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First of all, I must apologise for keeping you waiting so long for this chapter, I’ve been very busy being a naughty girl, it’s true you know, bad girls do have more fun.

So The photo shoot, Part two. It would be advantageous to have read part one first, so that you know how we got to this point. Like part one it is fictitious, but drawn from life experiences.

All in the story are 18 or over


By the time mum and I got to our feet, dad had gone, he didn’t say anything else. As mum and I dried ourselves off, we talked about how much dad had seen, but actually, we didn’t have a clue.

Mum suggested that I went to my room and stayed there until the morning; she would go and talk to dad.

I wasn’t sure that I could face him, if he had caught me with any other girl it would have been embarrassing, but with my own mum, oh my god! How was he going to take that?

I went to my room not envying what mum had to do, was she going to face an angry dad? I kept telling myself that if he was angry, surly he would have said something at the time, but then maybe he was too shocked to say anything, or was he so angry that he needed to go and calm down.

I didn’t bother putting any clothes on, it was a warm evening, but too early to be going to bed, so just laid on the bed naked.

Midnight, and I was still laying there worrying, so many thoughts going round in my head, my worst fear was, that I had I created irreparable problems between mum and dad, I just couldn’t get that thought from my head.

It must have been three or four in the morning before I eventually drifted off to sleep.

I was dreaming, mum had come into my room, I was laying on my back, she was running her hand up my inner thigh and across my pussy, I was enjoying it, I was moaning softly as she gently eased a finger between my pussy lips, I was getting wet. You know how some dreams are just so real, so clear, mum kissed me, “oh my god!” That was just too real! I opened my eyes, Jesus Christ! I wasn’t dreaming, mum was there in my room touching me, kissing me. she quickly put her wet finger to her lips “Ssssh”.

It was 7am dad had gone down for some breakfast, mum had come in to see me and seeing me there naked and spread out couldn’t help herself. She decided to wake me by fingering my pussy and kissing me, what a lovely way to be woken up, If only I could be woken that way every morning.

Once I had recovered from the surprise awakening, I asked,

“Ok so what about last night?”

“Well actually I think a lot is going to depend on you darling.”

“How mum?”

“Well at first your dad was very angry as you can imagine, but once I got him talking about it, well it turns out that he is jealous.”

“Oooh that’s interesting.”

“Yeah once I got him talking, he admitted that he had been turned on by you showing him your pussy.”

“So did he admit that he had to have a wank when he left the room.”

“He did more than that darling, he admitted that in his head he was fucking you while he was wanking.”

“So do you think he wants to fuck me mum?”

“I think he probably would like to darling, especially after he saw us last night, as I said he admitted that he was jealous. I have persuaded him that he should do an erotic nude shoot for you at the weekend. That gives me time to find out just what is in his mind.”

“Would you do a set with me mum, a naughty set?”

“I would love to darling, but lets see how things go through the week, I’ll talk to your dad to see If I can find out how far we can push him.”

That is how it was left, Mum left the room. “Are you kidding!” I wasn’t going to allow that. You can’t believe I would let her leave without finishing what she had started.

“You come back here Mum!”

“W w what do you want?”

“I want you back here, I want you to finish what you started.”

Mum came back in with a huge smile on her face, she leaned over me, kissed me and lightly ran a finger over my pussy. That felt so good, like an electric shock. My body jumped as she touched me, but then she stood up and walked away.

“NO! Come on mum, please!”

“Sorry darling, remember how you teased me last night until I couldn’t take it anymore.”

I had persuaded mum to join me in the shower last night, I thought to myself at the time, “she is mine now,” but it would appear that it is maybe the other way round.

With that mum left the room, leaving me to get my rabbit from the drawer to finish what she started.

I lay on my bed playing with my rabbit, unable to get thoughts of what had happened over the last 24 hours out of my head. I was pounding my pussy for all I was worth, wishing it were my dad.

Jesus Christ what had I started and where was it going, why was I wanting my dad to fuck me? That thought had never entered my head until now, but here I am masturbating wishing that it were him.

I always had urges to let my dad see my pussy, but had never thought about him gaziantep bayan escort ilanları fucking me, now I can’t get that thought out of my head.

Crazy thoughts were running riot, “Come on up here dad and take your little girl, fuck her, use her.” Fuckin hell, this was crazy, I actually wanted my dad to fuck me.

I wasn’t surprised about mum, we have always been close, she was always unnecessarily there to help me get dressed for a shoot and looking back on it, all those times her fingers strayed across my pussy or lingered on a nipple, obviously not so innocent after all, but I had enjoyed it when she touched me, innocent or not.

Dad on the other hand, he had always been the firm one with me, telling me to behave whenever I got even a little naughty when shooting.

Trouble was I always enjoyed teasing him; I knew he would always zoom in and take a few close-ups between my legs, before telling me off. I loved it when I saw a bulge appear in his trousers, I would giggle inside “I’ve done that to him.”

Any other time there was no indication at all, that he might want to fuck me or even touch me, he was never one for cuddles or kisses, not since I had grown up anyway.

Mum on the other hand had always been very close, giving me unnecessary cuddles and kisses. I never complained of course, I always enjoyed it, just didn’t know why. I had just accepted it, but now! Oh fuck what have I done? I’d opened a fuckin Pandora’s box.

“Where was this going, should I stop it now, do I want to stop it? Do I really want my dad to fuck me?”

All these thought were trampling my brain to a pulp. “No I don’t want to stop it, yes I do want dad to fuck me, I want them both to fuck me, to use me.”

I really wanted to see where this would go, I had asked mum to do a naughty shoot with me and she had said “Yes” Jesus fuckin Christ, I really was becoming an incest whore. I was still abusing my pussy with my rabbit and getting carried away, being transported into another world, an incestuous world, when mum walked back in, waking me from my filthy incestuous thoughts.

“Come on, stop dreaming young lady, you’ve no time to be playing with that thing, you are going to be late for work.”

“O o oh yeah OK mum, I’ll be down in a mo. Did dad really say he wants to fuck me?”

“Well that’s what he indicated darling and he is definitely jealous of me having you last night, but saying it and doing it are different entirely. Do you not want him to?”

“Oh fuck yes of course I do, I can’t get that thought out of my head, I want to be used by both of you, I want you to have fun with me, but are you OK with that?”

“Oh yes I’m ok with it darling, if that is what you want. Now get yourself downstairs for some breakfast.”

I showered, (yes again) dressed and had breakfast. I opened the door leaving for work, as I did so, mums voice came from the kitchen.

“Haven’t you forgotten something?”

“Don’t think so mum.”

“Oh yes you have, don’t I get a kiss before you leave”

I went back in to mum, she was sat back leaning on the kitchen table, as I approached her, she put her arms out and pulled me to her, our mouths met, our tongues collided and twirled around each other.

“Oh shit, caught again!” Dad had been watching us. A voice growled from the hallway, “Put her down you don’t know where she’s been”

At least this time dad was being humours about it, mum never flinched, just carried on, not letting me go. We had to come up for air in the end and I had a train to catch, but before letting me go she whispered in my ear, “Hurry home tonight, I want you.” I didn’t reply, I turned away, and left to catch my train, but mum knew I would rush home, she knew I wanted her, as much as she wanted me.

Sat on the train I could think of nothing else, with all this going round in my head, it dawned on me. that mum hadn’t even tasted my pussy yet, to be honest we hadn’t done much at all, but it felt like we had done so much, things were moving at such a fast pace.

The day dragged on, my job was so fuckin boring, but mum had asked me to get home as early as I could, fine, but that was making the day drag even more.

“Thank fuck,” I thought, “just 10 minutes to go.” I packed my stuff away in the office, 5pm I was on my way home. Mum was waiting for me in the kitchen when I walked through the door.

“Hi ya darling.”

“Hellow mum, I could do with a cup of tea, it’s been a hard day, then I’m going to have a shower.”

I knew why mum wanted me to come straight home, but I didn’t want to rush things. While the kettle boiled mum pulled me to her.

“Come here and give your mum a kiss.”

“Now why would you want me to kiss you mum.”

“You can stop teasing darling, you know I want you, I have done for a long while, but didn’t know how to go about it, until you kissed me in the kitchen yesterday.”

“If only you had known mum.”

“Known gaziantep escort bayan ilanları what?”

“That for a long while I have fantasised about sex with you, actually I fantasized about owning you, to having you for my sexual pleasure whenever I wanted to.”

“Oooh I like the sound of that.”

“It seems like the feeling is mutual.”

“Yeah I guess we’ll just have to own each other, ha ha. So what about your dad, did you fantasize about him as well?”

“No no no, I never gave that a thought, not even when I was flashing my pussy at him during a shoot”

“Well he’s thinking about it now! He’s talked about it all day.”

“Mmmm, this has all moved so fast, do you mind if dad fucks me?”

“No I don’t mind darling, but you do realize that this is so wrong, we shouldn’t even be thinking, let alone talking about it.”

“Yeah I know mum, but it feels so right.”

I left it like that, headed upstairs for a shower, half-expecting mum to join me, and was disappointed when she didn’t. Exiting the shower, I wrapped a towel round myself and went to my room. Mum was in there naked, I was a little disappointed because I had hoped to undress her, but never mind I got to see her delicious body again, she had a bottle of massage oil in her hand, “come on you, get yourself on the bed face down.” I did as I was told, mum climbed onto the bed after me and straddling my waist and sat back on my bum.

The air filled with perfume as she poured a little oil into her hands, placing her hands on my shoulders she spread the oil across my back and then started massaging, “OMG that feels so good.” I don’t know if she knew what she was doing, but it felt right, I was instantly relaxed and drifting into a world of pleasure, her thumbs reached the back of my neck, always such a sensitive place. Mum slowly and very gently traced the line of my spine up the back of my neck creating a fuzzy tingly sensation across my shoulders and into my head, couple that with the heady perfume, I was drifting away into a world that I had never been to before.

Mum realised that if she kept that up, I would have an orgasm way too early, so much to my disappointment she stopped, but the disappointment didn’t last long. She paced her hands flat on my back fingers spread, her thumbs together on my spine, bending her fingers slightly and digging her nails into my flesh, she slowly dragged her hands down my back.

The tingling caused by her thumbs going down my spine was enough, but the scratching as she drew her nails down my back and across my bum cheeks was nothing short of sensational, she was taking me to new heights, I would have let her do this all night.

Mum had slid herself back so that she could drag her nails across my bum, but now she had put her arms around me and was lifting me up getting me onto my knees with my head still on the pillow.

She started dragging her nails down and across my bum again and at the same time started licking her way slowly down my bum crack. She reached my rose bud, OMG she was driving me crazy, spreading my cheeks she licked round and around my bud, the tingling in my spine had turned to electric shocks, I was now shaking uncontrollably, my head was swimming. I felt like I was going to pass out as mum started licking deep into my pussy, searching out my clit.

Every muscle in my body started to pull tight, I could feel a wave of heat pulsing through my pussy, I could feel my hot juiced rising up through me. Mum was licking my clit making me scream out as I exploded into an unbelievable orgasm that tore right through me, mum hadn’t moved, I had no control over what was happening to me, I screamed out again, as I let go a stream of hot cum into her mouth and over her face,

Mum lay down on the bed beside me, with my cum still dripping from her chin, I was still on my knees, still trembling and panting, I felt like I had just run twenty miles. Mum pulled me down onto my side and snuggled into my back, whispering into my ear, “did you realise that your dad was standing in the doorway the whole time, watching us?” I answered breathlessly “OMG, was he taking photos?” Mum didn’t answer for a few seconds, that made me think that he had and I was thrilled by it, but then felt disappointed when she said, “no he wasn’t, he hasn’t got his camera, but I’m sure he would have liked too.”

Mum asked if I would like her to show me off to dad while he takes photos, now, instead of waiting until the weekend.

Well of course I would, but then I thought “should I really let her do that, it was so wrong, this was my dad.” Was I having second thoughts? No of course I wasn’t, those thoughts didn’t last long, an overwhelming desire to let dad do it, took over, I desperately wanted it to happen. Was I going to be used for more than just a few pictures, would dad want to fuck me? After all, this hadn’t been planned like this, it wasn’t supposed to happen until escort gaziantep ilanları the weekend. He hadn’t really had time to think about the possibility of doing that, but the thought was so exciting, if he wanted to do it, I wouldn’t stop him.

I told mum that I didn’t want to see dad, so to tell him to get his camera and while he was gone she was to blindfold me. I thought it would add to the excitement if I couldn’t see what mum was going to do to me.

She went to the dressing table and came back with a piece of black cloth, tying it round my head she asked, “is that too tight darling,” I didn’t want it coming off, so replied “tighter please, I want it to stay in place.” Blindfold in place I told mum, “now you and dad can do whatever you want with me, I don’t want you asking, I don’t want to know anything beforehand, I just want you and dad to have fun.” Mum thought about that for a while before saying.

“Are you sure that’s what you want.”

“Yes mum, just have fun.”

“Anything? Can we do anything, what if your dad wants?”

I interrupted mum mid sentence.

“Yes mum if that is what he wants to do.”

I heard dad come back into the room, I heard him asking why the blindfold, and heard mum explaining, then the conversation turned to a quiet mumble. I was nervous but excited, more excited than I had ever been before about sex, I was hoping that they were going to make the most of this opportunity and if I am honest hoping that it wouldn’t be the last time.

Mum took hold of my arm, led me out through the door and down the stairs, I was assuming that I was being taken into the studio, I was wrong, they took me into the front room and left me standing there for a couple of minutes, it sounded like they were moving furniture about.

OMG! the tingling that ran through my body as my dad picked me up, his arms wrapping tightly around my naked body. I didn’t want him to let go of me, it felt so good, but I was hoping that there was more and better to come.

Dad laid me on the coffee table that was between the settee and the fireplace; mum had obviously placed some cushions on it to make it more comfortable.

I could smell mums sex as she straddled my head and lowered herself so that her already dripping pussy was over my mouth. I could hear dads camera clicking as mum gyrated on my face, my tongue desperately trying to get to her clit. I felt a stinging sensation and let out a yelp as she slapped my tits, hard, from both sides.

That was unexpected, but to my surprise, I enjoyed it, in part maybe because I was enjoying being used in this way. It was a good job I was enjoying it, because I heard dad tell mum to do it again as he had missed it the first time, he wanted to get a close-up as her hands made contact with my tits.

Mum took hold of my nipples, rolled them between her fingers and pulled on them, again that hurt, but I enjoyed it, was this a new thing for mum, being able to be rough? I wasn’t sure, but she seemed to be enjoying herself. All the time I could hear dad’s camera clicking,

Mum was still gyrating on my face but intermittently now. The gentle mum had gone, I was dragged into different positions for my dad to photograph me, my nipples were stretched, my pussy was spread, pulled open and finger fucked, she had even stuck her fingers up my arse, and then put them in my mouth. Where was it all going, where would they draw the line? That didn’t worry me though, I trusted them implicitly. I knew that if I said stop, they would, but that wasn’t going to happen I was enjoying everything way too much for that.

My legs were lifted and spread wide, “now keep them there you little whore,” mum told me, as she let go of them. Fuckin hell, she’s really getting into this, calling me a whore now, but I loved it. I heard mum telling dad, “be ready to catch this,” then felt her hand crash down on my pussy, “fuck that stung!” The shock wave that it sent through my body was something else though, I nearly orgasmed there and then.

Mum sensing that I was enjoying it, spread my pussy with one hand to expose my clit and then slapped it with her other hand, again and again, I screamed out as an orgasm ripped through me, every muscle, every sinew pulled tight, it was like I was being given electric shocks. My pussy was convulsing, expanding and contracting as waves of pleasure and pain mixed to create an unbelievable sensation. Mum had stopped slapping me, but I was still shaking uncontrollably, dad wasn’t taking pictures any more, at some point I had sprayed my juices all over him and his camera.

I was left laying there on my back while mum and dad poured themselves a glass of wine, I sat up, my pussy still tingling, I could feel my juices still trickling from me, my hair was soaked, I was sweating and breathing heavily, a glass was put into my hand as I started to gather my senses again. I was still blindfolded and couldn’t tell if that was it, or were they going to carry on.

Where had my gentle loving mum gone, this wasn’t what I had expected at all when I told her that they could do anything to me, but OMG, I had enjoyed it, I can’t remember enjoying anything more.

Dad took the empty glass from my hand, wrapped his arms around me again, lifted me and sat me on the settee. He spread my legs wide. I heard the clicking sound again, but this time, not from dad’s camera but from mum’s phone. “Is dad going to fuck me? OMG I hope so.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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