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Slowly I untangled my limbs from yours and sat up in the bed. Sleepily you looked up at me.

“We have to return to the hall, before we are missed,” I explained. I added, “The king will be displeased if there are empty chairs at the table, when the dinner is being served.”

You lifted your legs over the edge of the four poster bed and sat up.

“I do not actually have an invitation to sit at the royal table” you replied, “nobody will notice my absence, but I will help you to dress, I would not wish you to incur his disapproval….”

I pulled on my undergarments and gown and waited patiently while you laced up the back. I quickly ran a hand through my disheveled hair, to try to calm the dark locks.

“I want to see you again, after the dinner, meet me in the gardens, in the arbor.”

I nodded and picked up my mask, you pulled me into a tight embrace and kissed me hard. My legs started to tremble anew and with an apologetic smile, I hitched up my skirt slightly and ran into the corridor.

The musicians were still playing, but the strains were subdued and people started to make their way into the dining hall, which had been arranged in the long hall of mirrors.

I politely made small conversation, whilst following the nobility into the dining room. Servants were busy with a never ending array of silver platters filled with all the exotic delicacies favored by the king. As The King arrived, a hush descended on the crowd and everyone lowered their heads, whilst he took his seat.

Graciously he waved his heavily bejeweled hand to indicate approval for his subjects to take a seat.

As everyone sat, I looked around hastily, half expecting to see you in this colorful throng. The masks were discarded now, as people were anticipating the beginning of a gourmet feast. Glasses were raised in salute to our sovereign.

It wasn’t long before the servants began eagerly replenishing the swiftly emptied glasses, the conversations becoming more animated, faces becoming more flushed.

I was grateful that my neighbors were engrossed in discussing the merits of the entree and thus I avoided any more participation than an occasional smile and nod of the head. Again I looked down the length of the table, even though I knew it was a vain hope.

I felt someone touch my feet and I silently berated the oaf who was to my side. He did not appear unduly perturbed. I looked back at the plate, placed before me and toyed idly with the entree. Again I felt my foot being brushed. I frowned in annoyance, moving my feet closer under my gown.

I tried to glimpse under the table, but the heavy white starched tablecloths obscured everything from view.

As I felt hands encircling my ankles, I nearly gave a cry of alarm. A muffled sound emanated from my lips and my neighbors looked at me in concern. My hands fluttered to my chest and I gave a delicate cough. The moment passed and the feast was the focus of attention once more.

The hands under the table continued bursa sınırsız escort working their way up my legs, stroking the sensitive area behind my knees. I smiled to myself, as recognition dawned. I was familiar with the owner of those strong hands, but how you had managed to install yourself under the table, at my feet was beyond my comprehension.

I picked up my wine glass and started taking small sips, to hide my confusion and prevent any need for conversation.

Your hands gently traveled higher, to rest for a while on the inside of my thighs; further upwards your fingers slid until they reached my dark mound, I felt your fingers gently teasing my lips apart and then the soft texture of your tongue exploring me. I gasped in astonishment with the intensity of pleasure you aroused in me. It is difficult to remain silent and subdued, but I try.

You ran your tongue along the edge of my lips, licking, nibbling and sucking, you found my bud and softly your lips enclosed it, moving your tongue back and forth. I wanted to close my eyes , but I feared discovery.

As your tongue moved to penetrate deeper, I felt myself becoming increasingly aroused, the moisture seeping out of me. You forced my legs further apart as you drank greedily. I felt I could die from the exquisite sensations you were bestowing on me.

You darted in and out of me and I started to squirm on my chair, moving my hips slightly forwards to meet your mouth as you feasted on me….I groaned inwardly when you pushed your finger inside me and massaged back and forth, as your tongue continued to flick my bud Faster and faster you teased me; I was climbing to my release, my body stiffening, the familiar waves started to wash over me and with a loud scream I came, the juices gushing out of me and drenching your face.

As I collapse backwards into my chair I hear the voiced concerns of the aristocrats around me.

The Squire…

And as I pull my tongue from deep inside you, you fumble with the wine glass as you gasp deeply. The King looks across, and notices your misdemeanor. He looks quizzically at you, and raises his hand. A hush ripples around the hall.

With a click of his fingers, two guards march towards the table, your heartbeat racing uncontrollably as you push me away and adjust your dress.

I try and get away, but am restrained by one the guards, the other insisting you stay seated. The guard takes your wrist firmly.

The King walks slowly over, his head lowered, pondering. He smiles as he approaches us, the rest of the guests looking on in anticipation. Swiftly he sweeps his hand across the table, the pewter plates and goblets crashing down onto the floor, some lady guests becoming covered in wine in the process. Astonished murmurs go around the hall, but are respectfully hushed.

“Continue,” orders the King gesturing to you to lie on the table…

Awkwardly and nervously you mount the large oak table, bursa escort bayan never having felt more self conscious in your life, but as you begin to lie back, that feeling starts to be replaced with exquisite erotic anticipation. You look over at the guests and they are looking distinctly uneasy, yet some of them have a fire in their eyes, and you know you are going to be a feast for their eyes this evening.

The King pulls up a chair, and reclines, and beckons for me to start the show.

As I approach you, I feel desperate for you; I didn’t want it to be like this, and as I stand before you, I too feel very nervous, but as I look at your beauty lying there, I notice a look of desire in your eyes, and I am filled with an overwhelming urge to give you pleasure.

The guards strip my shirt and tunic off, and the King hands me a pair of large silver scissors. I place my legs between yours, and reach down and find the hem of your dress, whereupon I start to cut; the material falling apart in swathes.

For a moment I am pulled back and two maidens peel down my britches. I am now completely naked in front of you. I continue to cut your dress off. You look so vulnerable now with just the thin cloth petticoat keeping the hungry gaze of the audience away from your body.

In the meantime, the maidens have poured olive oil over my back and chest, the oil cascading down me in rivulets.

I feel very aware of my manhood, as it throbs and pulses and engorges for all to see. It feels wrong, but I catch the eye of one of the lady guests, and as she smiles, she licks her lips, which is enough to give me that final release and I am fully hard. My breathing is rapid, gulping for air, as I become fueled by passion for you, and I put the scissors aside and rip the rest of your undergarments off with my bare hands.

I too feast on the sight, your nipples pert, dark mound and lips glistening. The guests are now struggling to feast on the sight of you so vulnerable.

I forcefully part your legs, and shamelessly rub my cock between your expectant lips.

The King throws over some fruit, and I wantonly squeeze a handful of strawberries over your body, the ice cold flesh cascading over you. I smother you with the slippery fruit, my hands feverishly exploring all of your body.

Your lips are now parted fully, and I plunge my cock deep inside you.

Your tightness wraps around me, moist and welcoming, and as I withdraw and submerge myself in you, an animal instinct in me takes over, and I thrust deep and hard, now savoring the gaze of our audience. And then as you grip me tight, I hear your familiar moan which joins me with you.

As I fuck you, we are lost in a pre-orgasmic haze, and some of the candles are extinguished by courtiers silently gliding around averting their gaze from the guests.

The King claps his hands again, and jugs of oil, bowls of fruit, feathers, silk scarves are brought by servants to the long nilüfer escort table.

What happens next is almost surreal, but beside us, more of the guests start kissing passionately. Clothes are shed.

The woman who gazed at me earlier is now pouring oil over the shaft of a guard and is pumping him hard and fast, and beside you another elegant lady falls back onto the table, naked, head thrown back over the table edge and starts to receive a man in her mouth.

Both you and I are completely lost in this sea of overwhelming sensuality; the woman next to you is feasting on a delicious cock, glistening boldly with her saliva as it plunges hungrily deep into her mouth.

The King, by now is also being pleasured orally; standing naked, a blonde courtier receiving him deeply.

I struggle to keep myself from coming, and want us to now take in fully what is happening as we are wrapped in ourselves.

A good looking guard over the other side of the table, fully aroused, begins making his way towards you, I sense my feelings of jealousy, but know that I must release myself from this. He begins to suck on your left breast.

You reach across to one of the bowls of fruit, and randomly pick a handful of fruit — strawberries, grapes, kiwi, melon slices, and squeeze, the cool flesh bursting through your fingers. You reach down, juice dripping, and rub this fruit over his cock, which throbs and pulses to your touch.

Then with a deep and sultry gaze at me, you turn your head, and take him in your mouth, the fruit spilling onto your lips and down your cheeks. He tastes delicious anyway, but the fruit juices making you suck him with relish.

I have released my feelings of jealousy, but somehow they sneak back, and I want your mouth too.

I beckon for him and me to take you to some velvet cushions in a corner. We walk between bodies, buried so intimately, moans and breathy cries pervade the room, as do hard spurting shafts delivering their hot seed.

We place you down forcefully, your bottom sinking into the plush velvet. But then you beckon for us to both lie down, which we do obligingly. You sit astride us in turn, rubbing your moistness across our expectant shafts, and place a mask on us both.

A jug of oil is just within reach, so you generously pour some over his chest, then mine, and wantonly rub it over us – oozing down to our groins.

You move your head over to my lap, and begin to gently nibble and suck my cock. The feeling is heavenly as your hair cascades onto me, your hands sliding up my chest.

He positions himself between your legs, as you are now on your knees, and thrusts himself into you hard.

As he rides into you, you can feel his shapely engorged cock throbbing, filling every inch of you. Each thrust pushes me deeper into your mouth, and I know not how I stop myself cumming as your tongue flicks its way down my length in a silken ecstasy.

I am lost, and feel my imminent release, as my hot seed surges through my cock, and jets out cascading into the back of your throat.

His hands gripping your bum, really opening you up, as he is on his final moments, his balls banging frantically against your thighs, until with a long moan and thighs convulsing he pumps his cum deep inside you.

The King standing discretely in the shadows nods approvingly…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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