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My drive home was mixed with emotions. Besides the girls, Bob Arnold was on my mind and I went from anger, to lustful yearning, to an almost passionate concern over what Bob might be going through. My problem was simple; I knew nothing and only had suspicions – unable to prove or disprove. I started to shiver. The warm evening breeze entering the car seemed as cold and calculating as my own daughter’s actions over the past few days.

By the time I reached home, I caught myself mentally reviewing just how I might strike up a conversation with ole Bob. Entering the house, I leaned against the front door and heard it click shut. The click ended my thinking. Given everything that had ran through my mind, I still had no idea on how to actually meet up with Bob and not tip him off about why. I sighed heavily and went off to bed. ‘Tomorrows another day Matt – let this thing go for now.’ I told myself.

It wasn’t that easy.


I woke from a dream involving Julie and myself. It seemed real enough to feel the warm summer breeze blowing through my hair, as we raced down a road in her new Miyata. Nothing too odd in that, except Julie was stark naked and waving at passing motorists.

I sat up with a jolt of adrenaline coursing through me, breathing rapid and wide eyed. I recognized the feeling immediately. It was fear. After a few minutes, I managed to compose myself and eased from the bed. Caught up in thought, my being alone didn’t register immediately. When it did, I turned slowly looking at Doreen’s side of the bed, finding it un-slept in.

The thoughts that didn’t go through my mind, at that point, unnerved me. Strangely, concern wasn’t one of them. In fact, it was nothing above mild curiosity and that’s what unnerved me most. The word affair entered my head, as I walked down to the kitchen, finding myself actually grinning over the thought. ‘Hell why not – everything else is topsy turvy any more, why not add that to the mix.’

I sat smoking the day’s first cigarette, waiting for the coffee to brew, when Julie walked in. She looked refreshed. It was obvious she’d showered, her hair was still damp. With a beaming smile she said good morning and headed off for her room. Nothing more, nothing less was said between us. An hour later, Julie walked through again, dressed for school, and waved good bye, leaving me to my thoughts.

I’d be lying if I said my thoughts weren’t dark, brooding almost in their intensity. Doreen came to mind first, as I wondered just what dramatic surprise her exploits might throw my way, divorce was always messy. Then Bob entered my mind again. I felt the aching pain of jealousy inside me wondering if Bob’s face had showed the same satisfied look that Julie’s had this morning. And finally, I smiled recalling the intense anal sex shared with Bob’s daughter. ‘If you only knew Bob…If you only knew.’ The final thought flashing through my head, as I got up and dumped the third cup of coffee out. It was cold and the mission today didn’t involve my lying around the house.

By noon I felt beat. I’d been to every car dealership in town and come up empty. No one had a red Miyata convertible. I cursed under my breath, leaving the last dealer, and headed for the nearest bar. A drink wasn’t going to solve my problem but, it’d damn sure help me feel better. And so, at 1:30 I found myself setting at the bar of Benny’s Pub. I had a strong suspicion that Benny wasn’t Irish, even though he tried to pass his establishment off as an Irish pub. His whiskey was good and that’s all I cared about.

Thirty minutes later Benny’s received another patron. Like me, he too took a seat at the bar, several chairs away. I paid him casual notion and continued with my drink. Something about him seemed familiar, when I over heard his drink request. I couldn’t place what it was and polished off my hi-ball. I held up my glass, indicating for the bartender to hit me again when he finished with his new customer.

Being closer, the bartender dropped off my drink first and then went to serve the new arrival, striking up a conversation with him. I sat sipping and eaves dropped. ‘That voice…I knew that voice but, from where?’ I thought, deciding to take another look at the man.

His physical appearance did nothing to jolt my memory. He was a mousey little man, with a taste for Vodka on the rocks, that’s all I knew. The out of pure happenstance, the little man posed a question to the bartender, obviously named Pete.

“Pete, is everything alright?” I heard him ask and a light bulb went on inside my head! I swiveled my head to the right and stared in fascination at the man I felt certain was Bob Arnold! It dawned on me, just then, that someone had peaked out of the living room curtain at Becky’s house last night – someone short! It was him!

‘Go figure – him? This meek little guy was the man having sex with my daughter? Holy Christ!’ I thought, taking another long hit from my drink, as I stared unable to take my eyes from him. I was about to get up and confront gaziantep bayan eskort him when he noticed my staring.

When I stood up, Bob turned away and started to rise. “Bob? Bob Arnold?” I called out, a little too loud. He stopped half way off the bar stool and turned back to me.

“Perhaps – who’s asking?”

“Matt Benson, Julie’s father. Your daughter and Julie are best friends – right?” I answered back and took a seat next to him. He nodded at my reply, slowly reseating himself with a curious look on his face.

“Nice to meet you, Bob.” I went on, holding out my hand and then quickly added, “Oh – I’m sorry, may I call you Bob? It’s funny our meeting this way…SO what’s got you out and around today?”

I was babbling and I knew it. Arnold was looking a bit skittish when I stopped talking but, took my hand and shook it. The shake was limp at best but, he did shake it and said,

“Yeah – yeah Bob’s fine. I’m out looking for a car.”

“No shit, me too! What are the chances? Time for a new ride huh?” I commented, taking a drink and looking away. I wanted to disarm this man and talk to him, not make him bolt and run. To that end, I laughed after my comment and offered him a cigarette.

“Don’t smoke, I quit but, thanks anyway and no – the car isn’t for me. I’m looking for Becky.”

I choked on my drink at his final words and spit out most of it. With a sheepish grin, I turned back to him and apologized, as I wiped up my mess. “For Becky? Really, that is strange. I’m out looking for a car for Julie. Any luck?”

Bob’s eyes widened a bit, as he sat staring at me. There was a nervous twitch in his hands when he raised his drink. I smiled, raised my glass in a salute and took another sip. ‘I knew it…He’s being blackmailed too!’ I thought, hoping my actions were being viewed as friendly. There was a great deal we needed to talk about.

“Mr. Benson…”

“Hey – Matt, please!”

“Matt then, I really must be going. I have a lot of looking to do. Perhaps we’ll talk again some time?” He remarked, standing up to finish his drink. “Until next time. Good luck on your search.”

“Yeah…Yeah the same to you, until next time Bob. Say hi to Becky for me!” I called out after him. I watched the meek man scurry out of the bar, in a nervous hurry. He paused only slightly when I mentioned Becky’s name and seemed to shiver before continuing his escape.

I recalled Becky’s comment about her father and shook my head in wonder. I found it nearly impossible to believe the little man could be involved at all. ‘He just didn’t seem the type.’ I thought, and then laughed, lifting my drink. ‘Shit, who was?’ I polished off my drink and paid the tab. Like Bob, I’d come up empty and the future seemed to hinge on one thing – a Miyata.


I arrived home to a dark house and disgusted at my lack of progress. I’d forgotten about the empty bed. The dark house brought the thought back to me. I actually expected Doreen to home, if for no other reason than to lay into me about Julie, our marriage or whatever she felt the need to. Somehow, the silence instilled a little gratitude in me, as it would give me time to think about what my next move would be.

Entering my room, I heard the front door slam shut. There was no way of telling who came in and I announced where I was at, before walking to the closet. The fact that half the closet was empty didn’t dawn on me until I heard a scream echo through the house. It was Julie! With sudden realization, I stared at the half empty closet and immediately understood what the scream was about. Doreen was gone.

I backed up, still staring at the empty closet and sat heavily on the bed. ‘What the hell?’ I mumbled just as Julie burst through the door. She came to a skidding stop, waving a sheet of paper in her hand.

“She’s gone! She was having an affair! Daddy we’re alone! Do you know what that means?”

“Julie, my God, calm down! Give me that.” I shouted over her joyous screaming and snatched the paper from her. Her jubilance died down as I sat reading the letter.

“Daddy? You’re okay right? I mean you guys weren’t really in love any more were you? Daddy?” Julie asked with some persistence, as she eased down on the bed next to me.

I remained silent, re-reading the “Dear John” letter. When I’d finished I let the letter fall from my hand and drift to the floor. ‘Nineteen years, fuck! Nineteen years down the shitter!’ My mind screamed out, even though I wasn’t entirely surprised.

“Daddy talk to me please.” Julie whispered, placing her hand on mine, giving it a small squeeze. “You’re okay right?”

“Aw Julie, you don’t understand – you really don’t. I’m alright. I just hope this doesn’t turn ugly – divorce can be very ugly Julie.” I replied, and stood to close the empty closet doors.

There was a real finality to the doors closing. I turned towards my daughter, with a question. Julie…Just what was between you gaziantep eskort bayan two? I mean you seemed so down on Doreen for the longest time and Doreen was always sticking up for you. What gives?” I asked.

In a rare display of maturity, Julie sat silent for a period thinking. Finally, she eased back on the bed pillows and explained her side of my question.

“I heard you guys, I mean I used to anyway. When I was growing up I heard you guys having sex. It was pretty loud at times.” She began.

“God Julie I didn’t know! And you hated it right?” I gasped out, cutting Julie off.

“No daddy. No not at all. I mean I really didn’t understand for the longest time. It didn’t sound like you guys were fighting and you both seemed so happy afterwards. I knew it must have been something you liked. It was later, when I really understood what you two were doing that things changed.”

Not understanding where my daughter was headed, I walked over and sat on the end of the bed. “Changed Julie, I don’t understand?” I asked softly, honestly concerned over what we may have done to our daughter. Julie took a deep breath, exhaling it slowly, before she went on.

“I watched you guys a few times. When you thought I was in bed – sleeping. I wanted to know what was so good about what you were doing. I saw the way Doreen treated your…Your penis daddy. She seemed to love it so much, it just blew me away! I was excited for you. I watched were you put it and what you did but, then it all changed…It hurt me when Doreen refused you. Then the arguments started.”

Julie’s words shocked me to the core. “Julie you were watching? My God Julie what made you do such a thing?” I replied knowing fair well she’d just said why.

“Daddy I think we’re way past that now…I knew when things were changing between you and Doreen. I heard the arguments and the cruel way she put you off. I hated her screaming at you to leave her alone. I didn’t understand at all and I started to hate her for it. I would have done anything to make you happy…Anything daddy and I wanted to so badly.”

“So the whole clothes thing was for me? The skimpy stuff that drove me nuts.”

“Oh daddy your so cute…But, the truth is no, not at first anyway. I was growing up, changing too. When I met Becky we got pretty tight. She started to show me what happened with her dad when she wore her little outfits. His wife died you know.” Julie commented.

I shook my head in wonder at her sudden change in direction. “Julie, where are you going with this? His wife died? Why would you bring that up now?”

“Well…Mr. Arnold would get hard every time we were around him. Becky and I used to laugh about it – a lot actually. His wife was gone and he was so lonely all the time, so we decided it would be okay to make him happy. You know show him a little skin every now and then.” Julie went on, placing her arms under her head to prop up some.

“Show him some skin? Were you two out of your minds? What if he…”

“Oh daddy that was the best part! He did! One day he couldn’t stand it any longer – I guess, because Becky told me he pulled his dick out, watching her undress!”

“Jesus Julie!”

“God relax okay! She used to do it all the time. Even when I came over she’d never shut her door. She got a real kick out of taking her clothes off while he was there…I mean he always seemed to show up when we were in the room and talk to us.”

I groaned loudly, slapping my hand to my face. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. ‘I knew it – I knew it was Becky!’ I thought as Julie went on, after shifting positions on the bed.

“Well, so anyway, that’s when the idea hit me. I thought maybe I could make you happy like Becky’s dad. Becky and I agreed to give you a show like him and tease you to see what would happen. Guess it worked pretty good huh?” She replied and giggled.

“Jesus, I need a cigarette.” I choked out and got off the bed. My mind raced with thoughts I didn’t care to think about as I made way to the living room.

Julie followed me, calling out for me to talk to her. Her voice registered concern and it was obvious she found nothing odd or wrong in the behavior she’d just described. I fumbled for the last cigarette in my pack and lit it, as she walked into the room.

“Daddy, I’m not done yet. You want to hear the rest or not?” She asked, sounding almost huffy.

I inhaled too deeply and coughed out the smoke, as I tried to talk. “Jesus (hack) why not (hack-hack) You’ve gone that (hack) Far, might as well go on.” And I plopped down on the sofa, with a giddy sort of sick laugh escaping my throat.

“Well, when Becky told me about it the next day, I asked her what happened. You know, when he pulled his dick out and she said nothing! He just stood there and got hard, watching her undress! I thought she was lying and told her so but, she said she could prove it.” Julie went on as if she was talking about anything eskort gaziantep bayan but, what she was.

I took another drag from the cigarette and waved my hand in a circular motion, a sign to get on with it and come to the point, feeling that giddy sick laugh starting up again. Julie didn’t understand and beamed a big smile my way, telling me she’d be right back.

When she returned she carried a hi-ball in her hand, offering it to me! ‘Why not? Every father needs a drink listening to his daughter describe an incest event!’ I thought, and grabbed the drink from her.

“Now, where was I? Oh yeah…I went home with Becky after school that day. You know her dad works out of his house don’t you?” Julie went on, pausing as she searched my face for understanding and then started up again, “Well anyway, we went to her room and did the usual things. Becky was changing and almost naked, when Mr. Arnold showed up. He kinda scared me, coming out of nowhere and all. Becky just said hi to him and turned back to me. It was kinda eerie, you know?”

I tipped my hi-ball glass and drained it, while Julie happily continued to relate her story, taking a seat next to me.

“So there we were…Mr. Arnold leaning against the door, watching and Becky talking to me about her new clothes. I was a little nervous at first but, he just stood there not moving. Becky gives me a smile, unhooks her bra and throws it on the bed next to me. Before I could say a word, she was pushing her panties down and winked at me! Heck I didn’t know what was going on. I looked over at her dad and couldn’t believe it! He was pulling his dick out! She hadn’t lied at all!”

“Oh that’s a relief! I’d hate to think your girlfriend would lie to you!” I commented sarcastically and then added, “Hold that thought. I better have another drink!”

‘God if I was only a sleazy porno producer I’d have a best seller on my hands!’ I thought walking away. Incredibly, I was getting stiff listening to my daughters exploits. I made the hi-ball and returned with a firm bulge showing in my pants. It didn’t go unnoticed by Julie, who smiled at me and patted the couch, eager to go on.

“Well, Becky just ignores him, I couldn’t believe it! She’s talking to me like nothing was going on at all.” She began and I quickly interrupted her.

“Was that something you two did a lot? I mean getting naked in front of each other? No – no wait, don’t tell me!” I moaned out and nearly drained my second hi-ball.

“Oh daddy! Not a lot but, yeah sometimes we did…It’s a girl thing I guess. Anyway, Becky’s moving around talking and Mr. Arnold he’s getting bigger. Next thing I know Becky’s walking up to him! Mr. Arnold wasn’t breathing real good when she stopped in front him…Kinda shallow and short, like he was having a hard time. I was watching everything and it didn’t seem to be affecting his dick, cause it was sticking out pretty good. That’s when Becky grabbed it! She let out this squeal and begged me to touch it! God, her boobies were bouncing around and Mr. Arnold looked like he was going to have a heart attack!”

At that point, I groaned out and finished the hi-ball. “Julie, did you? Honey did you touch Mr. Arnold?” I asked feeling like I already knew the answer.

“No not that time but, I was really nervous – you know what I mean?” Julie responded twirling her hair and looking down. Slowly she raised her head and caught my eyes, staring deeply into mine. In a whisper she said,

“Becky held it for a while. I guess too long, with all her jumping around. I was pretty sure about that cause Mr. Arnold came. It really scared me but, Becky wouldn’t let go. She pulled on his dick until he was done! God Mr. Arnold’s face had the weirdest look! It was like shock, happiness and relief all rolled into one expression. Becky let him go when he got limp and he just walked away!”

I closed my eyes and laid back against the couch. My mind went to the meeting between Bob Arnold and myself, earlier that day. I couldn’t have had a clearer picture of what his face must have looked like.

“I kinda liked it daddy. It was so exciting and I liked watching what happened a lot. It was all Becky and I could talk about for a long while. Becky told me it took a few days but, it happened again. Guess he needed it and she said she let him play with her tits that time!” Julie commented, sounding as if she was ending her story.

That’s when Julie’s comment, about not touching his penis that time, hit me. “Julie, what did you mean – not that time – that’s what you said right?” I asked, curious as to just when my daughter decided having sex with Bob Arnold was something she wanted to do.

“DAddy!” Julie replied with a coy little look.

“Well, isn’t that what you said?”

“Well yeah…but, I didn’t think you’d want to hear about that…” She responded, holding on to the coy look and moved a bit closer to me, resting her hand on my leg.

“What? Why not? I mean Christ Julie, I’m having sex with your friend Becky and you; Doreen’s leaving me and I just met the man you admit to having sex with! Why wouldn’t I want to know?” I replied, growing a little exasperated over the entire conversation.

“It was an idea Becky had a few weeks later. Becky was giving him hand jobs pretty regular by then, and she finally admitted that she was going down on him too. You know, giving him blo…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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