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Audrey Bitoni

I love antiquing. My favourite pastime is literally looking through old junk of yesteryear. Flicking through books that smell like they’re soaked in history and dust. I love rifling through old clothes looking for a snazzy jacket or a cute pair of vintage sunglasses. I’ll tell you right of the bat that I’m not an oldie, rather, I’m twenty-seven, soon to be going on twenty-eight.

Today I’m on the hunt for old bottles, small and large, to use to house my indoor plant cuttings while they grow roots. I take a cutting, grow it out and eventually when its big enough, I take another cutting from it, and thus the cycle continues. Take that, big box nursery!

Mr. Jones, the old fella that runs the joint, keeps the old bottle section in a dilapidated shopping cart, with a crudely drawn sign that indicates the bottles are 50c. Most of the antique bottles get brought in by relatives of dead oldies. Most of the rare ones get snagged within minutes of them being placed in the cart. The others are for the non collector, like me. Who even knew these things could be collectable, but I guess people collect the weirdest things, as we all learnt from the Guinness book of world records.

Rifling through the cart, I come across few beauties, weirdly shaped tonic bottles with the most gorgeous aqua colour. I pick around five bottles I liked and went to walk away, but something caught my eye. Amongst the deluge of bottles, a completely full and sealed tonic bottle with a cute love heart, sat at the bottom of the cart. The liquid was pink, but there was no label. I absolutely adored the bottle, so I decided to get it. The contents were probably some old timely concoction to cure a headache – most likely containing cocaine and arsenic. No biggie, I could easily pour that down the sink when I got home.

Once I got home, I immediately went to my sink to begin soaking and scrubbing the bottles. I’m an impatient gardener and I really just wanted to see how cool my window seal would look with the light shining through these vintage bottles. After scrubbing most of the bottles in hot soapy water, I picked up and inspected the full one. It had a wax seal around what I assumed was a cork. I grabbed a kitchen knife and carefully began slicing the wax, much like a good old bottle of red. I was never good at doing this. Suddenly there was a loud pop and the contents of the bottle exploded all over my chest. I screamed lousy and then stood there, stunned, holding the bottle as the pink liquid dripped down my breasts and down into my shorts. I swear to god if it stains my new white bra, I’m going to lose my shit.

I decided to finish scrubbing the bottle before I went and washed off the old mystery liquid which had since turned clear. Maybe the liquid was only pink because it wasn’t exposed to air? I hope it isn’t poisonous, I really cannot be fucked going to the hospital. Especially seeing tonight I’ve got a shift at the Cut, a local BDSM bar.

A few hours pass, and I’m rushing out the door to get to my shift on time. Preparing for a bdsm event always takes extra time because I have to fit my fat ass into the tight, latex catsuit that we’re required to wear. Its a decent compromise considering the pay and the fun of seeing a bunch of sexy people spanking, tying and stretching each other with numerous contraptions in a dark basement keçiören escort bar. Unfortunately, I’m just there to walk around with trays of refreshments, towels and condoms. I’ve had plenty of offers to be tied up, and plenty of begging subs pleading for me to be their mistress. Alas, I got a job to do!

Two hours into my shift and It has already been one of the busiest nights of the year. I’ve been running around in my bloody stilettos like a headless chicken, and I’ve had to evict three men for being creeps. I was already exhausted and to top it off, I was feeling extra hot and sweaty in this latex catsuit. It was feeling tighter than it already is, and I still had four more hours of my shift to get through. I was making my way through the raunchy crowd, through the squeals, moans and cracking of whips, until suddenly something weird happened. A jolt of pleasure shot through my tits and down to my pussy. Did…I just have a mini orgasm? I mean, I know my surroundings make me horny…but I’ve never had a spontaneous orgasm just from watching. I was frozen still as a wave of heat and pleasure radiated throughout my body. Suddenly gurgling began to radiate from my chest area and I heard the sound of stretching latex.

Guests began to stop what they were doing, and directed their shocked eyes directly at my chest. Before my very eyes, my tits…my modest c cups began to balloon. They were growing rapidly behind my latex catsuit, which was so far stretching to accommodate them. I felt intense heat and pleasure as my tits expanded from C to D, DD to E and surged onward to what looked like a very full F. My nipples grew hard and swollen and were piercing through the thin latex. I looked up to see everyone in the club watching me with their mouths agape, and some with very hard cocks. ‘What is happening to me?!’ I squealed, squishing my breasts down in an attempt to stop the growth. My pussy leaked and twitched with pleasure, and my tits stretched tighter as they filled up and became round and full. I couldn’t believe the site of my tits now two giant globes contained barely by the stretched latex. I poked and prodded my expanding titflesh and watched as they jiggled and sloshed like two overfilled water balloons. Suddenly as if my hands had a mind of their own, I uncontrollably groped my expanding bosom as each squeezed caused my pussy to twitch and drip. I squeezed them hard and felt my tits fill out and become heavier between my fingers. I pushed against them and watched them jiggle back even larger than before. My tits blew up easily to the size of two overgrown watermelons and the black latex began to show signs of extreme stress.

“That latex won’t hold for much longer,” a woman as she covered her eyes like I was a balloon ready to explode.

The intense heat radiating in my huge mommy milkers moved down to my pelvic region. My stomach dropped as I realised that the latex around my already fat ass was suddenly becoming tighter. I turned my hips to try and get a look and watched in horror as my ass jiggled and inflated. It was like it had a mind of its own, as if it had been taken over by ‘Flubber.’ I noticed some men jacking off as they watched my ass expand and grow fatter by the minute. The latex stretched and groaned under the pressure on my overgrown curves and I knew it kızılay escort wouldn’t hold for much longer before it busted. Not only did my ass cheeks grow fatter, but my cheeks became round and taught, defying gravity with their perkiness. My hands directed themselves to my t booty and I began to squeeze and spank myself. This caused my ass fat to bounce and jiggle, and seemingly increased the rate of expansion. The latex groaned and creaked and my ass was running out of room to grow, stretching the suit to its absolute limit.

‘Somebody help me?! What is happening to my body?!’ I cried, groping my expanding assets.

‘What’s happening to her pussy?!’ Someone called out while pointing at my groin.

I looked down to see a bulge rapidly forming, followed by two other distinct bulges. The first bulge grew long and thick, while the two others grew rounder, hotter and fuller. I felt an enormous pressure between my legs…a growing ache like something needed to be released.

The thick, long mass grew down my pant leg, reaching my knee before it stopped. The other bulges expanded further before stopping at a size that resembled two party balloons stuffed into my catsuit.

I felt my tits begin to stretch again, and they became heavier. I felt as if they were filling with a warm liquid and the sloshing as I shook myself only confirmed that. A sickening groan erupted from the latex before a loud pop erupted from within. The catsuit busted right down the back, ripping in all directions. A giant cock and two pendulous balls exploded out of the remaining torn suit, and a burst of clear liquid spurted from its purple, throbbing head. There was an eerie silence over the crowd as they stared at me and my insane new figure. I felt like my brain was changing, like I was becoming an insatiable dominatrix that needed to plant my cock in every pussy in the room.

Suddenly there was a cry from the crowd.

‘I need that cock!’ A buxom, short haired brunette yelled before bolting towards me.

I watched in shock as she fell to her knees and without hesitation, attempted to fill her drooling mouth with my new giant slippery cock head. She could only take in half of my throbbing head, but she began to suck like her life depended on it. She swirled her tongue around my frenulum while her other two hands vigorously stroked my giant shaft. I felt my balls tighten and stretch, and I watched in arousal and shock as they grew and grew. Were…were they filling with cum? I wondered. The pressure from my new member grew and grew to the point where I feared I would simply explode…until I did. A rush of pleasure flooded up my shaft before torrents of warm liquid burst forth from my spasming head. The buxom brunettes cheeks puffed out and her eyes widened as her belly was pumped up round and taut with my hot seed. My eyes opened for just a second to see her already busty chest inflate rapidly, breaking through her lacy maid outfit with ease.

‘Fuck!!’ I squealed as cum kept exploding out of my cock and into this cumsluts tits.

Wave after wave of intense pleasure jolted through me, and I became even more horny watching my new slaves tits expand to the size of basketballs. The slut groped her melon sized breasts and squeezed hard – almost like she was trying to get something out of kolej escort them – like she was milking herself. She let out a muffled moan and I watched in awe as her tits grew five sizes in less than ten seconds.

‘She’s gonna pop!’ Someone yelled out in response to the brunettes ever inflating bust.

I heard a muffled squeal and a rush of warm slimy liquid erupted at my feet. Looking down I saw the brunettes nipples squirting out litres of warm cum all over the floor and my feet. Her mouth had detached from my exploding cock, but my ejaculation wasn’t yet over. Jess, a fellow waitress at the club ran towards me and dropped to her knees as thick spurts of my hot cum covered her from head to toe. She opened her mouth and smiled as she swallowed mouthfuls of my girl cum, and before long her tits and ass began to rapidly expand too. Meanwhile, the brunette was writhing on the ground, bouncing on her massive swelling tits like two yoga balls, while her ass jiggled to a size that put ‘pixar moms’ to shame. I watched in arousal and horror as she too grew a fat cock and a pair of overinflated balls. She immediately inserted her new monster cock between her gargantuan swelling tits and began to tit fuck herself.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – groups of women at the club fighting each other to lap up the puddles of my cum, followed by similar growth changes. It was like a new viral outbreak, a growth pandemic with the main symptoms growing a huge pair of fat knockers, insatiable libido, a giant dump truck ass and a huge stallion cock. What the fuck had I started?! What the fuck had I spread?!

My thoughts about this sweeping sexual pandemic quickly turned to thoughts of fucking. I honed in on the brunette, slumped over her yoga ball tits, while she still fucked them. What was left of her silk maid costume was barely holding her fat, swollen ass. I approached and ripped the silk away, before I plunged my aching cock into her leaking pussy. I began to pump my cock in and out as she squealed and thrust her own cock faster. Each pump caused my balls to swell and stretch as they filled with my next giant load. I held on as long as I could, I had plans for this one.

I looked up around me to see the entire congregation furiously fucking each other as they drank each other’s viral cum and grew like I had. Even the men began to transform, as their cock and balls expanded and filled with extreme amounts of cum.

I fucked the brunette slut harder and faster as I felt my balls reach their limit. She began to buck and jolt as she blew her own load between her beanbag sized tits – which attracted other women to launch themselves in the firing line.

‘I’m going to make you pop, slut!’ I screamed as my cock exploded once more.

Pump after pump of hot cum flooded inside the brunette, causing her belly to inflate larger and larger. She squealed and moaned with each litre of cum that filled her. Her belly began to push her up as it expanded to its absolute limit.

‘I’m going to blow!!’ She cried.

I felt an intense pressure from inside her pussy as I was violently forced backwards, followed by an intense explosion of my cum from the same hole. She screamed as buckets of my juices shot out of her twitching pussy. Other guests launched themselves in front of her erupting cunt, letting the hot liquid fill their mouths.

The post orgasm knocked me back into reality for a split second and I couldn’t believe what was happening. I couldn’t believe what was spreading, and I began to worry what would happen if it spread to other adults. Was I patient zero?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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