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The Opposite of Jealousy, Part 1

My wife has discovered the joy she takes in being pleasured by two men at the same time. I have discovered the opposite of jealousy: the excitement I take in watching, listening-and then-participating in her beyond vanilla MFM adventures. The breaking apart of our monogamous bond-a momentary fission-seems to release an energy that fuses us back together more deeply in romantic passion. Our favorite fucking (and our most intense orgasms) come now in the anticipation and afterglow of such play.

We also love fucking in hotels like we are having an affair. So we have invented an erotic game that drives us crazy when we travel or when we desire an x-rated escapade in our own city. My wife, dressed elegantly, but to seduce, finds herself a table in the hotel bar. Over a drink or two, she surveys the men, flirts with some, and then makes her choices. She hands two or three of them a note, with her room number at the bottom: “Come join me tonight at 9 pm.” Almost always, the men show up, Bostancı Escort and so do I, pretending I am just one of her choices.

The men at first are surprised they are not alone. Then she explains the rules. She will fuck each man who stays to play, and she will invite her favorite among them to remain sexing it up with her past midnight. Her grading rubric: size, stamina, talent.

She strips herself down, and beckons us to do the same, giving each cock, upon liberation from clothes, the caress of a little handshake. She and I steal glances at each other: the more wanton the look in her eyes, the more I return love and encouragement.

She lines us up, gives beautiful oral to each, reverencing our cocks, and then it’s a free for all with her in the middle of the bed. Never does she let on that I am her husband, although the heat between us could set off the smoke alarm. Finally, she chooses the lucky man. Sometimes she does not let me win. No matter, as we have the transcendent bond of a higher Kadıköy Escort fidelity.

The Opposite of Jealousy, Part 2

Our marriage is quite open to erotic play with other couples as well as single men, especially when we travel on vacation. We also love welcoming to our home city of Los Angeles like-minded erotic adventurers from afar who we’ve initially met online.

Our favorite time was with a couple visiting from Germany: he was a businessman, and he had a longtime affair with the woman who accompanied him. She was a very good writer, and we had a joyous correspondence before they arrived, which included exchanges of Sappho’s erotic verse.

When we met in their hotel room, after dinner together, we began sharing how much the confessions of our correspondence set us on fire. The woman then took out of her pocketbook a copy of something I had written, and she asked me to read it aloud for her.

I took the paper in hand, and as I did so, sitting in the chair across from me, she said wait Göztepe Escort just a moment. She undid her blouse, unhooked and removed her bra, stripped off her panties and hiked up her skirt, spreading her legs wide enough for us all to see.

She asked me to read slowly, and as I did so, she began playing with herself, one hand on her nipple and the other taking her pussy. I read for five or six minutes, and as I neared the end, she did too, timing herself, so when I finished, so too did she, taking herself shortly to climax, her face turning beet red as she exploded.

It was amazing. We couldn’t believe it. She was near breathless; we were near speechless. She asked if we wanted to see it again. Of course we said yes. She took another letter I had written that ended with a Sappho poem. She made herself more comfortable, taking off her skirt, her blouse all the way open.

This time she read it, again slowly, taking herself as she read it to us, bringing herself to another beautiful climax. Our letters served as our go between, as a romance did for Paolo and Francesca in Dante’s Inferno: she invited us into the bedroom of their suite. It was now time to incarnate words in the flesh.

Undoubtedly, it was our hottest act of ice breaking with another couple.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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