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Deep, dark, restful sleep slowly gives way to the warm light of sensuality as the dream takes over my sleeping mind. I sigh contentedly in my sleep, burrowing just a bit farther down in the bed.

The fragrance of the crushed wildflowers surrounds us, mingling with the earthy scent of our spent passion. With a lithe, fluid grace, I jump up, leaving your embrace, as I race naked towards the clear water of the creek. You run after me, and I turn to look at you while I try to escape you, laughing with the sheer joy of the moment. I don’t see the tree root that’s sticking a few inches out of the ground, and I trip, sliding down the grassy embankment and landing in the creek.

The cold water is shocking, and my nipples pucker instantly in response. You run into the creek, worried that I may’ve hurt myself in my fall. I stand up and smile up at you before diving into your arms for a kiss. My momentum knocks you off balance, and soon we’re both almost completely in the shallow creek, you on bottom and me partly on top of you.

The cold water has had a predictable effect on your manhood. I look down at you and offer to warm it up for you. You climb out of the creek and sit on the creek’s edge. I kneel in the water between your legs, your flaccid member right in front of me. I’ve stopped noticing the frigidity of the water as warmth suffuses my body with the anticipation of your taste. My mouth descends, my tongue darting out to lick your head. The smell of “us” fills my nostrils, a sweet reminder of the passion we’d shared earlier, which quickly ignites a fire low in my belly. Avariciously, I take your cock into my mouth, bahis firmaları sucking it deeply. The heat of my mouth counters and soon overcomes the coolness of your skin, leaving you hot and throbbing in the deep recesses of my mouth.

I wrap a small hand around the base of your cock, slowly stroking up and down, as my mouth continues to work on you. I place nibbling kisses up your cock and around your sensitive ridge. Your hands tangle in my wet hair, holding my head in place as your hips rise up and down, urging more and more of your penis into my mouth and down my throat. I open up wider to accommodate you, enjoying your salty taste and how completely you fill my mouth.

My hand leaves your shaft, giving my mouth more room to work. Your hands in my hair are a bit more insistent, and the gentle force excites me, causing liquid heat to pool between my legs. With an audible *plop*, I give your cock a final suck before releasing it. I stroke it a few times with one hand while my other hand steals between my legs, spreading my moisture around and over my throbbing clit. A drop of clear essence appears on the tip of your cock. I bring the hand up from between my thighs, mixing the evidence of our shared arousal and rubbing it over your head. With a mischievous look up at you, I lap your head with my tongue, tasting the blend of you and me. You can do nothing but groan from the pleasure and the eroticism of it.

My tongue begins to work up from your head, first teasingly darting in and out of your belly button, before it moves up towards your chest. It trails over your stomach, where I stop to enjoy a few little nibbles. kaçak iddaa Then I find my way to your chest and your tight brown nipples. I lightly nibble your left one, gently biting it a little, then laving it with my tongue. I kiss my way across your chest to your other nipple, sucking it deeply into my mouth. I gently push you down so that you’re lying on your back on the creek bank. My mouth leaves your chest and kisses up your sternum to the hollow at the base of your throat where your pulse is jumping. I tongue that spot before kissing up your chin, along your jaw and finally, to your mouth.

Our tongues once more tangle together, making love feverishly, wanting to taste every part of the other. I can feel the hard, straining evidence of your desire against my soft mound. I angle my hips so that your head is just nudging the opening of my slit, then I slide down on you, impaling myself on your hard cock. I can feel you buried deeply in me, your head nudging my womb. You tell me to come down to you. As I lower myself, my breasts are dangling right over your mouth, and you capture a firm raspberry nipple between your lips. The pull of your lips on my breast creates an echoing pull deep within me, and I grind more insistently against you. My juices are dripping down your shaft, and my throbbing clit presses intimately against your trim groin. I ride you harder, feeling your tight sac against my rear as I come down on you.

Finally, with a scream, I come. My body grasps yours, convulsing around it, as pleasure floods my system. I continue to ride you through it, giving you every bit of me that I can. My juices are dripping kaçak bahis down your shaft, over your balls and lightly tickling over your tight backdoor. Spent, I can do nothing but collapse on top of you while I gasp for breath. So relaxed am I that I’m completely unprepared for you to flip me over onto my back, thrusting your hard cock into my tight wet hole. The sensation of your wide cock in so tight an opening rocks me to my very foundation.

You pound into me hard, searching for your own release. I wrap my legs around your waist and my arms around your neck, holding you to me. I feel your cock get impossibly larger inside of me, stretching me farther than I’ve ever been stretched before. Your body gets tense a moment before you erupt inside of me, your yell bouncing off the trees before evaporating in the warm meadow.

You kiss me, our bodies still joined as one. You drop to the ground beside me, bringing me with you, still wrapped tightly in your arms. Your lips nuzzle my hair as you whisper in my ear, “I love you, Dianne.”

You sit on your side of the bed, watching me sleep, and as you watch, you wonder about the smile that’s teasing my lips. It suddenly seems as if these words of love are getting louder. Not wanting this beautiful dream to end, I shift, fighting to hold on to it. My shifting brings me close to you. I frown as I realize that the dream is slipping away from me. Yet still, “I love you, Dianne,” is getting louder and more persistent. Then I realize that I’m not hearing you tell me you love me in a dream. It’s real, and it’s your way of waking me up. My eyelashes flutter open, and I focus on you. When I see you looking down at me with all of your emotions glowing radiantly on your face, I can’t help but smile at you.

“Good morning, Tom. I love you. I just had the most beautiful dream… of yesterday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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