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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking”

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Her head was rising and falling six inches at a time in steady rhythm. Kandi was moaning in excitement, both hands fondling George’s huge ball sack while she worked.

George had been in a very similar situation earlier in the day. With the mother of one of his friends. The difference here was that the remaining nine inches of his more than wrist thick dick was securely socketed in her throat! Kandi was the only woman he had met that could handle his immensity like this.

Her lips would press firmly against his groin before she would withdraw part way back only to slide all the way down again!

Sighing contentedly she pulled off his elephantine cock.

“God, it’s so much fun to deep throat your gigantic cock!” she exclaimed.

Kandi wasn’t big into dating with George. She was a lot more interested in straight-ahead fucking! When George had knocked on her door she had been wearing just a Nate Stupar NY Giants jersey. Not because she was a fan but because his number 57 matched her bust line! Wearing nothing but that jersey Kandi had pushed George onto the couch, yanked his clothes off and began an excruciatingly thorough blow job. In one slow but uninterrupted move she had pulled all of his dick into her mouth and throat. He was hard, of course, Kandi had that effect on most men. And she knew that he had plenty of cum to pump into her ever thirsty throat and horny hot pussy

As she continued to work her way up and down his pole she enjoyed the feeling as her throat filled and emptied with his huge dick. She knew that no one else could do to George what she was doing. No one could provide the experiences that she was able to with her lips and mouth, her throat as well as her constantly wet pussy. Not to mention the experience of feeling his shaft becoming lost between her behemoth breasts!

She needed to feel him fill her several times a week. Anything less made her cranky and irritable. It had been like that since she had first seen and sampled his fifteen inch long, three and a half inch thick God-cock. The day she found out how huge he was was the day she had thrown over her high bahis firmaları school boyfriend and never looked back.

Her ex-boyfriend Dickie, was all but living with Kandi’s high school BFF, Pam. Kandi kept rising and falling, recalling those events of several months ago. Pam, who had always been a little bigger up top than Kandi, had blossomed into a neck-snapping hottie just out of high school. Going from a svelte blonde tomboy to an overly stacked blonde seductress her “lady bits” had enlarged from a paltry B-cup to a luxurious H-cup pair of magnificent breasts! And while Kandi had always been a little jealous of Pam’s larger endowments, that increase to a staggering H-cup pair had pushed Kandi over the edge. She had signed up for a college lab experiment, hoping to be able to gain a few inches around the chest. She had achieved success beyond her wildest hopes!

Smiling to herself Kandi slid up and down George’s magnificent maleness. She could feel her breasts shifting heavily on her slender rib cage. From time to time they would drag her nipples across the carpet, sending shivers of excitement thru her.

The results of the college experiment left her with a pair of tremendously oversized hooters. Kandi now overfilled a 32-Y cup bra! Pam’s H-cup wonders paled in comparison to the flesh bags that Kandi now proudly carried everywhere. In fact, Kandi could show more breast flesh by standing with her back to onlookers than Pam could facing them head on!

“Fifty-seven inches!” Kandi exulted to her self. “I measure 57 inches around! I wear a 32-Y cup bra. When I wear one,” she chuckled to herself.

Above her Kandi heard George groan deep in his chest. He was about to cum, she realized. Thinking about her gigantic tits had gotten her excited and she had increased the pressure of her blow job with out thinking. Pulling back she used both hands to stroke and coax George to pump all of his cum into her suctioning mouth. Kandi swallowed three times and kept the rest in her mouth to show to George before she swallowed it all!

Squirming onto his lap Kandi snuggled into his arms.

His hand immediately began to stroke, cup and caress her massive mammaries.

“You love my big tits, don’t cha?” Kandi asked.

“You know kaçak iddaa I do, Kandi.” He responded. “You have the biggest, most amazing tits!”

“I really do! I have the most amazing set of tits! So much bigger than anyone! Bigger than Pam! Or that old hag across the hall with her pumped up pillows! Three times she has had enlargements. And I’m still so much larger that she is! So MUCH larger,” she emphasized as George continued to run his hands over her freakishly large hooters.

“I used to be a little jealous of Pam in high school. But now our positions are reversed! People barely notice her when we are both in the same room. Everyone keeps staring at me! At MY huge tits! At MY tight little ass and MY long legs!

“You know, I should compete in the next amateur night at the Rack Room! No one there has ever seen anything like me! I’ll win for sure!”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” George mumbled from deep in her cleavage. The twosome spent the rest of the evening testing George’s limits! He came while fucking Kandi’s hot cunt, while she jacked him off over her huge hooters, again as she sucked him off and once while she was worshipping his gonads. Kandi didn’t like that as much. His jism landed on her back and she couldn’t wipe it up and eat it as easily.

When George finally departed Kandi went into her closet to see if she had anything that she could wear at the Rack Room.

The next Thursday Kandi showed up at The Rack Room with the $50.00 entrance fee to compete. Wearing a loose fitting coat few of the people in the club had any idea of what they were about to confront.

Kandi spent a quick 15 minutes with the club’s manager to assure that she would be the final entrant in the amateur contest.

“Saving the best for last,” she told him as she knelt before him and doffed her coat.

Leaving the manager slumped in his office chair trying to catch his breath, she went to the performer’s ready room to scope out the competition. As she had thought there really was no competition for her. There were a couple of girls that had invested in breast enhancement surgery in hopes of catching on in the model/stripper world. But no one was even close to having a pair like hers! She was magnificently stacked. Larger than watermelons kaçak bahis yet firm and jutting, her mammoth mammaries framed her navel and toned abs without sagging. She was also at least as pretty as any of the other girls. Not that it would matter, she decided. Once the crowd saw her breasts, her ridiculously top-heavy body, it would all be over.

She waited quietly until it was her turn. As soon as she strutted on stage and let her overcoat fall to the floor it was obvious that she had won. After a moment’s stunned silence the crowd erupted into a howling, screaming mob. Cheering and applauding they encouraged her to swagger about the stage showing off her immense chest ornaments. Swinging her shoulders Kandi caused her boobs to bounce and shiver endlessly for their entertainment.

It was many minutes before the MC was able to gain any kind of control again. Dollar bills were showered upon the stage while Kandi wobbled her whoppers for all to see. Her nipples became erect from excitement as she basked in the adulation of the men in front of her.

Having won the $500 first prize she announced that she would be available for private “lap dances” at the staggering cost of $50 each. There was a run on the club’s ATM that emptied it in minutes and a line formed until management started handing out tickets to handle reservations.

It was well after closing before that last of the men that had waited patiently was allowed out. Kandi had made sure that each and every one of them had the experience of a lifetime. None of them was the equal of George but she had emptied each of them at least once and several of them had managed two loads for her to swallow or massage into her enormous breasts.

Kandi had developed a system. Each man was shown an egg timer.

Kandi would explain to them, “I will turn over this three minute timer. I’ll give you a tit fuck. If you don’t cum before the sand runs out I’ll turn it over again and give you a blow job. If you don’t cum again you get to fuck me anyway you want for as long as you can last! Deal?”

They all agreed but only a very few made it thru the tit-fuck and blow job challenge and got to fuck her. Those few that did never lasted long once they had felt the tight, active pussy that drained their balls in moments!

After taking a luxurious shower with the twin bouncers (who greatly enjoyed her own twin bouncers) Kandi headed home where George was waiting to try to satisfy her remaining carnal needs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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