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My thanks to Mike Black for his editing skills!

My summer had started off with my divorce being finalized, but I wasn’t going to let it get me down. I parked in the most beautiful, secluded spot I could find and started setting up camp. It didn’t take long since I’d done it many times before. I got the RV in the divorce. It was small, but comfortable, with a running shower and toilet, two luxuries I preferred when “roughing it.” I pulled my ’63 Jag behind it for trips to restock and to tour the countryside. I loved camping and never thought anything about going alone. I’d been alone for several months, ever since my husband left, but I loved the outdoors and camping was a passion, and I was determined that being single wouldn’t keep me from doing what I enjoyed.

It was hot in the afternoon sun and I was quite parched, so I decided to take a dip in the lake and then relax by the shore with a wine cooler and read awhile. I didn’t even have to change, since I’d worn my black one-piece under my cutoffs. I wriggled out of the shorts and lay them and my towel on a large boulder at the edge of the lake. Then I climbed up onto the rock and dove into the water. It the chilly water was a shock to the system after the heat and, predictably, I had to pee. I didn’t want to go in the lake -silly since I was the only one around for miles, but there was just something that wouldn’t let me. So I climbed out, toweled off, and walked to the other side of the rock, I pulled the slight amount of black spandex aside exposing my pussy, and with legs spread, peed standing there.

It felt so good to relieve myself and not have to worry about going anywhere or being discreet. I was alone, no one anywhere around, so it didn’t make any difference what I did or how I did it, or so I thought…

He’d been hiking in the foothills and was enjoying the serenity of the lake when he spotted me pulling up. At first irritated that I’d driven into his idyllic setting, he got over it when he saw me get out of the RV. He stayed hidden, prepared only to observe. He didn’t want to frighten me, regardless how innocently he found me.

He was amazed at seeing a woman camping on her own, but when he saw me stripping down, my large tits pressed by the black fabric of my one-piece, he was mesmerized. He watched me dive and then get out, but when he saw me peeing, he went instantly hard. He pulled his cock from his pants and started wanking right there, which would’ve been fine, but as he did, he didn’t realize his foot was parked near a low branch bahis firmaları from the bushes. Trying to get a better view, he started to move closer when his foot caught the branch and he tripped, falling dick first into the bushes!

I heard the rustle of the leaves and turned my head in his direction, spotting his orange T-shirt. At first I was frightened, but I quickly realized what he was doing. I got horny just thinking about a man stroking himself looking at me and more than a little amused at the sight. He saw me staring at him and as our eyes met, he blushed and zipped up.

I offered a hello, seeing his predicament. He stammered out that he was just hiking by and saw me, or didn’t see anything, or…

He was obviously flustered and I tried to relax him by offering him a wine cooler. I assured him that it was ok and I was just needing to pee, and well, I thought I was alone. I said I hoped I hadn’t offended him, but I knew I hadn’t.

We sat and talked a bit. He told me about his hiking and travels, and I shared camping stories. As the day turned to evening and then night, we got lost in each others’ conversations. We had so much in common and there was a definite attraction there. Finally realizing how late it had gotten, and after so many wine coolers, I said I needed to pee again, moving toward the boulder. Without hesitation he asked if he could watch again. It took him as much by surprise as it did me. We just stared, somewhat dumbfounded at first, then we both broke into a chorus of laughter. We laughed so long and hard that it really became mandatory I pee immediately, so without even moving from my spot, I scooted the thong over and just let it go. He stood mesmerized, watching as if it was the most fantastic sight he’d seen yet. I watched his face as he stared between my legs and became flush with passion.

When I finished I asked if he enjoyed it! He stammered again his approval. Then, moving toward him, I asked if he would like to taste me, keeping my thong pulled to the side, exposing my shaved and glistening pussy. His eyes lifted to mine, and as if in a state of disbelief, he darted toward me. He knelt down in front of me, looking up into my eyes as if to say thank you, but finding no words. Then he went to work, clamping his mouth over my entire mound, greedily, hungrily licking and slurping my lips, my pussy, and my clit. I was thrilled and so hot! He was masterfully eating me and my legs were getting weaker and weaker. He must’ve sensed it, because he stopped, stood, and carried kaçak iddaa me to the boulder, laying me across it, spreading my legs, and continued his delicious assault on my pussy. He had me writhing immediately and cumming within a few minutes.

After my unbelievable orgasm, he moved over to caress my face and kissed me deeply and passionately, sharing my love juices with me. What started out as a fumbling voyeur had turned out to be a wonderful lover. He pulled me down from the rock, never letting our lips part and took me to the RV. He put me down at the door and I led him to the bed. I stood looking into his eyes and pulled the straps of my suit down exposing my full white breasts. I wriggled out of it, my breasts swaying, and his eyes never left them once. I moved closer to him and began to kiss his ears, his neck, and his chin. My kisses followed my hands down as I unbuttoned his shirt, and again followed as I undid his pants and pulled them down. His large, thick cock sprang up and I went to work on it.

I knelt between his legs and reached my mouth under his balls, licking, sucking, and nuzzling. I licked wide between them and licked up the front of his uncut shaft, teething li! ghtly at it along the way. I pulled his foreskin back exposing the bulbous head and flicked my tongue all around and under the rim of it and then raked my teeth across the head, stabbing my tongue into the hole. I took his head into my mouth and sucked hard, hollowing my cheeks. I popped the head in and out of my mouth, and then in one smooth motion, sank my mouth onto its length entirely. My lips and nose were in his pubic hair and his cock was in my throat. I stayed there, allowing time for my throat to relax and adjust. Then I started to swallow. My throat muscles were contracting on his cock as I continued this for several seconds.

Finally I pulled out away to the end of it and then right back again, fucking his cock with my mouth. He was moaning continuously and he finally bent over and pulled me up and onto the bed, spreading my legs roughly, moving between them quickly, and taking me forcefully. I was enraptured in the sensuality of this man. He knew all the right buttons to push and when to push them. He entered me with accuracy and began pistoning into me immediately, rotating his hips as he fucked me, searching out every area of my womanhood. We were both on fire, passions burning into our sexes. He worked his cock magically in and out of me, skillfully manipulating my clit with the base of his cock, as well. I wanted kaçak bahis this to never end, yet I wanted to cum desperately. I was not to wait too long as he had me crying out almost immediately.

Over the course of the night we were writhing and rolling all over the small bed, changing positions, feeling new sensations with every change. He topped me, I topped him, side by side, sixty-nine, on all fours, bent in half, we did it all. I was amazed at his stamina, and at how many times he brought me to orgasm. With each, he allowed me no time before enflaming my desire again. He came many times that night, barely resting before hardening again. As he exploded in me for the umpteenth time, I begged him to let my ecstatically sore clit and pussy rest a while. Realizing this man was still capable of more, I sucked him back to hardness again. I then mounted him, facing his feet, slowly allowing his steely shaft to penetrate my virgin ass. I’d never been so turned on, I just had to try it!

He responded to the tightness of my nether region with a loud groan, and immediately started bucking up into me, reaching around me, grabbing and squeezing! my tits. I didn’t even have to move, as his hands moved to my butt cheeks, clenching them firmly, lifting and lowering me, thrusting his cock in and out. I frantically rubbed my poor clit with one hand as my other rolled and squeezed his balls. He was fucking me like a madman! Within minutes, I felt his balls tighten and as his moans got louder, I started cumming at the exact time his cock let loose its powerful spray, jetting his creamy juice into my ass. We both shuddered and spasmed, groaning and panting. I fell back onto him and his arms wrapped me tightly! As his cock became flaccid and fell out of my well-worked ass, he spooned me and we fell into a splendid, blissful sleep.

I woke sometime later, and he was gone! My heart sank, wondering why he’d left, where he’d gone. I dragged myself from the bed and showered in the tiny stall, so much to wash, so much to remember. As I emerged from the small bathroom, I saw him standing there smiling at me! He greeted me with a kiss and a plate of eggs and toast! I was so thrilled to see him! We ate outside in the cool shade of the awning, and laughed and talked about our night together. I wanted him to spend the rest of the summer with me and thought about how to ask, but couldn’t find the words. Finally, I just blurted it out! I wanted him to stay with me, to camp and hike with me, share my summer with me! He gazed into my eyes with a silence that sent chills. My heart froze as his lips finally parted to speak. He said he’d wanted to from the first moment he saw me! This was to be the best summer of my life and camping would never be the same again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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