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This story recounts a time I spent surprising my boyfriend after a long night at work.

Mitch was going to get off work around 2 a.m., and I didn’t have school the next day or have to go into work till around 1. So I thought I would stay up and wait for him.

Earlier I had seen him on his break and asked him if he would fuck me when he got home. He told me that it depended on what I was wearing. The plan began to hatch in my head.

After the striptease of the day before I didn’t know what I could do to top it, so I mulled over it while I baked him a cake, cleaned my house, did the dishes, ate dinner, and watched TV. I finally decided what to do.

Around 11:00 I took a shower, washed with good-smelling soap on my neck and chest and pussy (newly shaven, by the way — bald) and laid out my ensemble. I took my new black teddy and changed it up with some lacy white panties. My body glistened in the low light of my room.

Then I took out a small table, threw a cover over it, and put the heart-shaped cake on it, a card sticking out of it with “M” on it. I put that table in his line of sight — the first thing he was to see when he walked in the door. I took a taller table, placed it in the doorway to my room, and put my vibrator and dildo on it, as well as two lubricants. Next to them, another card with “M” on the front lay, the writing on the inside Ankara Escort saying “choose your weapon” in my sprawling script. Both tables had candles on them.

I turned out all the lights but one (which I shaded over with a piece of red cloth), then strung a blanket to hide my room from the living area. I made my bed, and around 1:00 he called to say he was coming home soon. So little time!

I lit candles in the bedroom, turned all the lights off, turned on some music, lay in the middle of my bed, propped up by pillows, and drew my bed hangings (mosquito netting draped from the ceiling) around my bed, giving the room an ethereal quality. Then I waited.

Soon after, I heard my doors opening — my body flexed in anticipation. I heard him rustling in the living room, opening cards, picking up weaponry. Then the blanket moved. I closed my eyes and heard a low growl. I opened them and watched him watch me for what seemed like minutes.

He moved toward me, vibrator and cherry lube in hand, and opened the netting. “Mmmm” he growled. He spread my legs open and crawled between them, his hands trailing over my thighs, my stomach, my lace-clad tits. He sat, legs underneath him, and took off my underwear. Then he pulled me up into his lap, his mouth faster than even his hands, working his magic on my neck Sincan Escort and shoulders with a passion I could only feel.

He had already taken his clothes off and I could feel his cock throbbing against my pussy as his hands worked the hook-and-eyes of the teddy. He pulled it off me and pushed me back onto the pillows. He kissed my deeply, tongue playing with mine, pulling out slowly and teasingly making me arch toward him for more.

He slid down between my legs, kissed up from the arches of my feet to my calves to my thighs, each leg taking an eternity to my slippery and throbbing pussy. I needed him. He found the V of my thighs and closed his mouth on my clit. My sharp intake of breath made him chuckle softly — the vibrations tickled me and I clenched my hands in his hair. His mouth worked it’s magic; alternately licking, sucking, biting — my head was spinning with pure sensation and sexuality. I came. Hard. I could feel my orgasm in my veins — moving all over my body and making my hair stand up on my neck.

He felt me cum and sat up. He pulled out the lube and began rubbing me with it. “We’ve got to get it rubbed in good,” he said. With him touching me so soon after my orgasm, I cried out not long after in another wave of ecstasy. I could hear him wetting my vibrator, then I felt a cold sensation Etlik Escort entering my pussy lips. I yanked my eyes open and watched him as he slid the vibrator deep inside me. I could feel it hit my cervix. I moaned long and loud. “God damn,” he said. He began tugging on his prick while he thrust the dildo in and out of me. Harder and harder he went inside me. My legs began to rise as my muscles tighten in anticipation my my release. “Jesus, Mitch! Oh Fuck, Oh GOD!” I came. I came so hard that when he pulled the vibrator out of me a stream of juice followed it out.

He immediately replaced the vibrator with his cock. It felt HUGE. He put my legs up next to his head and went slowly in and out of me. I was completely swamped in sensation, my face hot, my pussy impulsively clutching his prick as it came into me. I was coming again already. He stopped moving as I came, then put my legs down around his back and fell back onto the bed, putting me on top of him.

He said “Make me cum, baby,” and I moved my ass slowly up and down his cock, slow at first, then faster and faster, my legs shaking with hurt as the muscles tired. But I pushed on. I wanted him to cum. Finally, he began growling deep in his throat and pushed me off him as he came over himself and me. It was amazing.

But it wasn’t over. A few minutes later he got a second wind and told me he had an idea. He flipped me over on my hands and knees and began fucking me from behind. I love it like that. I was halfway to orgasm when I felt slippery liquid on my asshole, followed by my dildo. He was fucking me both ways. I didn’t know where to concentrate. It was so fucking good. I moaned and screamed and we came together. I loved it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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