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The Orgasmatron II – Double Her Pleasure

My Husband just loves to surf porn on the Internet. He really enjoys seeing women getting pounded by Fucking Machines. He is always downloading short clips to show me. Some of the flicks are really wild. Women were getting fucked with dildos that were attached to all kinds of contraptions. Being the inventive person that he is, he decided it was time to modify the original Orgasmatron that he had created for me.

Striving to fulfill my needs to the utmost, he spent a couple of weeks designing an auxiliary arm that would support a second dildo. I have to admit that my pussy would get wet each time he showed me the new concept. I began to fully understand the meaning of the word “anticipation”!

One day we were sitting side by side at our computers and surfing some hot pics on the web. It was quite a while before I realized that he had brought in the Orgasmatron, and began making the design changes. I think I was subconsciously trying not to pay too close attention, because whenever he had me take a look at a change, I would get kind of nervous, and just say “Wow, I didn’t think you could get it working so quickly…and so well!”

Of course, I was dying to try it out! I orgasm so easily, I’ve gotten to where I purposely try to keep calm as long as I can, because once I have the first orgasm, they just keep on coming one after the other….So, I just continued surfing some hot scenes on my PC while trying not to squirm around too much.

All of a sudden, he told me he thought it was time that I took a shower and got into something very slinky, and of course, accessible. He said it was time to put the machine through a test run, so he could determine if any adjustments would need to be made. I have to admit; my panties were getting thoroughly soaked!

I think my mouth was actually watering a bit as I took my shower. I was quite anxious at the thought of having two 7 – 8 inch dildos’ stroking in and out of both of my honey pots simultaneously. I was squeaky clean and began slipping into my black Suspender Fishnet Pantyhose. Then I put on my black spandex halter dress, that zips up in the front, and topped it off with black patent leather heals. I added some makeup that resulted in me looking almost as hot as I felt.

When I walked into the bedroom, he had a porn movie in that had a beautiful babe getting it from too men at once! That really got my juices flowing. My lover had on a super şişli escort sexy silk thong, and I could tell by his hardness that he was also anticipating the pleasure I was about to experience. He just loves to make me cum!

The Orgasmatron was set up at the foot of the bed, and he had strategically placed a couple of extra pillows that would raise my lower body to the right height. Protruding from the machine was an arm with a dildo attached to it, but there was and additional arm that branched out to hold the second dildo securely. I was standing by the bedside, quivering at the thought of them both stroking in and out….making me feel so full……

He showed me that the speed was still variable by turning a knob at the end of a lengthy cord. He made the cord long, so I wouldn’t have problems reaching the controls. He is so thoughtful! When he turned it on, it very slowly started stroking forward and back, with each stroke travelling approximately 5 inches.

My panties were getting wet just watching him give me a demo on how the machine operated. I was also getting anxious to try this machine out! He helped me lay down on the bed and get the pillows positioned properly under my ass. I was so hot that I began running my hands over my body, building even more excitement for what was coming.

He moved down between my legs and slowly spread his favorite flavored lube all over my pussy and asshole. My nipples were so hard, I thought they might poke through the spandex! He began to slowly roll around the barbell that pierced my clit hood, and I just exploded! He didn’t really need the extra lube after my cumming so hard. He then began circling his tongue all around the barbell, then lightly sucking on it. The feeling was out of this world! His wonderful tongue was making me cum again, and again, and again.

I thought he was going to let me take a break, when unexpectedly, he slipped his tongue between my wet pussy lips, and began drinking my sweet juices. Wow, I was in heaven! Then he moved down and began slowly tonguing my asshole, triggering another massive orgasm. He would go back and forth between tonguing my tight rosebud, and sucking the sweet juices from my pussy. Then out of the blue, he’d start playing with my clit jewelry, and I’d explode again! Several orgasms later, he looked up and asked if I’d like to take a short break before we tested his design changes. Boy, I really needed a drink, and a chance mköy escort to get my breathing back under control.

After the much needed break, he helped me get comfortable, and then began to slowly alternate stoke my pussy and then my ass with his thick fingers. Man, I was going nuts! He took his time, until he was easily stroking 3 fingers in and out of both of my love holes. I came each time his fingers pushed into me. I couldn’t help myself! It felt so great! My sexy man said he thought I was ready.

He positioned the machine at the foot of the bed, with the arms almost fully extended. One arm had the 8-inch clear pink jelly dong, and the other had an 8-inch rubber cock. He repositioned the pillow under my bottom, and ensured that I was aligned correctly with the arm of the machine. He lubed the dildos’ really well, and then ensured my holes were also well lubed. The little devil! He just wanted to get me off with his fingers again!

Sufficiently slippery, I made a serious effort to totally relax, while he turned the controller knob, and slowly helped ease the dildos’ into my steaming hot cauldrons. Once they were both filling me a couple of inches, carefully worked myself further onto the massive members, so that they were filling me to the brim. Once I settled down, my hot lover turned the control knob ever so slightly. The dildos’ began to simultaneously glide in and out of my wet, hot holes very, very slowly. He asked if I was comfortable. I gasped in mid orgasm, and said, “They’re filling me up so much! I can actually feel the heads passing by each other.” Wow! I was cumming so hard! “Don’t forget to Breath!” my loving man said.

He slowly turned the control knob, making the dildos’ start steadily sliding through my holes! It felt absolutely fabulous! In and out, not quite exiting my pussy and ass, and then plunging back into my boiling depths. I’d have one hot orgasm, and then another would build right after it. My orgasms were already very intense, when my lover turned the knob on the controller some more. I thought it was already at the top speed! I was definitely wrong. The dildo started pistoning in and out of me quicker with each rotation of the knob. It never got “fast”, just a real steady quick stroking. Wow!

Then my hot lover started tonguing the barbell on my clit hood! Man, I didn’t think I would ever come down from that orgasmic high! I exploded in orgasm after orgasm. He finally turned the speed down, güngören escort encouraging my orgasms to change from strong, clashing thunderheads to never-ending, quivering ecstasy.

He finally turned the knob to the off position, and helped me drink some water and relax a little. The sweat was pouring off my body tingling body, as he slowly removed the dildos’ from my steaming hot pussy and asshole. As always, that triggered just a few more orgasms, which he thirstily lapped up.

We took a break so I could catch my breath, and freshen up. When I returned to the bedroom, his face was all one big grin! I told him that I thought he enjoyed that as much as I did, as I slid between his legs and sucked his rock hard cock into my mouth. I just love sucking his cock! I can tell when I’m giving him immense pleasure, and just the thought of it makes me orgasm as well, of course.

He loves to watch my hot ass squirm around while I’m licking and sucking his smooth balls! He suddenly sits up and reaches to dip his fingers into my hot pussy for some of that sweet nectar! Hot and still horny, I push him away so I can grab the anal probe. I slowly slide it into my asshole, then quickly laid down to continue pleasuring this wonderful man! As my ass is squirming around, the probe is just swinging around, back and forth. The feeling makes my pussy juice start running down and over my clit, which is super sensitive by now!

Knowing that my juices become sweeter when I’m giving head, my lover can’t resist pulling my head away from his cock, spinning me around, and diving in to lap up the tasty fluids. Then he flips me over, pulls me up onto my hands and knees, and sinks his thick, 7 1/2 inch, rock hard cock deep into my hot wet pussy! Oh wow, I’m cumming so hard again! It feels so great.

After stroking my pussy for a while, he pulls out and plunges his raging hard cock into my dark side. He is pounding away at my tight little asshole, and I’m cumming constantly. I’m thinking that it can’t get any better than this, when I feel his cock expanding and getting ready to blow. Somehow, this lifted my orgasm to a higher, calm plane that washed over me from head to toe. My ass clamped down on his hard tool so hard, he actually couldn’t shoot until I relaxed a tiny bit. We were writhing in orgasmic bliss for several minutes. When he slowly pulled out of me, it triggered yet another orgasm. Now that was one great ass fuck!

As we were catching our breath, he talked about how hard I was cumming while being double fucked by the Orgasmatron. He said that seeing me so totally orgasmic, actually made him cum a little while just working the controls and watching.

We’ll definitely have to do some double drilling again!

The end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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