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The story takes place in a considerably well off private school in India. It is partly inspired by real life events. All the characters are above the legal age of consent.

I’d suggest reading the first story to get a feel for the setting of the story. The characters are independent though.


Couple 2

“I hope tomorrow’s exam won’t be difficult like the last time,” sighed Indu.

“I don’t know why all Math teachers aim to fail us. Are they trying to prove their intelligence to us. Like, look at me, look at all the extra brain I’ve got, at the cost of balding my head” said Sai, playfully imitating their math teacher. Indu chuckled at Sai.

Sai and Indu have been friends since the beginning of this year at school. It just happened that they sat besides on the first day and hit it off pretty well. They always hangout together and discussed fashion, makeup, books, songs, people etc.

It was late in the evening and they both were walking back from the extra class, which they have been attending for a while at their Math teacher’s house. He had told it’s a must for everyone who had scored below the class average in the mid-term.

“Hey Sai,” a voice came from their back. They both turned and looked in the direction of the call. It was Shiv. Now, Shiv is an extremely popular guy in school. He’s the best in sports, very athletic body and hotshot among the guys. Obviously he had failed the Math mid-term and was forced to attend the extra classes.

“Sai, I need to say something to you,” Shiv said, his head towards Indu “Alone,” he added.

“It’s okay she’s my friend,” Sai looked at Indu and then back at Shiv.

“No I just…” started Shiv.

“It’s okay Sai, I’ll be on my way. You catch up with me quick,” interrupted Indu and started walking away. Shiv waited for Indu to walk a while and turned to Sai. She was looking at him impatiently.

“I’m having a party at my house, after the exams and I want you to attend it Sai,” he said. “with me,” he added. You could say he was tensed and restless, just like any other teen at such a situation.

“I have to study for the finals after…,” Sai was declining and paused as she heard his last words. “Oh you mean like a date?” inquired Sai.

“I like you very much Sai,” blurted Shiv.

Sai went reaction less hearing that. Her head dropped and her face got red and hot. She was blushing and it was all new to her. No one before had expressed romantic interest in her. An awkward silence prevailed.

“Where exactly is your house?” Sai asked.


A month later Sai and Shiv were the most popular couple in the school. Yes, she did attend the party, they started going out on dates etc. There were also gossips Kurtköy Escort that the students saw them kissing in the library, making out in the stairs, even going to the restroom together – which was not true. They haven’t gone to third base yet, until today i.e the last day of school.

Shiv had talked about sex with Sai earlier. Sai told she can give him a hand job but nothing more. Shiv wanted her, the whole of her. So he told he’d wait. As the school approached the end, he played the blackmail card, argued they may never meet again and got an yes from her. The problem was both their mothers were homemakers and even if their homes were empty, they can’t use it cause the neighbours would definitely see them.

“I don’t mind the girls loo,” offered Sai. Shiv hugged her and kissed her in the cheeks, just like a kid who’s mom just told that she would get him ice-cream.


It was the after lunch hours of the last day of school. Sai’s class had English for the hour. English was taught by an old lady, who was usually fun and light hearted. Since it was the last day, she had let the students free and may come to her if they had any doubts. A class let free has to be noisy and it was.

Sai was looking at her watch, as if she was expecting something to happen at any moment. She glanced to her side and saw Indu sketching in her notebook. She hadn’t been spending much time with her since Shiv. But a friend ought to understand, isn’t that the custom. She got back to looking at her watch. A few moments later, she stood up to leave.

“Where are you going? Don’t tell me you have doubts in English,” laughed Indu.

“Ohh I’m just going to the restroom,” said Sai and walked to the teacher. She whispered something into the teachers ears and excused herself from the class. She was taking long strides and looked very anxious. She went in the restroom and looked across the stalls and noticed the last but one was locked. She went near and knocked the door twice.

“It’s Sai,” she whispered. She heard the bolt unlock and the door opened slightly. She saw Shiv peep through the gap. She immediately swung open the door fast and closed it just as she entered in. Shiv’s hand grabbed her hips and dragged her closer.

“You’ve got some courage girl,” he said as their eyes met, and started kissing her. Sai took one of his and placed it on her breasts. Shiv grabbed with his handful and massaged it, making her nipples really hard, he could feel them through her clothes. His other hand moved to her ass and grabbed it firmly. The kiss continued passionately. Every muscle of her pleaded for attention. But Shiv could do only so much with his two hands.

He slowly started grinding on her. Sai then Maltepe Escort felt something unusual between them. She was confused and lost concentration on the kiss. Shiv broke the kiss, and they both took time to inhale some air.

“I was keeping it ready so we could get straight to business,” Shiv grinned, as she stroked his bulge through his pants. Now Sai was really curious. “Go ahead and unzip it,” said Sai. She held the zipper in her fingers and pulled it down. She moved her hand inside his pants. She felt hair brushing her palm and a really warm and hard flesh member. She held it in her hands and pulled it outside.

“I like it,” said Sai. Shiv put on the condom he had in his pocket. Sai lifted her skirt and reached her panties. She pulled it down as the fabric rolled against her thighs and fell at her toes.

“Cute panties,” complimented Shiv. Sai lifted her leg and took the panties out and held it in her hand, so as to not spoil it.

“Can you bend over the toilet seat?” asked Shiv. She put her hands on the wall and took a few steps back with her legs.

Shiv pulled up her skirt to reveal two round firm ass cheeks. He held them with his hands and kneaded them. He could see her dark butthole and a lot of hair below that. Meanwhile Sai closed her eyes blushing, as she had her privates open for a guy to use to his wish.

“I’ll try to go in,” said Shiv. He moved his pelvis in between Sai’s spread out legs. The tip of his cock touched the lips of her pussy. He slowly increased the force at his hips. Sai clenched her teeth and tried opening her up to let Shiv in.

After some minutes of trying Shiv went in, or at least halfway in. Sai felt an immense pain like someone was cutting in through her body. She was not crying but her eyes were wet. She could feel being filled up down below her abdomen. She squeaked out loud but midway clenched the panties in hand to shut her mouth. She turned back, panties in her mouth and nodded, asking him to proceed.

Shiv proceeded with the penetration. Sai’s pain was receding, and she felt satisfaction like that of rubbing an itch. She was now craving for more. Shiv picked up pace with his thrusting. He was now going in and out freely. He loved how tight she was. His cock was pushing aside her virgin pussy and the friction against his skin felt exquisite. He lifted one of her legs and asked her to place it on the toilet seat. He now went in harder and faster. Sai was constantly whimpering cause of the thrusting.

Shiv stopped after a thrust. Sai could feel his cock pulsing inside her pussy. She wanted more but she was content with what she enjoyed till now anyway. Shiv pulled out, removed the condom and washed himself. Meanwhile, Sai Tuzla Escort adjusted herself from the posture and started putting on her panties. They both kissed for a short time and grinned.

“It was great Sai,” Shiv grinned sheepishly.

“Same for me Shiv. I better get going now,” said Sai and winked. “You wait for a few minutes and leave, so that no one doubts us,” she warned and left.

Sai walked back to her class and sat at her place. But the wetness in her pussy hadn’t dried and made her uncomfortable. She adjusted her panties through her skirt. Indu suddenly left her place.

“Where are YOU going now?” asked Sai.

“Ohh to the restroom,” said Indu.

“Nice sketch,” complimented Sai, looking at her notebook. She didn’t want Indu to catch Shiv coming out of the girls loo.

“I know what you’ve been upto Sai. Your pussy smells,” Indu whispered in her ears and left the class. She didn’t bother to ask the teacher for permission. Neither did the teacher see her leaving the class. She was busy engrossed in a book.

“How and what does she know? Hope Shiv doesn’t get caught,” she thought. Meanwhile Indu reached the restroom. She opened a door to see Shiv adjusting his pants sitting on the toilet seat.

“Shoooo…” sounded Indu, with a finger on her lips.

A few minutes passed and Indu wasn’t back. And then it occurred to Sai. Tears swelled up in her eyes. She didn’t want to accept the fact.

Back in the restroom, a pink trimmed pussy descended upon Shiv’s raw dick. Indu’s hands rested on Shiv’s thighs and her legs on the toilet seat. Shiv was sitting beneath her with his pants down to his feet. Indu was naked from her bottom riding Shiv like an expert.

“Grab my breasts,” demanded Indu. Shiv took both of his hands and placed it on her breast.

“Press them harder idiot,” sighed Indu while moaning with pleasure. He now squeezed her breasts. Her moans increased.

“I’m close,” announced Sai. Indu didn’t bother and continued riding. She wanted to take all the dick she can have at the moment.

Shiv let out a groan and came inside her. Indu felt the hot and thick semen inside her. She stopped thrusting and started rubbing her clit. She made a monotonous moan while rubbing faster and faster. She stopped the moaning and took a deep breath. Her body shook, shivered while her pussy gaped and closed. She orgasmed just as Shiv finished shooting his cum in her.

Indu came back and sat besides Sai. She adjusted her butt on the seat. She was still dripping cum in her panties. She saw that Sai was crying. Just then a guy in front turned to Sai and asked why she was crying and if everything was okay.

“Ohh she’s just having her girly problem. You know cramps and stuff,” she shrugged him off and smiled.


Feedback and Comments are welcome. Do help a beginner writer.

It turns me on very much to know that I helped someone orgasm. Please do write to me your personal experience with the story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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