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The Photo shop by Candyman666©

Although each chapter is a story on its own, you might enjoy it more by starting with chapter 1 as there may be references to characters or events that happened in previous chapters.

Chapter 15: A painful day at the beauty parlor and a photoshoot.

Astrid gave me a call to let me know that the photoshoot for her Fall collection was about to happen and that she had asked Bethany to contact Linda and get her ready.

Linda later told me the whole story in great detail in her own words.

My phone was ringing and I picked it up, “Hello, this is Linda.”

“Hi Linda, I’m Bethany from the beauty parlor. Astrid asked me to give you a call to make an appointment so we can get you ready for your first photoshoot for the Fall collection.”

“Oh Hi Bethany, yes Astrid mentioned that it was about to happen and that I had to come and see you.”

“Excellent, excellent, so how does Friday grab you? Can you be here at nine so we can do the whole works on you?”

“Friday is OK for me; should I do anything special to prepare myself?”

“No, no, we’ll take care of everything, I know exactly what Astrid wants and how she wants it. Just be prepared to spend the whole morning with us.”

“Fine, I’ll be there, see you Friday then.”

“Oh my God,” I thought, “it’s really happening now.”

So Friday I arrived at Bethany’s beauty parlor, a bit nervous I must admit, as I had absolutely no idea what ‘the whole works’ meant.

“Morning Linda, welcome, right on time, I love that in a person, especially a younger person as they tend to be sloppy with appointments, but clearly you’re not one of them.”

“Hello Bethany, was it?”

“Yes dear, but you can simply call me Beth.”

“Great, Beth it is.”

“Please come through, have you ever been treated in a beauty parlor before?”

“Oh no Beth, I could never afford such treatments.”

“Well you’re in for a treat then, but maybe also for a big surprise. I don’t want to frighten you but beauty sometimes also comes with some pain, you’ll see, or better still you’ll feel.”

“Please don’t scare me, I’m already very nervous as it is.”

“Don’t worry we’ll take good care of you. Take a seat in the chair, and we’ll start with your face. Maybe better to remove your shirt; we don’t want to spoil it with our products.”

I slid my T-shirt over my head leaving me in my bra and slid into the chair that Bethany indicated, still pretty nervous. They started immediately to apply some sort of gooey stuff on my face.

“This is a peeling,” Bethany said, “it will remove all dead skin cells from your face making it look fresh and bright again.”

“It feels strange but smells good.”

When the mask was applied, Bethany started on my arms with what felt like some sort of oily substance, telling me that it was also meant to rejuvenate the skin and she was going to apply it to other parts of my body as well. I had closed my eyes and let Bethany do what she needed, slightly dozing off.

“OK Linda, now we come to that part of the treatment that might be a little painful,” Astrid said. “You will also model part of the underwear collection, so we need to make absolutely sure no hair is showing anywhere on your body. Would you mind stripping completely, please dear?”

“You mean totally naked?”

“I’m afraid so as we need to be able to get to your legs and pubic area and maybe even your boobs, that remains to be seen. Have you never been naked in the presence of another person?”

“Uh, yes, I did pose in the nude for Lew and when I have sex of course, but I think that’s rather different.”

I didn’t want to divulge my afternoon spent in Astrid’s apartment when I was more or less coaxed into exposing myself to her.

“Well we are among girls here and believe me I’ve seen it all, many times, so don’t be afraid or bashful; besides from what I can see, you have nothing to be bashful about, you are a very beautiful young woman.”

“Thank you, Beth.” I started to remove my clothes until I was completely naked and despite my nervousness tried to relax in the chair.

“I am afraid you will have to lie down for this process Linda, so please can you move to this bed?”

“Mmmmm, I see that you shave, unfortunately when you do lingerie it will have to be waxed and that could hurt a bit, but don’t worry we will try to make it as painless as possible for you.”

Now I was really getting quite scared, although rationally I had faced bigger challenges in my life, so I thought I would probably survive this one as well.

“We will start with your pubic area, as that is the most delicate, your legs can come later as they are less pain-sensitive.”

“I appreciate that.”

“I’ll first disinfect the area before applying wax to remove the hair, we want you hairless but we want to do it safely.”

Bethany started to wipe my pubic area with some refreshing liquid, after which she applied Büyükesat Escort talcum powder to get it completely dry.

“Now I will apply the first wax, beware it’s warm!”

Bethany let me feel the pot of wax, it felt warm but not really hot, so I was a bit reassured that she was not going to burn my pussy to a crisp. It felt strange but not uncomfortable.

“Now we let it set.”

After a short while, Bethany started to pull, but I didn’t feel much until she pulled really hard.

“Aauuuw…that hurt!”

She quickly put her gloved hand on the painful area pressing down, which made it feel a bit better, and I quite liked her soft hand cupping my mound.

“Yes I warned you dear, but as we go along it will get better as more and more hair will have been removed.”

It went on for about fifteen minutes and my pussy felt like it was on fire, although Bethany smoothed the area over with her gloved hand after every pull.

“Now for the final part, your bottom, or more particularly your ass crack.”


“Yes Linda, even there the hair needs to be removed to make it a full Brazilian wax, which is what Astrid requested we do.”

“OK go for it.”

“Don’t worry it’ll be over soon and then we move to the legs which will be far less painful.”

Bethany made me grab my ankles and pull my legs up, almost to my head, not a real problem for me, being so flexible, but I felt really exposed this way. The warm wax was applied to my ass crack and all the remaining hairs were removed. Strangely, the pain I was feeling was starting to mix with the beginning of arousal. Exposing myself in this way, combined with feeling Bethany’s hands on my naked body, was having a definite effect. I hoped that Bethany would not notice because that would be embarrassing. The bottom part and the legs were then done quickly so I could start to relax a little.

“Let’s look at your boobs, shall we? Mmmmm very nice even when you lie down, they do reach for the sky, I am so jealous if only I was your age again. Mine were also very perky then, but now not so much.”

“I don’t agree with you Bethany, you seem to have lovely breasts, bigger and fuller I guess, but very nice nevertheless.”

“How can you tell Linda, I am fully clothed even wearing a pushup bra.”

“I can only guess of course, but I think I’m right. You could try to prove me wrong and show them to me.” I wasn’t really sure what had come over me — the request was quite out of character, but I rather wished to see more of Bethany!

“Show them to you?”

“Yes, you have seen mine so don’t be shy, there’s nobody else here, show me yours, I bet you they are just gorgeous.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes I am, go for it, be a bit adventurous.”

“OK!” Upon which Bethany removed her white coat, then her blouse and bra, freeing her luscious boobs for me.

“I knew I was right, they are beautiful, let me touch them and feel how firm they are.”

I reached out to her with one of my hands. Bethany hesitated but then came closer to the table I was lying on, giving me access to one of her boobs. I grabbed it tenderly, pressing a bit then taking the nipple, which was already stiffening, between thumb and forefinger and lightly pinching it. Bethany moaned softly, upon which I grabbed the other with my other hand.

“Jeez Linda, you’re like Lew, he can talk any woman out of her clothes as well, I guess that’s what he did to you?”

“Yes he did, I never thought, when I walked into his shop that afternoon, that a few hours later I would be posing totally naked for him.”

“Yeah, when he took me to dinner to convince me to take you on, he didn’t get me naked in front of his camera, but he made me feel sooooo gooood.”

“Yeah me too, God he knows how to treat a pussy, especially with his mouth, believe it or not, but I even asked him to take my virginity, can you imagine?”

“I believe you dear, in hindsight I wished he had taken mine as well because that was not such a nice experience for me at the time.”

“God I am getting all hot thinking about that man.”

“Yes I can feel you getting excited, would you care to do something about it Beth?”

“What do you mean?”

“Shall I try my oral skills on you?”

“You? Do you like girls?”

“Yes, I am bi, so yes I do like girls as much as I like boys.”

“Jeez I don’t know, I have never had sex with a woman before in my life, I have wondered and even fantasized about it, but I never dared. Of course, I’ve not found anyone I would like to try it with.”

“You dared to show me and let me touch your fantastic boobs, so why not go all the way, show me your pussy, again you saw mine, now I want to see yours as well.”

Bethany looked at me with big eyes and I saw her brain going full speed trying to come to a decision. All of a sudden it was there and she began to undress, revealing bit by bit the rest of her enticing body to me. When she was completely naked Elvankent Escort she came back, bent over and hesitantly lowered her mouth to mine, giving me a peck on the lips. I put my hand on the back of her head, held it to mine and slid my tongue into her hot mouth. She responded enthusiastically, by sucking on my tongue and exploring my mouth with hers. Bethany lifted her left leg and moved over me on the table covering my naked body with hers. I could feel her warm smooth skin against mine. Automatically my arms went around her and I started to caress her sliding my hands over her back, all the way down to her bubble butt and back up. She responded by holding my head with both of her hands and feverishly kissing me.

After a while we came up for air and looked into each other eyes, she smiled. “Oh my God, I never thought I would ever do this in my life and it feels so right, I think I must be bi as well but never allowed myself to admit it.”

“Let me make you understand what making love to a woman really feels like.”

“Oh yes, but not here, come to my apartment upstairs.”

Bethany took my hand and together we walked like two Eves in paradise, up the stairs, not to heaven but her apartment and straight into her bedroom.

“Lie down Beth, let me lead you to paradise, let me kiss every inch of your body, let me drink at your fountain of love to quench my thirst for your love juices.”

“Jeez Linda, you make me feel like I landed in a Victorian novel with your talk.”

Beth did just that, she lay down beckoning me with open arms. Ignoring them, I slowly crawled over her, placing featherlike kisses on her legs and thighs, coming closer and closer to her garden of pleasure, licking the outside of her outer labia with my hot tongue enticing a series of moans from her lips. When I reached the top of her snatch, I felt Beth shiver. Her hands moved to the back of my head pushing me in the direction of her hooded clit. I gladly let her do it, extending my tongue to the hood and slowly licking, trying to lure her clit from under it. I felt it grow, just like a little penis, carefully peeking out to further explore the pleasure it was experiencing.

I knew that if I continued what I was doing she would quickly experience an orgasm, but that was not what I wanted from her right now; what I wanted was to bring her slowly and surely to a high she had never experienced before in her life, so I moved past her pleasure bean over her mound to her stomach and navel and applied my licking and kissing skills to that part of her hot, enticing, naked body. Beth was squirming and moaning with her arms and hands high above her head, giving me free access to her soft full tits which I covered with featherlike kisses moving closer and closer to one of her nips. I sucked it into my mouth, taking a portion of her tit with it.

“Ooooh, what are you doing to me? Yes, yes suck my tit, take it in your hot mouth, and make me cum!”

I grabbed her other boob with my hand and pinched the nipple between my thumb and forefinger, Beth moaned harder, and the harder she moaned the harder I pinched and bit on the other. Quickly releasing her tits, I moved over her neck and back to her mouth, engaging her in another tongue fight, covering her body with mine.

Beth put her arms around me caressing my back and buttocks with her hands, trying to feel as much of me as possible. I moved further up, straddling her upper body and bringing my pussy in front of her face, she looked up at me and moved her mouth over my pussy lips and started licking and drinking at my fountain of love as if a refuge from a totally dried out and parched desert. Her hands moved to my boobs and mauled them, enticing moan after moan from my lips and bringing me closer and closer to an orgasm., I just managed to hold back and made a legal U-turn bringing us into a sixty-nine position, before going to town again on Beth’s pussy with my mouth and tongue.

I felt that she was a bit surprised by my sudden move, but quickly caught on with what she was supposed to do and resumed applying her oral skills to my cunt. We were now both groaning and whimpering in pleasure, profusely producing love juices, inundating each other’s mouth. Beth had a pleasantly sweet, but slightly tangy taste I liked; I hoped she liked my taste as well. I felt my orgasm building back again and judging by her movements the same was true for Beth. Her breathing became more and more intense, and I felt her arch her back, pushing her snatch more and more into my face. Her fingers and nails were scratching over my back – I hoped she wouldn’t damage my skin as I would be exposing it over the next couple of days in front of Lew’s camera.

Finally it was there, I felt my pussy contract and squirt lots of girl cum onto Beth’s face underneath me and she was also squirting like a fountain straight into my mouth and face. We were both crying out in ecstasy, shivering, shaking, jerking, both pushing our pussies Beşevler Escort into the other’s face. Beth stopped her orgasmic movements after a minute, mine kept going for a few seconds longer, but then we both went limp; literally falling onto each other like two ragdolls. After another two minutes, still panting Beth said, “Oh my God, that was earth-shattering.”

“It was, wasn’t it? God, you are so good at eating pussy, are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“No never, but your oral skills are world-class, I never, ever thought that sex with a woman could be so different and yet so divine. You opened up a totally different new world for me; you made me a convert.”

“Don’t go swearing off men Beth, they do have their uses as well.”

“Yeah you are absolutely right, especially men like Lew, he gives you the best of both worlds, eating pussy and fucking.”

“Yes he does, doesn’t he. Am I ready now for my photo shoot tomorrow?”

“Oh God yes that’s why you are really here; no you’re not I still need to do your nails. The make-up I have to do on the day itself just before the actual photoshoot, so let’s get back downstairs, and get our clothes back on before someone catches us in the buff. Just let me do your nails, then you are all set for the shoot tomorrow, provided you don’t go working in the garden or cleaning or stuff in between now and then.”

About half an hour later I walked out of Bethany’s beauty parlor, my face rejuvenated, with a hairless pussy, nice smooth hairless legs and my nails all done. I needed a rest and I guess Bethany did as well.

And that was how Linda recounted her little adventure with Bethany.

The next morning, I was in the Photoshop at 7 am, when the bell rang. Here we go I thought, the big photoshoot of Linda with Astrid’s Fall collection. Arriving at the front door I already saw a van and someone unloading racks of clothing. Astrid was jumping up and down, looking extremely nervous, which she always does when we have a photoshoot, so nothing new there. Linda was also present and I saw Bethany coming down the street with her suitcase full of paint and brushes.

“Please come in ladies,” I said with a smile, “let’s do this.”

Astrid and her assistant wheeled the clothing racks inside and Bethany grabbed Linda’s hand, disappearing into one of the dressing rooms to set up. The assistant left, and Astrid handed me a list of the different garments and backgrounds, the scenery she wanted with them and the order they were being presented. You can say what you like about her, but one thing is for sure, Astrid always comes well prepared and works efficiently. I got started on preparing the sets and the lighting, while Bethany was busy painting Linda’s face. I ventured into the dressing room to see how far advanced Bethany was with her painting, and took the opportunity to check on another subject.

“Hey Bethany, have you given my suggestion about your canvas paintings any thought?”

“My paintings? Oh yes, now I remember you suggested an exhibition in the photo studio.”

“Yes, and?”

“I’m not sure.”

“I told you they are very good and you should share them with the world.”

Linda was looking at both of us and said, “Is this about the paintings in your apartment Beth? Are they your work?”

“Yeah, they are mine and Lew saw them and has been bugging me to organize an exposition in his studio.”

“Excellent idea, they are indeed very good, you should definitely do what Lew suggests. I can imagine that the photo studio would be an excellent venue.”

“Mmmmm I’ll think about it, but for now, just let me do my thing here.”

I couldn’t ignore Linda, who was sitting in the make-up chair in her underwear. God she did look fantastic, I commanded my cock to cool it, as this was neither the time nor the place to get hard, so I moved back to the studio to await the first garment to be photographed. It didn’t take too long before Linda was being escorted by Astrid to the first set. She was wearing a very stylish blazer with matching pants, something a businesswoman would wear to the office. The setting was a desk with a picture of a cupboard filled with legal volumes in the background. Linda was naked under the blazer, so I had to make sure to keep my photos stylish and business-like, a bit enticing maybe, but no boobs actually showing. A bit difficult for me as I prefer pictures where boobs are showing.

After the first, we had some more of this smart business wear for women, before we moved on to more casual wear with sheer blouses, sometimes giving a hint of a bra underneath. Then came the warmer clothing suggested for Fall walks in the woods with wool blazers and wool sweaters underneath, combined with skirts or pants and walking shoes. The finale before lunch was the cocktail dresses for the inevitable parties around Christmas and New Year, with as topper a few winter bridal dresses.

Then it was time for lunch, which I wanted to pass as quickly as possible, because in the afternoon, the part I was really looking forward to, we were going to shoot sleepwear and lingerie.

The nighties in Astrid’s collection were not really meant for actually sleeping in, but more as preparation for an evening or night of passion. As always, Linda looked absolutely ravishing in these almost nothings she was parading in front of the camera.

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