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Author’s note: This is the first story I’m submitting. Hopefully it’s received well! Comments and suggestions are always welcome! Thanks!




I opened my eyes as I heard my name being called, and my best man hammering away at the door.

“What? I just fell asleep!” I groaned.

“Dude, it’s time to go! You’ve been asleep for three hours!” John laughed “Get your ass out of bed, and let’s go! Time to hit the bars”

“Fine. I’m just going to go hit the showers, get dressed and meet you in the kitchen” I opened the door and stuck out my hand “But first, beer me.” John chuckled, and handed me a bottle.

I walked to the ensuite bathroom in the condo we rented and stripped. I looked at myself in the mirror. The time at the gym was starting to really pay off. At just over six feet tall, I had shed away a lot of the fat that had accumulated due to my office lifestyle, and had turned into muscle. While I never had that much self-confidence, I knew I was good looking, especially with my new body. My abs were starting to really show, and my arms and legs were bigger and more muscular than ever. I ran my hands over my head, and didn’t feel any stubble, So I opted out of shaving my head again. I turned on the shower, took a long pull of beer, and let the water splash over my face and body.

My closest friends and I were out for my bachelor party. It started on a Thursday, when I was arrested at work, and dropped off by a squad car in front of a strip club. Turns out, my groomsman’s new roommate is a cop, and loves playing games. After a night of lapdances and beers, I thought that was it, and we were going to go home. Turns out, my best man and groomsmen had a much different idea for me. We stayed at John’s place over night, and the next morning, we drove for 2 hours, jumped into boats, and spent the day boating down rapids. At the end of the trip, we drove another hour to our final destination, the condo we were staying in.

I turned off the shower, feeling more human, got dressed and walked out to where my groomsmen were waiting for me.

“Sup guys?” I smiled “What’s next on the docket?”

“You’re wearing this!” Chris answered, and threw me a T-Shirt. It had a list of tasks and objectives I had to accomplish by the end of the night. Nothing too crazy, just things like get 50 signatures on my shirt, give lap dances, and stupid shit like that. I quaffed down another beer, and threw on the T-Shirt.

“Alright, let’s get the fuck out of here, and party!” I exclaimed. Everyone downed their beers, and away we went. I looked at my guys. John was my closest friend since high school, always pushing me to do sports with him, until he got married and had a kid. He started to put on “daddy weight”. Chris and Matt were my friends from when we were in the military. We joined together, did basic training together, and deployed together. Both of them are fit and cut, with longer hair. Lastly, there was Eric, the goofy kid of our ensemble. Always ready with a laugh, he was doing cartwheels down the hill leading away from our condo.

We stopped at a club and I was dragged inside. I barely had time to get my bearings when the shots came out. Three shots later, a permanent marker was thrust into my grasp, and I was thrown into a group of women. Dancing with them, I gave them the marker to sign my shirt. They decided that was boring, and bahis firmaları decided to sign my body. Laughing, I took the marker from the last one, and gave them each a kiss on the cheek.

All of a sudden, more shots appeared in front of me, and Chris was stabbing at my shirt

“Body shots! Don’t forget you have to do body shots!”

One of the women I was dancing with pulled her shirt down, and put the shot glass deep within her cleavage. As I was trying to fish it out, I felt a warm body start grinding with me. I felt a little awkward. I finally fished out the shot and turned around. I was faced with a pretty brunette who obviously wanted to dance. We started to dance close, and she took my hands and started running it down her body. Her friend put another shot in her cleavage, and shoved my face between her breasts. As I was fishing for the shot, I felt two different hands on my crotch. My body started to respond, my cock growing in my pants as I was gyrating to the beat of the music. I caught sight of John, and carefully extricated myself from the two lovely ladies. We went outside

“Thanks man!” I breathed, and told him what happened.

“Dude, there’s a bachelorette party here, and they want to meet you! Apparently the bride has a list of shit she needs to do too!” Matt started. He jumped on my back and gave me a bear hug. I laughed as I shrugged him off. “But first, more drinks!” Matt had bought a bottle from the bar. I groaned, knowing where the night was headed, but gave in, as I opened my mouth, and he poured the vodka. I swallowed as quickly as I could, not wanting to choke on the colourless liquid.

Feeling more lightheaded, we went back inside and went down the stairs. I was met with a group of gorgeous women, all surrounding a beautiful blonde. As soon as they saw me, a cheer rose from their midst, and I was pulled into the middle next to the blonde. I looked at her. She was dressed to impress. A white button up top, showing a lot of cleavage, a black leather pencil skirt, nylons and black leather stiletto boots. The group closed upon us, and I saw John and Eric smiling mischievously. The vodka bottle was passed around until it reached me and the bride. John and one of the bridesmaids shoved our faces together and poured the vodka between us. We both lapped up as much as we could, get a bit drenched in the liquid. When John turned his back to put the bottle on the counter, we made a dash for outside to catch our breaths.

“Hi! I’m Kurt” I smiled, as I handed her a bunch of napkins I stole.

“Hi Kurt, I’m Allison. Nice to meet you!” She dabbed her white shirt. “Shit, this thing is soaked!” She wasn’t kidding. Her shirt was almost see through now, and I had trouble keeping my eyes off of her ample chest. I shook my head and took off my shirt.

“Here, it’s somewhat drier. It’s yours if you want it” She smiled as she reached for my T-Shirt, looking at my chest approvingly.

“This doesn’t mean you don’t have to complete your list. If I have to, so do you!” She pressed up against me, and licked my neck “Sorry, you still had some vodka which I needed to clean up for you.”

I smiled as I put my arm around her waist. “I think I should return the favor” I whispered in her ear and started to lick her neck. She grabbed my head and pushed it down into her cleavage.

“That’s where most of the vodka ended up” She breathed. I licked as much kaçak iddaa as I could, and stood back up. I took a half step back, because I didn’t want her to feel my throbbing erection. All of a sudden, Matt stumbled out the door with a brunette. “There you guys are! Why the fuck did you leave?” Before I had a chance to answer, the brunette interrupted

“Who the fuck cares? You guys need to drink more shots!” She pulled out the bottle and two plastic shot glasses. She poured shots for Allison and myself. We looked at each other, clinked the shot glasses, and drank. This was repeated two more times.

Allison looked at me and said “By the way, Kurt, this is my maid of honour, Tiffany. She needs to get laid, don’t you think?”

I opened my mouth, but didn’t know what to say. I closed it again, and cocked my head to Allison. She laughed and grabbed my arm. “Don’t worry, you don’t have to say anything. I wasn’t talking about you.” She reached out her hand “I’m Allison, the bride to be, and you are?” Matt looked dumbfounded by her earlier comment and didn’t answer. I smacked him on the back of the head. “Allison, this is Matt. Someone else who needs to get laid.” Tiffany half glared at me, and then perked up “This is perfect! Ali! You need to give someone a lap dance! Why not Kurt?”

I inwardly groaned. My erection had just started to subside, and a lap dance from Allison was definitely going to bring it back. Allison grabbed my broad shoulders and pushed me onto a chair. She flipped around and started grinding her ass on my crotch. I was mesmerized. She had a perfectly shaped ass, and my erection was straining, growing in my pants. There was no way she wasn’t feeling this. She looked around, and saw Matt and Tiffany whispering and not paying attention to us.

Allison turned around, and started grinding her pelvis into mine. I wrapped my arm around her waist, telling myself that it was to stop her from falling.

“God, you feel so big.” She whispered in my ear. “I’m about to cum just by thinking about it. Please, play with my tits!” I snaked one hand up her shirt and cupped her firm tit, massaging it through her bra. I could hear her moaning as she dry humped me through our clothes. She grabbed me tight and moaned loudly in my ear. After her orgasm subsided, I let her go, and we rearranged our clothing. “Holy fuck, that was hot” she said in my ear. We headed down the stairs when Matt and Tiffany joined us. “So, did you get a lap dance?” Tiffany asked. I smiled at Allison and answered “One of the best ones I ever got!”

We went to meet up with both of our parties, and danced some more. I was working on my list as well. I had given my shirt to Allison, which was retrieved by Chris, I got spanked, I gave piggy back rides, I was fed more shots, and I danced with Allison.

Eventually, I had to take a break. I stumbled up to the bar, and asked for a glass of water. I heard Allison giggling with her bridesmaids, and then felt her glorious breasts pressed up against my back as she hugged me.

“No rest for the wicked!” She said and grabbed my hand. I downed as much water as I could before Tiffany pulled the glass from my hand and helped Allison drag me away. They pulled me into the women’s bathroom, and closed the door. Still holding me, Allison pulled Tiffany closer and gave her a deep kiss. As if on cue, they both placed my hands on each of their asses. I started kaçak bahis to knead their asses through the skirt when Tiffany pulled away and gave me a wink “Have fun!” She said and went out the door. I looked at Allison with confusion. She pulled me close to her, and pressed her lips to mine. I still had my hand on her ass, and I pulled us closer until I was sure she could feel my hardness through my pants.

Allison broke off the kiss “Oh fuck!” she breathed “You feel so huge!” He hand went to my crotch, and she started rubbing my length. I pulled her back close and with one hand still on her ass, I started moving my other hand onto her breast. We lost balance and fell onto the toilet seat. Wordlessly, she kneeled down between my legs, and started pulled open my belt and my pants. My throbbing member was straining to get free of my silk boxers. I lifted my hips as she pulled down my boxers and my pants, letting them pool at my feet. With the pressure of my underwear gone, my erection bobbed in the air.

She looked up at me and licked her lips. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not that big. Fully erect, I’m about 7 inches long, but I’ve never had any complaints from my girlfriends or my fiancée. I looked down at her “Wow. My fiancé is not this big. This is what I’ve been missing!”

She slowly started to stroke my shaft, wrapping her fingers gently around the base. Looking at me Allison licked my entire length, starting from the bottom, slowly working her way up until she reached the top.

She planted a kiss on the top, and keeping her mouth there, her hand moved up my shaft. As it reached her lips, she started to move back down, but this time, her mouth moving with her. I groaned as her wet mouth engulfed my cock. She worked down my shaft, reaching halfway. This was more than my fiancée was every able to do. I closed my eyes, and felt her slowly move back up. This speed was the sweetest torture I ever experienced. I could hear her moaning as she worked her way back down my shaft. I looked down at her, and her blonde head was bobbing faster, as her tongue swirled around my cock. She looked up at me, and locking her gaze onto mine, she pushed down and buried her nose on my trimmed pubic hair. I heard her gagging, but instead of letting up, she took my hand, and placed it on the back of her head. I held her head down, as I felt she spit running down my balls.

Allison had one hand on my thigh, and I only realized now that her other hand was in her own panties, moving furiously. I entwined my fingers in her hair and let her get some air. She started pumping my cock faster and faster.

I grabbed her head and pulled it back on my shaft. She smiled as she my head was engorged by her mouth. I could hear her breath becoming ragged as she was nearing her climax. Her cheeks hollowed as I felt the pressure build up in my balls.

Shit. I was about to cum. I looked at her, and she smiled, nodding. I couldn’t hold back any more, and exploded in her mouth. As rope after rope shot out of me, I could feel her swallowing every drop.

“That’s the first time I came while giving someone a blowjob” She sighed. We heard a rhythmic knock on the door.

Allison put her bra and shirt back on. “That’s Tiffany’s signal. We gotta go!”

I zipped up my pants, just as the door opened. Tiffany motioned for us to hurry out. The two of us got pulled back into our groups. John handed me two shots, and I poured them down my throat.

Tiffany came up to me with a paper and pen in her hand. “She finished her list!” I looked down and saw one empty check box

“Give a blowjob to a bachelor”-

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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