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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 16

Wanda’s Tales — Part 2

Tuesday morning started out as so many of her mornings had over the course of her marriage. When her alarm chimed at 6:30am, Wanda rolled out of the bed she shared with her husband Frank. She pulled on the terry-cloth robe that lay across the clothes hamper to fight off the morning chill. It was early May but temperatures at night in Regal Bay often dipped into the lower forties, as it had that morning. She found her house slippers, stepped into them, and headed down stairs to the kitchen.

Once she had the coffee brewing, Wanda headed for the bathroom down the hall. She often used the down stairs bathroom for her morning showers, as she didn’t want to disturb Frank. The upstairs bathroom was adjacent to their bedroom, and that shower tended to make a lot of noise in the mornings for some reason. Frank hadn’t gotten around to calling a plumber out to have it looked into. Besides, with Luke now out of the house and on his own, it was only Frank and Wanda in the big, four bed-room house.

Wanda was scheduled for the second shift at FYE that Tuesday, and didn’t have to be at the store until one to relieve Meghan for her lunch. Frank was in no rush to get to work, either. He ran his company, after all, and pretty much came and went as he pleased. Bayside Real Estate had been built from the ground up by Frank Vaughn and although he had wanted his wife and son to join him in the firm, neither had any interest. Wanda had gone into retail sales out of high school and remained there to this day. Now she managed the FYE entertainment outlet in the Regal Bay Mall, and made good money at it. Frank never failed to remind her that he brought in more than three times her bi-weekly pay, each week. Wanda, however, enjoyed her work and wasn’t planning on giving it up anytime soon, even if she was twice the age of most of her employees.

Wanda had returned to her bedroom and dressed for the day by the time her husband rolled out of bed. Frank came out of the bathroom, dressed and ready for his day. It was just a little after nine-thirty. He wore his usual gray pin-striped suit slacks with an off-white shirt, and was working a maroon tie into place.

“Good morning,” he growled towards her as he pulled his matching suit jacket from the closet.

“Morning, Frank,” she replied. He stood in front of the full-length mirror as he pulled the jacket on. He enjoyed the look that pin-striped suits presented. He thought they made him look like Joe Pesci in one of his mob movies. Wanda mused that it might be his short stature and the beer-belly he was carrying around that made him look more like Joe Pesci than anything he wore. That, and the thick head of salt-and-pepper hair he maintained with his “Just for Men” coloring. Frank was a vain man, she knew, but a good husband. He took care of her well, for the most part.

Wanda was also dressed for her day, although she had plans to stop in at the stylist for a quick trim of her recently lightened hair. She had coffee ready and poured Frank a cup when they had returned to the kitchen. He settled onto a stool along the island counter that separated the dining room from the kitchen proper.

“You look nice today,” he said as he opened the morning paper up to the sports section. They were probably one of the few households in the neighborhood that still took the morning paper delivery. “I like that blouse on you. It really accents your tits.”

Wanda paused in her wipe-down of the counter top to look down at herself. She had chosen a new white blouse with French-style black swirls to wear above her black skirt. Both were a little tight on her full body, even after she’d spent a few hours yesterday on the treadmill at the gym. She noticed that she had only buttoned the lower two and the blouse was open, showing off the deep cleavage of her ample dd-cup breasts. She wore a new red bra and it showed as well, cupping her breasts a little higher than usual, she thought.

“Thank you,” she smiled. “I really don’t plan to go out like this,” she added while reaching up to fasten more buttons.

“Hold on there,” Frank insisted and put his cup down while stepping up close to his wife. “Let me do that.” He snuggled up tight to her from behind and reached under her arms to cup her breasts.

“Frank, we really don’t have time for this.” His hands squeezed her matronly breasts and rolled them on her chest. She felt him press his hips forward, forcing her against the counter. It had been some time since he’d paid her any real attention, and this sudden interest, even at this time of the morning, was nice. She turned her head to look at him, his chin now resting on her shoulder. His fingers curled at the edges of her blouse and tugged gently, pulling it open as wide as the buttons allowed.

“When’s the last time we made love somewhere other than the bedroom, Wanda baby?” He had taken up a New Jersey-Joe Pesci accent, which usually made her laugh. This time, it made her tingle.

“1995?” escort hikayeleri she replied, teasing him with a wiggle of her hips.

“We don’t have to be anywhere for a while, do we?” he asked, and then began to kiss her lightly across her neck. After a few moments of this attention, with her tits being manipulated by his hands the whole time, Wanda turned and faced her husband. His arms went around her hips and he dug into her butt with his fingers. He kissed her firmly.

Wanda pushed him back and said, “Seriously, Frank, we don’t have time to get undressed and then redressed. Not to mention take another shower.”

“That’s okay,” Frank grinned. He took a step back and as his hands went to his trousers he said, “We’ve always got time for a little head, don’t we?” He quickly unzipped his slacks, reached inside, and pulled his fat cock out. Wanda looked down at his flaccid flesh, knowing what he was asking even before he said, “I could use a quick blow job.”

Wanda took her husband’s familiar cock in her hand and began to squeeze and tug on it. She had hoped he would kiss her again, yet when it was obvious he wasn’t interested in romance, she went to her knees before her husband. It took his cock some time at his age to get fully hard, and lately she had to have its bulbous head in her mouth to really get him going. It had been some time since she’d given Frank a straight-up blow job, and as her warm mouth engulfed his flesh it quickly grew longer and harder.

“Oh, that’s my girl,” Frank sighed as his cock grew in her mouth. “Suck daddy’s little helper to life.” Wanda sucked and slurped at his manhood as it began to fill her mouth. Her lips stretched around his girth, something she always enjoyed about her husband. He wasn’t all that long, only four or five inches, but she enjoyed how thick he was. Her pussy was already awakening, thinking about being stretched by Frank’s “beer-can” cock once again.

Frank stroked his hands through her head of hair, freshly cut and colored by her friend, Lisa. Frank liked Lisa Hayworth, and the image of that tall, slim, blonde filled his mind as his cock filled his wife’s mouth. He would like to get that hot piece of ass into bed, he thought, even as his balls were stroked by Wanda’s fingernails. He looked down on her head as she continued for a few more minutes to slurp loudly upon his dick. He imagined, however, that it was Lisa on her knees, and his balls began to tighten at that thought.

Wanda was beginning to think that Frank was enjoying what she was doing for him. They’d not been so playful in many years, and this was not only a wonderful surprise for her, but she might even think about giving a little more to her husband, later that evening. Just as she was feeling ready to bend over the counter and take him in, however, Frank suddenly grunted and began to fill Wanda’s mouth with his thick, salty semen. She gagged and nearly spit up but fought back the urge. She didn’t want to soil her husband’s slacks, or her blouse, so she gulped and swallowed her husband’s thick wad.

“Oh, shit! That’s so fucking good!” he grunted. His hands held Wanda’s head in place as he fed her his slimy load. His cock pulsed just a few times, and quickly began to lose its strength once the last had dribbled out the piss-slit onto her tongue. His cock had all but returned to its original flaccid form as the last of his seed bubbled into Wanda’s mouth, less than a minute after his peak had hit him.

“Now that was what I needed, babe,” he grunted as he stepped back and tucked his cock back into his slacks. He panted as he zipped up and then gave his wrist watch a glance. “I have got to get going.”

Wanda stood back up and wiped her mouth with a dish rag. The taste of his seed was foul on her tongue, and she picked up her cup of coffee, hoping to wash it away quickly. Frank reached for her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

“I’ll see you later, and maybe we’ll pick up where we left off.” With that he was headed out the door, into the garage. A moment later she heard the garage door rumble open and Frank’s Cadillac fire up. He was gone before she had topped off her coffee.

Wanda buttoned her blouse up and finished her coffee a few minutes later. She checked her cell phone for the time and noticed that she had missed a message. It was from Luke. It read, “Need to stop by this morning to pick up some stuff from the garage. Leave the door open or side door unlocked. I don’t have my key.” It had been sent some minutes ago, probably as Frank was cumming in her mouth, she mused.

She texted her reply, “I’m still home for another hour.” That was all. As it turned out, Luke pulled up just a few minutes later. He came on in and found her waiting in the kitchen with a fresh cup of coffee for him.

“Thanks, Mom,” he said as he took it. “It’s been a long day already.” With that said, he proceeded to tell his mother about having to get his car jump-started, having gaziantep escort hikayeleri to wait on the attendant at the storage garage to open up, and then not being able to find the box of books he was needing in his storage unit. “They’ve got to be in the garage,” he added. “Or up in the attic.”

“Take all the time you need. Just make sure you lock up before you leave,” she told him. Suddenly, she was looking at her son again, not as her son but as her new lover. Her husband had gotten her going that morning and she realized that she needed getting off. Her pussy still tingled beneath her skirt. However, in the weeks since he’d taken her that first time in his apartment, they had only ever discussed their new relationship, let alone made love, at his place. As her son sipped at his coffee and checked his cell phone, she couldn’t help but see him in a completely different light. He was ruggedly handsome, in her mind, and even though he needed a hair-cut, and shave off the stubble that he seemed to leave on his chin, Wanda thought him a very handsome young man, even though he was her son.

“What do you think of my blouse? It’s new.” Luke looked up from his phone and gave her a once over. Wanda waited until Luke was looking full on at her chest and then reached up and popped the top two buttons free. “Does it look better loose, like this?”

“Oh, hell yeah,” Luke grinned. “Shows off your tits better.”

“That’s what your father thought, too,” she replied, teasing her son. She cupped her breasts and lifted them a bit, feeling their weight in her hands. “You know, he was playing with them, not half an hour ago, right here.” She gave him a sinful grin and licked her lips before taking another sip of coffee.

Luke looked at his mom and then asked, “Did you fuck him?”

Wanda knew her son had a slight jealousy streak in him, now that they had become lovers. She grinned wickedly and said, “No, we didn’t fuck.” She sipped at her coffee, her eyes on his, and then added, “I did suck him off, though.”

“Bitch,” Luke muttered, but with a smile. “You’re a fucking whore-tease, you know it?”

“You wouldn’t want me any other way, now would you? Not anymore.” she replied. She turned and set her empty cup in the sink. When she turned back, Luke was standing behind her.

Luke took hold of her arms and gently pulled his mother closer. “Maybe I want you now, this way,” he muttered. Luke kissed her gently, his mouth coming down to meet hers. He then turned her to face the sink and just as his father had, unknowingly to him, he pressed his mother against the counter while pressing his hips into her ass. He, too, reached beneath her arms and cupped her breasts, and he, too, began to squeeze them while planting light kisses up his mother’s neck.

“Like father, like son,” she thought to herself. Only this time, she was ten-times more excited than Frank could ever have made her.

“I need you, Mom. I think I’m going to fuck you,” Luke breathed into her ear. “I’m going to fuck you right here in your kitchen. Right here where you sucked dad off.” He was roughly rolling and tugging at his mother’s heavy tits now, and the blouse buttons popped open quickly. Wanda was panting as her body responded to her son’s rough handling. She turned around suddenly and pulled Luke’s mouth down to hers. She kissed her son deeply and passionately.

Where their lips broke apart, Wanda sighed, “I’m sorry, but we don’t have time.” She looked up at him again, and then added, “I really need you, Luke. Your father got me so horny, but it’s you I need, right now.” She dropped a hand down his front and found his crotch. She gave her son’s cock a loving squeeze through his jeans, feeling how hard he was already getting, for her.

Luke kissed her again, and then pulled his mouth from his mother’s and reached into her bra, scooping her breasts up and out of their confinement. He held her left tit in both hands, and then brought her nipple to his mouth.

“Oh, Luke,” Wanda moaned as he began to chew at her nipple. “I love that, Luke. I love you chewing on my nipples.”

One evening, after they had made love gently but passionately in his bed, she had admitted to Luke that she had sometimes masturbated while he suckled at her tit, when he nursed as a baby. Sometimes, Frank would play with her pussy, and on the rare occasion, he would go down on her aching pussy. All the while baby Luke would be sucking on her nipples. In retrospect, Wanda imagined that this had been the key to her sinful progression, now that she and her son were truly lovers.

Luke moved from one nipple to the other and treated that hard bud in the same manner. He then lifted both of his mother’s breasts high and brought their nipples close together so that he could quickly move between them, sucking loudly at each for several minutes.

As Luke paid her breasts loving attention, Wanda reached for his belt and began to tug it open. Next, she popped escort gaziantep hikayeleri the button at the top of his jeans and yanked the zipper downward. She grabbed and pulled his underwear downward as she panted, “I need your cock, Luke,” and then reached in to wrap her long fingers around his thick, lengthening shaft.

“Oh, yeah,” Luke moaned. His mother had two hands wrapped around his shaft and was pulling him to full hardness. He pushed his jeans lower down his thighs and told his mother, “Get down there and give me what you gave dad.”

Wanda grinned widely at her son’s demands even as she once again slipped to her knees in the kitchen. Her son’s cock was already longer than his father’s, and it wasn’t yet fully erect. Luke’s wasn’t nearly as thick as his father’s was, however, but it was still a very thick cock. When she wrapped her lips around his bulbous knob, they stretched wide.

“Hhhmmmm,” she moaned as her son’s now-familiar cock slipped into her mouth. She put her tongue to work, stroking around and across his sensitive knob.

“Oooohhh,” Luke moaned as his mother’s now-familiar mouth engulfed his manhood. “That’s so fucking good,” he added as his hands went to her head, just as his father’s had. His hips rolled forward and fed his entire length into his mother’s willing, gaping mouth. Wanda gulped and gagged as her son’s knob pressed against the back of her throat. She hummed along its length as he pulled back, and then gulped again as he leaned forward. Luke was slowly face-fucking his mother, and they both loved it. However, as much as Wanda loved sucking her son’s big cock, she was already fired-up and in dire need of having her hot and ready pussy pounded.

After a few loving slurps, Wanda pulled her mouth free of her son’s manhood and while stroking her spit along its length, she looked up into his face. “My pussy’s so hot, Luke. It needs attention, too,” she purred.

Luke moved quickly. He reached down and took hold of his mother up under the arms and lifted her to her feet. “So, you need some big dick, do you? Is that what you want?”

Luke grabbed her by the ass and lifted her. She helped her son manage her weight by putting her arms around his neck. He sat her upon the counter behind her and pushed her knees apart. He stepped up to the counter and leaned in to again kiss his randy mother, full on the mouth. She kicked off her heels and wrapped her stocking-clad feet around his hips. Her crotch was spread open for her son, and his cock pressed hard into the fabric of her panties. She could feel his throbbing heat as she began to roll her hips against him.

Luke pulled his mouth from hers and shoved back until there was enough space between them for him to look down into his mother’s crotch. He grabbed the fabric of his mother’s black panties and pulled it aside, even as he was lowering his face into her pussy.

“Oh, Luke! Oh, my baby!” she moaned as Luke began to lick at her over-heated pussy slit. Her vagina trembled within seconds and she felt her belly tighten. Luke lapped up the cream she fed him and drove his tongue deeper in, searching for more of her sweet nectar.

“You’re so fucking hot, Mom,” he muttered between licks. “Does sucking cock always do this to you?”

“You know it does,” she replied.

“Does dad still eat you out?” Luke asked then, returning to lapping noisily at her as she contemplated answering.

“He hasn’t in a long time,” she finally said, panting. “And he was never as good as you are.”

“I don’t know why he wouldn’t love eating this fantastic pussy,” Luke beamed. He was looking up from between her thighs and she could see her juices glistening on his lips and chin. “Maybe I should tell him what he’s missing.” He quickly began to lick again at her, even before she could answer.

Wanda felt her body trembling towards another, higher climax, even as her son’s words flowed through her mind. Not for the first time she imagined what it might be like, to be taken by her son and her husband at the same time. She knew it would never happen. Frank was even more the jealous type than Luke was, and would go off if he even suspected she had been fucking around behind his back, especially with his own son.

“Please, Luke. Please don’t tell him. Don’t even hint at that, promise me.”

Luke gave her pussy another long lick and then answered, “I won’t, if you agree to a three-way with one of my friends.”

Wanda lifter her head to look at her son, who was ever so lightly flicking at her clit with the tip of his tongue. “Oh, please, Luke, don’t ask me something like that. I only want you.”

“I’ll stop licking, then,” he said and lifted fully away from his mother’s dripping, quivering sex-flesh.

Wanda shook her head. “I can’t, Luke, please don’t ask me to. I’d be so embarrassed. I know so many of your friends. I wouldn’t know what to do.”

Luke blew cool breath across her clit. “I know of a couple of guys that would like to do you. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying yourself. Nobody would say anything. It’ll just be our secret.” Luke gave her a long, lingering lick that made her tremble excitedly and moan.

When he stopped again, he said, “But if you’d rather not, I guess we could always go back to the way things used to be between us. You know, before this.” Luke licked her again, but only lightly.

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