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We talked about finding a third person to join us for awhile. We agreed that it didn’t matter if it was a man or woman, just so long as we saw a picture and we met at a public place prior to the encounter. We posted a few ads on the internet here and there but proved to be pickier than we originally thought.

We finally decided to settle on a man – young, in shape, dark hair and eyes, bisexual. After a few emails back and forth, we picked a meeting place and time. The day came, and we eagerly arrived ten minutes early. To our surprise he was already there! We had a few drinks, chatted, touched and flirted almost uncontrollably. After an hour, we paid our tab and moved towards the hotel, without ever discussing it out loud.

I entered the room and you both were sitting on the bed. Without hesitation, I crawled between his legs and felt his bulge through his pants. Looking over for your approval and seeing it on your face, I gently started biting into his pants over his bulging cock. Just a little tease.

I waited as you removed his shirt. I took your cue and starting working up thru his stomach and chest with my lips and tongue making sure to pay special attention to his nipples. I moved up to his neck. I reached over and grabbed your thigh so you could feel, by the pressure in my hands, the excitement running through me.

Straddling his lap, we locked lips. I made sure to use my soft lips on his. Our tongues met as I felt his hands on my ass encouraging me to hump him a bit. As I began rocking back and forth on him, you removed my shirt so I could feel his skin next to mine. At the same time, you reached under my ass to unbutton his pants. Now I know what you want to see.

So I kissed him again and started making my way down his body, giving you my hand as I felt you starting to suck on my fingers. As I continued down, I removed his pants to see his magnificent cock awaiting me. It was so hard and was just begging to be touched. I sat between his legs stroking him, looking at you for approval. When I saw you bite your bottom lip and lick the top one, I knew you were pleased.

I lowered my head to take his stiffness into my mouth. I moved up and down on his cock a few times to make it nice and wet. I removed my mouth for a quick breath and a string of his pre-cum kept me connected to his cock. I licked my lips to taste it then I lowered my tongue back down to lick the underside of his cock then down each side. He produced görükle escort bayan some more pre-cum so I scooped it up with my tongue with a quick glance at you.

You reached for my head and began pressing it back down on his cock. I worked him little by little making sure he was fully hard. Then, with one swift motion, I took him deep into my mouth and down my throat. The unexpected sensation caused him to almost yelp. Then his hands met yours and you both pushed down on my head making me gag. Your hands were encouraging me to continue as I started picking up the pace and fucked my own mouth. He removed his hands from my head to start feeling up and down your body as I kept his cock deep in my mouth.

He moved his mouth to your neck and he reached under your shirt to feel your breasts. You leaned in on him and kissed his mouth. I pulled my head away from his still pulsing cock and started licking up his body again, as you wondered what I was doing. I straddled his legs again aligning his cock to my ass and I lowered myself on him while you passionately kissed him. He moaned into your mouth to let you know how good my ass felt as he placed one hand on my ass and the other arm around your body.

Realizing what I’ve done, you removed your mouth from his to meet mine just as he started to bury himself all the way into me. He now had both hands on my hips, thrusting upwards as I bounced up and down on his cock. You kissed my neck and ears and told me how turned on you were by watching my sissy ass get fucked like this. You let me know that I have become quite the cock whore. And you like it. Then you asked me to turn around and fuck him so you can suck my cock.

Having my ass stuffed at the same time you sucked my cock proved to be too much as I started to cum in your mouth. I slowed my pace, and it wasn’t long before he tells me, “Oh no! Just because you came doesn’t mean I am done with your little ass, bitch.” He pushed me off his lap and I landed on the floor onto my knees. He quickly crawled behind me and started fucking me again. Hard.

He made sure to push with long, hard strokes and viciously pounded into my ass. Deciding to take advantage of the positioning, you laid down in front of me so I could eat your pussy. Mmmm, you were so wet. I licked at your clit, moaning while my ass was attacked from behind.

There you were looking up into this strangers eyes as he rips into me, bursa otele gelen escort the excitement drawn upon your face. Your nails were clawed to my head so I didn’t stray from your pussy as he continued to fuck my ass. My tongue was draped upon your pussy and my fingers were deep inside you. In and out my fingers moved at the same pace his cock moved in my ass. I took your clit between my teeth. You were too far gone to contain yourself at this point and you started squirting all over my hand and face. The excitement on your face was enough to put him over the edge, too, and he started cumming deep into my ass.

I collapsed onto the floor with your juices still glistening on my face and his hands still holding tight to my hips. Then you saw his cum leaking out of my ass, so you rammed a single finger in there to draw some more out and feed it to me. As I licked his cum from your finger, you noticed I was hard again. You put your finger back into my ass and moved it in and out, slowly at first, then quicker – adding another finger. Then 3 fingers into my ass. The expression on my face said it all. He noticed, too, and leaned down to suck me. My legs were spread while my ass was being finger fucked with his cum acting as lube. His mouth was still tight on my cock. You leaned to start kissing me as I came in his mouth. He crawled up between us to share my cum.

As we took turns kissing each other, I moved my hand down your body and started to work in an out of you again with my fingers. He slowly kissed his way down your stomach until he was licking your clit. With his face pressed against your pussy, you told me you wanted me to suck him again and get him nice and hard so you can feel his thick cock fill you like he did to me.

I did as you requested and sucked him. It didn’t take long before I made him fully hard again. Just as soon as I did, I was left to watch this stranger bury himself in you. You pulled my arm to bring me to your lips, sensing my sudden uneasiness. I stopped at your breasts before moving up to your lips. All the while he continued to fill your pussy just the way you needed.

I moved atop of you spreading my legs around yours, my back to him, our bodies pressed against each other. Our tongues met as he continued to fuck you harder and harder. He moved his hands to my hips as he buried himself in you, deeper with every stroke. Using my hips as leverage, much the bursa escort bayan way he did when he fucked me, he picked up the pace as he fucked you. He made sure to run it deep so he could capture all of your wetness. He went fast, and then pulled out suddenly. We kept our lips locked together so I didn’t expect what happened next. His dick, full of your wetness, suddenly pushed into my ass with a forcefulness I’ve never felt before.

I am compelled to break our kiss and let out a loud moan as I pulled away from him. He reached up to my shoulders and pulled me back onto him. You, realizing what has happened, placed your hands and nails onto my ass spreading me wider for him as he continued to fuck me harder and faster. You took his fingers into your mouth and licked up and down and then sucked on them, likely imagining his cock in your mouth. He pulled out and rammed hard into me again. Then he pulled back out and buried himself into you again. Not having any warning to the oncoming cock, you let out a whimper.

He pushed my hips aside and I fell to your side as you looked at your fucker, eye to eye, as he continued to work in and out of you at a fast pace. He quickly turned you over to continue working your pussy over from behind. You started pushing back onto his cock making sure you get it deep in you. I got in front of you and went between your legs to lick your clit as he fucked you. You are in a haze of ecstasy with the pleasure being brought to you at this point.

He took his dick out of you and inserted into my mouth. With the familiar taste of you from his cock, I hungrily sucked it up as he placed himself back in you and reinitiated his quick pace of fucking you. You were begging us to make you cum. You had one hand behind my head pulling me into your pussy, the other gripping the sheets. He pulled your hips onto his cock with great force. Unable to restrain yourself any longer, you started to cum so hard, all over his cock. It was dripping out of you as he continued fucking you. I tried to capture as much as I could in my mouth, but there was too much.

We heard his moans and you started to feel his cock pulsating inside you. Realizing he was close to erupting, you removed your pussy from his cock and replaced it with my face. He had my face pinned against his body as he fucked my mouth, grunting and moaning with each thrust into my throat. As expected, he came quickly. I only got a little in my mouth before he pulled out and splashed the rest all over my face.

You pulled me onto you on the floor as he picked up his belongings and headed to the bathroom. You gently cleaned my face and we kissed on the floor, holding each other with what little energy we had left.

We didn’t even notice him come out of the bathroom and leave — without even so much as a goodbye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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