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The last thing Gary expected was for Amber’s parents to show up. Thinking quickly, Gary came up with a plan and told Amber and Lance what he wanted them to do. Amber rushed into the attached garage (Taking the ring with her) As Gary and Lance sprinted up the stairs to Amber’s room. They turned the corner at the top of the stairs as the front door swung open.

Mrs. Harris walked in carrying a grocery bag. She sat it on the counter as the attached garage door opened and Amber popped in.

“Hi Mom,” Amber said, smiling as if mildly surprised to see her mother home so early, “I thought you’d be out shopping much later. Where’s Daddy?”

Mrs. Harris jumped when the garage door opened. “Amber,” She breathed in relief, “What in the world were you doing out in the garage? Your father is picking up branches in the front yard. You know he can’t stand to leave the yard looking like that..Oh, you know who we ran into at the mall? Kelly! She said she was going to come over later to talk to you about some new cheers. We asked her if she wanted to ride back with us and save herself a trip over later. She’s out with your dad right now.”

Amber blushed. “I was…looking for my cheerleader outfit.” She said, glancing nervously toward the front door to make sure her father and Kelly weren’t coming in. “I didn’t find it, but I did find this. Do you know if it belonged to Grandma?” She handed her mother the onyx ring.

Mrs. Harris felt the ring touch her palm and she froze.

Amber glanced at the door again. “Mom,” She began hurriedly, “Give me back the ring. Go up to my room and listen to Gary, He is a friend of Lance’s. You will obey every word he says. Go now.”

Mrs. Harris dropped the ring back into Amber’s hand as she turned and left the kitchen. She walked to the foot of the stairs and turned, slowly climbing them to the top. Amber heard Mrs. Harris open the door to her room just as her dad and Kelly walked in the front door. They tried to walk through at the same time but couldn’t fit. Mr. Harris stepped back to let Kelly come through first, both of them giggling like children.

Amber didn’t really like Kelly. She tolerated her because they were both on the same cheer squad. She resented the way her parents accepted Kelly like she was a member of the family. Amber felt more like a step child when Kelly came to “visit”.

“Hi dad!” Amber said, “Kelly! What a surprise!! Dad, could you give me a hand in the kitchen? I was going to make some lunch but I could really use a hand.”

“Hi kitten!” Mr. Harris, still grinning from ear to ear, said.. “Sure, I can give you a hand. Kelly, could you excuse us for just a second? I promise Amber will be back quicker than you can say jumpin’ jehosophat.”

Kelly glanced quickly at Amber. “Hi Amber,” She said, turning her eyes back to Mr. Harris. “Oh,” She said in an exasperated tone, “I suppose I can spare you for a few minutes.” As an after thought she added, “Hurry back Amber.”

As Amber led her father into the kitchen she wondered what was going on upstairs.


When Mrs. Harris entered Amber’s room, Gary immediately noticed her eyes were slightly unfocused. “Mrs. Harris,” He said as she shut the door, “Please sit on the corner of Amber’s bed.”

Mrs. Harris walked to the edge of Amber’s bed and sat down slowly.

“Mrs. Harris,” Gary began, “What is your first name?”

Mrs. Harris gazed up into Gary’s eyes. “Why, it’s Angela.”

Gary nodded his head. “Mrs. Harris, from now on we will call you Angela. When I call you Angela you will feel a deep, comfortable, familiar warmth in your loins. Do you understand…..Angela?”

Mrs. Harris grinned a lop sided grin. She changed her position. “Oh…..yes.”

“Good,” Gary smiled at her, “Angela, from gaziantep escort now on you will obey my every command. My desires are your desires. You will do anything and everything I tell you to do and you will find yourself doing it willingly. It will please you, because you want to please me. And it will excite you. Do you understand?”

Angela’s face held no expression. “Yes, I understand.”

“Is anyone else with you? Mr. Harris is here I presume?”

“Yes,” She said her voice a monotone, “And Kelly, a friend of Ambers. We ran into her at the mall.”

Gary’s eyebrows rose. Another surprise. “I want you to repeat my commands of you. And call me master. When you call me master you will feel a throbbing in your pussy, as if someone is sliding a finger inside you very slowly, a finger of electricity. Tell me what your instructions are.”

“Yes master,” Angela suddenly jerked upright, her eyes going wide. “I will obey your every command, master.” Her body shifted as she lifted her hips off the mattress, just a little. “Your desires are my desires, master.” She scooted her ass across the mattress and pulled back. A small moan escaped her lips. “I will do anything and everything you tell me to do master.” She moaned louder now, one hand pressing into the fold of her long skirt, between her legs. “I will find myself doing it willingly and it will please me, because I want to please you master.” The palm of her hand was moving slowly between her thighs now, pressing into the material of her skirt, and her words came out as a breath. “It will excite me. I understand master.”

Gary could smell her sex from where he was standing. He knew she was very excited. “Angela,” He began, “I want you to tell me what you think of Lance. Even though he is here in the room we are going to act as if he is not. You will tell me as if you are having a conversation with a close friend. As a matter of fact, as of now I am a close friend. I am considered a member of this family, as is Lance. Tell me.”

“Lance?” Angela’s eyes seemed to focus as they stared into mine. “I don’t really care much for him. He seems nice enough. He doesn’t seem like he’s all there. He makes me uncomfortable. He is not good enough for Amber.”

“Angela,” Gary said, grinning to himself, “I want you to reach under your sweater and undo your bra. Take it out and lay it on Amber’s bed.” He watched as she did as he commanded. “You will now stand. You will be aware of Lance being in the room with us. You will not remember our conversation about him. You will feel that uncomfortable feeling you mentioned. The closer he is to you the more you will feel it. You will not speak above a whisper unless I tell you otherwise. You will not resist anything.”

Angela rose from the bed. She glanced toward Lance and her hands clenched at her sides.

“Lance,” Gary said, turning toward the quarterback, “You heard what Angela said. Now is your chance to make friends with her.” He walked over to Lance and whispered something in his ear. Lance gave a lascivious grin. Lance looked at Angela and slowly moved toward her.

When Lance was standing directly in front of her he placed his hands on her sides and slowly let his fingers move up and down her waist. His hands touched her waist and slowly slid down her thighs, caressing her skirt. Slowly his hands rose back to her waist and began the pattern over.

Angela’s hands opened and closed. She turned her head, a slight sneer appearing. “What,” She began, her voice a whisper, but near frantic, “What do you think you are doing?”

“Angela,” Gary said, “Remember my commands. If you have something to say, say it to me. Remember what you call me and what affect it has.”

Angela turned her head toward Gary, her eyes meeting his, gaziantep escort bayan “Yes master,” She said, her hands opening and her fingers splaying as she said the word master. “Master,” She whispered, her hips moving forward just a little. Her eyes focused on Gary. “Master,” Her hips moved a little farther, as Lance continued to stroke her thighs through her skirt. “Why is Lance touching me, master?” Angela’s question came out as a breath, not a whisper. “I am very uncomfortable master.” Her hips moved forward into Lance’s touch as she said the word this time, and she moaned.

“Angela,” Gary said, “All this time you have felt uncomfortable around Lance?”

“Yes master,” She said. This time when she said the word her hands went to her waist and they began to follow Lance’s. They moved in the same direction as his, and when he changed direction she did too.

“Angela,” Gary said, smiling at Angela’s movements, “You are having an epiphany. All this time you thought you were uncomfortable around Lance. In reality you were attracted to him.”

“I,” Angela began, her eyes staring into Gary’s, surprise on her face, “I was master?” The tips of her fingers dropped suddenly to touch the tips of Lances’ as he continued stroking her skirt.

“Oh, yes,” Gary said. “You can feel it as he touches you. The more he touches you the more you want to be touched by him. You now realize that you have wanted him all this time. You watched him with Amber and you were envious. You felt Amber was too immature to introduce Lance to the joys of the female experience. She wasn’t…..worldly enough. She couldn’t behave the way you can behave.”

“Mmm, yes master,” Angela’s lips curled into a smile as her hips swayed, “I am worldly. I can teach him many things.” Angela’s hands stopped moving as she clutched her skirt in her fingers. Her eyes widened. “But master,” Angela said, “I am married! I can’t do this!”

“Yes,” Gary began, “You are married, Angela. But that makes it even more exciting. More excitement than you have had in a long time. You and Mr. Harris have a new relationship now. You both understand that you have…..other needs. Primal needs. These needs make your relationship even better. More exciting. You can feel it through every pore of your being. You no longer have any inhibitions. All is acceptable among us, your family.”

Gary stepped closer to Angela’s side. “You can feel your body responding. It’s so exciting to have your breasts free from their restraint, to feel the weave of your sweater rubbing against your nipples. You can feel your passion building with every stroke of Lance’s hands. When his fingers touch your flesh you will lose all control.”

“Yes,” Angela purred, her fingers kneading her skirt and making it rise over her knees, up over her thighs. Her hips swayed, thrusting forward as if tethered to Lance’s through some unseen medium. Gary stepped back.

He grinned with anticipation. Gary had often seen Mrs. Harris at the local mart and had even fantasized about her (When he wasn’t fantasizing about Mr. Harris). He had watched her walk, watched the sway of her hips, and wondered what she looked like under that material. Now he would find out. “Take off your sweater Angela.”

“Yes master.” Angela tossed her head back, her hair draping across her shoulders, a she wrapped her fingers in the neck of her sweater. She pulled it slowly over her shoulders letting the material rub against her breasts as long as she possibly could. A delicious moan escaped her throat as the hemline brushed her nipples.

Gary smiled. Angela was virtually an older clone of Amber. Her long blond hair draped her shoulders. Her breasts were perfect, just beginning to feel the weight of her age, and much larger, mature, than escort gaziantep Ambers. Her stomach was ripped and she clearly worked out, perhaps with Amber. Gary told Lance to remove Angela’s panties.

Angela’s fingers pulled the skirt even higher as she moaned. Gary could see the outline of Angela’s panties on her thigh; plain white panties. He watched as Lance hooked his fingers into the material and slowly pulled them down.

Angela placed her hand on Lance’s head as she lifted a leg to step out. She felt his knuckles brush against her flesh as he pulled them down and she felt wild. As her last leg stepped out of those entrapping panties she grabbed his hair and pulled him up to her. She crushed him in an embrace as she wrapped her arms around his neck and smothered him with a deep, passionate kiss.

Lance moaned and began to undress. As he did Angela worked to remove her skirt without breaking their embrace. She helped Lance work his T-shirt over his shoulders and she stared in awe at his ripped body. She watched as he undid his jeans and let them drop to the floor. Her eyes opened wide.

“He,” she began, still staring; “His Mr. Happy is smaller than I expected.”

Gary grinned. “Angela, we don’t use words like “Mr. Happy” to describe our sexuality. We say what we mean. And we find it exciting. He is exactly what you need. Exactly what you want. And you want to make sure I can see you.”

“Yes,” Angela said, her voice a throaty whisper. She climbed onto the bed like a panther, crawling the length of it and turning to face Gary. Her breast swayed under their weight. “Lance,” She said, “I’ve waited a long time for this. I can’t wait any longer. I want to feel you inside me. Get behind me and fuck me. Slide that cock into my wet pussy.” As she said it her eyes lit with delight.

Lance climbed onto the bed and slid his cock into Angela. She moaned loudly as she felt him thrust into her. Her hips rose and dropped as she pushed against him, taking him as deeply as she could. She moaned with each thrust and shook her head from side to side, her hair flying in all directions with each toss.

They went at it for about ten minutes, Lance thrusting into Angela, her hips thrusting back to take him. She moaned as she felt her orgasm begin, then Lance changed his rhythm and she lost the feeling.

“It’s just not enough, is it?” Gary asked. As he began to speak Angela stopped moving and her head jerked up to stare into his eyes. Her lips turned into a pout as she tossed her head from side to side. “You need a little something extra.”

Angela nodded. Gary stepped forward to the edge of the bed and unzipped his pants. He pulled his massive cock out as Angela’s eyes opened the widest he had seen.

“My goodness,” Angela said as she licked her lips, “That is the biggest cock I have ever seen.” Her hips started moving against Lance again, faster and harder than before.

Gary tapped the head of his cock against Angela’s lips and said, “Open up and say ah!” Angela’s mouth opened eagerly and he pushed his cock inside, feeling her throat hum as she actually did try to say ah.

He pushed his cock into her mouth as Lance continued to pummel her from behind. He felt her writhe in front of him as he told her she could cum. Gary felt her body compact itself like a tightly wound spring. He felt her thrust up into Lance and felt her hum into his cock, clearly exploding all around him. She collapsed into the bed, falling away from Lance, but her lips never left Gary’s cock until he stepped away.

Gary pulled back and smiled. “Angela,” Gary began as Angela stared up at him with a dreamy look on her face, “I think it’s time to get dressed and go downstairs to entertain our guest. Take Lance with you.”

Angela got off the bed and kissed Gary on the cheek. “Thank you,” She whispered, “That is the best experience I have ever had. Mr. Harris has had some….difficulties in the last few years. I had to resort to pleasuring myself in recent times.”

Gary whispered something to Angela as she began to gather her clothes. As she put one leg into her skirt the door opened. Mr. Harris stepped inside and stared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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