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Richard is forcing himself to listen to his mother’s pleas. The middle-aged woman has been trying to convince him to agree to an engagement with Guinevere but he wouldn’t budge on his stance. After all, he only sees her as his little sister and believes she feels the same way about their relationship. He has no idea Guinevere is in love with him and doesn’t believe what his mother said about her loving him that way. It is just too crazy to be true. No, Richard doesn’t buy it. But another equally important reason, other than the fact that he doesn’t love Guinevere, is the fact that he is in love with someone else. Namely, Arellano.

“Mother, please listen to me. I only see Guinevere as a little sister and don’t want to marry her. She probably feels the same way. A marriage between us wouldn’t work, despite what you and her parents think,” he insists, trying desperately to get her to see reason. It is not working very well though, as she refuses to give up and continues to speak to him about it, pushing the issue in the hope that he will give in and comply with her and her husband’s wishes. The boy is quite stubborn, though, and she finds it impossible to sway him from his fixed position on this matter. No matter what she says to him, he wouldn’t budge and remains adamant throughout their conversation.

“I’m telling you, you could do much better than that lowly beggar,” she is saying to him. “Guinevere is your own best friend and comes from a rich family. You’ve only known Arellano for a few days and she is dirty poor, with no money at all. She is not the right choice for you. You should marry Guinevere.” He is disappointed that his mother is telling him to pursue money rather than listen to his own heart, but doesn’t want to argue with her. That would just be a waste of time.

“And I’ve also told you, mother, that I only see her as a sister. I’m pretty sure she only views me as a brother too. Otherwise she would have told me about her feelings herself.” He gets up from his chair. “Now if you will excuse me, I will go talk to the girl that I wish to marry.” With that, he tries to leave the room but his mother rises and tugs his wrist, making him sit back down once more. She hasn’t quite finished talking to him yet, Richard realises with a bored sigh. There is just a little bit more to come. The boy sits back down to listen to her saying the rest of what she has to say to him.

“Just think about it. I’m a woman. I know how Guinevere feels, way better than you do,” she tells him, finally letting her son leave. She gets off her chair and moves outside to take a little casual walk through the familiar road, wanting some fresh air after the intense conversation she just had with her son. Truthfully, she doesn’t like forcing him to do what he doesn’t want to, but the fact is that Guinevere would be a much better match for him than Arellano is, or so she thinks, not knowing that the girl she looks down on is in fact a princess in disguise.

Richard returns to his room, multiple thoughts whirling through his head. He couldn’t figure out how to convince his parents to allow him to be with the girl he loves, instead of forcing him into an engagement and marriage with his childhood friend whom they approve of. The thought is making him feel a major headache approaching, unable to find a way out of this mess. He has never had to deal with something of this magnitude before in his entire life. There were daily hardships but no such quarrelling with his mother or father.

When he enters his room though, the boy is astounded by what Arellano does to him. She grabs him by his shoulders and pins him to the wall, pressing her full, pouty lips to his. In a few seconds, she is biting his lower lip, sticking her tongue into his mouth, probing inside the boy’s warm orifice. To his shame, his cock has hardened, pressing against Princess Arellano’s muscular thighs. The girl rubs her leg along his pole, grazing it seductively. It is getting more erect as he feels her huge knockers on his thin chest.

“W W What are y you doing, Rella?” he asks the girl nervously as her right hand moves down to cup his balls, gently squeezing them while her left grabs his ass, making Richard moan in arousal. She smirks at his cute reaction, rubbing the boy’s crown jewel through his cloth before yanking it down, revealing his fully erect shaft, pulsating as she continues stimulating his orbs. It embarrasses him to be so clearly horny in front of a lady, letting her play with his genitals this way. There is nothing he can do to stop her, being too turned on to think clearly.

“Shhh,” Arellano hushes the love of her life as she carries on molesting him, as though this is a perfectly normal thing for two unmarried people to do. “Blame yourself for being too sweet to me. I’m going to have my way with you, Richard.” She replaces her right hand on his balls with her left, moving the former up to caress his prick, now leaking copious amounts of pre-cum. The teen strokes his cock, masturbating Hd Porno Richard as he gasps her name, wearing a slightly whorish expression on his cute face, making her vagina throb.

Bringing her hand up to her mouth, she licks his clear liquid from her fingers, moaning in delight at the taste, making him blush. “Delicious. I can’t wait until you cum.” She then returns her fingers to around his penis, forming a fist around it and running it up and down. The girl is milking his cock, tugging the pole carefully, not wanting to hurt him by being overly aggressive. It is becoming harder though, both his rod and stopping herself from jacking him off too violently. She decides to change position to add more time to it, making the handjob last longer so he would climax harder, something she heard her older sister mentioning once.

The girl sits down on his bed and has him sit in front of her, so her soft breasts are pressing against Richard’s thin back. She reaches around to slide her hand up and down his penis from behind. His cock is throbbing madly in her fist now as she wanks him, jacking Richard at a faster pace as he hunches over, trying to thrust. The boy is being much more cooperative as he gets near his orgasm, fucking Princess Arellano’s hand in rhythm with her stroking movements along the length of his cock.

Her hand twists around the pole as she squeezes it and tug, making it engorge further as she pumps him. Stroking the rod enthusiastically, Princess Arellano keep jerking the boy harder and faster until he is moaning her name loudly. “That’s it, my love. Keep moaning for me. I love hearing it,” she whispers into his ear as she keeps on playing with his cock, stimulating him more and more every second. He is now crying out in pleasure, writhing about helplessly as she masturbates him with her fist.

Suddenly, it becomes too much for him to handle and Richard bites down on his lower lip hard to stop himself from screaming as he climaxes. The boy cries out loudly in orgasm, releasing ropes of semen into the air as her rapidly flying fist keeps on stroking him through it all. He has never ejaculated this hard from touching himself before and knows that he never could, as the violent orgasm crashes throughout his entire body.

Her hand doesn’t stop now, though, continuing to plunder his senses, making him go crazy, twitching about in her grasp. “R R Rella, stop. Please, I can’t…” But he can and does stay hard with her touch, as she squeezes his cock more, driving her hand up his length and down to the base, pumping him for his seed again. The way he moans in just so sweet to her ears that she doesn’t want to give up and keeps on doing it. The Crown Princess is having the time of her life, molesting the boy she loves without any sense of shame.

“You don’t get any more say over your cock now, Richard. It’s mine and you are mine. I’m going to do this whenever I want,” she tells the boy as her hand wanks his helpless shaft, lubing the pole with his own cum as she slides her fingers up and down the length of the pole. His penis remains stiff as she jacks him, enjoying how he whimpers helplessly from her caresses. Pretty soon, he is near another climax and about to cum for the second time of the day, very much to Princess Arellano’s delight.

She uses her other hand to squeeze his balls gently, triggering his second release as his cock spurts another load into the air from her coxing hands. The boy cries out as his penis keeps pumping ropes of semen out of the tip, propelling them into the air over the next ten seconds before he collapses on the bed. Arellano lies down next to him, kissing the flushed boy’s cheek, licking the sweat off of his skin. He is so adorable, she thinks to herself happily as he looks at her with his blushing face, too tired to do anything more than that.

“My parents want me to get married to Guinevere,” he tells her. “But I will never agree to it. One day I’m going to get my parents to understand what we have. I will never leave your side. I promise.” He has given himself to her completely, letting her embrace him and hold him tightly against her body. She feels so warm on him and makes him feel fuzzy all over. “We will be together forever, Rella.” There is no way he will ever let anyone separate them. No one can keep the two of them apart. He won’t let it happen.

“That’s wonderful! I will take you to meet my parents and see where I really live,” she says, choosing to tell him this so that he could feel some suspense, just for a bit of fun. Oh, it would actually be great fun when he finds out the whole truth the next day. Yes, she can already picture the flabbergasted look on his face when he sees how the royal guards address her. That wide eyed, open mouthed expression of shock when he realises he’s been jerked off by a princess and made to cum in her hand, twice might she add.

“Where you live? But I thought you said you were homeless?” Richard asks her curiously, making her wink at him Türkçe Altyazılı Porno mischievously. She then rests her head on his shoulder, enjoying using his body as a pillow. Tomorrow is going to be one of the best days of her life. She is going to introduce him to her father and then ensure that there’s a grand wedding befitting of her status. This is going to be, simply put, wonderful. Oh, all the fun they are going to have once she get him into her luxurious chamber where they can fuck all over the place.

“Just wait and see. I’ll explain everything,” she promises, leaning over to tenderly kiss him on the tip of his nose, before the two of them cuddle on in silence. He couldn’t figure out what to ask her to get her to divulge more and decides to wait until the next day to find out. It excites him to know that there might be even more to her than he already knows. No matter where she is from or who her parents are, he will always love Arellano and will never let anything change that.


The next morning, Richard’s mother and father stare at Arellano icily, looking very upset at her for some reason. She knows it’s because of how their son insisted on being hers and not Guinevere’s. After stroking him to two orgasms yesterday, she heard him talk to them and tell them boldly that he will only allow Arellano to deflower him, and won’t let any other woman touch his body that way. It arouses Princess Arellano to see how completely in love with her he now is. He was already in love with the girl but after she jerked him off, it was a done deal. No one else has any chance of worming their way into his heart now, much less his pants.

“Come on. I’m going home today. You can walk me back,” she says to him. They’ve talked about this the night before and agreed that he would follow her to meet her parents first, and they’ll figure out what to do from there. He’d work out a way to persuade his parents to accept her as their daughter in law, no matter what it takes. Even if he has to grovel at their feet and beg them for their approval, he is going to do it for her, because she is worth it. He loves her and that is all it takes.

“Sure!” he replies, turning to look at his protective parents. “I’ll be back soon, I promise.” The boy eats the porridge, not knowing that within this day he’d get an audience before the king. Had he known, he would have taken extra care with his appearance. As it is, he’s shaved and combed his short hair, but that’s just it. He could have washed his clothes again and smooth out and make sure they are in good condition, or as good as they can be when he has no money to buy a new one. Well, he does, but money is very valuable to the poor, and that’s why he saves it, continuing to wear a cloak with multiple holes in it.

Princess Arellano watches him eating happily, taking pleasure in observing how cute he is. She finds everything he does super adorable and just can’t stop constantly swooning over him, looking at him unblinkingly with a smile on her face. Making him blush from embarrassment is her new favourite hobby, one that she can never get tired of. His reddened cheeks only make her want to pinch them more as he tries to hide his reaction.

Minutes later he’s finished his breakfast and so had she. They get up together. “See you later!” Richard says to his mother and father with a bright smile, waving as he and his sweetheart leaves through the front door of the house together. She looks at him adoringly as they leave the place together, holding on to his hand the moment they are out of his parents’ eyesight. They would definitely throw a fit if they know she went as far as molesting their boy last night.

Along the way, Arellano feels herself getting more and more excited. Soon, he will become permanently bound to her by marriage. The Crown Princess could feel her pussy get wet at the thought of finally fucking this adorable boy who has been making her constantly horny ever since she first laid eyes upon him. His cock will be driving into her and making her yell his name out at the earliest opportunity. That is something she is going to make sure of, she thinks as they approach the castle. Richard figures out that that’s where they are heading and looks at her in puzzlement, wondering what is going on.

“Why are we approaching the palace?” he inquires. “You told me you want me to meet your parents. Are you telling me they work here?” Oh, if only he knows, she thinks, greatly amused. She refuses to answer his question and then continues towards the walls, assuring him that they are going to be fine. The girl finds him so adorable when his voice is all squeaky from fear, afraid of what will happen when he sees the large, very imposing guards posted outside the castle. As long as she is with him, he has no reason to worry about anything. He just doesn’t know that yet.

“You will find out soon enough, my love,” she says, gripping his chin and kissing him lightly Brazzers on the lips. They finally reach the walls where Princess Arellano mentally prepares herself for what is to come, steeling her resolve. What she is about to do now will change the way things are between them forever. They will still love each other but Richard will realise she is far above him and will submit to her, and accept his place as her husband and sex slave, whether he likes it or not.

“Guards! Do you recognise me?” Arellano calls out as she walks up to them, Richard trailing behind her, still confused. To the boy’s shock, the men only take one look at her face before kneeling down at her feet. “See? I told you we will be fine,” she tells the gaping love of her life as he just stares in amazement, still trying to work out what is happening. “All of you will also bow to my future husband too, or else it will be off with your heads. Understood?” the princess says to the soldiers in a commanding voice, showing she means business.

“Yes, Your Highness!” they respond. Now Richard is completely stunned, finally knowing who the girl is. He, just a lowly peasant, has been jerked off by a princess. An honest to God princess! One that told him he is going to marry her! The boy almost faints in shock but she manages to catch him in time, giggling at how he is so flummoxed at this bit of news that he almost passes out from finding out. She’ll never have enough fun playing with him this way.

“S S So you are a p p princess,” he mutters in shock, attempting to go down on his knees. Arellano stops him before he can do that though. “B But you’re royalty!” the boy protests as she shakes her head at him kindly, looking into his eyes with love. She would not let him observe formalities with her, as that would only come between them, and must therefore be avoided at all costs. The teenager is glad now that he is aware of who she really is and who he is about to become when they get married.

“Come on, love. Let’s get inside the castle, so I can introduce you to my father and mother. They will be very pleased to make you a Crown Consort.” Her words make him feel butterflies in his stomach as she holds his hand and the two of them walk inside, with the palace guards escorting them both. Richard feels very nervous as he now knows he is about to appear before the king and the queen. He is still in shock after finding out that his lover is the Crown Princess and not just a beggar like she pretended to be earlier. This is very far from whatever he might have expected.

She tells him all about the different parts of the castle as they walk through it together. Her lover gazed around it in awe as she describes the wonderful artefacts decorating the place and the excellent art collection Richard can’t help but admire, despite not being very knowledgeable about the subject. Everything seems to be made out of pure gold or silver. It is, all in all, the most beautiful place he has ever been in. Of course, that is to be expected from a palace. And he has only seen a small part of it.

Once they arrive at the king’s private quarters, she enters first, leading the way inside. “Father!” Arellano greets him, as does Richard, who gulps fearfully. “I’m sorry I snuck out of the castle again.” The king smiles in a way that indicates he forgives her, before turning to look at Richard curiously, wondering who the boy is. Richard, in turn, bows respectfully before the monarch. “His name is Richard and he is the love of my life,” Princess Arellano introduces her beloved to her father happily. “I am going to marry him.” The older man quirks his eyebrows at this, staring more intently at said boy before suddenly giving him a broad smile.

Walking over to Richard, the king surprises him with an embrace. “We’ll arrange a grand wedding ceremony for you two,” he says to the teenage boy, looking at him with kindness in his eyes. “I will declare you the Crown Consort as soon as you are married to her. You can call me father now.” There is just something about Richard that makes anyone who meets him adore him, even the king himself, being eager to have him as a son in law. He, however, feels a bit worried about one thing, and is now raising the concern.

“Your majesty, I I mean father!” he immediately corrects himself at the sight of a frown. “My parents don’t know about Rella’s true status yet. I should go back home to tell them first so that they may attend the wedding. As their son, it is my duty to do so.” The king nods approvingly when Princess Arellano suddenly shakes her head, confusing both of them with the gesture. “Rella? You don’t want my parents at our wedding?” She now nods, making him even more confused. Why would she say that? After all, they are his mother and father, and deserve to be here when he takes her as his wife.

“They tried to give you to another woman when they already knew I’m in love with you,” Arellano replies. “The fact that they didn’t know I’m a princess isn’t an excuse. They also knew you love me, so that makes it even worse. You’re never going back to that house again.” Richard stares in shock, trying to protest when she calls the guards over and orders them to take him to her chamber and lock him up inside, before turning back to talk to her father about it.

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