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Big Tits

Entering the house, I find the living room dark, quiet. Having parked my car behind the two others, I know they are here; and I suspect where. Hanging up my coat, I kick off my heels and start up the stairs; my footfalls silent but it’s not my intention to sneak up on them, although I must admit catching them would add a certain element.

My suspicions confirmed as I spy the soft glow emitting below the bottom edge of the bedroom door. Pausing a moment, I listen but I can only discern music playing within the room. Not loud, but enough, with the added barrier of the door, to cover any sound of my approach, with or without heels.

Smiling, I click on the bathroom light and enter. Brushing my teeth carefully before washing my face and undressing; folding my blouse and skirt before tossing them into the hamper. I examine myself in the mirror; pleased with my appearance I give my hair a quick brush. Why, I’m not sure, but I do. Another glance in the mirror and I decide to remove my bra as well, adding it to the other garments, leaving only my panties to cover me.

I rub my shoulders, then the sides of my breasts, where the bra straps and cups had pressed against my skin. Massaging partly to relieve the formerly compressed flesh, and partly because I like touching myself. Watching my reflection, I run my fingers over my body; watching as my nipples respond and adding to the response when I run my fingertips round and round my areola.

A soft moan enters my consciousness. I smile at the mirror, wondering if it came from me or from someone behind that door. My fingers pinch and tug my nipples as I listen, this time the sigh was definitely from my lips. Another time or place, I might be satisfied to play here, to please myself and luxuriate in the narcissistic pleasure of bringing myself to climax. But not tonight, escort reklamları I’m expected; late but still I am part of the plan.

Switching off the light, I walk down the hall and open the door. It opens silently on its own, the light and volume of the music growing as it swings wide open. Too busy to notice my entrance, I stand in the doorway and watch them; smiling inwardly at the progression of events stemming from earlier in the day.

I had been at work when the text messaging started.


“Yes, when?”

“7 usual.”

“K but may be late.”


I had not put my phone back when the next message arrived. This one from Mara, and almost a duplicate exchange as with my husband except for the ending “ok”. Mara replying instead, “Don’t be late, I need fucked.”

Laughing, I messaged back, “Go ahead, Bobby needs fucked too.” To which I followed, “And so do I.” Then, unable to resist, I lifted up my skirt, snapped a picture of my panty-covered crotch and sent it on to her.

A minute later she responded with her own picture, her pussy uncovered and bare. Glancing around the office to make sure no one was close by, I was about to pull my panties aside to return the favor when another pic message arrived from her. This one accompanied with a short message, “Look what was just sent to me;” the picture of a very hard cock sticking out of my husband’s pants.

My project meeting running late, just after 7:30, I slipped out into the hall to call them. Barely able to hear over the background noise of the bar, I couldn’t tell if Bobby was disappointed by my delay or unconcerned. My guess being his being unconcerned, as Mara was on time and keeping him company. At 8:00 my phone vibrated and I snuck a quick peek at gaziantep escort reklamları the message, “Stepping out, call when free.”

Just as the meeting was about to collapse into total anarchy, my manager called it a night and I grabbed my belongings when the phone buzzed again. Just a picture this time, taken in the back seat of a car, my hubby’s cock again but now squeezed in Mara’s hand.

Sitting inside my car, I called Mara’s phone. Bobby answered, no doubt only as he knew it would be me.

“Hey, having fun without me?”

“Well … things always seem to get out-of-hand.”

The gap in his speech born of having his attention elsewhere, focused on the mouth sucking him in the backseat of the car.

I could barely suppress a laugh as I asked, “Is your sister giving you head? I assume that’s why you answered her phone.”

With a moan he responded, “Yes, and I want you here too.”

In the darkness enclosing me within my car, I listened to him gasp and moan. I had him tell me how she was sucking and playing with his cock, giving him a bj in the lounge parking lot where they could be seen by anyone who might pass by the car. Rubbing myself as I listened, enjoying his sexual escapade with his horny, oversexed sibling. Well, they were both oversexed, we all had that in common.

“I … I’m … going to … cum.”

His breaths coming in sharp, jagged, bursts; matching, no doubt, the spasms of his cock in Mara’s mouth. His breathing interrupted by Mara kissing him; the phone still held up so I can hear. The kiss wet and deep, Mara sharing some of his cum along with the flavor of his cock on her lips and mouth.

“Karen, we’re heading home now. We’ll stop and get a bottle of wine so it will be ready for you.”

“Ok, gaziantep escort bayan reklamları thanks. But I may stop for a drink with some people from work first.”

Mara’s voice, over the line now, “Don’t be too long …”

“I won’t.”

I stopped for a drink at a place in town. I hadn’t been there in ages but it hadn’t changed, full of singles on the prowl. I sat at the bar and sipped a vodka and tonic, enjoying the looks and chitchat. Finally, giving in and letting a man buy me a drink; a drink I repaid by flirting shamelessly with him. Enjoying the excitement of the game and the thrill of deciding if I would or not.

Half-an-hour later, it was me in the backseat of his car, sucking his cock. Sucking it while deciding if I wanted to fuck him. No, knowing that I wanted to fuck him but would I?

Squeezing his balls as he came in my mouth, I swallowed most of his cum. The last in my mouth, I moved up to kiss him; this being the deciding factor, if he took pleasure in it, I would fuck him. If not, well … maybe some other time.

We shared his cum, passing it back and forth with our tongues. I whispered he could fuck me if he wanted but not tonight. Instead I gave him my cell number and we agreed to meet later in the week.

Feeling alive and happy, standing in the doorway, watching my sister-in-law bounce up and down on my husband’s, her brother’s cock, I enter the room with a soft hello. Joining them on the bed, I first kiss her, then him, before pulling off my panties and squatting over his face. Feeding him my soaked pussy, my pussy soon to be fucked by another man’s cock; perhaps a man I will bring to bed with them, to fuck while I watch them fuck beside us.

I sense Bobby’s orgasm as his tongue freezes and the movement behind me changes. Mara’s arms around me, hands covering my breasts as she kisses my neck and shoulders, she feels him begin to cum too; and she moves to capture it in her mouth.

When she once again pressed up against my back, her face comes around to mine and, when we kiss, she pushes his sticky cum into my mouth. “Mmmm,” thinking to myself that, while a bit late in starting, this is starting to shape up to a wonderful weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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