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Big Dicks

I couldn’t believe my luck. I had been picked in a drawing and was to take a turn in the ‘slut room’ in my potential frat houses’ Haunted Mansion. (I found out later it kinda rotated and it was just my turn but I enjoyed the moment). My two mentors sat me down to go over what was expected.

“So let me get this straight, select women know about this ‘secret button’ and if they press it, they get snatched up, taken to our slut room and just fucked?” I asked.

“Yea, is kind of a rite of passage thing we’d set up with our sister sorority but someone spilled and some strangers know about it. Problem is, since most are in costume we never know so we just roll with it, it’s pretty fun, we’ll give you a viagra in case more than one presses in the time you’re there,” replied Cole, one of my mentors.

“What if someone presses not knowing what it is?” I asked.

“Oh that’d be pretty hard, you’ll see when we take you through, isn’t just something you might trip and hit accidentally by breaking your fall. We actually get consent on tape too, the lobby leading into the slut room, we stop and ask them if they understand and consent, we’ve not had any say no or they didn’t know what they pressed,” said Jay, another mentor.

“Couple of the girls have even agreed to stay and be fluffers in the past too, like they’ll stay and get you hard for the next girl, we had that when 3 of them came through and all pressed it, lucky bastard Jay was working that one,” said Cole.

“Lucky my ass, my cock was aching by the time I was done,” laughed Jay.

“I know what you’re thinking Marcus, horny frat boys complaining about too much sex but this college is full of horny girls that we can choose to be with, this room kinda takes that spark away I guess, makes it feel like work,” said Cole.

“That and we’re worried a teacher is going to press it one day, knowing my luck it would be that new gym teacher, looks like a Russian bear wrestler or something,” laughed Jay.

“I think I’d definitely need a fluffer for that woman, she’s a bit scary!” I replied.

“So, shower and be ready by 7 tonight, we’ll give you a walkthrough,” said Cole.

I tried to distract myself but 7pm took forever to come round. I’d showered twice, shaved all appropriate areas and arrived at the ‘Haunted Mansion’, really just a house in the country set up for Halloween when it wasn’t being used for paintball and other stuff. I was dressed as Batman, the costume matched my fitness levels, another advantage of my love of sports I guess.

“Dude! Nice costume!” said Cole as he shook my hand, he was dressed as a zombie.

“Thanks, this voice changer sucks though, I’ll just do that myself, would suck if I was recognized by an ex or something,” I replied.

“It wouldn’t matter, the waiver they sign says any harassment due to any involvement here is not tolerated. Wouldn’t be fair on anyone. Goes both ways too though man, if you get some hot chick pressing the slut button, no falling in love and asking for her number,” he said with a laugh. “Come, I’ll walk you through the place, you parked round back like I texted you right?”

“I did.”

“So I’ll walk you through and show you where you need to be, you’ll be near the camera monitors so you can see who’s coming through, most of the time it’s going to be boring for you man, we get maybe one or 2 the first night but there’s been times where we didn’t get any. You can put your mask on now if you like.”

Cole walked me through the house, it was really well done, none of the animatronics were turned on yet but even with full lights they looked scary. He showed me where the guys would be hiding that would jump out on people and the locations of all the cameras then eventually we got to the area of ‘the button’.

“So do you see it?” he asked.

I looked around, it was a small, lobby type area with walls covered with black sheets, a fake fireplace and signs showing where to go next.

“Is it behind one of those sheets?” I asked.

“Nope, put your hand up the fireplace, now feel for the cover, move it aside and that’s the button. Pressing it brings out Jared and Mike to grab the woman and take them through here.”

Cole led me to a hidden room off to the side, it had a webcam at face level and a small screen.

“Once the woman is brought in here, Jared and Mike stand off to the side and she’s asked to give a statement of consent that we record. They’re saved in case of any issues but only 2 people are allowed to access the recordings, they’re never used for anything other than Law Enforcement claims but thankfully we’ve never had to use them, any woman pressing knows damn fine what she wants. Your room is in here.”

Cole led me to another room, it had a couple of screens showing feeds from a few cameras, a padded bench with a few straps and restraints on it, a side table with bottled water and a box full of condoms and a bottle of lube. Cole handed me a small pill.

“You should take this, I know you’re in shape ataşehir escort bayan and all but you’ll need it, trust me. If you don’t get any pressing my friend Clara will happily fuck you until it wears off, would be a one time only no strings thing but we won’t leave you hard n dry my friend. Oh, keep your pants off, make it easier. They understand this isn’t a ‘come in to be made love to’ thing, it’s a come in, get fucked and leave thing,” he said, patting my shoulder.

I took the blue pill as they officially opened the doors and stood watching the small groups and individuals come through on my monitor. It was funny watching people jump and laugh, I knew I’d have jumped at some of the sites if I was walking through with the dimmed lights! I felt my little pill kick in too, one or two of the women were taking the so called ‘whore-oween’ to task and seeing their skimpy ‘sexy nurse/cop/whatever’ had my imagination running and my cock started to harden. I was thankful it did, around 9pm a pretty cute girl came through ahead of her friends, low cut black dress and vampire make up and after laughing and enjoying the rooms she looked around to make sure she was alone then reached in the fireplace to push the button.

My heart was pounding, I watched the 2 guys snatch her up then take her into the consent room, she looked at the card then spoke into the webcam that she consented and was brought in to me.

“How do you want her?” said the Freddy Kruger masked Mike.

“Bend her over the bench,” I replied in my best Batman voice.

The two guys bent her over the bench and secured her wrists with the Velcro straps then left, I ran my hand over her ass then slowly opened her legs, making her dress ride up her thighs. I put my hand between her legs, no panties so I ran my fingers over her labia. She was already soaking wet, I slipped a finger inside her, then a second and fingered her slowly until she started to moan. I was already rock hard, I rolled a condom on my cock and pushed into her slowly, letting her feel every inch of my cock. Once my balls were resting against her pussy I began slow and deep thrusts, holding on to her slim waist. I gradually increased my pace, enjoying the sound of her moans as I started fucking her harder, when she came her pussy tightened and she set me off, I gave another couple of thrusts then pushed in deep as I filled the condom. I pulled out slowly and after putting the condom in the trash I helped the girl out of the restraints and watched as she straightened herself up.

“Thank you Batman, that was fun,” she said then left.

I cleaned myself up, my cock only slightly went soft but I stood watching the camera’s again, enjoying watching both men and women get their frights from the displays. When I saw her my heart started pounding again, my younger sister Allison, who had turned 18 not two weeks prior, was walking through the house alone. She was dressed in a Naughty Nurse outfit, not the more modest Ghostbusters suit she’d shown our parents earlier that day. When she got to the clearing with the fireplace she stopped and looked around and happy there was nobody watching, reached in and found the button.

I didn’t know what to do, I hadn’t asked about what to do if I knew the person coming through, I didn’t tell them I had a sister, didn’t seem important at the time but she was about to come into a room where I stood with my hardening cock out to be treated like the slut she wanted to be by pressing the button. My mind was racing, should I tell her and pretend, send her out through the exit and deal with the fallout later or give her what she wanted and not tell her. I’d never looked at her in any kind of sexual way. We got on okay, family wasn’t one for huge social things but we had a pretty good relationship, occasional fight but never anything major. She was shorter than me, looked nothing alike but she was a runner so had a pretty slim, athletic build complete with small but very pert breasts (I’d seen her a few times in a bikini) but she was big enough to fill the push up bra she had on with her outfit. I was still deciding what to do when she was brought into the room.

“This one looks young but they checked her ID at the desk, she’s 21,” said Mike who then left.

“I know I’m supposed to just get fucked but can you eat me first, I’m clean, I’ve only been with one guy before,” she said quietly.

“Fine, lay back on the bench,” I replied in my best Batman voice.

I’d made my mind up. I rationalized my internal screaming by taking on the Batman persona I’d chosen. It was his voice talking to her, not the ‘WTF ARE YOU DOING’ other voice that despite it being considered wrong in so many ways, had my cock throbbing at the sight of her.

She undid the front zipper on her dress and let it drop to the floor, unclipped her bra then quickly got onto the bench on her back, opening her legs as her breathing got heavier. I looked down at her laying before me, she was staring at the ceiling and was nervous escort kadıköy but she looked incredible. Her nipples were pale but standing erect and her pussy neatly trimmed with only a small patch of her blonde hair remaining.

I grabbed the cushion from my chair and got on my knees before her, gazed at her pussy in the dim lights then closed my eyes as I ran my tongue over it. She sucked in her breath sharply and began to moan softly as I explored her labia with the tip of my tongue then was almost grinding her pussy into my mouth as I licked her. She tasted amazing, I had a few friends with benefits that loved to be eaten and were very vocal on how best to eat them, I learned to listen to moans though and it didn’t take me long to find Allison’s buttons and when she was ready I rasped her clit with the tip of my tongue and had her cumming a few seconds later. I stood up wiping my mouth, my cock was still throbbing and I walked to grab a condom but she stopped me.

“I… I’m on the pill, I hate condoms,” she said, still catching her breath.

“If you’re sure,” I replied in my Batman voice.

“Y..yes, I want to feel you cum in me.”

“Turn over, stand up and bend over the bench.”

Allison did as I said and bent over the bench, I admired her ass then positioned myself to slide inside her, I paused for a second then slowly pushed my cock into her, she gasped and gripped the edges of the bench as I began to thrust. She was amazingly tight, I knew if I hadn’t already cum that hour I wouldn’t have lasted. By the time I was even close to cumming, Allison was a mess, she’d cum a few times and was mostly just moaning ‘oh fuck yes’ as I continued to pound her, a light sheen of sweat on her body, her head resting on the bench and her eyes almost glazed over in pleasure. I felt the familiar tingling in my balls, I pushed deep inside her then groaned in pleasure as I erupted, spraying my seed into my own sister.

I pulled out slowly and watched as my cum spilled from her pussy, I grabbed a paper towel and gave Allison one too then stood back in the shadows and watched as she got cleaned up and dressed. She seemed a little dazed.

“Th… thank you, that was amazing,” she said then left through the marked exit.

‘What have I done’ I said out loud and sat down in the chair.

As I quietened my troubled mind I spotted something on the floor, Allison had dropped her wallet, she must have had it tucked in her bra or something, I picked it up and confirmed it was hers, it had her fake ID and a couple of other cards and a cashiers check our parents had given her for the deposit on the car she wanted. She’d stupidly already endorsed it too so if I had been a stranger I could have had a $5k tip but I put it in my bag then got changed into regular clothes when Mike told me they were shutting down for the night. I drove home with my mind still all over the place, at the time I was happy to fuck Allison, she’d enjoyed it but now I was faced with having to confess, the only way I could give her wallet back and I was second guessing myself. I let myself in the house quietly, living at home was way cheaper than dorms and could hear Allison talking on the phone.

“I don’t know Gina, this was supposed to be the best night of my life and now I’m fucked,” she said, her friend was on speaker.

“What if it fell out in the room, will they tell you if you asked?” replied her friend.

“Oh sure, ‘hey I was going by this name, I’m not really Claire Belton but if I could have the $5k back that would be awesome’. They said they won’t reveal who was in the room to ask them either.”

“You actually read that disclaimer thing? He did have a nice cock, glad he wasn’t tiny for your first time. Don’t worry about the check, let me ask around okay, if I have to suck a few cocks to get your answer I will.”

“You’re such a whore.”

“Oh fuck you, I’m not the one who used a slut button to lose my cherry.” They both laughed.

I was stunned at what I heard, I opened the door again and made a point of being heard, Allison took her phone off speaker and said her goodbyes and hung up before I got to the kitchen. She was sitting drinking wine.

“Wine? I take it Mom and Dad went to the lake?” I said with a smile.

“I needed it so don’t rat me out or I’ll tell them how late you’re coming home,” she replied.

“Whoa, easy, I was just asking. You okay, you look like you’ve been crying.”

“Fuck do you care, isn’t your usual line ‘stop being a baby’ big brother, college making you caring all of a sudden?”

“I like to wind you up but I don’t like to see you upset, why so hostile?”

“Because I lost a $5000 check, Mom and Dad are going to fucking kill me then they are going to go scorched earth like they always do when they find out where I might have lost it so that’s why I’m hostile. Unless you can help me just leave me the fuck alone.”

I thought for a few seconds, I really did hate to see her upset but knew what I was going to bostancı escort tell her would exchange one type of pissed off for another. I decided to get it over with and took her wallet, complete with fake ID and cashiers check, out of my bag and put it in front of her. She looked at it for a second then slowly picked it up and checked the contents. Her face was very somber when she spoke.

“Where did you get this Marcus?”

“You dropped it and I didn’t notice until you’d already left.”

“Y… you were in that room? You were Batman?”

“Yes. I’m sorry Allison.”

“I… I lost my virginity to my own brother? I’ve had a toy in me but never a man until tonight. It was supposed to be a stranger, someone I’d never see again. You even ate my pussy! Why… why didn’t you tell me, why didn’t you stop?” Tears were running down her face.

“I don’t know. When I saw you I just thought you looked so beautiful and sexy and that I’d have embarrassed you more by saying something.”

“So instead you eat my pussy then fuck me.”

“You weren’t even supposed to be there Allison, I know it’s not really an excuse but they set the age at 21 to stop high school girls coming in. I’m sorry, I could have not told you but you were so upset about the check.”

“So if I hadn’t dropped this you wouldn’t have told me?”

“I don’t know, maybe I guess.”

“You know it was my friend Gina who was in there before me? I can’t tell her where my wallet was or how I got it back or she’ll find out everything.”

“So you dropped it on the doorstep as you were coming home and I picked it up.”

“Stay right there.”

I watched as she called her friend after confirming she was still awake via text.

“So, you don’t need to go sucking off half the school, I’m such a dumbass. Marcus found my wallet on the doorstep, I must have dropped it when I was fumbling with my keys,” she said on speakerphone.

“Oh that’s awesome, well I’ll pick you up around 10am and we can go pick up your car, I’m so happy sweetie, goodnight,”

“Now what do we do?” she said to me after just staring at her phone.

“I don’t understand,” I replied.

“Well, now I have all these conflicting emotions, the ones telling me that I shouldn’t want you, that what we did was wrong but all those are drowned out by how good it felt, I can almost still feel your tongue exploring me and the feeling of such amazing pleasure when you exploded inside me.”

“You’re not mad at me?”

“I was mad at the shock I guess, I need time to think.”

Allison stood up and hugged me close, I held her close then when she let go she kissed me on the cheek and went to her room.

I slept really well that night, Allison had already left so I made myself some coffee and sat watching tv, mostly to distract myself from my own thoughts. It didn’t help that I got a text asking me to take another shift in the Haunted house, the guy who was meant to do it got sick and they couldn’t find anyone free. I agreed but felt it right to tell Allison when she got home. She practically bounced into the house when she got back with a huge grin on her face and 20 levels of excitement.

“Come and see my car, it’s so awesome!” She said.

I got up and followed her, she’d bought a Honda Civic, had managed to find one that wasn’t all souped up and was a perfect first car for her. She was working part time while she took some local technical classes and with our parents’ gift of $5k she was able to afford the payments on it.

“It’s nice Sis, congrats,” I said.

“Can we take a drive and talk about last night?”

“Uh, sure.”

The ‘drive’ didn’t take us far, she took us to a park close to home and turned herself in her seat to face me. She looked pretty tired.

“I didn’t sleep too much last night. I want you to know I’m not mad at you, I just had a lot to process and I need us to talk about this,” she said, her face pretty serious.

“Okay,” I replied.

“First of all, I need you to promise me you won’t tell anyone about what we did, I don’t think I could live with people knowing.”

“Who would I tell? I promise, I’ll never tell a living soul.”

“I didn’t think you would, I just wanted to hear it. Second, did you feel guilty about it at all?”

“I… I did, mostly for deceiving you I guess. As much as we fight at times you have to know I love you and I’d never want to hurt you.”

“Did you like it?”

“Yes, very much. I’d never looked at you in a sexual way before, not because of any other reason than I’m not supposed to but when you were brought into that room and you took your costume off I was stunned at how beautiful you are.”

“Last night changed so many things for me, when I said I’d only been with one guy before I was lying, I’ve sucked a few guys off but I’ve only ever had my toy in me. Anyway, I wanted that room to be where I lost my virginity to a stranger so I could forget about him and just enjoy it but with it being you that changed. W…would you make my second time special please, candles, a hot bath then make love to me like in those crappy chick flicks Mom watches? If you give me that I’ll let you use me how you want, I’ll be your anonymous slut that you can just fuck whenever you want.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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