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So, my name is David, and I am 22 years old. I live with my mother I knew that she is not my biological mother but we always shared a great bond like really good friends. Mom’s name is Harleen she is a 45-year-old typical British woman. She is very concerned about her health, so she never skipped a single day without going to the gym. Considering her age, she is very good in shape compared to her friends. Since the death of my dad, she never has dated someone but. I don’t know why I always felt jealous when anyone tried to flirt with her in front of me.

It was my 23rd birthday, and she planned a trip for both of us to Los Angeles, so we packed our bags and took a flight from Birmingham to LA. It’s a three-day trip and she booked everything for us the hotel, the places we want to discover and everything. She wants to make this trip memorable because I just accepted the job proposal in Georgia so she wants to spend some time with me before I went there.

At home, we never shared a room since I turned 20… She also knows that and just wants to tease me a bit and said.

“We have to share the room in LA it was quite expensive honey so I booked one room for us.”

I replied, “I know mom it is all right from my side I do not have any privacy issues.”

We landed in LA and quickly went to our hotel and check in. It was already midnight but my mom always goes to have a shower before her sleep so she took the keys and went into the room. I followed her. She was in her shower while I was sitting on the couch after putting my shirt off, I was just in my boxers waiting for my turn and reading a magazine.

It was a decent evening for me to that moment but suddenly there was a clicking sound because of the door and I saw my mom she was wearing a blue robe but the fabric was quite thin so I can see that she was wearing a bra underneath.

I never had a girlfriend, and the only woman who has been in my life was my mom, I’m admiring her since I was 19 when the very first and the only time, I saw her in her bra posing in front of the mirror. I never thought about her as a lover, but she was always in my canter of attraction and maybe that is why I Don’t want her to date any guy.

She went closer and said, “So we are in LA finally in your dream place.”

I replied, “Yes mom finally.”

We drink some coffee and after eating dinner we were about to sleep but suddenly I saw that she was trying to massage her neck so I asked.

“What happen mom everything is all right?” I said in a worried tone.

“I do not think so honey maybe it’s a stiff neck because of the flight I guess.”

“Mom, I can help you with that if you want.”

“But you are also quite tired, and it is late already.”

I know she was struggling, and the pain was unbearable so I offered a quick massage

“I can give you a quick massage else it will be going to hurt you like hell.”

she hesitated for a few seconds but then she approved in a slow tone,

“Umm all right sweetie my caring boy I can’t say no to that if you are with it.”

I sat back next in front of her back and started rubbing her neck firmly and slowly. As my hands are touching and massaging her neck, I can see her bra strap from her shoulders. It was pink in colour suddenly that incident flashed in my mind when I the last time I saw her wearing a bra. All of a sudden, the massage brings back some urges that I had at that time. My focus shifts and moves into the thoughts of her and that pink bra she was wearing. But my mom was unaware of what was happening in my mind.

Suddenly she breaks the silence and said, “It feels amazing you are doing wonders.”

And then I started to put some more pressure from my hands so she can get some relief, it’s my way to impress her with my work. She enjoyed every minute of it.

After a while sahibe escort she said. “the way you are doing this was so good that I can give you my back so you can massage there too and you drained all your energy without seeing La.”

At first, I just laughed a bit but at that very moment a thought popped up in my mind that it could be the opportunity where I am allowed to saw her what type of bra she was wearing nowadays

“You know how much I love you mom I can happily do that.”

She turns very happy with what I said and asked me again, “You are ok with that I thought you are exhausted after a very long day.”

“Never for you mom you just need to ask I am all at your service, after all, it’s you who organized such a great trip for me” Honestly, it was unexpected but after taking a small pose

She said, “Umm okay, sweetie honestly. I need that back massage.”

She pointed her fingers at one of her begs and said, ” There has to be some oil you can use on my back”.

At the very next moment, she drops the robe from her shoulder and opens the knot. I already took the bottle of oil in my hand and when I turned to face her she was already laying on her belly. I can see her bare back with just the pink bra strap and her bra clip which was perfectly fitted on her back and holding her bra. She had a nice and curvy body.

“Wow, mom you look good nobody can tell that you are a 45-year woman.”

She laughed, ” Thank you, sweetie, now I can say my fitness routine is worth it.”

“Yes, definitely it works so without taking so long shall we start?” I asked in an excited manner.

When she approved, I put some oil on my hands and started rubbing on her back. With every gentle touch, I can feel her soft skin. She didn’t say any words to me in between but I was sure that she was enjoying it. When she pointed out with her hands where she wants to get a massage on her back. There was a mirror in front of us on the dressing table so it was visible that she had closed her eyes and that her boobs are pressing on the bed. That scene was so exciting to watch that when I tried to put some more oil on my hands I fumbled and suddenly the power cuts she noticed my fumbling and the power cuts “god what is just going on right now first you fumbled and now the power cut”

“Sorry mom the bottle is slippery” I said in a worried tone.

“It’s okay honey but just be careful I don’t want to get some oil on my strap it’s a new set and a bit expensive too.”

“Yes, mom I will keep that in mind.”

After that, I started to rubes her lower back but accidentally my hand touched her bra straps which she noticed.

“I told you to be careful please” she said.

Still, there was enough light from where I saw her pressed boobs and tried to imagine how big they are. I was so into that moment without thinking

I replied, “If you are so worried about the straps, why don’t you take the bra off mom.”

She knows that it was just a joke. She was not annoyed with that reply although she tried to tease me,

“Do not force me I can do that, we shared a great bond, so it’s not going to be a big deal for me after all I’m your mother, not your biological mother but I nourished you too” her tone was quite polite and jolly.

“I do not mind it will be easy for me to give you a full back massage without getting any oil stain in your bra.”

She paused for a second and said, “Seriously it will help you if I do that.”

this time her tone was serious and curious.

“Mom it will be a huge relief for me if it was possible,” I replied with some hesitation and without any hope.

“Ok if it is not that weird for both of us you can unhook my bra sweetie and carry on your business after all there was no electricity so I guess it is safe too.”

I sahibe escort bayan was shocked by what she said because I never expected such a reply from her but as she approved, without any second thoughts I quickly sit on her legs and tried to unhook her bra. As I said I had never been with any women so I never had any experience with how to unhook a bra with ease. I failed and I can see from the mirror that she was laughing at me.

After a while, she said “Let me do that for you, my innocent boy.”

I did not say a word but I was curious about how she is going to take off her bra. She slightly lifted her back, took down the straps from her shoulders, and then unhooked her bra clapping with her hands. In between the processes, I had a glimpse of her boobs before she lay down again. It was so quick that I cannot see her nipples although I saw how her boobs are. She gave me her bra to put on the table. My heart was thumping at that time when I was about to put her bra on the table, I never know her exact size so I quickly read the label of her bra. The number was quite enough for my excitement. It was 38 D that is the number. I know much about boobs size by watching porn and all stuff but I never imagined a woman who is so fit and not so busty and still in very good shape, and right now I’m the one who was giving her a massage. I took a deep breath before starting the massage and slowly rub her back. She was so normal at that time and instructed me to massage the side of her back with some hard hands. I followed her and started to massage her sides, after a while,

she asked me a question with a huge smile, “So, you never had been with a woman?”

“Yes, mom I don’t have any girlfriend but who told you that?” I asked.

“NO one it was predictable the way you tried to unhook my bra.”

It was so embarrassing that I just said yes and started to rubes her sides. The oil was all over her back so when I tried to put some more pressure my fingers touched one of her side boobs accidentally. I pulled my hands back. But within a few minutes the same thing happened again and this time my fingers touched her so hard that she noticed, and she asked in a soft and funny tone.

“I hope it was unintended.”

“Yes, mom I guess it happened because I was trying to put some pressure downside.”

When she heard that without wasting time she sat back while her hands covered her boobs.

And said, “Now it will be easy for you to massage my sides.”

It was unexpected but it happened so I followed her instructions and put some more oil before I started to massage both of her sides again. Suddenly it was the first time she moaned because of my moving hands I can see that she was enjoying it and she felt some tickling too. She asked to massage her neck again for some more relief and maybe that tickle excites her so she wants to divert the massage. So I tried to rub her neck again. She was just sitting next to me so closely that while I was giving her a massage on her neck my warm breath blew in the side of her neck. I know that something was running in her mind, and it’s the urges which were developing in her. I was getting curious why she was behaving in such a way. Suddenly she said something.

“You know honey it’s been a long time since a man sits next to me so closely.”

“Really mom?” I replied in a decent tone.

But without any doubt, I knew it was not just a massage anymore at least not for me I was so close and because of the heat building in between us I was getting a boner. Now I just want to tease her and want to know how far we can go so, slowly I moved my hands on her shoulders and said,

“Mom you are covering your boobs with your hands and due to that your shoulders are tightened it’s only us right here and we escort sahibe are so close to each other that it’s not a big deal I already saw much of you.”

I saw that she was getting a bit nervous so I strengthen my request by saying, “There is not much light right now it’s nothing to be ashamed of, I just want to give you the best massage.”

She was trying to say something but she stopped herself, and after a slight pause she unfolds her arms. It was so hot to see her from behind that I can predict how perfect and big her boobs are. It was her nipples that were not in my vision but when she drops her hands she shifted slightly so I can’t see her reflection in the mirror. This act from her confused me a little about what she was feeling, is she felt the same way or not. I know she did not say any words when she unfolded her hands, but why did she shift slightly? To know these answers I tried to move my hands lightly on her sides to act as if I was about to conclude my massage and when I was rubbing her sides this time I started touching the side of her boobs intentionally with my fingers. And my lips were just inches away from her bare neck. I placed my chest just right before her back and tried to toucher back. The way she reacts was a clear sign that she was okay with that. I do not want to stop there and the sparks developing between us. It is something that I never experienced. In the next moment I dragged my hands from the side of her boobs towards the center so I can touch her nipples and when I had a nice grip my palm can feel her perky nipples, but suddenly she tried to stop my hands right there

“What are you trying to do I’m your mom sweetie,” she said in a half-hearted voice.

“I know you want that too mom if you don’t then why you didn’t try to stop me right before I tried to pull you from behind whatever you say it’s all lies your perky nipples are telling the truth.”

Occasionally the electricity came back and now I can see where my hands are.. she did not try to oppose much and I was so into that moment that I started to squeeze her boobs and gave her a nice and steamy kiss on her neck and then my lips slowly move on her back. I was licking her bare back with my tongue and one of my hands slides into her belly she moves a bit because of the tickling again. I know I was doing an excellent job of waking up her sensitive skin and m She didn’t say any words but all of a sudden, she turns to face me and when I noticed I stopped when she turned she didn’t cover her boobs with her hands so it’s been the first time I saw her bare boobs facing me with her perky nipples. That scene was so mesmerizing that I can proudly say I saw one of the most perfect boobs.

Suddenly she said, “It’s not good we should stop right here honey it is wrong,” her voice was fumbling when she said that.

“What wrong are you talking about mom, it’s us we are all human and it’s not a taboo I know you are not my biological mom and I know you want that too nothing is wrong with it.”

When I said these words, I saw in her eyes that she was focusing on my boner and she was just nervous. But in the very next moment when I get closer to her, she held my hand and pulled me towards herself. We were so close that time that we can feel each other’s warm breath. My heart was thumping like a train. First, our eyes met and there was a sense of approval in our eyes the very next moment our lips met passionately. Her tongue reached out into my mouth and collided with mine.

Our saliva was mixed up with each other and I was so into that moment that I placed my right arm on her ass and tried to pull her as close as possible, her nervousness was gone so she doesn’t mind what I was doing. In the next moment, I transferred my weight slightly towards her so she can lay down on her back this time and puts her hands right above her head.. we were kissing like passionate lovers’ the passion takes me to the next level And I bite her lips a bit then moves my tongue towards her neck and kissed multiple times right there. I transferred my upper weight to her and my chest pressing her boobs.

But suddenly the bell rings.

End of part one

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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