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Completing the online survey on sex and sexuality had been one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. It was the first time I’d admitted to anyone, even if it was anonymous, my love of wearing lingerie, the fact I was a virgin at 30, and my main fantasies … including the fact that losing my virginity was way down that list.

I’d hesitated before ticking the box that said I’d be willing to take part in an interview. But the idea of talking face to face about this overcome that! Especially as the fine print terms guaranteed my ongoing anonymity with a very large payment if that was breached. Still, I used my alternate email address, the one I used for ‘naughty’ contact details.

Having done that I gave my cock a slow rub through my white silky panties and in no time at all had a wonderful orgasm.

I’d just about given up on being contacted when I received an email inviting me to attend a one on one interview the following Friday at 1:00pm. I’d be paid $100 for my time. I arranged to have the day off from work.

Friday morning I dressed in my prettiest white cotton panties with pink polka dots. They also had a nice wide pink lace trim. Definitely my favourites! I was already excited and decided that I’d reward myself in advance so that when the interview was over I could rush straight home. My reward was to spend about half of the $100 on a new slip, new nightie and another half dozen pairs of panties! Having found a very pretty white cotton nightie, a pink slip and six pairs of white cotton panties with polka dots (three different shades of pink, red, lemon and baby blue) I headed for the interview with the new purchases in my bag. Since I was traveling by train I took the bag into the interview with me.

I was given a room number and told the interviewer would be there in a few minutes. I sat on the couch and waited, my cock was semi erect in anticipation!

The door opened and a woman I guessed was about my age walked in. She was short and fat. No problem there! She was dressed in a nurses outfit! Even better!

She introduced herself, “My name is Karen. You can tell me your real name, or just make one up. I don’t care but it is all anonymous.”

“I’m Neil,” I replied using my real name.

“Just so you know, we match interviewers based on some aspects of your survey to make you more at ease. Obviously I’m not really a nurse but hopefully seeing me dressed like this will help!” Karen told me.

“I’m sure it will!” I exclaimed.

“Now, there are various levels we can go to for the interview. As you know the payment promised is $100 but if you agree to the more extensive and observational interview it would be $200. For that you need to strip naked, or to your underwear if it revealing enough. I need to be able to provide my analysis of your level of sexual excitement as well as your opinions. Would you be interested in doing that? Don’t forget the guarantee of anonymity is in place.” Karen advised me.

I barely hesitated before agreeing!

“OK. Sign here, then you can either just strip there or use the change room over there,” Karen told me pointing to a curtain.

I signed the document. I saw no reason to hide as I stripped since I had no intention of removing my panties. I was sure they were revealing enough! I removed my shoes and socks, then my t-shirt. Then I quickly dropped my jeans and stood in front of Karen in just the polka dot panties! Being seen for the first time ever by anyone else, and by a short plump girl in a nurses uniform in particular, made me rock hard!

Karen smiled, “Well, they are revealing enough so you’re welcome to leave those on! But now you’ll need to just sit and relax for a few minutes before we start. For me to judge your excitement levels we need that erection to subside a bit! We will need to take frequent breaks when you get hard. So we may be here a few hours … I assume you have the rest of the day free?”

I told her I did and sat. We talked of non sexual topics for ten minutes. She also hid herself as much as possible behind the desk. Eventually I softened enough for her to start.

“OK. I’m going to show you some groups of photos. In some cases you will need to select the most arousing of them and also tell me why. In other groups you will need to rank them from the most arousing to least and discard any you don’t find arousing at all. Ready?” Karen asked me.

I nodded.

Karen laid out the first group. “If any of these arouse you please select the most arousing and tell me why.”

There were photos. All of them had two men in the exact same pose. One standing, the other on his knees in front of him. His mouth wrapped around the others cock!

Photo 1: both men were naked

Photo 2: both men were wearing lingerie (matching panties and nighties)

Photo 3: both men were wearing lingerie and makeup

Photo 4: the man standing naked, the one on his knees in lingerie

Photo 5: the man standing naked, the one on his knees in lingerie and makeup

Photo 6: the bostancı escort man standing naked, the one on his knees in a cheerleaders outfit and makeup

My hard cock made it pointless to deny any of these excited me. After all, I’d mentioned it in the survey too! The selection was easy though.

I picked up photo 4. “I love the idea of being made to suck cock while in my lingerie. My fantasies are about being caught and ‘forced’ to do it. Obviously if the man catching me also wore lingerie I’d have as much on him as he had on me so couldn’t use my lingerie as a threat! I have no interest in makeup or dresses … just panties, slips and nighties. I’d be willing to also wear pantyhose or stockings but they don’t add to my excitement but if they added to my partners I’d wear them. But never a bra or dresses etc.”

“OK. Certainly your cock is telling me the same thing! It’s a little cool in here today, so if you’re cold you can put your t-shirt back on. Just make sure it doesn’t cover any of your panties.” Karen told me.

I was a little cool, so I reached for my shirt. Then I stopped. “I bought myself a new nightie today. It’s in my bag. Is it OK if I put that on instead?”

Karen smiled, “As long as you don’t mind extending the interview! I expect wearing that will increase your excitement levels so we may need more and longer breaks!”

I laughed, “I’ve got all day!” I stood and reached into the bag. As usual I’d tried on the new items in the men’s room at the mall. As they fitted I then removed all of the tags … which I just left on the floor of the stall! I slid the white cotton nightie on, then sat again, hiking the nightie up to ensure she still had a perfect view of my panty covered cock.

A few more minutes of talk on non sexual subjects was required. I was really enjoying her company!

“This time there are just two photos. Same applies as last time. Now, just so you are clear all of these photos are largely photoshopped. The first photo from the last group was an original and the clothing added on for the rest. In this photo the female has been added into the photo. In other photos we have changed faces. Tell me which you prefer?”

Karen then placed two photos in front of me. My cock instantly went to full erection, and precum leaked onto my panties for the first time. Karen smiled, “I think I know which is your favourite! Show me and explain!”

The first photo was the one I’d selected from the last group. The second, the one that made me leak, was the same two men, in the exact same situation … except kneeling beside them and watching was Karen! She had a nightie on that matched the man on his knees!

I quickly picked that one up. “Much better than being caught by a man is being caught by my girlfriend or wife. She would then tell me about her lover … I have preferences about exactly who that would be but unless you need details I’ll leave that for now. Since she hates the taste of cum her boyfriend would never of had his cock sucked. So in return for allowing me to continue to wear lingerie, and for taking me shopping for lingerie, I’d have to suck his cock … about once a week.”

Again a break! Then another series of photos. “This time I want you to arrange them from most to least arousing.” Karen told me.

She put the photos down. Again I went immediately back to full erection. Same man, the lingerie wearing one that is! But this time it was just him and the woman … Karen … in a series of poses. I took a few minutes to finalise the order … I didn’t really need that long I don’t think but I loved the pictures! The final order was:

The man licking her pussy. Cum was leaking from her and he was eating her cream pie!

The man was using a cock shaped vibrator on Karen. His cock obviously bulging in his panties.

The man was licking her pussy, no cum this time.

This one was actually multiple photos. He was licking Karen’s tits, belly and armpits!

This time he was fingering her.

The final photo … the man had his cock out of his panties. He was fucking Karen!

Karen asked, “So according to your survey you are a virgin. Is that correct?”

I reddened and nodded, “Yes, I’m a virgin!”

“I find it interesting that a man who is a virgin rates the intercourse photo the lowest. Although the implication of the first one is that intercourse … or fucking if you prefer … has occurred. Any comments Neil?” Karen asked.

Now I was both very excited and embarrassed at the same time. Another wet spot showed up on my panties. “My fantasies are about giving the woman pleasure. Doing that is what excites me! I know if I ever do get to fuck a woman at least the first dozen or so times I’ll be way to fast to give her the pleasure she deserves! Just doing the things in the first five photos would almost certainly ale me cum in my own panties! As to the first photo … yes you’ve been … I mean she’s been fucked. But definitely not by me … by her lover … not me! Then I get to clean ümraniye escort bayan up his delicious mess!”

Karen gave a little moan! I think my fantasies were exciting her too!

Another break before the next group. “Again rank them please.”

This one was harder. However most of them I discarded. The discards were all split pictures, one frame showing Karen with another man with his cock embedded in her … fucking her. The other frame had the lingerie wearing man from the first groups of photos. He was sitting in his office at work, pants open and panties exposed just working on his computer: or sitting at home in panties and nightie whilst Karen and her lover were at a hotel; or again sitting in his nightie and panties at home whilst Karen and her lover were in the bedroom right next to him.

The ones I kept and finally ranked all had him in the same room as Karen and her lover and wearing white panties and a slip. It ranked them this way:

He was tied to a chair right next to the bed

He was on the bed inches from the cock sliding in and out of her

He was sucking on her tits, so didn’t have a view of the cock

I told her, “I love the idea of watching my girlfriend being properly fucked … something I know I’ll struggle with for a long time, but I hate the idea of her being fucked without me there! I hate the idea of another man getting to lick her pussy actually! It was hard to choose between the first two so they could be in either order. I want to be able to see that cock in her though, so whilst if she desired I’d suck on her tits while she’s being fucked it’s a bit less exciting to me.”

Karen just nodded and didn’t ask for any further clarification. But again more non sexual talk was needed!

More scenes followed. Now that she had identified my desire to dress in lingerie was in fact a fetish in all cases the man was dressed that way. In some cases just panties, in others panties and a nightie or a slip, and in a few just a nightie or slip. Karen now also appeared in every photo, or had been superimposed either in whole or just her face … at least that’s what she had implied, but in my imagination it was all real … and she was my girlfriend!

Here are a few of the photo series’s I ranked!

Group 1 Karen masturbating the man

Touching his cock through his white silky panties

Spanking his panty covered arse … he was spurting into pink panties

Cock out of his panties, she had it wrapped in a white slip. He was cumming all over the slip.

Panties pulled down to his knees, again slip wrapped around his cock and him cumming.

Same as the previous one except this time her hand was wrapped around his naked cock.

After selecting the order I added, “And because I’ve just cum that’s another day when I’d remain a virgin!”

Group 2 Karen sucking the man’s cock. In all cases she is naked and he was wearing a nightie and panties. She just slid it out of the leg band so his balls were still encased in the panties. These were groups of photos showing her sucking and the results!

She leaves him hanging! Tucking his hard cock back into his panties!

She releases his cock from her mouth, he cums on her tits and he licks them clean!

She releases his cock again; he cums all over her face!

He cums in her mouth.

“I love cock teasing myself so love the idea of her doing it! I know that a lot of woman don’t like the taste … so I wouldn’t want her doing that unless she really loved it, but if I knew she liked cum as much as I do maybe that would be number two!” I told Karen.

Again Karen gave a little moan, and then of course we had another break! I found myself enjoying her company more and more.

Group 3 Karen and five men with the panty wearing man present. Again a series of photos showing the sequence of events.

She fucks the first one, he cleans her pussy, she fucks another, he cleans up again, the third one pulls out before he cums and the panty wearer sucks him off, the fourth one cums in her and again he cleans up, the last one again pulls out and gets a blow job.

Same as scenario one except the third and fifth only have blow jobs.

All five fuck her and he cleans her up between men

All five fuck her and he only cleans her once all five are done.

“I’d probably like a combination of one and two even more. The third one fucks her and pulls out, the last one I blow while you watch!” I told Karen.

This time I’m sure she came!

“OK, now a few questions about exactly what you want in your ideal relationship. Describe the woman please!” Karen instructed.

“Under five foot tall, over 200lbs, large breast. Pretty much exactly like you!” I told her.

“Well I do meet those criteria! Four foot ten and 220lbs, and double D’s! Why do you like the idea of a short fatty?” Karen asked.

“I think the main reason is that’s what Mom looks like. And she bought me my first lingerie when I was a teenager. But I think also kartal escort it’s more exciting to me to be made to do these things by a girl like that … after all, lots more men might be willing to do it for a text book beauty! But you have to be a real deviate to want a girl like you!” I told her.

“OK … now you’re supposed to be keeping this non specific … but it looks as if that’s a problem for you! So … for the rest of the questions let’s assume you are my girlfriend. What would you like to call me in the privacy of our bedroom?” Karen asked next.

“Mistress or Mistress Karen!” I replied instantly.

“How long at minimum would you expect to have dated me before I let that cock of yours into my pussy? How long would you remain a virgin for?” Karen asked.

“At least a year. I’d lose it on our wedding night!” I told her.

“So two years minimum! One year before I’d ask you to marry me at least, then a one year engagement! Would you have an issue with that?” Karen asked.

“No!” I was starting to hope that maybe this was more than just a survey follow up! But I wasn’t getting my hopes up.

“After we married … after that first time … how frequently would you want to fuck me, and how frequently would you want to cum in your panties?” Karen asked.

More precum oozed into my panties. “That would be irrelevant. It would be what you wanted. I’m just here to please you sexually.”

“Would it be an issue if I made a rule that if you didn’t cum for three days I’d let you fuck me. Each time you cum in your panties it resets the clock?”

“That would be fine as long as you didn’t mind not having my cock in you more than a few times a year. And of course that you make me clean up after myself!” I replied.

“Oh yes! You’d be cleaning every load of cum from my pussy! Would you really like me to have other lovers too?” Karen asked next.

“Definitely! As long as I could watch, and they rarely if ever licked your pussy, whether it’s clean or messy that would be my duty!” I responded.

Again Karen moaned. She had definitely just cum! Her eyes closed and it was a minute before the next question was asked. “How many lovers? All at the same time or different ones at different times?”

“Five or six would be ideal! Generally all at the same time, and some I’d get to suck off. Nobody would ever get sloppy seconds! May I ask if you’d ever want to suck them … or going back to that earlier series, where would you want me to cum if you sucked my cock?” I asked.

Karen laughed, “Its not about me! But, since you ask and because you’ve been so honest so far, I hate the taste! I’d prefer you came all over yourself or at best my tits and stomach as long as you lick me clean afterwards! As to my lovers, I’d give them the choice sometimes. My mouth and no hope of cumming, or your mouth and a guaranteed full blow job! Next. Who would the men be, strangers, friends, my work colleagues, your work colleagues?”

I thought about that one. “Maybe my work colleagues out of that list. Not yours! I couldn’t trust them not to try and fuck you at work after they’d had you! And I wouldn’t be there!”

“So you said ‘out of that list’. What would be better?” Karen asked, leaning forwards and seeming very eager to hear my response.

I smiled. “In my perfect fantasy you have brothers and a father who love to fuck you but aren’t too excited about foreplay … and definitely not interested in after play! None of them have ever had a blow job since you hate the taste and if your mom is in the scene she hates it too! I wouldn’t mind cousins or uncles being added to the mix if needed to get the numbers up!” I told her, my cock now throbbing and leaking more and more precum!

Karen was moaning and I saw her hand had slid up her dress and was rubbing her pussy! She had no panties on! That was the first time she’d spread her legs since the interview started!

After she had finished cumming Karen continued as if nothing unusual had occurred. “OK. For the last section you need to just sit there quietly. No talking please. I’m going to read you some fantasies and purely assess your reaction by the state of your cock. OK?”

“Sounds interesting!” I replied.

The first fantasy was a fairly conventional boy meets girl, boy fucks girl story. It didn’t do a great deal for me!

The next story was boy meets boy! In the first sex scene one man sucked the others cock. My cock hardened! But then it moved on to the other guy sucking the first, then anal. My cock softened. Karen smiled and made some notes. “Certainly looks like you’re the cock sucker not the suckee and definitely not into anything more!”

The next story was a male dominating a female. My cock went completely soft.

Next the female dominating the man. My cock hardened again … but softened when it went into whipping and scat.

Karen again smiled, “So anything beyond spanking seems out of bounds!”

The next story got me very hard and leaking badly in my panties! Whilst it didn’t involve lingerie the was the next best thing! A mother son story … mom giving her son an 18th birthday present he’d never forget!

“Yes! You’re definitely into Mommy! Obviously though since your a virgin nothing ever happened … is that right?” Karen asked me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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