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Friday Night

Recovering from third orgasm of the day, Annie found herself on the tile floor of the shared bathroom. Embarrassed and nervous she might be seen, she quickly took off the harness, lovingly washed and dried the delightfully fat toy and stealthy put it back and replaced the corset on top.

Picking up her dress on the way back through to her room, she put on a thong, changed into the red team shorts and light cotton pull over. She went back to the bathroom, splashed some water on her face and fixed her makeup and hair. Slipping on some flip flops she went down stairs. Marveling at the surroundings she found herself, she poured a glass of wine and walked to the French doors off the family room. She saw three two sweating men on the ground, looking up at Jake in a tree outside the bathroom window, lowering the lopped off branches to the ground.

“Feeling better, Mom? Jr. called out.

“So much better thanks, Jr.” she called back and then aked, “Brice, it’s so beautiful here, do you mind if I go down to the lake?”

“Not at all. Just go around the cottage here but just mind the dock is a bit wobbly, I’ve not secured it yet. That’s a job for tomorrow. Enjoy yourself, we’ve got another half hour here before we are done. Right boys?’ cajoled Brice heartily. Annie stepped through the door and walked down toward the lake. Three pair of eyes surreptitiously followed the round cheeks in the red shorts.

The transition from the landscaped area, gave way to culled trees, then to unkept brush and then opening in front of her, was the vista of the lake. Her path crossed a noisy stream via a little bridge. The lake side had a small clearing with a couple of chaise lounges next to a shed for canoes. Running parallel with the lake was a small wooden deck area to which was connected a dock that was undulating from the waves. The water looked cold and uninviting but the small sandy place to get in and out would probably be great later in the summer.

She pulled a chaise to the fixed deck and sat down to sip her wine and drink in the view. A canoe, which a young couple paddled awkwardly, silently glided by close to shore. They smiled and waved. Annie, with a very contented look on her face, waved back. Scanning the shoreline she saw a cottage to her right a couple of hundred yards away and on her left, sort of across the lake, she saw a small assemblage of buildings behind a stand of trees. Very private she thought, as she relaxed after a demanding day.

“Now that were finished, I’ll go down to the lake and get your mom.” offered Jake ‘Do you want to come Jr.?” he asked hoping against hope the answer would be no.

“Hum…no, I’ll help dad put the tools away and grab a beer and a shower. See you back here.” Jr. said, knowing Jake’s intention. Jr. knew that Jake lusted after his mother. He could see when ever they were together, Jake would be staring at either her tits or her crotch. With that, Jake took off at a trot down the gravel path. The gravel gave way to dirt and then grass so Annie did not hear him coming.

Almost upon her Jake called out, ‘Great view isn’t it Mrs. Sullivan. It’s even better with you in it.’ That was a hot day of work.” he stated as he peeled off his clothes. Running to then jumping off the dock, he screamed in shock as his pierced the icy cold water. A quick dunk under, a few rubs up and down his arms to ease the sting, he stood up. Annie marveled at the sight of his tight ass and rounded cheeks. When he turned around to face Jr.’s mother, she saw the cold water had done its cruel trick. He climbed back onto the dock and ran to the boat shed to get an old towel. Drying his hair, he put the towel over his shoulders and walked over to Annie’s chair stopping only when his wrinkly cock was almost in her face. He didn’t say anything, he wanted her to see it and just stood right next to her. His penis responded to her intense gaze as it grew and surged until it was almost horizontal.

‘We don’t have much time, so watch me Mrs. Sullivan.’ he told her as he grabbed his cock and began to stroke. Turning sideways so she could marvel at its size, he began to recite, ‘Show me your pussy, finger it, put your tongue on my cock, lick me, suck my cock! Open your mouth, come closer, stick out your tongue, catch my cum.’ he cried out as a jet of cum landed on the ground and splashed on her toes. He kept milking until no more came.

Aghast, Annie pleaded, “You saw me, didn’t you?’ With a smile and a wink, but no reply, he finished drying himself before putting on his clothes.

‘Time to go, time for cocktails, the other two are waiting’ Jake said.

Walking back up the path, Annie dipped her toe into the cold water of the stream to wash off Jake’s sticky cum. Watching him walk on ahead, she thought about his lanky frame. No, she thought, I like them shorter rather than taller. Reaching the house, she went to her room and put on some thin light leggings that ran from her ankles to just below her knees. The air had become a little chilly and escort sitesi she did not want to catch a cold. She returned down stairs and, in the empty kitchen, poured herself another wine. Before she even had a chance to take a sip, Jr. came up from down stairs and Brice came down from upstairs. Taking charge, Bull opened two chilled beers, gave one to Jr. and clinked glasses. “Iechyd da, as my father would say, to our health.’ Bull saluted, gave Annie a wink and downed half his beer in one gulp. “So what do you think of the place?’ he asked looking at Annie.

‘Fabulous, you are so lucky,’ she answered, then continued, “We got some snacks on the way up, let me fix them for us to nibble on before dinner. You big strong men, must be famished.’ Bending over the fridge, where Jr. and Jake had put everything, the tight red shorts, stretched taut across her bum, the naked thighs above the leggings, presented quite a view. Jr. and Brice were impressed with the display. Brice also liked the display of the various plates set out on the counter. Looking at the delicacies in front of him, Brice dove straight for the smoked oysters. Capturing Annie’s gaze, he picked two up slippery earthy delicacies with his fingers, put them lustily on his outstretched tongue, curled the quivering hard tip over and savored the flavor before swallowing.

‘My favorite, I can eat those tasty morsels like that for hours’ he said. I bet you could, thought Annie. The more time she spent with him, the more she liked his passion for life. She looked at him, only slightly taller than herself, it might be a good fit, she thought.

‘Well, if we are going to be lucky enough to eat, I better get the grill going. Want to keep me company on the back patio?’ Bull inquired as he made his way to the fridge to get the steaks. He saw Annie look at her son and her son, nod his approval. “Why don’t you come to Jr., I expect Jake is still making himself pretty for tonight. He told me you two were going out on the town, or should I say the village.’ he chuckled. ‘Come on out Jr. and tell your mother and me how your college swim team is doing, while I do the cooking.’ he cajoled.

The three of them stood around the BBQ while Brice marinated, grilled, turned and then presented seven perfect steaks. The boys tore into theirs, wolfing them down, while the two adults took their time and enjoyed the tastes and the wine of a simple meal.

‘Jake, can please take away the dishes and load them in the dishwasher before you two head out. Put the other steaks in the fridge and we will make sandwiches out of them tomorrow.’ Bull said sensing the boys were getting fidgety. “Don’t be late we have a big day tomorrow and don’t drive if you drink. Call me on my mobile or take a taxi if you can find one out here.” Brice said in his best fatherly voice.

After the boys left, the two adults talked about this and that. Annie talked about Sr. and Brice talked how he met Barbara his wife, and about her involvement with the church. After they had exhausted most of the conversation, Brice looked at his watch and suggested, “How about a hot-tub before turning in. I know that my old muscles could use it.’

“I’m not sure Brice, how would it look to the boys if they came home?’ she questioned.

“If they were here I am sure they would join us. They are only pretending to be fit to try and impress me. Besides, I promise nothing will happen. I got a suit hanging up outside, you go up and put yours on, while I take the cover off and get it fired up. I know that Sr. and Jr. would not mind, you had a long drive today.’ Bull persisted.

Annie somewhat reluctantly nodded her approval and went up stairs. She changed into her lime green one-piece suit. Although it was cut high on the hips and low on the top, it was the most modest one she had. No so modest since Sr. had her cut the lining out. Covering herself with her robe she came down and went outside into the chill air. The steam rose from the tank and Annie could see that Brice had brought out their wine glasses along with what remained in the bottle. In his long board shorts, he looked like quite the hunk. He stepped in, sat down and waved her to come in. She dropped her robe and put it a chair. Brice sucked in his breath as he saw her large breasts trying to be restrained but fighting a losing battle where the nipples were concerned. As she stepped up the fiberglass steps, the camel toe wedged into her vagina revealed swollen lips topped by a dominant clit. Brice took it all in. She slowly settled into the hot foam and eased back against the side. Keeping her distance from Brice, she sat across from him.

“Here’s your glass, Mrs. Sullivan.’ he toasted as he handed her a full glass of red wine. Brice was true to his word, he only moved around until the jets found his sore parts and then luxuriated in the pulsing jets. He opened his eyes only when he heard Annie speak.

“So how did you and your wife find this place?’ Annie inquired thinking she was gaziantep escort sitesi making small talk.

“Well it’s a long story and somewhat private, so you will have to promise not to tell anyone especially Jr. Will you do that?’ he asked. Annie nodded. Well for years my wife and I used to sneak away to a clothing optional retreat just up on the lake. You may have seen it up on the left if you got down to the dock. Annie’s eyes widened and acknowledged with a nod she had seen the place. ‘When ever Jake was away or we could find a free day or two, we would come up here. We got to like being nude, and grew to have a nice set of friends. It loosened Barbara up. She used to be real uptight, but spending time with our friends opened her up, so to speak, to new experiences. She found she loved it but still needs to keep up her appearances for her religious friends.

One day we were canoeing on the lake and the people who owned this place were on the dock nude and gave us a wave. We recognized them from the club, so we stopped to have a drink. As we sat on the dock, we asked why they went to the club when then had this place. Well they said they liked the social aspects of the club but this place gave them the privacy to things that would not be accepted at the club. I won’t go into details, but we eventually spent more and more time here with them and when they decided sell, Barbara decided we should buy it.

Over the years, Barbara would secretly stop at some store called ‘Monkey something’ in Clarksville to buy outfits to wear things to dances and socials at the club. You see, the woman Maggie who owns the store and her life partner Sally are long time members of the club. They use it regularly, give fashion shows and generally keep it quite lively.

Annie gasped “I met Maggie today. Sr. told me to stop and get some clothes for a new look and Jr. had a school friend who had shopped there. She has a good business. I spent a lot of money.’

“Yes, so did Barbara, she has quite a collection, and I’ve been bringing most of it up here. Barbara, as I said, really got into the lifestyle. You know she’s twelve years older than me. I’m 37 and she has really come into her own with the friends we made here. If you think I am bossy, she is way more in control and even I kowtow to her. You know what. They are having a social night at the club tomorrow night, as a rehearsal for the holiday bash, in a couple of weeks. Why don’t we go over, I’ll show you around, introduce you to a few of our friends, we can have a couple of drinks and be home before midnight. Its clothing optional not mandatory and on dance nights, at least to start with, people usually wear clothes. As the evening progresses, men and women somehow loose their clothes with their inhibitions but usually leave something on their bottoms, it makes sitting around more sanitary. You must have something you could wear.’ Brice persisted.

The conversation was making Annie hotter than the water so she raised herself up to sit on the sides but keep her legs in the spa. The cool air chilled her shoulders which caused her nipples to begin to harden. The water had turned the unlined gusset of her suit transparent, so that as she sat there, Bull had a direct but veiled view of her smooth pink charms. ‘I do have the clothes I brought plus what I bought to day to choose from, but I’m not sure that Jr. or Sr. would like it.’ Annie offered weakly.

Although the puffy smooth lips of her labia had distracted him, Brice responded, ‘Nonsense, we’ll tell Jr. I’m taking you to see some friends, which is true by the way. If you like it, then next time you are up, maybe we can convince Sr. to come along. And if you are at all uncomfortable, which I don’t think you will be, we’ll come home.”.

Annie looking a bit nervous at his insistance, responded, “It would be better if I asked Jr.’s approval for tomorrow night.” Brice nodded.

“Right, but he gives you a hard time, I’ll chime in.’ he persisted.

Getting out of the spa, he said, “I’m beat, I’m going to call it a night. You?’ She got out of the tub, picked up, but didn’t bother to put on, her robe. After helping Bull with the cover she stepped inside. Brice took off his suit, hung it up on a nail and wrapped a towel around his waist.

Bull pulled the door to, closed the lights and followed Annie as closely as he could, up the stairs, one delicious step at a time. ‘Why don’t you use the bathroom first Annie, I still have a couple of suitcases to unpack.’ he said as he opened the door to the suite he and his wife use.

Without turning his light on, he sat on the bed and waited. Annie went into the bathroom and slowly took off her swim suit. He watched her through the two way mirror on the end wall of the vanity, next to the door to his bed room. Her large full breasts featuring magnificent nipples sat majestically on her chest. She turned to find a place to hang her dripping suit and in doing so, Brice saw that she did indeed gaziantep escort bayan sitesi shave herself ultra smooth like the skin of a ripe tomato. He watched as she hung her suit over towel bar in the shower area then sat on the bidet. With the warm water spraying on her clit, he stiffened at how she brought herself to completion with pulsating water droplets. Brice moved closer to the mirror as she went to the vanity to do her make up. She took five minutes to rub a moisturizing cream over her body, paying special attention to her abused vaginal area. Brice was transfixed.

Hearing a knocking on the door, Annie called out, “Two minutes, Brice.”

She got up, took her toiletries and returned to her bedroom, closing the door behind her. Peeling back the top of the sleeping bag, she closed the light and went to bed. She heard him in the bathroom and saw a strange glow on the wall. Wondering what it was, she got out of bed to investigate. Approaching the glow, she found she could see right into the bathroom. It was a bit dull and low contrast but it was clear, very clear. He was using the same moisturizer as she had used and now she knew why he was really named Bull.

She quietly tip-toed back to bed with a new secret, but he had seen her shadow in the mirror.

The Long Weekend CH 9

by beachsf1©

After Midnight (Homage to JJ Cale)

She didn’t know if it was seeing Bull in the bathroom stroking his long cock, or the strange noises or the unfamiliar place but she couldn’t sleep. She felt anxious and vulnerable even though she had on her favorite comfortable nightie over her white cotton granny panties. She tossed and turned but was still restless. What I need to feel safe is to be close with someone I love, I hope Jr.’s back, she thought. She rolled out of bed, put on her slippers and slipped on her robe. Opening the door quietly, she crept down the stairs on her way to see Jr.

Reaching the lower level, she saw a light coming from under his door. She knocked lightly before gingerly opening it. She saw Jr. sitting up in bed reading a book. Jr. looked up surprised but saw the unease in her face. “Mom, are you OK?” he asked solicitously.

“Yes, but I am just unsettled” she said. “Can I get spend some time here with you?” she asked.

“Sure, we only had a beer in town then came back. Jake was beat and I was a bit tired I have to admit. I was just reading a text book, come over here on the bed and I’ll give you a cuddle.” Jr. offered. Annie, sat on the side of the bed, then, slipped off her slippers, swung her legs up and sat upright next to him. Jr. gently rested his left hand on her thigh on top of her robe, but soon found a opening in her robe and began gently soothingly strokes to her legs through her nightie. As he began to run his hands slowly upwards he found easier access and looked down to see his mother surreptitiously loosening the ties on the robe. His hand came up and the robe fell more open. Sliding his hand down the gown, he reached below the hem and was soon caressing directly on her skin. Annie moaned softly feeling better, she was lying down with her head on the pillow, looking up at his face as he returned to reading. She was feeling so much better just being near to the son she loved so much.

Reaching out with his arm he brought her closer to him. “Slide under the covers to keep warm.” he said innocently. She slipped off her robe, lifted the blanket, slid in and stretched out. Her head on the pillow, she looked up at his naked chest as he squeezed her shoulder and kept reading. “Everything is fine, don’t worry.” He said soothingly. The nightie slipped up as she slipped down under the covers which meant he could now feel her cotton sleep panties under his fingers. He slid his hand under the panties and caressed her ass. He then slowly slid his hand around to the front and gently cupped her sex. His fingers could feel the heat amidst the dampness and she could feel the intimate connection and her continuing arousal.

She moved closer to him and put her leg over his. She loved the intimacy, the closeness. She rubbed her leg on his and felt her knee meet with his groin. She laid there, a glow coming to her cheeks. As his hand moved under her panties, her hand reached over and slipped under the waistband of his pajama bottoms. “Raise your hips up for me son.” she requested.

“Mom, are you sure?” her son asked. With her nodded approval, Jr. raised his hips and his mother slid down his pajama bottoms. He was fully exposed to his mother. She looked lovingly at his soft penis and testicles. She had always loved him, especially this part of him. She toyed with his private parts. Running her fingers over the boyish hairless cock, moving it around, remembering all the times she bathed him. She slid down his body to gaze at his firming cock. So beautiful she thought. She loved the smell of his manhood. Although he had taken a shower, underneath the boyish bouquet of her son was an earthiness, a manliness that she now desired. She nuzzled his genitals; she took his penis in her mouth and held her moist lips around the crown of his cock. She licked the length of his stiffening shaft. She loved him and she loved his cock. She took as much as she could of his soft cock in her mouth. She felt him begin to grow, to firm up, until the penis became a cock and grew too big for her soft mouth.

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