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All characters engaged in sexual activity are eighteen years of age or older.


Beth pulled into the parking lot of Paradise and parked next to the other cars lined by the front door. She got out of her car and pranced into the bookstore. She waved at Cindy who returned her wave from over in the café. Cindy was scrubbing the inside of the glass counters that would hold her sandwiches and baked goods.

Beth could hear all kinds of noise and laughter from over in the walled section of the store where Dreamlands was.

Beth skipped over and stopped to look at the four women working on taking merchandise out of cardboard boxes and displaying them on the various fixtures and wall racks. There were still a lot of unopened boxes piled throughout the space.

Diana looked up, “Good morning sweetheart!”

The others looked up with smiles and greetings.

Beth burst out in laughter.

The four stopped to stare at the giggling girl.

Once Beth stopped laughing she looked at the four confused women. She held up a hand.

“I am so, so sorry.”

Diana looked at her, “What?”

“Chip told me all about all of you last night and your…ah… parties. I was going to keep it to myself but one look at all of you and I just lost it. I’m so sorry.”

She had a huge grin on her face.

Kim looked up from sitting crossed legged on the floor by a display rack, “He told you what exactly?”

“All about all the sex every which way and in every imaginable combination,” Beth answered.

“Even…” Kim started.

“Yes, even about the sex with you and your husband.”

Kim rocked back on her ass hard, “Wow, he really trusts and loves you.”

Diana looked at the grinning woman, “Apparently, you’re okay with all that?”

“Are you kidding me? I owe you guys tremendous thanks. I see stars every time Chip takes me. He’s the most incredible lover I could ever imagine, let alone be with. I can’t stop thinking about him or how amazing he makes me feel whenever we’re together, especially when we’re in bed. Holy shit, I can’t believe I just said that in front of his mother.” Beth had her hand up covering her mouth as she turned bright red.

The women, even Kim burst into laughter at that.

Diana walked over to the blushing, grinning girl and put her arms on her shoulders, “Well then, officially, welcome to the tribe my dear.”

Diana hugged the giggling girl tight in her arms.

Kim got up from the floor and brushed her pants before walking over to the hugging couple. She put her hand on Diana’s shoulder, “May I cut in?”

Diana stepped away as Kim stood in front of the grinning girl.

Beth’s eyes beamed, “He made me, MADE ME, let him do the dishes last night after we had dinner. You are definitely mother of the universe in my book.”

Kim burst into laughter and hugged the grinning woman tightly into her arms.

“That would definitely get my vote for that reason alone,” Gwen laughed.

Sue smirked and walked over to wrap her arms around both women. “And after he finished them I bet he fucked your brains out until you saw stars.”

Beth giggled, “Well yeah, but I wasn’t going to tell his mother THAT.”

Kim burst into a new gale of laughter.

Sue got a new gleam in her eye, and she quickly walked over to the opening and looked towards the café.

“Hey Cindy!” Sue called.

Cindy’s black hair and then face appeared from below the glass counter.

“Beth knows all about us. We can ditch the clothes!” Sue called as she pulled her T-shirt over her head.

Gwen and Diana just shook their heads.

Kim chuckled and gave a soft kiss to Beth’s cheek before she walked over to the cash register area of Dreamlands and started to pull off her own clothes. Soon a naked Sue and Kim went back to their open boxes as if nothing was unusual.

Beth just looked at them stunned with her mouth open wide and then at Diana who shrugged her shoulders, “They made their own dress code a week ago when you weren’t here. What can I say?”

Gwen smirked, “Lack of a dress code more realistically.”

Beth shook her head, “Wow. Wow. Wow.”

She shook her head again and walked over to an empty section and reached down to open the first box.

About a half hour later, Kim watched Beth walk over to the cash register area. Kim had watched her sneaking peeks at both her and Sue the entire time.

Beth took a deep breath and pulled her t-shirt over her head. She folded it and placed it on the counter next to Kim and Sue’s clothes. She reached around her back and unhooked her bra and let it slip down her arms to place it on top of her shirt. She looked down at her naked breasts and took another breath. She turned to see Kim smiling, staring at her. She gave a little wave and blushed before walking topless back to her section of the store.

Later, a naked Cindy appeared in the opening between stores grinning, “I have the machines all hooked up, filled and ready. Can I take any drink orders on the house?”

Diana squealed and came over to hug the excited gaziantep bayan escort woman. Diana looked at the others, “I think it is time for a well-deserved lunch break. What do you say, girls?”

When Cindy saw the topless Beth come from around a fixture she giggled, “Wow, do you fit right in Beth! Welcome to the tribe!”

Beth giggled, “Diana said the same thing when I first got here.”

Beth let her hand rub against her left nipple. Cindy noticed the motion and smiled, “Wild isn’t it. Even after all this time I still get a tingling when I think about what I’m doing. I’ve truly become an avid nudist with some serious exhibitionist streaks. I never have clothes on at home ever.”

Beth smiled and laughed, “It is wild! I love it.”

Sue reached her arm around Beth and walked with her towards the café. “Welcome to life on the wild side. There is nooooo going back.”

The six women held hands in groups and walked through the store towards the café, two were fully dressed while one was topless and three were completely nude.

Beth shook her head. She had never experienced anything like it but loved every minute of it. She couldn’t wait to tell Chip about it later. She was looking forward to the stars that would follow.


Craig knocked on Jenny’s door. Usually he had a class at this time so he wasn’t sure what she was up to right then. He gave a huge smile when Jenny opened the door.

Her face lit up at the sight of him. “I thought you had Business Math right now?”

Craig laughed, “Cancelled.”

Jenny reached out and grabbed him into the room. “Claire’s A&P class just started, so we have plenty of time.”

Craig put his book bag down and laughed as he watched Jenny pull two bandanas from her dresser before going over to the door to knot one around the outer handle.

He laughed again when Jenny pushed him over onto the bed and climbed on top of him.

“Gee, and here I was going to ask you out to lunch.”

“Later, let’s work up an appetite first.”

She dived down to kiss him deeply as she reached down with her hands to tug his shirt up. They separated lips so she could get the shirt over his head. Before kissing him again she raised her shirt and tossed it aside.

Jenny smushed herself against him and purred when she felt Craig’s hands go around her back to unhook her bra.

As she kissed him her hands undid his belt and pants, her right hand plunging into the opening to feel his hardening length.

Her hand grasped his cock and tugged on it making Craig moan and wiggle his pelvis.

Craig let his hands slide down Jenny’s smooth back before slipping under the waistband of her jeans. He slipped under her panties and clutched her bare ass cheeks.

Now Jenny was moaning.

Craig leaned up and grabbed Jenny by the waist, swiveling her around.

She swung her legs over his head as her hands spread open his pants to push them down, freeing his whipping cock.

Craig pulled Jenny’s jeans and panties down her legs so she could kick them off. He used his hands to spread her flush lips open showing him the dark pink flesh inside.

Jenny moaned louder as Craig bathed her flesh with his flattened tongue. She swooped down and let her lips slide over his mushroom head. She let her lips stay around the top inch of his hard flesh while her tongue swirled around his plump head.

While she slowly brought her lips up and down his hard flesh she couldn’t help but gyrate her hips making her moist flesh wipe across Craig’s tongue.

It wasn’t long before her motions grew more frantic. She could feel the starts of trembles in Craig’s legs working up to his cock. She clapped her lips tight around his flesh and held tight as she felt his fluids channel up his flesh to erupt into her mouth. She gulped as quickly as she could as her own release crashed over her causing her to grind her sex into her boyfriend’s head hard and fast.

Jenny shifted her legs off Craig’s head as she rested her own head against his thigh. She watched as her hand tickled up and down his wet softening flesh.

“I really like your cock.” Jenny told him.

Craig chuckled, “I’m so glad.”

“Can I ask you something?” Jenny asked him quietly.

“Of course.”

“Have you been keeping me away from your mom to keep me from finding out about you and her or do they embarrass you?”

Craig looked up at his girlfriend who was still quietly staring at his flesh in her moving hand.

“Honestly, I was afraid I would lose you if you found out about my past with them.”

“I understand and that makes sense, but I know now.”

“Yes, you do and trust me, I have no secrets from you nor will I ever do that again.”

Jenny smiled and leaned over to kiss the side of his cock. It jerked slightly causing her to giggle.

“In that case I have a request.”

“Anything, my love.”

“I really liked your mother. It was so much fun seeing her at Matt’s wedding. Can we visit them some time?”

Craig gaziantep escort bayan laughed again, “It’s my sister’s birthday soon; I should find out what she wants for her eighteenth birthday. Can you hand me my phone from my pocket?”

Jenny used her free hand to fish in Craig’s pocket. She handed it up to him and watched as he hit a couple of buttons while she continued to play with him.

“Hey mom. How are you? Yeah, yeah I know, been a long time. I’d like to make up for that and find out what Cindy wants for her birthday. Can Jenny and I come over for dinner tomorrow? Great, thanks. Love you too. Yes, I’ll tell her.”

“How’s dinner tomorrow with my family sound? Oh, and my mom sends you her love.”

Jenny smiled, “See, I really like her. Thank you. Well, up for lunch or do I have to work up more of an appetite with you?”

Craig laughed and leaned over to kiss his smiling girlfriend.


After lunch at Paradise was over and the drinks were a huge success, Cindy went over to her back counter and pulled her clothes back on.

Sue looked at Cindy quizzically as she closed her phone.

“I’m interviewing candidates for the café, and I don’t want to scare them away.”

Sue laughed, “If they’re males, you’d have to beat them off with a stick if you stayed native.”

Cindy laughed, “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Soon enough Cindy was finished interviewing about seven applicants.

Diana and Gwen walked over to the café to check on Cindy as she sat at a table with a notepad and seven applications spread on the table.

“How did it go sweetie?” Diana asked giving her a hug across her shoulders before sitting down along with Gwen.

“Not bad. I’m still trying to figure out how many I need, two or three,” Cindy answered.

Gwen nodded her head, “We’re keeping pretty much the same hours as I did at Dreamlands with only Steph and an occasional extra during busy seasons. But you’re dealing with food and probably a bigger clientele.”

Diana nodded, “I’d go with two as it would be horrible to have to let somebody go if it turns out that we’re just not that busy. Don’t forget, Kim, Sue or one of us can always help in a pinch.”

Cindy nodded her head, “Two it is.”

She reached for her cell phone to call the applicants both hired and not.


Hours later Cindy was relaxing nude on her couch reading. She looked up beaming as Matt walked into the house carrying a bag of take-out Chinese.

Cindy closed her book and hopped up and followed her husband into the kitchen. Once he placed the bag on the counter and turned, she leapt up into his waiting arms hooking her legs around his hips.

After the two came up for air, Matt asked the purring girl in his arms how her day went.

Cindy smiled, “I served hot drinks to the gang. Everything worked great. They got Dreamlands all set up. I hired a staff to help me in the café. We are ready to open.”

Matt smiled back, “Nice.”

After hearing Matt’s stomach growl, Cindy reluctantly climbed down and went to a cabinet to get dishes and utensils as Matt took the various containers out of the bag.

Soon the two were sitting side by side enjoying their dinners.

“Oh guess what? Chip told Beth all about everybody and the parties.”

Matt almost dropped his fork, “Are you serious? Even about his parents? How did she take it?”

Cindy laughed, “Well, once Sue and Kim knew she was in on things they took their clothes off to work nude and before you know it Beth was topless with them.”

Matt laughed, “You know, I think you guys should make that your official work dress code. I bet you’d get a lot more customers that way.”

Cindy laughed, “Oh, I’m sure we would. You really want the whole world to see your wife naked, huh? And both your mothers and your best friends’ mothers.”

Matt just grinned as he grabbed another egg roll.

The rest of the dinner passed with the pleasant banter of lovers.

Several hours later, Cindy put her book down and stretched her supple body on the couch. She got up and went into the kitchen for some water before going into the small hallway off the kitchen to enter Matt’s computer gaming room.

Matt was sitting in his computer chair saving the world of imminent zombie invasion.

Careful not to startle him, Cindy coughed.

Grinning Matt clicked the game off and swiveled to face his smiling wife.

“You didn’t have to leave your game. I was just checking to see if you wanted anything.”

Matt smiled, “I’m good. Thanks, my love.”

Cindy was almost back into the kitchen when she heard his, “Wait a minute, Cindy. There is something I want actually.”

Cindy returned to see Matt grinning and pointing at his computer monitor. On the screen was one of the old photos of Diana’s ass with a dildo partially inserted.

Cindy came up and wrapped her arms around her husband while looking at the photo on the monitor she had first seen years ago.

“I think it was high escort gaziantep bayan time I had some photos of my lovely wife to admire on my computer desktop.”

Cindy laughed, “I take it you want one just like that huh?”

Matt chuckled, “For starters.”

“For starters, huh?” Cindy chuckled, “In that case I think it is time for some serious negotiating. What’s in it for me?”

Matt swiveled as Cindy burst into giggles at the gleam in his eyes.

“Well, I think a striptease with you ending on the bed masturbating and giving me an identical to the shot on my screen now is worth a dinner at MacKenzies.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. It seems to me you’re getting a better deal on that one, three things to your one.”

Matt smirked, “Tough negotiator, huh? What’s your counter offer?”

“Striptease, masturbation and anal shot for Mackenzies and going to see a movie of my choice.”

“Video tonight and Mackenzie’s and movie tomorrow?”

“Of course.”


Cindy stood smirking at Matt with her hands on her bare hips.

“I do have a question though.”

Matt looked at her expectantly.

“What are you going to videotape me with? Your phone?”

Matt’s mouth dropped open. He swiveled to look at his screen filled with his mother that he took using her digital camera which was in her house. He thought back to the videos in the living room with the camcorder that was in Diana’s house as well.

Cindy laughed at her husband’s perplexed look. She leaned down to wrap her arms back around his neck and shoulders.

“Tell you what,” she whispered in his ear. “It’s still fairly early. You head to Best Buy and get a camera that you’ll be happy with as I’m sure tonight is just the first of many, Mister Porno Director. You take your time while I get all gussied up for my solo video debut. I don’t want to hear any complaints at my choice of chick flick tomorrow.”

It took Matt longer than he wanted but soon enough he was parking the car and carrying his bags into the house.

Cindy looked up from her book as she was lying on the bed, “Bags? What did you buy?”

She wiggled around onto her hands and knees and watched as Matt put the bags down on the floor next to the bed.

Matt smirked at his gorgeous wife and her eager eyes. He wasn’t the only one enjoying this by far.

First, he took out the camcorder and placed that on the bed. Out of the other bag he pulled the long box containing the tripod for it.

Cindy giggled, “Holy crap, you really are going all porno director on me aren’t you?”

Matt sheepishly grinned.

Next Matt took out the DSLR camera and accessory kit.

Cindy just shook her head.

“Do you need any help?”

Matt chuckled, “I got this. I’ll tell you when I’m ready.”

“Good, I’m at the part where Wolf is taking Kitten to a BDSM club, things are heating up,” she waved her book up at him and curled back up by the pillows.

In about twenty minutes Matt looked up to see Cindy rubbing her nipples through her shirt.

“Good book?”

“Oh yeah,” Cindy nodded giggling.

“Are you all set?”

When Matt nodded with a grin, Cindy got up with a stretch then put her book over on the dresser. She looked at Matt and the camcorder on the tripod pointing over by the bookcase by the window.

She slowly sashayed over to face the lens. She shook her head at the sight of the other camera hanging around his neck from a strap.

“You sure it’s a lawyer you want to be?”

Matt just smirked in answer.

Cindy quickly scampered back over to her dresser and grabbed her phone. After fiddling with it for a minute the sounds of the Struts washed over the room.

Cindy danced to the beat back over to the bookcase.

“Oh, nice,” Matt looked at his wife through the side view panel and played with the controls.

Cindy swayed in place, running her hands over her chest and legs. She was barefoot wearing a white oxford shirt and her yellow chiffon skirt.

She grabbed the folds of the skirt and swished it back and forth, exposing more of her legs. On one hard swish Matt got a glimpse of bright blue near her hips.

Cindy let her hands glide back up the front of her shirt, clutching her breasts before her hands continued up to run through her thick black hair. Her body gyrated to Luke Spinner’s vocals.

She let the slower music of Mary Go Round take her. Her hands came back down to the front of her blouse and steadily her fingers opened one button after another until the shirt hung open on either side of her showing the bright blue lacy camisole she was wearing under the shirt. She threw her arms back which caused the shirt to glide down her arms to puddle at her feet.

She sped up as a faster song came on and continued to swivel her upper torso to the beat of Dirty Sexy Money.

She quickly pushed the skirt off her hips letting it slide down her long legs to join her shirt on the floor. She stepped out of it and swirled her body around toward the bed.

Matt swiveled the camcorder around following his wife clad in the bright blue camisole and sheer panties. Her dark nipples were clearly visible through the lacy top.

She let her hands rub against them in a circle motion.

Her hands continued down crossing over the front of the stiff material then her hands clasped the bottom and pulled it up and over her head, her bare breasts thrust out toward the camera.

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