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“God, you absolute dirty bitch,” Daddy swore as I emerged from our bedroom which he’d ravished me in the night before.

It was the night after the feast where my Daddy had finally used me the way I’d always wanted, and there were several orders of the day that he had to attend. Being both his daughter and his unofficial whore, I thought it best to put on a little show for him. I walked out of the bedroom in gold heels, gold silk panties which were already wet from my pussy, and a gold chain choker. My juicy tits were outlined in a gold chain ‘bra’ which consisted only of the straps over my shoulders, around my back, and two triangles which only outlined and accentuated by breasts. They covered nothing.

My arms were covered shoulder to wrist with sheer gold material and my hands covered in rings. Even with so much covering my arms, the rest of my body was completely exposed and I was ready for my first day where I could openly and desperately take my Daddy’s cock all over the castle.

“You like it Daddy?” I asked innocently, noting how the guard who had fucked me the night before were lustfully watching my every move. Daddy only stood there rubbing his half hard cock and laughing.

“Mm, yes, of course I like it baby. Where have you been hiding this? So sexy. Who knew you were such a slut, hmm?” He walked up to me and grabbed my chin, licking his way into my mouth and groping my ass with his other hand. Great, my gold bostancı escort lipstick already smudged all over my face and me looking like a wrecked whore even before I left the hallway. He rutted his semi in to me a few times and backed me against the wall but, just as I thought we’d have a repeat of last night when he fucked me against the wall, he pulled away and slapped my ass, hard.

“We’ve got a long day ahead baby, I hope you’re ready to entertain me through these boring meetings.”

“I am, Daddy,” I whispered and walked beside him down the hallway to his first meeting in the Great Hall, his arm around my back and squeezing my ass cheek the whole way.

When we arrived the mess from last night had all been cleared and replaced with a large circle of high backed chairs with no table. Daddy’s mighty throne was at the head and he led me to it. All the other chairs were already filled with men, ministers of this or that. I never really listened in my classes on politics and diplomacy as I always knew I wanted to be Daddy’s whore.

My high heels clacked against the floor as we walked over to Daddy’s throne and he pulled me down on his lap as he sat. The minister, both those who were and weren’t at the Feast last night, looked astounded but incredibly interested. Even if they saw me ploughed by my Daddy on the front table, covered in cream and groped by two other performing women there was no way for ümraniye escort bayan them to know who my Daddy was fucking so expertly. Now, I had nothing covering my face and they could finally see the princess whose legs were now spread wide on her Daddy’s lap.

His hand stroked up my stomach, alternately pinching my nipples and stroking my pussy gently through my gold panties. Once the ministers started speaking, albeit haltingly with all the distraction, I tuned out and only focussed on my Daddy, the King. While one hand always stayed on the arm of his throne the other explored me constantly. I could feel his semi becoming harder as he stroked my body. He was as excited as I was that all these men were stumbling over their words and trying to hide their erections as the princess was molested by her Daddy right in front of them.

“You filthy slut,” He whispered in my ear. Although it was quiet, the Minister talking could probably hear it and stumbled over his words. To make him harder I moaned sensuously and started rubbing my ass up and down over Daddy’s cock. “You fucking filthy whore,” he repeated, “Look at them all. I bet they all want to fill the princess up with their cocks, grope you with their dirty hands. Maybe I should let them, hm? It made me so hard last night, watching those two guards fuck you. It’s hard to see that desperate slut look on your face when I’m fucking you myself.”

“Oh, fuck, kartal escort daddy!” I whined, bounding more obviously up and down on his clothed cock, arching my back so my tits stood out and bounced up and down with me.

“Yeah, that what you want baby?” He chuckled and started unbuckling his belt underneath me. He raised his voice to address the whole room, ignoring the man currently talking about the state of the economy and this or that trade.

“I spent all my cum last night filling her up, you know? Who would have thought my daughter was such a desperate slut, but she can’t get enough! Look, already begging for more.” And with that he lifted me up with ease and impaled my on his giant cock in one sweep. He held me down by the waist as I bucked against him, crying out in pleasure. Even after being stretched by his huge cock all of last night the stretch was still delicious. He added to the pleasure by bringing his hand up to the collar on my neck and pulling it back. My arms by my side and my back fully arched he slowly started fucking up in to me. In this position with me sitting on his lap, bouncing me up and down meant he only pulled out a couple of inches before his Daddy dick filled me again.

“Oh, god, yes! Daddy!” I cried, finding my feet on the floor so I could push up and bounce on his cock. He laughed at this and let my waist go, letting me bounce up and down further on his cock. I could hear the sound of the men around me pulling out their own cocks and salivated at the thought. How many men in this room? Fifteen, Twenty? I tingled all over…

Author’s Note – sorry about the short chapter but so horny writing it that I’ve got to cum. More chapters on the way soon though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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