to wriggle and shimmy it across the flowing curve of her hips, taking her panties along for the ride.

Donny was staggered by contours of his mother’s body. He’d never seen such a womanly figure in the flesh like this. There’s much there to grab. I want to feel her. No, that’s gross! She’s your mom! As Vicky’s breasts swayed back and forth during the tumult, she found herself occasionally arching her body back to allow her breasts to balloon back up into the full view of her son who was currently fumbling his feet through the openings of his shorts.

Oh my god! cried Donny internally as his mother shifted both her dress and panties down to her ankles in one fell swoop, causing a v-shaped, brunette bush to burst forth between her legs. Donny sprung up rapidly, whipping his shorts up violently, causing his cock to flick up against his abdomen and slink away like a fleeing snake under the confines of the fabric.

“I guess you’re not used to seeing a woman like this. I don’t shave it all off like the young girls these days apparently do,” explained Vicky as she rolled her eyes. “Pass me my swimsuit, would you?” asked Vicky politely as as she shifted a leg outward and rested a hand on her hip. For a brief moment she felt like a goddess, standing there so assertively; so comfortably nude with her son. She had just about forgotten that there were two men outside the door, a few yards away.

Donny fossicked around the backpack and pulled out his mother’s one-piece swimsuit and passed it to her. The fly of his boardshorts was agape, exposing his own dense, dark pubic hair, and this did not go unnoticed by his mother’s wandering eye.

“There’s two people in there man…what the fuck?” one of the men whispered to the other quizzically.

Vicky stepped into her swimsuit, then stood up, twisting at her hips to point her round backside her son’s way for a moment as the fabric slid up and over it, causing her thick butt to jiggle pleasingly. Shen then turned to face Donny once again and scooped her arms through the arm hoops, taking a moment to run her hands up and back through her long brown hair to clear it from the inside of the suit. Donny swooned as his mother’s voluptuous tits rose and fell into the swimsuit, her nipples catching against the edge of the fabric on the way.

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