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A note of caution dear reader, this story contains coerced sex. If that’s not your cup of tea, please do not read further. All characters are 18 or older.

It was my chore, along with my younger brothers to gather up acorns off the forest floor. We fed acorns to the family’s pig and Momma also boiled acorns in some of her homemade medicines. We didn’t eat acorns, they were too bitter, and made people sick but the pig loved them.

It was Autumn again, the leaves on the forest trees had turned bright colors and then fell to the ground, making our search even more difficult. Last winter was tough, we were cold and often hungry. This year should be different, we had a pig and as soon as it froze over and stayed frozen, Mr. Hernsh agreed to come and butcher it for us.

It’s been tough going for our family, the Harper’s of Small Creek in the northwestern corner of Wisconsin. Our Poppa sat in the jail, on the shameful charge of murder so it was just Momma, me, and my two younger brothers, trying to hang on. My name is Cassandra or Cass for short.

Father’s terrible crime was due to the fact that he was swindled out of money from the man who hired him to do a month’s worth of labor. Poppa came to Mr. Peter’s cabin just with the intention of scaring the unscrupulous man into giving Poppa his fair wages but then there was a struggle. Mr. Peters’ got shot in the belly and died. The sheriff came to our cabin the next day and hauled our Poppa away to jail and he’s been there for five years now.

When the basket grew heavy, it was time to go back to our little cabin. I was surprised to find we had a visitor, Mr, Hernsh, sitting in a chair talking to Momma. I didn’t care much for the man, something about his eyes searching over me, from my head to my bare feet, made me feel chilled in my bones. Even still, I had to be polite to him, momma never let me forget it was Mr. Hernsh who helped us and kept us from starving.

“Why, look here! If it’s not Miss Cass Harper, all grown up now!” Mr. Hernsh sing-sanged as his eyes seemed fixed on my chest. Momma seemed to smirk but I felt ashamed by his attentions.

He stood up and thanked Momma for the cup of tea. He replaced his hat on his head and bowed slightly, saying goodbye.

As the four of us ate our evening meal of corn bread cakes and molasses, Momma told us she had important news to tell us.

“Mr. Hernsh asked me to marry him and I told him I would,” She said this like it was something ordinary but I stared at Momma with my mouth open until she told me to close it.

“What about Poppa?” I asked. “You can’t marry someone new when you have a husband?” I told her.

“I divorced your Poppa, we’re not married anymore,” Momma admitted.

My youngest brother, Thomas, began to cry. Momma yelled at him to stop, he did. It was shameful for a boy his age, ten years old, to cry.

“I had no choice,” she told us. “We all almost starved last February. I need a husband who will provide for us, I can’t do it by myself.”

So, it was settled. Momma married Mr. Hernsh and he became our new Poppa.

The problem with Mr. Hernsh was he didn’t much like the idea of having to provide for kin that wasn’t his own. He convinced Momma my brothers would be more use if they were farmed out to a farmer who needed more hands. The boys, Mr. Hernsh, told Momma, would learn how to be farmers, something they should be learning anyhow. Momma reluctantly agreed. Thomas and David were sent away, across the river to Minnesota territory to work and live on the farm of Mr. Hernsh’s nephew.

To my surprise, Momma decided to send me away too. She said I could earn money being a kitchen maid. Momma suggested it would just be temporary, I’d go away, earn some money and bring it back to the family. I was almost eighteen now, old enough to be earning, Momma said.

Mr. Hernsh also arranged my new placement. With an old carpet bag in my hand, holding only my spare clothing, I said good bye to my Momma and Mr. Hernsh helped me into his single horse pulled wagon.

I felt bad for Momma, she’d be real lonely without her children. I felt bad for myself too, I didn’t want to go away and work for strangers. Mr. Hernsh drove the uncovered wagon in the chilly weather for several hours. The rocking of the wagon was making me sleepy. I was jolted upright when I felt Mr. Hernsh put his big arm around my shoulders. I sat up strait. I didn’t want him so close to me but I was afraid it wouldn’t be polite to say anything contrary. As the wagon made its way through the deep woods of northern Wisconsin, not another soul was to be seen or heard except for Mr. Hernsh and myself. I didn’t even smell a faint whiff of another family’s chimney smoke Pendik Escort in the air.

Mr. Hernsh’s hand began to creep slowly downwards and then to my shock, he squeezed my breast! Before I even knew what I was doing, I shoved my left elbow sharply into his gut. He grunted and doubled over some. He stopped the horse, clipping the rein to keep it still. I looked all around me, I wanted to run away but everywhere I looked it was just trees. Miles and miles of endless trees. Where could I run to? Before I could move, Mr. Hernsh grabbed me by both shoulders and shook me. His face was contorted with anger.

“You learn your place, girl!” He yelled. “Doing that to the new owners will get yourself killed, you dumb girl!”

What was he talking about? Owners?

“You mean the owners of the house I’ll be a maid in?” I asked after finally finding my voice.

Mr. Hernsh let go of me and smirked. “Is that what your dumb momma told you? A maid in a house?”

I nodded. He didn’t answer right away, instead he unclipped the rein and clicked it for his horse to walk forward.

“Listen carefully, girl. There is no house you’re going to. You’re going to a work camp, lots of men chopping and hauling lumber. The whole country is starting to build up and lumber is in high demand, little girl. There’s a woman, Nell, she going to take you. You’re going to work for her”.

I let this sink in, this was not what I was expecting at all.

“Will I be chopping the lumber too?” I asked, feeling confused. At home, my Poppa and then my brothers chopped up the fire wood. I knew how to swing an axe if I had to but it was slow going work for me, I just didn’t have the strength for it.

Mr. Hernsh smirked again, “No, you’ll be doing all the washing and the cooking for the boys. And then some other stuff too,”.

“What other stuff?” I asked.

Mr. Hernsh didn’t reply, he did put his arm around me and again squeezed my breast, hard. It throbbed after he released his grasp. A sick feeling of dread washed over me. I understood now.

We travelled further on for a while but then stopped at a stream for his gray horse to rest and drink. Mr. Hernsh said we would camp here tonight. When we started out early in the day, I didn’t know we’d be camping over night, I didn’t know my destination was so far away from home. Mr. Hernsh set up a fire and I cooked salt pork that we ate with the biscuits Momma packed for us. We took turns drinking the cold stream water from the one metal cup we had for our journey.

“So, here’s some fact, girl. At this camp, you’ll be the youngest, ripest female these lumber jacks will have seen in quite some time. Men get hungry for lady attention and you’re going to have to oblige them,” Mr. Hernsh informed me as my stomach turned.

“You ever been with a boy before?” He asked.

I didn’t look up from the ground but I shook my head, no. Of course not, I was not married.

“Tonight you’ll be with me. I’ll get you ready for that camp,” he said.

“No!” I yelled. I didn’t want that with him!

Mr. Hernsh shrugged his shoulders, “Fine, you’d rather walk into that camp with no idea how to handle all those hungry men?”. He whistled as he stretched back, supporting himself with his hands. “Well, shoot, girl, you’re going to be in for quite the surprise! That’s for sure. Or, better yet, I can teach you what you want to know, choice is yours I ‘spose,”.

I had to relieve myself. I went further into the woods for privacy. I considered running away right now but it was dark and I didn’t know what direction to go in. There were wild animals up in these parts, bears and wolves roamed freely. I didn’t have a gun, I couldn’t protect myself. I also didn’t have any food or money. Oh, why did Momma lie to me? After I finished my business, I reluctantly returned to the little fire.

I knew what sex was, well, kind of. I remember before Poppa went to jail, waking up in the middle of the night in my little trundle bed to the sounds of grunting and moaning. When I looked up, I saw, under quilts, one big lump, my parents, moving together, shaking their bed, and making rude noises. I sat up in my own small bed until Momma paused and told me to lay down, close your eyes, go to sleep. I always listened to my Momma. I did what I was told like a good little girl but I wondered about it. I never asked Momma what they were doing at night in their bed, children are not allowed to ask questions. It wasn’t until I was older and I watched our dog mount another dog. I thought they were hurting each other and tried to scare the other dog with a big stick but my Poppa told me to leave ’em alone, they’re not hurting, just breeding. Oh, I realized, Kurtköy Escort that was was Momma and Poppa had been doing, just breeding.

Now Mr. Hernsh wanted to breed me. He said other men would want to too soon and it’s something I should learn about. I thought the breeding was only supposed to happen when a person is married but I guess that’s not true. I looked over at Mr. Hernsh, he was staying warm by the fire. He made it sound like it would be helpful to know what to do. I felt very scared to be going to this work camp and I didn’t know what to expect. I changed my mind. I decided it would be smart to know what’s expected. I told Mr. Hernsh my decision. He looked at me with his eyebrows raised and a big smile.

“Now, see here! I knew you were a good girl, after all!” He said. Mr. Hernsh was quite tall and slender with broad shoulders and a full head of wild black hair. His skin was always somewhat tan looking, making me wonder if he did have a drop or two of Indian blood in him but unlike the Indians I’ve seen, Mr. Hernsh’s eyes were a watery blue.

He was a much taller than me. Even though I was eighteen, I still looked child like. I was a short and thin, but my bust filled out in the last year or so, my bust being the only adult thing about my body. I still wore my golden brown hair in braids even though Momma told me I was old enough to wear it up like she did, but I didn’t like the hair pins that poked my head so I kept the braids. Even with my girl like braids, after my chest filled out, I noticed how men, like Mr. Hernsh leered at me. Sometimes these men told me I was pretty and playfully pinched my cheek, while I stared downcast and mumbled thank you kindly, sir.

Mr. Hernsh jumped to his feet and began rearranging things in his small wagon. We would be sleeping in the small, uncovered wagon bed tonight. I guess that’s where he’ll teach me about breeding as well. He laid down a feather tick and told me to lay on it. I climbed up into the wagon and laid down as he instructed, flat on my back.

He immediately laid his long body on top of mine. His body was heavy on me. I felt his hot breath on my cheek and I wanted to recoil. His bushy black beard tickled my skin. He kissed me, first on my chin then my lips. He pushed his tongue into my mouth, it made me almost gag and I squirmed.

“Listen, girl, you can’t be fighting on this, you said you wanted to do this, so either do it and be polite or don’t,” Mr. Hernsh told me.

Momma raised me to always be polite. I nodded, I’d be good, I promised. He continued to kiss me but lowered his head so he was kissing my neck. I tried to be still and I started to dream a bit, it was after several minutes that I realized I liked my neck being kissed, it made me feel tingly inside and dreamy. His hands went to my breasts and he squeezed them, but not too hard, like earlier. That and with the kisses on my neck and now my collar bone were making me feel hot and breathless. It was a strange feeling. I didn’t care much for Mr. Hernsh and his staring eyes but being with him in that small wagon bed under an old quilt, felt nice. The air around us was cold but we were warm together.

His fingers began unbuttoning my dress bodice, he pushed it open, exposing me to the chilly night air. I gasped when he put his mouth to my pink nipple and began to suckle me. He sucked on my tit like a babe sucking on its momma’s tit. Like he was hungry and wanted my milk. Surely, he knew, my tits didn’t give milk, but he was undeterred, he kept right on with it making rude slurping sounds all the while. He pinched my nipples with his fingers and then twisted them until I squealed. The way Mr. Hernsh handled my breasts reminded me of when I kneaded bread dough.

While he was attending to my breasts with one hand, he pushed up my skirts to my waist with his other. He sat up and pulled my bloomers down my legs. I gasped when I felt his rough hand go to my cunny and he squeeze me there. I felt hot shame that a man was touching my most private place. This didn’t seem right. I squirmed again and said stop but he laughed and told me to hold still, it’ll feel better in a minute.

He was right. He started to brush his finger lightly on top of my cunny slit. It did feel nice. Like a warm kind of tickle, once he started that, I was sad when he moved his hand away. I wanted more of his strokes that made me warm and tingly.

He poked at my cunny which did not feel nearly as good and then he found a deeper spot and pushed his finger deep. I screamed out, it hurt.

“Hush, hush, little girl,” he soothed like he was soothing a horse. “You’re getting nice and wet down there, just like a good girl should. Now I’m going to put Ümraniye Escort my cock into that spot and it’s going to hurt a bit but then you’ll like it,”.

I started to panic. There was no room for a cock in there! I started to push Mr. Hernsh’s shoulders away from me. I didn’t want this, it was too rude. This wasn’t breeding, I thought, breeding was humping, what Mr. Hernsh just described sounded like something perverse that he just made up himself.

“What are you doing, girl?” He asked, annoyed at my weak efforts to get up from under him.

“I don’t want that,” I whined.

He stared at me for a moment, “Listen, dumb girl, it don’t matter one lick what you want, your going to that camp, filled with men who aren’t as understanding as me. They’re going to rut on you whether you like or not, at least with me here, I’ll show you how to like it,”.

I nodded my head and he continued to kiss my breasts and poke my sensitive cunny with his fingers. It felt good again and I heard myself moan. I understood what now he said about me being wet down there, I felt embarrassed, I didn’t know why it felt wet, I hadn’t peed myself.

Mr. Hernsh sighed and told me I was wet enough now. He unbuckled his pants and unbuttoned then. Pushing his pants down to his knees, I saw his big cock pointing right at me and I shuddered. The only cocks I’ve ever seen before were my brother’s little boy cocks, nothing as large as Mr. Hernsh’s. It wouldn’t go in my little crevice, I told myself. He can try but he’s foolish if he thinks that’s going to fit in my little nook.

He did try, he took his cock in his hand and pushed it against my cunny. It started to slide in. Then suddenly with a strong push of his hips and a loud grunt, he rammed it deep inside my belly. I jumped and screamed! It felt like I was stabbed with a hot poker. I was afraid it was going to slice me apart and kill me.

He stopped moving long enough to tell me to be quiet. “Just lay still, you’ll like it after a minute,”.

I listened to him as a good girl should and because I did want it to feel good. He moved his cock up and down for a few minutes. It still hurt but a little less. It never did feel particularly good. Abruptly, he pulled himself away from me and then began to rub his cock quickly up and down with his hand. He pissed on me suddenly. I felt disgusted.

He lay back down next to me, he was breathing heavy.

“You saw what I did, right girl?” He asked. “I didn’t spill my seed into you. That’s what you have to know, those camp boys can fuck you day and night but tell ’em they can’t shoot inside. Otherwise that’d make a baby,”.

I didn’t know what seed he was talking about so I asked him and he laughed at me.

“Shoot, girl! You are pretty dumb, ain’t ya? My seed! That white stuff that shot out of my cock. That’s the stuff that if it gets into you, makes a baby.

Oh, I thought it was piss. He covered us with a few warm quilts and told me to go to sleep. I didn’t think I would sleep like that, so close to him but eventually I drifted off.

I woke before sunrise, just as the night sky was beginning to lighten. I was woken because Mr. Hernsh was fondling my breast again. I moaned. In a flash, he was on me again, kissing me, his hands on my tender breasts. He was breathing heavy and sweaty. I wiggled and tried to push at him but his shoulders were too heavy to budge. He shushed me, telling me in a soothing voice, “Calm yourself, girly. Lay still.”

I obeyed him as I knew I should. I allowed him to spread my legs apart and he settled his warm body between them. He lunged himself forward and was in me again. My back arched as his cock made contact with my sore cunny. Tears smarted my eyes but I didn’t let them fall, it was shameful for a eighteen year old girl to cry.

Mr. Hensh kissed my lips and my cheeks then down on my neck. I began to relax some, kissing my neck felt nice. He balanced his upper half on his elbows placed on either side of my shoulders. Daylight was creeping in and I could see he was watching me as his lower half slowly rutted in a lazy back and forth way.

He continued to stare in my eyes, not speaking so I closed my own. As I lay under him, I began to have that dreamy feeling in my head again and my cunny felt tingly.

“See, I told you, you’d grow to like it,” he whispered.

I wasn’t sure if I agreed fully with his statement but I was able to tolerate it better. Mr. Hernsh had been correct, it was probably better he trained me up before bringing me to a camp filled with men. The rutting was already feeling better than it did last night.

The feelings between my legs were starting to feel relaxing for me and I sighed. Then just as abruptly as he did last night, Mr. Hernsh grunted and groaned then pulled his body from mine and rubbed his cock until it spurted white, thick piss. I guess that’s the seed he told me about. Men’s seed came out of their piss hole, I thought, that was disgusting.

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