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You wanted this; Alan reminded himself as he heard the knock on the hotel door. He shifted in his seat as his wife got up off the bed to answer it. He could do little more than wiggle around a bit. He was completely naked, with his ankles bound to the chair he was sitting in and his hands cuffed together. Even his cock was trapped, as it was secured in a tight metal cage that would prevent him from getting erect. He was a helpless observer for what was to come. They had never done anything like this before, but he told himself again that it would be worth it.

He watched as his wife nervously approached the door. He was still fully clothed, wearing her jeans and loose-fitting shirt. She opened the door and he heard a man’s voice from outside. The two of them spoke for a moment, then he entered the room as she closed the door behind him.

The new man was tall and muscular. He had a thin wispy mustache that Alan instantly disliked. However, he had already sent over his STD results, so they were certain he was clean. Between that and his wife’s birth control Alan told himself that he had nothing to worry about.

As the man entered the room, he noticed Alan bound in the corner and grimaced slightly before nodding a greeting. Alan nodded in return but said nothing.

“So,” the new man said, “How do you want to do this?”

“Why don’t we sit on the bed for now?” his wife suggested.

The two of them sat together on the bed. There was awkward silence for a moment, then the man reached over and ran his hand along her leg. She tensed nervously but did not pull away. He squeezed her thigh lightly and smiled at her. She smiled back at him, nervously.

They made small talk for a few minutes. The conversation dragged on sluggishly, until the man finally scooted closer to her. He reached to put his hand behind her head and pulled her in for a long, deep kiss. Alan sat helplessly as the two of them were locked together.

The man released her. “Is that okay?” he asked, looking for reassurance. She nodded at him. He looked over to Alan. He nodded as well.

“Okay then.” The man took a deep breath and shook himself lightly to rid himself of jitters. He went back in for another kiss, then another. Alan could hear the wet noise of the kisses from where he was. It was torment to watch, but for some parts of him it was a pleasurable torment.

The man whispered something in her ear that Alan couldn’t quite make out. She laughed, sweetly and somewhat breathlessly.

The man stood up, stretched tall, and began to take his clothing off. His shirt came first, revealing further muscles along his abdomen. He was clearly in good physical shape. Then he kicked off his shoes and socks. His jeans were next, showcasing a bulge that was already visible as they came off. Finally, he reached down and tugged his underwear off, releasing a very large phallus that bobbed up into the air.

Alan’s wife gasped as she saw the size of it, and Alan himself held his breath in surprise. The man was at least an inch or two longer than he was, and considerably girthier. Alan felt a sinking feeling in his stomach but reminded himself this was exactly why they were doing this.

The man stood there for a moment, letting them both look at him. Then he reached down and pulled her up to a standing position so that he could begin disrobing her. Alan watched as the man stripped down his wife, revealing her. The shirt came off and was tossed into the corner. He expertly unclasped her bra without any trouble, letting her D cups hang loose in the open air. He unbuttoned her jeans and tugged them along with her panties to the floor. It seemed like he had stripped her bare in only a few seconds and then she was standing there naked before him.

Alan writhed a bit more in his chair. The familiar sight of his wife’s nudity had his cock straining against the metal of the cage. Likewise, his heart was twisting as he watched the man take in her nude body.

He began to explore her with his hands. He cupped her breast lightly, pinching her nipple lightly as he pulled away. He stepped in close to her and ran his hands along her back, down to her buttocks. He squeezed her and pulled her against him so that her breasts were compressed against his chest.

The he moved around to stand behind her. She could feel his erection pressing up against her ass. He spread her legs apart slightly to expose her sex and then reached around, using his fingers to open her labia.

She gasped slightly as his fingers touched her. With two fingers he spread her apart, then moved sıhhiye escort in to rub over her clitoris. She was now standing directly facing Alan, and he watched as the man fingered his wife.

This continued for a minute or two as her face grew more and more red. Then he withdrew and pulled her around to face him. He moved his hand back to the back of her head, grasping her hair, then pulling her down gently to her knees. She cooperated and did not resist. Kneeling before him, his phallus bobbed in front of her face.

He turned her face up to look at him. He nodded at her questioningly and she nodded back an affirmative. He pulled her face toward him, pressing the head of his cock up against her lips. She opened her mouth wide and took him inside. She had to stretch to fit his girth, but he swallowed up his cock head and began working her way down his shaft. She obediently moved her head back and forth, slurping along his length.

Alan closed his eyes for a moment, but he could still hear the wet rhythmic noise as she blew him. He knew that she was an extremely skilled cock sucker and she seemed to be giving him all her effort. He released her hair and allowed her to work on him.

With one hand she reached back and caressed his ass cheeks, while the other went between his legs to lightly roll his balls in her hand. He moaned in satisfaction as she worked him over, her neck swaying up and down with each long mouthful.

Then he reached down and pulled her to a standing position. He gave her a light shove and pushed her back onto the bed. He grabbed both of her legs, pulling them off the bed so that she was siting right on the edge with her legs spread open invitingly.

He began to return the favor, going down on his knees and burying his face into her slit. Alan couldn’t see exactly what he was doing but he could tell by his wife’s reaction that it was being done well. Her back arched as he licked, pressing her hot sex against his lips and tongue as he ate her gently but thoroughly. She began to moan in time with the movements as her arousal grew.

Alan sat and listened to his wife’s cries of pleasure as the man’s tongue explored her body and ran over her clit. Then the man shifted position and moved his hand up, inserting two fingers into her vagina. He began to expertly suck on her clit as his fingers thrust in and out her, rubbing upward along her g-spot.

Alan could tell from the sounds she was making and the way her body moved that she was already close to orgasm. The man wasn’t ready for her to get off just yet and withdrew his digits and tongue. He stood in front of her as she gasped and tried to catch her breath. He stood in front of her with his large phallus hanging ready. She immediately leaned forward to take it back into her mouth.

It had taken the man only minutes to turn his wife from shy and innocent to greedily sucking on his cock. The combination of the large cock and the expert sexual attention had reduced her to a helpless ball of horny energy. She was as helpless to resist as Alan was. She couldn’t stop herself from hungrily sucking the girthy length.

Then, he pulled his phallus away from her and grabbed her body. He twisted her around so that she was facing away from him, bent over the edge of the bed with her ass in the air. He used his feet to spread her legs wide apart, then lined himself up at her entrance.

With one long, powerful thrust he pushed himself inside of her. She let out a long moan of pleasure as his cock stretched open the walls of her pussy. Alan watched as his wife was impaled on the man’s sizeable member. It tore at him in a way, but at the same time his cock was absolutely aching for release.

The man wasted no time in building up a perfect rhythm. He withdrew from her body and then slammed back in, his balls slapping against her with each stroke. He plowed her thoroughly and it took only a dozen thrusts before she was gasping and crying out again.

He kept his timing, thrusting in and out of her sweet hole. Her pussy could barely take the large cock and it made her pussy burn and ache unbearably. It was so much bigger than she was used to, and it was driving her over the edge.

To Alan’s surprise, his wife began to cry out as she was fucked.

“Harder,” she said. “Harder! Fuck me harder!”

She never talked like that to him. He had tried to bring her out of her comfort zone and get her to talk to him during sex, but it had never worked. But here she was, begging for dick like she needed it to survive.

He watched as her sincan escort fingers gripped the bed, white-knuckled. The man began to softly talk back to her, calmly and without being out of breath.

“Yeah, baby. That’s good,” he said. “You go ahead and cum when your ready, you cum real good on daddy’s dick.”

That was all it took, and she screamed loudly as she convulsed on the bed. Alan watched his wife orgasm harder than she ever had for him. He could set trails of wetness running down the man’s thighs and he was certain it wasn’t sweat.

The man slowed his strokes as she came but continued thrusting deeply into her. Eventually, he slowed to a stop and let her lay there with his hardness still inside her as she caught her breath.

Then, he withdrew from her. Alan could see his wife’s fluids dripping off the man’s prodigious cock.

The man waited patiently for her to recover. When she sat up, he gently pulled her back down to a kneeling position. He pressed his cock head against her lips again and she obediently began to service and clean him.

She had done this before with Alan, but only once or twice. He knew that she would only do it when she was out of her mind horny, too lustful to care that she was tasting her own wetness. She cleaned every inch of him with her mouth, even leaning in to lick and suck his balls.

Then, the man pulled her over to where Alan was siting. He made her face the chair where Alan was bound and stood behind her.

He spoke up to Alan, “Is this what you want? Is this how you like it?”

The man’s hands ran over her still-shaking body as he spoke. Alan could only nod. The sight of his wife orgasming had been almost too much for him to bear, in several different ways. Right now, his cock was aching like it never had before. As much as it hurt in a way, watching her with another man, it stoked a burning fire within him that he had never felt before. Seeing her so raw and sexual, watching her beg for cock made him desperate to empty his own balls.

The man seemed to think for a moment. Then, he took her shoulders and bent her over so that her hands were on the edges of the chair where Alan was sitting. She was almost face to face with him and her large breasts slid over his naked legs. He could feel how hard her nipples were and how burning hot her body was.

His wife locked eyes with him, and they gazed at each other. She was nearly crying, though he wasn’t sure why. In her eyes he could tell that she was torn, silently begging for forgiveness and at the same time begging for more.

Then suddenly she was thrust up against him as the man entered her from behind again. Alan watched her eyes widen, then roll back and close. With each powerful slam into her, her breasts rubbed against Alan’s body and he began to worry that he was going to orgasm himself, even while wearing the cage.

Her body shook and quivered as she was fucked, touching him only in passing.

The man spoke up, “Hold her hand.”

Alan tried to look around at him, questioningly, but the man only repeated his instructions. “Hold her hand while I fuck her.”

Alan nodded and took his wife’s hand, supporting part of her body weight. She immediately squeezed tight. He fucked her like that for several long minutes until Alan could feel her legs begin to shake. He reached down and grabbed her by the hair, forcing her head up.

“Open your eyes,” he said. “Look into his eyes while you cum on daddy’s dick.”

She complied, forcing her eyes open, though she could only open them about halfway. They locked eyes again and he could see the wild pleasure in her eyes as she was taken. He watched her grit her teeth, fighting it for as long as she could. Then finally, her mouth opened with a long quivering moan and she once again came on the man’s dick. Wet droplets splattered across Alan’s feet and her eyes never left his. They stared into each other’s eyes as she climaxed.

Then the man spoke again, “Now it’s my turn. Don’t let go, and don’t you look away. I want him to see you being properly fucked.”

She cried out as he began fucking her more roughly, pumping into her long and deeply so that her entire hole was completely filled. She closed her eyes, briefly lost in pleasure, then opened them back up and kept them on her husbands.

They clung to each other, her weight pressing into him, as the man fucked her. Finally, he let out a long moan and pressed hard into her. Her body fell into Alan, and he could feel the sweat coating her body and the rapid beating of her heart.

Her sınırsız escort hand clenched into his with a painful iron grip and he knew what she was feeling at that moment. Her face was against his neck and he could feel the hot breath of each gasp, knowing that it marked another pulse of cum being sprayed up inside her.

More hot droplets covered Alan’s feet. He knew that for her to be leaking so much, she must have been completely overflowing with semen.

Their eyes never left each other as the man filled her. Then, Alan watched his wife sag as the dick was slowly pulled away from her body.

The man walked forward to where she was, still holding her hair, and pulled her around to service him again. Alan was only inches away as his wife began to slurp down the mixed cum and wetness off his cock.

“Look at him while you do it,” the man instructed.

She did her best to look her husband in the eyes as she cleaned the man’s cock. Neither of them looked away as she worked. Once he was cleaned to his satisfaction, he released her hair and let her slump to the ground.

The man turned away and began to get dressed. Alan and his wife were silent and still, recovering.

“Pleasure doing business with you,” the man said before opening the door and leaving without another word.

After several long minutes of breathing, Alan’s wife looked up at him.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“I’m okay,” he replied. “Are you?”

She nodded. Then purred lightly in satisfaction. “I’m better than okay. I’ve never in my life been fucked like that, and his dick was SO big!”

Alan nodded. He burned with jealously, but also a deep and painful need.

His wife spoke up again, “But what about you? We have to take care of you, don’t we?”

She reached down and began to undo the bindings that held his legs. Finally, freed, he stood up stiffly and waited while she retrieved the key to his cock cage.

She inserted the key into the tiny lock, and with a soft click the device fell away finally releasing his own moderately sized cock.

His wife smiled at him mischievously and said, “Now its my turn for YOU to service ME.”

She pushed him hard against the bed, with his hands still cuffed. He fell into the bed and rolled over onto his back. His wife wasted no time climbing onto the bed. She walked forward carefully, then stood over his head.

“Open wide,” she said. “You saw and heard what he did to me, but now its time for you to taste it.”

Alan nodded, then leaned back and opened his mouth nervously.

She sat down on him, pressing her dripping wet pussy against his waiting lips. He could taste the extreme hotness of her hole, along with the salty wetness of their combined fluids.

“Clean me,” she said forcefully.

Alan leaned up and into her, running his tongue along her labia. He made sure to lick up every hot droplet that coated her sex, then moved to dive deeper in between her vulva to clean out her vagina.

She moaned in satisfaction as his tongue ran over her clit, before continuing to clean her. Finally, she pulled his head back and looked down on him. His face was covered in wetness, dripping along his lips and down to his chest.

“Good boy,” she said. “Now, do you want some sloppy seconds?”

Alan spoke up, his voice shaking. “Yes, please. I need to cum so bad, my cock is ready to explode. I’ve never seen you act like that before and I can’t take it.”

His wife turned around on the bed, moving into a doggy position with her ass and pussy facing him. He stood up rearranged himself and mounted her. He grabbed her ass and lined himself up with her hole. It was gaping, red, raw, and well-used. It still dripped with semen as well as the fluids of her orgasms.

He entered her easily. After taking the man’s big prick she was so stretched out that he had no problem at all thrusting into her. It was unbearably hot and wet.

Alan thrust into his wife’s spent hole and it took less than a minute for him to find the release he was desperate for. He moaned unbearably and felt his balls finally drain, mixing with all the other fluids that filled her. He ground his cock against her stretched walls, with memories of what had just occurred fresh in his mind. He replayed her wild moans and thought about the look on her face when she had begged to suck his big cock.

Load after load spent itself into her, until it was once again pouring out of her onto the sheets.

Alan withdrew from her, his cock already shrinking. He took a long look at his wife’s hole. Dripping and abused, it was an incredibly hot sight that would torment him for weeks to come.

Finally, he laid down next to her in bed and cuddled up to her. He could feel the sweat of their bodies mingling.

At last he spoke up,” Okay. So, when do we get to do this again?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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