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Angie had been to her share of exclusive resorts and spas but there was something about knowing she was on a private island that was freeing. Sure she never would have come if her brothers hadn’t tricked her, but she was glad she was here now. She might be ashamed when the drug in her system wore off but until then she was going to enjoy herself and enjoy the incredible sex her brothers were offering.

Angie didn’t bother to ask Rhett if she’d earned her swimsuit, she didn’t want it anyway. The water felt amazing flowing over her nipples as she swam laps. It was just cool enough to be refreshing in the warm sun.

Dane and Rhett both joined her in the pool but they were busy rough-housing and splashing. Angie relaxed on the side watching them for a while. They’d always been close, as long as she could remember they always seemed to be on the same side of a single coin. She’d always been jealous of that. She didn’t have anyone close to her age. They were so much older and even when they left, they both went. She forced herself to stop watching. She wasn’t about to have a pity party now. Instead, she decided to see if she could do something about her tan lines. She spread a towel on a lounge chair and stretched out on her stomach and closed her eyes.

She didn’t realize she’d dozed off until something cold splashed on her back and woke her. She gasped and jumped.

“I do love that sound.” A deep voice whispered in her ear.

“Dane,” she mumbled.

“You need sunscreen, Baby Sister. Your skin is too pretty to burn.” She felt more of the cold substance dribble on her back and then Dane’s hands. She sighed and closed her eyes.

Dane’s hands ran all over her body, not just spreading the oil, they were massaging. His strong fingers rubbed out the knots in her shoulders working their way down her back. It felt so good she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning her pleasure. Slowly he worked his way down. His hand slid against her skin spreading the oil over her round ass but he didn’t stop there, his long fingers slid between the globes gently probing and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“I don’t think I’m in danger of sunburn there.”

“You can never be too careful,” he assured her making her laugh again. His hands moved down her legs touching and rubbing all the way to her feet where he rubbed each toe.

“Roll over, Baby Sister.” His voice was soft and she gladly obliged. His hands worked their way back up and she closed her eyes reveling in the feeling and anticipating when he would reach her pussy. He dribbled more oil on her as he worked his hands higher. She felt it as he dribbled it right on top of her mound and let it run down. Much to her disappointment, his fingers didn’t follow the oil. He continued on, coating her stomach and hips. His hands slid over her skin, up her ribcage, and cupped both breasts at the same time. She smiled she couldn’t help it though she refused to open her eyes. His hands slid gently over her breasts catching her nipples between his fingers. He stroked his hands up and down allowing the nipples to slide the full length of his fingers. There was just a hint of soreness from the clamps but it only made the caress more intense.

“You really like your breasts played with don’t you?” She didn’t answer right away and he pinched them a little harder.

“Yes,” she groaned, and he chuckled.

“Rhett will be in heaven.” He continued to rub her breasts, thoroughly coating them before moving to her shoulders and then arms. By the time he finished she was so turned on her pussy was throbbing.

“You should be safe from the sun now.”

Angie opened her eyes and smiled at him, “I think you missed a spot.”

“Yeah?” He leaned back against the lounge chair he was sitting on, “What spot?” His eyes were challenging but in her current uninhibited and aroused state she was up for the challenge.

Angie smiled at him and pulled her knees up. She put one foot on the ground off the side of the chair and the other she pulled up so her foot was tucked against her butt. She spread her legs wide and Dane smiled.

The oil left her slick and shiny even if she hadn’t been drenched in her own cream. She slowly rubbed the oil all over her shaved mound watching Dane as he watched her hand. She used only one finger and traced her pussy lips before dragging the finger up and slowly circling her clit. Dane’s eyes were fully focused on her finger and he was even starting to lean forward. His attention was even more arousing than the feel of her fingers. She added another finger and slid it down using two fingers to penetrate herself.

“It doesn’t feel as good as your big hard cock.” She complained and his eyes flicked up to hers. “Even your fingers feel better. You do this better than I do, Dane.” She wasn’t even trying to tease him. She meant every word. She could see that his cock was hard but it didn’t look like he was planning to use it so she concentrated on giving him what he wanted. She closed her eyes and thought of how good he escort resimleri felt sliding deep inside her. She used her two fingers rubbing them over her clit, she was so turned on it didn’t take a lot she closed her eyes, rubbing harder.

“Oh God, Dane, fuck me please!” She cried as she came and immediately his swollen cock slammed into her. Causing her orgasm to rebound. She didn’t move her hand as he shuttled into her, she felt his cock and her vagina stretched wide for him with her fingers. She ran her nails through the hair above his cock and he cursed. She grabbed the hair and pulled and he slammed into her blowing his load deep in her.

“Holy shit, that was awesome.” Dane groaned.

“Yes, it was.” They both looked and saw Rhett watching from the doorway.

“You’re just in time.” Angie smiled.


“To clean me up.”

Rhett smirked at her, “I think you’ve gone beyond nympho to glutton.”


“So, the point was for you to stop being a spoiled brat.”

Angie’s breath hitched. His words were a direct hit, inflicting the pain he intended but she wasn’t about to admit that. “Whatever.” She rolled her eyes and focused back on Dane. He wasn’t looking at her, at least not at her eyes. His gaze had dropped like he felt awkward. She wasn’t going to waste her time worrying about what Dane thought. He and Rhett were two of a kind.

“Hey, are you finished or what?” She nudged him to remind him he was still sheathed within her and he pulled out without comment. “Thanks for the sunscreen,” she said brightly. Her tone was level, she knew it was because she’d mastered that. She rolled over and put her face into her arms. She listened while they moved around, when she couldn’t hear them anymore she concentrated on the ocean sounds. The villa was on the high point of the island so the water wasn’t close but the rush of white noise reached her ears anyway.

She was irritated, she’d gotten caught up in the great sex and forgotten why they had brought her here in the first place. They were using her, it was just sex. She was still the bratty little sister she just happened to be an adult female with a decent body and maybe, more importantly, they knew she wouldn’t tell. Family secrets always stayed family secrets.

Angelique’s curiosity got the best of her and she sat up and looked around. She didn’t see or hear either brother. She wanted to go down to the water but she would need some clothes to do it. She tiptoed across the marble floors of the villa, she didn’t need to experience any more of Rhett’s bad mood.

She still didn’t have any clothes at all but she’d seen a few toga parties. She pulled the sheet from her bed and after a few tries managed to fashion herself a toga dress that should at least protect her from the brush. She took the rope that was still attached to the headboard and used it as a belt. She left through the balcony door in her room. It opened onto a small patio surrounded by a short cement wall that she hopped over easily.

“What crawled up your ass and died?” Dane closed the door before he spoke knowing it would block all sound.


“Then why are you being a dick?”

“What, I’m being a dick just because I’m not ruled by my dick?” Rhett knew he was being a dick but knowing it and admitting it were two very different things.

“First of all, we both know that you are, in fact, ruled by your dick, and second, who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?”

Rhett heaved a sigh and paced away from his brother. “Fine, I’m an asshole, happy?”

“No, I expected you to be insufferable today but not like this. I figured there’d be more… swagger.”

“I know,” Rhett grumbled.

“So what gives?”

“I don’t know, okay. Get off my back.”

“Ah I get it, you’re on the rag.” Rhett glared at him and Dane wondered if he’d take a swing, almost hoped he would. Rhett was always wound tight and since good sex didn’t work a good knock down drag out fight might be just the ticket. He didn’t swing, he didn’t even flip him off he just walked to the window.

“Should’ve taken her when she started with the wild child bull shit.”

“No, this is fucked up enough without an age problem.”

“It wasn’t like that then and you know it,” Rhett growled at him but still didn’t take his eyes off the window.

“I know you’ve been obsessed since you got in a shouting match with her and she pushed you in the pool. She was what, fifteen?”

Rhett folded his arms over his chest, “I’m not obsessed.”

“Again, who the fuck do you think you’re talking to?”

“This is… wrong.”

“Of course it is. It’s sick and twisted and it’s our life.”

“I don’t mean the sex, the sex is…”



“And the problem is?”

“She’s… not what I thought.”

“I like what she is, in fact, you’re being such a dick to her I bet she would be putty in my hands with only a few words.” gaziantep escort resimleri

“Looks like you missed your opportunity.”


“She’s leaving.”

“The boat?” Dane moved up to the window beside Rhett and saw what he saw, Angie carefully navigating the steep path down to the water.

“Jesus, Rhett, you could’ve at least given her shoes.”

“I would have, she didn’t even ask for them.”

“She fills out a sheet nicely doesn’t she?” Dane chuckled and Rhett had to agree. “Should we go after her?”

“Nah, looks like she’s just going down to the beach.”

“What are you doing?”

“Cooking, what’s it look like?”

“Looks like cooking.” Dane reached over her to snag cheese out of the bowl where she’d been grating and she batted his hand away. He stuck his pilfered cheese in his mouth and tugged on her sheet. “I like your toga. It’s a lot better than I ever managed to make.”

“Been to a lot of toga parties have you?”

“Well you know it’s kind of required to throw a toga party when you’re in a fraternity.” He leaned against the counter and crossed his arms watching her.

“If you say so.”

“You know college is about a lot more that tests, you might like it if you gave it a fair shot.”

“You think I didn’t?” She didn’t look his way she just sprinkled something over a pan with bubbling tomato sauce.

“You went somewhere in London right? But only for a semester. Maybe you should give an American school a shot.”

“Like MIT?” She still wasn’t looking at him but he didn’t want to insult her, he hesitated.

“Sure, or like a state school. What are you interested in?”

“I’m not interested in toga parties or state schools.” She smiled at him before moving past him to get something from the fridge. There was a defiant look in her eye, he’d seen the look in other women. It said ‘Back the fuck off’. Despite the smile, he knew he’d strayed into a sensitive subject.

“Can I help?” He asked instead.

“You cook?”

“Yeah, a little. Can’t get the pizza guy to deliver out this far and the helicopter won’t go through the drive through.”

“Wow, tough life.”

“Tell me about it. How about dicing, I can dice like a master chef.” He picked up a knife and twirled it around his fingers.

“Sure, dice this.” She tossed him an onion. “You have a cook at home?”

“I am home.”

“You live here?” She turned and looked at him, seemingly finally interested in what he was saying.

“Most of the time.”

“And Rhett?”

“Him too.”

“I thought you lived in Monaco.”

Dane looked over his shoulder and smiled at her, “I have a house there, but you know I don’t really have to make appearances when people think I’m on another continent.” He winked at her and went back to the onion. She knew what he meant. Their mother expected them to appear wherever she wanted, at the drop of a hat. “They don’t know about this place. They won’t be showing up here.” He said as he diced. Angie hated to admit she was glad to hear it. She had no desire to see either of her parents. But she was surprised to hear that her brothers kept this from them. Her whole life all she ever heard was how perfect they were, how they’d done everything right and never been kicked out of anything. How they were both good sons.

“How ’bout some music?” Dane scraped the onions off his knife and washed his hands before grabbing a remote. The music filled up the space floating in from every direction. Dane, still shirtless began dancing and singing along. He bumped into her several times trying to get her to dance.

“Come on, Baby Sister. Eight years of dance, I know you got moves. Show me you can do more than stand on your toes.”

She was surprised that he knew she’d been through eight years of dance, even though he apparently didn’t know it had only been one year of ballet. She relented and began to dance with him, though his bump and grind technique had never been taught in any of her classes it still made her laugh.

“Alright, enough! I have to cook,” she cried batting away his roaming hands even as she laughed at his antics. He danced his way around the kitchen island and that’s when she saw that Rhett had joined them. He was seated at the bar and when Dane moved up against him with the same bump and grind he laughed and pushed him away.

“Get off me you perv.” Rhett laughed but Dane came right back, this time he grabbed ahold of Rhett and his movements were more grind and less bump. Rhett attempted to push him away but it resulted in a shoving match between them that caused Rhett to fall off his stool. Angie couldn’t hold back her laughter but she tried hard to hide it. When Dane helped Rhett to his feet.

“Damn Brother, I’m all hot and bothered now.”

“Get off you perv,” Rhett grumbled his original statement.

“How about you get me off.” Dane put his arm around Rhett’s shoulders but he didn’t gaziantep escort bayan resimleri push him off this time. Angie tried not to look at them as she dropped ravioli into the pot but it was hard not to. The affection between them was obvious and easy, she’d always seen it but there was a definite sexual component there now that she had never seen before. Of course, they would have hidden it.

“Baby Sister can cook,” Dane announced sliding onto the barstool beside Rhett. Angie reached over and placed a plate of homemade ravioli in front of him followed by one in front of Rhett. “Ohmigod, this is awesome.” Dane groaned around a mouthful of food.

Angie took a seat at the end of the bar so she could see them both. Rhett’s reaction was much more subtle than Dane’s but she could see his surprise.

“Jesus, I saw you make this and I still don’t believe we had this stuff in our fridge.” Dane dug into his plate with gusto and Angie ducked her head trying to hide her flaming cheeks. She never cooked for anyone else, she experimented alone in her apartment.

“Where did you learn to cook?” Rhett was frowning at her and it helped to dampen her spirits. Of course, he would be suspicious. He wouldn’t believe that she actually put effort into learning. She just shrugged and put a forkful of food in her mouth.

“Who taught you how to cook?” He asked again, he clearly wasn’t going to let it drop.

“Nona Emila.” She held his gaze while he glared at her.

“We don’t have an Italian grandmother.”

“Nope, we don’t.” She looked at her plate, concentrating on the ravioli rather than the man staring holes into her.

“So who is Nona Emila?”

Angie tried hard not to let him get to her. She clenched her teeth but her temper was already ignited. “She was the cook and housekeeper at the vineyard in Sonoma.”

“Where you lived after you were kicked out of that swank prep school in New York?”

“Yes.” She clenched her teeth holding his gaze like they were having a stare down.

“It’s very good.” He relented and looked down at his plate. She released the breath she was holding slowly. The tension was still heavy in the room. Even Dane didn’t break the silence.

Angie silently counted to ten and gathered her resolve. “I’d like to have my tablet back. It’s in a flower print case in my laptop bag.” She held her breath while Rhett looked at her, she watched his eyes drop to the sheet that was wrapped over one shoulder.

“There’s no internet.”

“I don’t need the internet.”

“Okay, I’ll get it for you.” Angie didn’t dare show any outward signs of happiness, she didn’t want to jinx herself so she resumed eating and silence filled the air once again.

“Did you go to school in Sonoma?” Rhett asked at last.


“Where did you go?” His tone had lightened and he wasn’t looking at her with the same intensity but she knew this game, her mother was a pro at it. She would act interested until Angie started to answer questions and then she would hit her with whatever cutting remark she’d been holding all along. She hated how often it had worked. How many times she had fallen for it, she wasn’t going to this time.

Angie sat up straight and laid her fork down. She’d been starving a few minutes ago but now she’d lost her appetite. Rhett seemed to notice the change in her posture and looked up at her.

“You think I haven’t played this game before, Rhett? Why don’t we skip the fake interest and jump straight to the punchline.” She was proud of her even tone. She would not let her emotions interfere. “I went to Barrett Acadamy, it’s a waiting list only school and yes I’m sure it was very expensive. Call me spoiled all you want, but don’t sit there and pretend you weren’t born with the same silver spoon in your mouth.”

Rhett straightened up and tossed his napkin on the counter. “I am interested. Yeah, I was born with the same silver spoon, that doesn’t mean I thought it was okay to squander the opportunity. If you would just think ahead, think about what’s best for your future you wouldn’t be in the situation you’re in now.”

“Alright Rhett, I’ll bite, you know me so well, why don’t you tell me what I should have done differently with my life.” Angie crossed her arms over her chest and she could see that her words had irritated him but she was too pissed to care.

“For starters, you could’ve finished school, you could go now. If you had, you’d have a way to support yourself if they cut you off. Mom said you barely graduated but you can go to junior college and get your grades up to get into a four-year college.”

Angie’s chest was tight, she wanted to cry and yet she knew it was pointless. “Mom said? Would that be the same mom that believes he lives in Monaco.” She pointed at Dane without looking at him. “And the same mom that thinks you spend all your time with a woman in Belize?”

“This isn’t about us, Angie.”

“That’s true, it’s about me, how did you put it? Squandering my opportunities? Let’s compare opportunities, shall we? What prep school did you go to?”


“Answer the question, Rhett.”

“I went to Chamberlin.”

“And what was the focus program there?”


“Were you interested in Engineering?”


“Answer.” She demanded, her heart was pounding in her chest she was so furious.

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