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My mouth opens above the head, as you feel the heat of my mouth near the tender skin. My tongue darts out, as I touch the tip, pressing against the opening. As my lips enclose upon the head of your throbbing cock, my hand continues to caress, and massage your balls, my fingers moving behind them back and forth from your balls, to your butt and back again, pressing slightly upward and forward as I do, teasing and tantalizing the g-spot with the movement of my fingers. My warm velvety tongue circling the head of your gorgeous cock, sucking it with each caress of my tongue. Slowly my mouth works down the shaft, taking you into my yearning mouth, inch by inch.

Downward my mouth moves, as I feel your hand lay against my head, your hips rising, pushing your cock deeper into my mouth. I taste your pre-cum that has formed,… mmmmmm you taste sooo great. My mouth moves downward, with your hips pushing upward, feeling the pulsating of your thick cock deep within my throat, my lips reaching the base of your shaft, as they touch your balls. Taking all you have to offer so deep within my warm wet awaiting mouth, as my mouth begins to move up and down on your thick cock, feeling you sliding in and out of my throat. My grasp upon your balls, as my hand caresses them within it. My fingers, moving back and forth from your balls to your butt and back again. Your hips pushing upward, driving your güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hard cock deep into my warm, wet, yearning mouth. The heat of my mouth surrounding you, as you slide in and out of it. Your thrust becoming more rapid with each push, as my hands feel your balls tightening.

Slowing down the pace, as my mouth moves over the head, my tongue sliding down the bottom edge of the shaft to your balls, my fingers entwine over your thick cock as you feel the softness of my hand around you, stroking you slowly, as my tongue slides along your balls, taking them into my mouth one by one. As I suck them, stroking your hardness with my hand. I feel your throbbing intensify.

I slowly stand up, opening my legs to each side of you, as I sit upon your lap… You feel the wetness that has grown between my legs… so hot, so juicy, as I lift my hip up above you. My hand moves down to your stiff cock, pointing it upward as I place the tip of the head to my opening. Slowly my hip moves downward, as I feel the head of your pulsating member begin to enter me. I cry in pleasure as the walls of my hot juices enclose around the head, tightening around you, sucking you into me slowly as the wetness grips you. Inch by inch you push into me, opening me, as your thick cock stretches the walls of my wetness… deeper and deeper you push into me, as my hips lower güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri upon you. Your hands upon my waist as you guide me, wiggling my hips so that your hardness can enter.

Taking you into me, the heat of my juices surround you, deeper with the push of your hips to me, till you are completely in me. Filling me with such delight as I feel the throbbing of your hardness within me. My hips begin to sway back and forth on you, as you slide in and out of me. Our juices mingling together, as our sexual essences build within our bodies, and begin to emit such nectar upon and within each other. Your hands upon my waist lifting me, and pushing down on me. I feel my insides burning, as my sexual essences build. The pulsating of your huge thick hardness, throbbing inside me, the thrusts become more urgent, as your hips move up to mine. Driving harder, and deeper with each thrust, My hips swaying back and forth on you… moaning in such pleasure, whispering to you, baby, cum for me, cum deep inside me, let our juices mingle within me. Your thrust becoming harder, pushing deep, as my wetness grips you, surrounding you with the heat of my passions. Faster the pace, as your hips move up, mine moving downward on you. Feeling my sexual essences wanting to release upon you. As you slide in and out of me, stroking you with the wet wall of my love nest.

Sucking güvenilir bahis şirketleri you deep into me as I tighten around you, holding you inside me, as you push up to me, feeling you sliding in and out, driving harder with each push, the throbbing inside me from your huge cock pushing deep… As my cries of pleasure fill the air, ohhh God Anthony baby… and I feel all my energies being released on you, your thrust sooo deep, as you cry out in passion as well. My hands move to your balls as the warm palm encloses around your huge heavy balls, my fingers press back to the opening of your butt, as I press slightly into you as I feel your hot cum begin to hit within me, my finger pushes into your opening inward and upward as you push into me. Ohhh yesss baby I am cumming sooo hard all over your huge thick cock. My body feeling your hot cum hitting deep inside me as our hips sway back and forth, pushing harder to one another. Our lips pressed against one another’s as we kiss with such urgency, our climaxes exploding upon and within each other… Our panting so quickened as we catch our breaths. Sharing our juices between us, we are completely spent of all our essences.

Our arms entwined around one another as our kiss, continues… slowly, our mouths part, as I look at you and smile… whispering so Anthony, do you think that your interest has been lost in my class. You smile at me, and say.. Lynn, the reason my work has been falling is because my attention was diverted, not by your teaching, but by you. I wanted to hold you, as I watched you everyday. My longing for you is what made me not pay attention. Laughing to myself, as I thought, what a way to get my attention!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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