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Female Ejaculation

The library is a large, well lit room, full of round tables w/chairs, scattered around and among the endless shelves and stacks of books. The room smells of book leather and weathered pages of literature.

I sit at my desk, which is neatly arranged with pens/pencils/stapler/computer etc.. I stare intently at the computer screen working. My hair is pulled back.. Partially. I am wearing glasses. My body is clad in a white button down dress shirt, first 3 buttons undone.. Hinting at cleavage and dare I say a naughty black lace bra. I have on a short grey skirt. And black pumps. My make up is natural.. A bit of mascara on the eyelashes.. And on my lips… nude/pink gloss.

Occasionally I hear a bubbling of laughter and conversation coming from a table just across from my desk. There are four of you sitting there.. Goofing off. I get up and walk to the table. I look at all of you and tell you to keep it down. This is a library. Not a bar. Or a social gathering place. You catch my gaze and give me a look of annoyance. I raise an eyebrow at you. “Is there a problem?” I ask. You reply no. You give me another smirk, irritating me.

I return to my desk. I go on w/my work.. Occasionally noticing continued laughter and talking coming from your direction.. Then all your friends leave and it’s just you.. A quiet you. You get up and head toward the back of the library. After giving me one more “bitchy” look.

I watch you. I notice you have on a pink v neck tank top that hugs your curves. A black short skirt. Black heels. Long legs. Full breasts. A delicate neck. Porcelain skin.

I have a cart full of books needing shelved so off I go. After a few minutes, I come across you in the “erotic lit” section of the library. I need to put books away, but you impede my passing. I notice that you are standing on the third step of a ladder reaching for a top shelf book. This makes you have to reach up higher.. Causing your breasts to rise.. And the skirt to ride up your thighs. I catch a glimpse of flimsy black lace see thru panties.. And a full ass filling them.

I begin to flush at the thoughts going thru my head. I want to kiss you against the bookshelf. Cup a breast.. Or an ass cheek. You look at me and ask if you’re in my way.. I reply no.. brush past you and put the books away.. Coming out of my daze.

You ask if the private reading/study room is available. I reply yes and tell you to sign in so you won’t be bothered. You take a very naughty book w/you and off you go to the room.

I return to my desk. Work a while.. Then the cart is once again full and I need to make the rounds. I finally come up to the entrance of the reading room. There is a large rectangular glass window that allows me to see inside. You sit there in a chair.. Your feet propped up on the wooden table.. Reading.. You don’t even know I’m watching.

Suddenly I feel an intense urge to go inside. I decide to use chastising you for your earlier behavior and attitude as an excuse. I enter. You look up pissed that I’m interrupting you. “Is there a problem?” you ask, throwing my earlier question back in my face.

“I just wanted to tell u that next time u and ur friends are here to keep it down.. Ppl need to study. In peace and quiet.. Not in the midst of giggling and conversation..” I reply.

You take an attitude with me. “It’s a free country. We can talk/laugh all we want. You should learn to loosen up a little and not be so bitchy.”

I glare at you. kaynarca escort I open the door, pull my cart inside, and “click” the lock on the doorknob. Your eyes go to my face, nostrils flaring. You don’t know what to expect. I walk toward you. Take the book from your hand and throw it to the floor. “I don’t like sass or getting back talked. I was simply telling you the rules of the library. And you don’t know me so don’t tell me I need to loosen up. I think you need a lesson in manners. You’re obviously lacking in that area… at least.. I say this as my eyes roam your body.

You stand up and I back you into the corner. “What’s wrong? Too bitchy for you? You can dish it out but can’t take it?” I ask. I reach out and roughly cup your cheeks making your face screw up and lips pout. I look into your eyes… which are filled with trepidation. “Are you ready for your lesson?” I ask.

I reach back and pull the band from my hair.. Allowing it to cascade and fall around my face and shoulders. I appear less severe this way. You calm somewhat. Slowly I begin undressing myself. First the shirt and bra, then the skirt… then the underwear, black lace which matches my bra. I’m in only heels now..

You’re still in the corner and I make my way back to you. We’re mere inches apart. I feel your breath on my face. We’re that close. I stick out my tongue and lick you from your collar bone to your neck, upward to the shell of your ear. I bite the lobe gently, nipping. And ask, “are you ready?” You stammer a yes…

I fist my fingers thru your hair and pull your mouth to mine in punishment. My tongue forces itself inside your mouth. At first you are unsure and surprised. Then you begin to kiss back. Heatedly. I pull away from you. “No baby.. I’m teaching this lesson remember?”

My fingers go to your tank top. I trace your breasts thru the material. Your nipples are already hard for me. My tongue traces the outline of the v of your shirt. Then I take my hands, grip the bottom of the shirt and raise it up and over your head/arms, tousling your hair. The shirt lands on the floor w/the book.

I look at your beautiful tits overflowing from the skimpy black lace bra that holds you. A delicious contrast to your pale skin. I kneel down and take one of your feet and place it on a nearby chair. My fingers trace their way upward, up the leg, to inner thigh, and then brushes across your hot wet center.. The flimsy fabric already wet. From your reading? The kiss? Or what is to come? We’ll see. I cup your mound and you moan. “Shhhh.. No talking.. No noise remember?” I say.

I remove my hand and reach behind you and unzip the skirt. It falls to the floor around your stiletto clad feet. Slowly I rise.. Allowing my fingers to trace upward again. I look at you and say “today is gonna be about accepting authority and obeying orders. Doing what you are told. Do you understand?” You nod yes.

I take my hands reach behind you and unclasp the bra. Tossing it aside. Your full, breasts, perfect globes, hang there. In front of me.. Tempting me. Your peachy/pink nipples are already pebble and puckering at my gaze.

I raise my eyebrow at you.. “hmm.. Where shall our lesson begin?” I take my hand and SMACK it against your left breast. Then do the same to the right. I take my fingers and roll your nipples roughly… I lean down and take one perky nip into my hot mouth..I moan. The vibration causing you to pebble harder. I lick your breasts all küçükyalı escort over and suck the nipples one at a time.. Then squish them together and suck both simultaneously. Squeezing them at the same time.

I go to my cart and retrieve from a black box, a pair of soft cuffs and a blindfold. I place the cuffs and blindfold on you.. I bend you forcefully over the edge of the wooden table. Your breasts press into the cool wood. Your ass is lifted to my gaze. I take my hands and rip the delicate lace panties from your body. They tear easily. I take my hand and SMACK your right cheek, then the left. I smirk at the redness there.. My hand print marking you. I continue spanking you several minutes reminding you about rules of the library. With each smack, you hiss. Are you in pain/or pleasure.. Such a fine line.

I tell you to crawl up on the table and lay on your back.. Arms raised above your head.. Legs spread but flat on the table. Your hands and arms drape across the edge stretching you lifting your breasts. I lick your nipples.. Then suck hard til they are stiff, and swollen.

You can’t see, but I’ve retrieved a set of feathered nipple clamps from my box. I trace the nipples w/the feathers. Brushing ever so lightly over you.. Then you feel the pinch of the clips clamping on you. You inhale sharply at the tingle. The sting. They are adjustable and I tighten them a few more notches. They look beautiful on you.

I spread your legs more. I go back to my box and return with a leather fringed whip. I take the fringes and begin at your face, tracing downward your body.. Allowing it to graze you in a caress. I linger on the breasts, abdomen, and freshly waxed pussy.

SMACK…. The whip connects with your right breast… then works across to the other. You try to control your breathing. To hold still, but you want to thrash. “Hold still.” I say. I raise the whip again and spank your clit with it. You almost rise off the table. I continue on swatting my way down your legs.

You are flushed red from the torture/pleasure. “Are you learning your lesson? Can you obey commands?” I ask.. And you reply yes…

I get up on the table.. And I straddle your face. My own smooth pussy hovers above your mouth. You cannot see due to the blindfold.. But you smell my arousal. And you sense the heat. Stick out your tongue Lauren. I command. I lower myself a little, and you raise your head. Allowing your tongue to meet my flesh. You slide it over me.. Up my slit.. To my clit.. Licking delicious circles. I feel a slow throb beginning to pull at me. I tell you to put your tongue inside me. Blindly you search out my hole. Then your pink tongue slides in.. Piercing me. Licking faster and faster. Then slow. I stop you.. I cannot allow myself to cum. I have to finish your punishment.

I move down your body. And you feel a fullness as two balls are pushed inside your hot wet pussy. I shove them in as far as they’ll go. Your hips rise when I hit the on switch and you feel the vibration begin. I play w/the settings.. Watching the response of your body w/each one. I settle on a medium vibration.. They begin to make your inner walls quiver and become slick. With moisture.

Then I raise your legs. And spread them wide. I look up at the feather clamped nipples.. And back to that glorious cunt of yours… laid before me like a feast. I lean down and lick a trail from hip bone to hip bone.

Then I work my way down to your clit. sancaktepe escort I suck it in my mouth hard and bite down gently. My tongue is swirling around your clit.. Caressing and torturing it.. I flick my tongue in quick strokes.. Then languid slow ones. My fingers spread you open now. I lick up your slit.. Tasting you.. So good.. Salt and honey coats my tongue.. I can feel the vibration from the balls still inside you. I speed them up and watch you squirm.. I turn them off and tell you not to move, do as you’re told.. You comply.

I pull out the balls, you gasp as I do at the sensation. I take my tongue and shove it in that dripping cunt of yours. I continue this torture varying the speed of my thrusts. And the depth.. I love lapping up your desire.. Like a cat licking cream. I insert two fingers inside you and fuck you with them.. Adding a third when you’re ready. You pant and moan. And start to apologize for your earlier attitude w/me. I reach behind me and get a long glass dildo w/ridges… and slowly I begin pushing it inside you. .you gasp at the coolness of the glass against your hotness. I push deeper and deeper adding pressure. I pull it out and it is covered in your juices.. I take the blindfold off of you.. And the cuffs. I allow you to watch me lick your wetness off the glass.

You give me a look of desperation. Needing to be finished off. My tongue goes back to work between your legs where I could stay forever. I rub my face all in it.. And I’m covered in your liquid heat.

You’re so wet now.. So hot. You beg me for more. I get up and you get angry that I’ve left you. I go to the cart and when I come back you see that I am wearing a purple strap on. I reach up and take the clamps off your nipples. I want them in my mouth while I fuck you. You shudder at the rush of blood coming back into them..

I get between your legs. I take the head of the cock and put it at your entrance. You don’t need lube.. I’ve made sure you’re ready for it. Slowly, inch by inch, I fill you. You gasp w/each forward movement. I begin to thrust. A building tension.. I push your legs wider and higher so I can get deeper… deeper still. I lean up and down and suck your tits into my mouth.. Biting the nipples and sucking hard. You lean up and take my mouth.. Fucking my mouth w/your tongue in tandem with the cock inside you.. You begin to buck harder now..

Abruptly I pull out of you. I make you get on your hands and knees on the table. I get behind you. I reach around and play w/your clit.. Flicking and pinching it. Mercilessly. I push the cock in from behind.. Taking you doggie style.. And you love it. I pull your hair making your back and neck arch to me.. Allowing me access to lick and bite and suck at you. My teeth rake your neck. I fuck you harder and harder w/the strap on. Deeper and deeper.. Higher and higher. Angling myself for your pleasure. You begin to scream and grasp at whatever you can get your hands on.

Your entire body convulses as you clench down on the cock.. Soaking it. I pull out and lick your pussy from behind.. Catching any leftover drops of cream. Mmm. Tastes so good.. I’d like to have seconds. I move to the front of the table and have you suck your cum off the purple cock.

I take it off and drop it to the floor. I take your mouth in a passionate but fierce kiss. Roughly, hard. Then softening..

“If you need any other lessons in behavior or attitude, let me know.” I whisper to you. Looking in your eyes. We continue to caress and lick/tease for a while.. Til we both come down from the high. Allowing the waves of passion to crest and crash.

We look around us, and notice the crowd gathered just outside the window to the room… Guess we gave them a good show, huh?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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