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Edited by angelicsounds

Ronica’s right hand glided up and down Carl’s leg to stimulate him again. Phillip wanted to squeeze Lynn’s ass, but didn’t want to get his Mistress angry at him. After all, he was determined to shoot his load in his date’s pussy no matter what it took to endure the wait. Of course, Lynn wanted the same and so did Ronica.

Facing Lynn, Vicki said, “Lynn, you did well with your command in light of the interruption from Weston. I’ll give you the opportunity to receive pleasure from anyone here, except me.”

Immediately, Lynn’s face glowed, her eyes broadened, and she smiled. She hadn’t counted on that, but since she’d been craving Phillip’s cock all night, she had him strip her and bend her over the table to be taken from behind. Phillip, of course, jumped at the opportunity to fill her pussy with his hard rod. Stripping Lynn quickly by tearing her dress from her body, he fondled her delightful breasts then moved his hands downward to her belly and around to her ass.

When he bent her over the table, she looked directly into the face of Charles. He smiled at the delight he was about to endure. Phillip dropped his pants and pulled his briefs down to free his swollen shaft. It sprung out like it hadn’t been freed in years. When he positioned himself to take his date’s pussy, Vicki stood to make an announcement.

“Nobody, except Lynn speaks! Got it?” she said.

All nodded with full understanding. Ronica unzipped Carl’s pants and felt around until she managed to slide her gripping hand around his hard cock. He moaned in response, but held his phrases of lust. Phillip fondled Lynn’s ass cheeks for a while and then spread them apart to see her pucker. Then he slid the head of his cock up and down her slit ’til her juices covered it well.

“Fuck my hairy pussy, Phillip!” Lynn demanded. “Ram it in my cunt right now!”

As ordered, Lynn’s date drove his dick completely inside until all eight inches disappeared. A moan of sheer pleasure erupted from the hot babe, filling the room with sexual tension. The man grabbed Lynn’s hips and began to pump slowly. She groaned, pleaded, and begged for him to fuck her senseless. In and out he pumped his shaft, filling her and then pulling it out till the head was just inside. Her hungry pussy spasmed hard each time he filled her. Lynn’s eyes closed as her breathing increased. Sighs, moans, and squeals emptied from her mouth as her furry cunt was stretched to the full.

“Fuck me, Phillip! Fuck me hard, baby! I need your cum in my pussy!” she screamed as he picked up the pace.

Faster and faster he pumped the hot woman, knowing full well that he wasn’t going to last much longer. In and out, in and out, in, out, in, out his piston stroked her cylinder. Her phrases of lust had everyone on the edge of their seats. Each knew she couldn’t last much longer. They all wanted to cheer her on, but were forbidden to speak. Carl’s eyes had just about popped out of his head from watching Lynn’s face flush with waves of pleasurable lust. Even Vicki’s exposed 40D was taking a good fondling from Charles, making the President wild with desire.

Seconds later, Lynn threw her head back and shrieked her climactic pleasures to the inhabitants of the Reading Room. Midst squeals and groans of delight, Lynn experienced the finest and most intense orgasm she’d ever known. Her cunt clamped down hard on Phillip’s rod like it would bite it off his frame. He pushed in hard and deep to allow her to get her thrill to the max. Then he pulled it out and plunged it in again so his own release could be experienced.

Just as he did, Lynn did a maneuver that freed her well-fucked pussy from his about to explode cock. Phillip lunged forward to fill her again only to hit the table’s edge, causing his own body to bend over like Lynn’s had originally been. The shock of what happened sent everyone into a rage of wild lust mixed with uncertain frustration.

Satisfied, Lynn stood behind Phillip and said, “Listen here, Phillip! That session was for me only! You, my dear, will have to wait your turn!”

“Bravo! Bravo!” Vicki proclaimed in absolute approval.

Tesse, who had been standing, watching, and fingering her own cunt, also smiled at Lynn’s unexpected move. But Ronica, now breathing hard, just sat with mouth agape. Carl had been running his hands all over her body in anticipation of what he might do to her before the candle burned to the bottom.

While Phillip stood bent over the table, his body writhed in the realization that he’d been had, and sexually had at that. His frustration over not being able to shoot his cream up into his babe made him wild with unfulfilled pleasure. A measure of angry red started up his neck to his face, witnessed by Miss Vicki, who would not tolerate any nonsense from him.

Smiling broadly, Lynn stared directly into Vicki’s eyes as she said, “Thank you, Miss Vicki! Thank you very much!”

Vicki only nodded, for her own lusts had ankara escort built to such proportions that she badly needed to cum hard. Charles continued his fondling of her large melon breast, but added some backdoor stimulation as well. Vicki somehow managed to nod to Phillip to sit and read his manuscript. Still breathing in a frustrated manner, he sat in his chair to read. Lynn sat beside him and stroked his back lightly letting him know she still loved him just the same.

Phillip perused the lines on the parchment, then stood to read, “The woman on my right must ask the woman across the table from her to strip her naked and fondle her body for five minutes. If that lady agrees, then she shall be stripped naked for all to see, but if that lady refuses, then the woman on my right must lick my balls and suck my cock.”

Suddenly, Charles let out a muffled moan of lust. His mouth was sucking ravenously at Vicki’s big tit, his left hand roaming freely over her sexy, round ass. Carl grabbed Ronnie and lifted her to her feet. She truly was caught in a dilemma. To be stripped and fondled by Tesse was an absolute thrill to imagine, yet tasting Phillip’s dick was of equal desire. From his cock to Tesse’s smiling face, Ronica glanced in lustful desire. What she’d forgotten was that she had to ask Tesse, for the librarian held the power to make the decision.

Ronica looked again at Phillip’s dick. It glistened with her best friend’s cuntal flow, juices that she’d secretly desired to taste. But then she remembered the command to ask Tesse.

“Oh Tesse, please strip me naked and fondle my body for five minutes!” Ronica said in a pleading voice.

Tesse then pulled her index finger from her pussy and licked it clean. She smiled in lust as she stared at Ronica, the slut who had fixed her eyes on Tesse when Weston had pumped her pussy to orgasm earlier. Ronica caught Tesse’s desires for her and figured she’d never taste Phillip’s dick or Lynn’s sweet juices. Glancing once at Phillip’s shaft and taking into consideration his personal desire to be sucked dry, Tesse knew she had to make a decision and fast.

‘Phillip was cut short of his own orgasm by Lynn,’ Tesse pondered. ‘He needs release, now,’ she felt in her heart. ‘Ronnie could go either way.’

Carl’s hands were now grabbing his date’s ass and squeezing hard. Lynn also played with her date’s cute butt, occasionally sliding her fingers into his crack to keep him thoroughly stimulated. Charles had lifted Miss Vicki’s dress and played with her tight, round ass as well. Ronica just stared in anticipation of the librarian’s answer.

Then Tesse nodded in full acceptance of her choice. She walked around the table and took matters into her own hands. Ronica looked at Tesse and then at Phillip’s cock. He, too, wondered what the decision would be. Tesse motioned to Phillip to face away from the table. Immediately, an exhilaration of excitement blasted through out his body and stiffened his cock to the fullest. Tesse also motioned to Ronica to get down on her knees in front of his glistening shaft.

Ronnie’s eyes filled with desire as she realized Tesse’s decision.

Ronica dropped slowly to her knees and moved toward Phillip’s waiting and anxious cock. Carl’s grip on her ass broke, leaving him frustrated at not getting what he really wanted to see. He’d always secretly desired to watch his babe stripped and played with by another woman, especially one as hot as Tesse. Then Ronica lifted her hands to touch Phillip’s thighs. As she did, he moaned out in approval. Even Lynn couldn’t wait to watch and listen to her man shoot his load into the young lady’s mouth.

Suddenly Tesse made her move, an act that would forever go down in Reading Room history as sly and ruthless. She quickly reached down and wrapped her arms around Ronica’s body. Both Vicki and Lynn gasped in shock. Carl stood in surprise, but said nothing, for he wasn’t sure what exactly Tesse had in mind. Then Tesse lifted Ronica to her feet and began to run her hands all over the delicious lady.

Everyone’s exhales of steaming hot lust filled the air, except for Phillip, who had his eyes closed, still thinking he was about to receive his own pleasure. Noticing he hadn’t seen the switch play, Lynn reared back and slapped the bare ass of her date to wake him. The sound of her hand spanking his ass sent a wave of lust through Miss Vicki’s body. Her head went from side to side, her eyes rolled back, and she tore the other side of her dress down to reveal her other luscious melon. In response, Charles moved behind the President to take full advantage of her female charms.

Ronica let out sighs and moans as Tesse pulled one article of clothing after another from her body. When she stood in Tesse’s arms wearing only her deep blue thong panties, Carl slammed his hand on the table to release some of his own lustful tension. Phillip just stood in shock. His own desires cut short again. Lynn could see his face as ankara escort bayan angry red crawled upward to flood his cheeks and forehead. She wanted to give him relief, but she couldn’t, for it wasn’t her turn nor had she been given the command to do so.

Tesse fondled slowly and caressed the charms of Ronica. Her soft breasts bounced and surrendered to the librarian’s skillful touches. Her sighs melted in soft moans, which grew much louder as the last two minutes of play begun. Phillip’s body stiffened as his desires built to a frenzy. Unfortunately, his unfulfilled lusts had only dampened a little. When he looked over Carl’s way, he saw the man smirk as if he considered Phillip a poor loser. And when Tesse moved behind Ronnie to enjoy her ass, Phillip could hold on no longer.

“Damn it!” he snapped angrily. “She should have been mine!”

The shouting interrupted everyone’s desires, causing Miss Vicki to flood with rage. Phillip knew well that he’d blown it over his desire to be blown. Vicki pulled quickly away from her date, stomped around the table, and grabbed Phillip’s dick to confront him to the face. When she did, she felt the familiar throb of a man who was starting to cum, so she squeezed as hard as she could to thwart any pleasure he might feel.

“No speaking, Phillip! Charles and Carl, take this disobedient jerk out of here, strip him the rest of the way, and push him out the front door to join that idiot in the bushes.”

Reeling from thwarted orgasm, Phillip staggered form side to side. Vicki still held tightly to his rod to show him who was boss. Laughing, Carl and Charles grabbed him by his arms and led him kicking and yelling from the Reading Room.

Since he only had his shirt and coat remaining, they easily pulled them off and pushed him right out the front door into Weston, who was trying his best to come back in. Locking the door again, the naked men growled in defiance of their punishment. Charles and Carl hooted and hollered, yet neither one said a word.

When they joined the ladies again, Tesse was still caressing the young Ronnie. Now whimpering, the caressed fell against the table like a wanton slut, ready to be fucked senseless. The men went back to their places to get back into the action.

Miss Vicki interrupted, saying, “Keep going, Tesse, but I order you to take the young maiden all the way, any way you want. Since that second idiot challenged my order, it’s only fitting for you to take her as you wish.”

Immediately, the eyes of everyone around the table filled with glazed lust. Tesse dropped to her knees quickly behind Ronica. She pulled the thong strap out of her crack and yanked it downward ’til it fell freely of the slut’s hot ass. Ronica stepped out of it and spread her legs apart to give Tesse full access. By then, Tesse had already been kissing and licking Ronnie’s lobes. With her tongue, she teased the young lady by gently poking its tip just inside her dark crack. The response was incredible as Ronica began to let out high pitched squeals never before heard in the Reading Room.

When Tesse prodded and licked downward to her intended goal, Carl and Charles were just on the border of insanity. Several seconds later, their lust-crazed bodies jerked in convulsions as Tesse slid her tongue inside the sopping wet pussy of Ronica.

“O-O-O-AH-O-AH-O-Oh!” Ronica moaned as she felt the librarian’s slender tongue invade her slit.

Tesse knew Ronnie would cum soon, for she had always been able to do this well. Licking downward to the clit, she lashed out on either side of the swollen delight. Ronnie’s back arched, her head cocked back, while she pinched the nub on her right tit. Alternating from side to side, Tesse’s tongue lashed gently but purposefully.

Moments later, Ronica let out a deep groan that soon erupted into another high pitched squeal. Her body tensed in complete pleasure. Her mouth opened wide to sing her orgasmic song. Squirting, juices flooded Tesse’s face as she sucked her prey’s clit, bringing her exciting pleasures. And when it was all over, Ronnie collapsed on the table with her soft, round breasts mashed delightfully into the place setting. Her wine glass had toppled over midst the female action and the setting was a thorough mess.

Tesse stood with a glistening face of Ronica’s hot cum. Vicki had moved back to her date and humped up and down on his leg. Her right hand cupped his balls making him hot with lust, wanting to strip her and pump her senseless. Somehow, Ronica had regained composure so she could read her own manuscript for the others.

“The man on my right must lick the pussy of the woman on his right while his date has her way with him from behind.” Ronica read. “I’ll command you each step of the way.”

Carl’s eyes immediately stood at attention. The thought of eating Miss Vicki certainly appealed to him but to do it while Ronnie played with him was almost too much to bear. He stood and waited for escort ankara his further instructions.

“Allow Miss Vicki to strip you naked!” Ronica commanded.

The Mistress, with complete lust in her eyes, removed Carl’s tux coat and threw it aside. She pulled his shirt from his pants and ripped it off his frame, also tossing it toward the discarded coat. With his t-shirt still on, she took the scissors and sliced away the material from the back side. Then she slid her hands around his torso and gave each nipple a pinch. He moaned out in pleasure, but managed to say nothing, as difficult as it was.

When he stepped out of his pants and briefs, Vicki drove her index finger inside the top three inches of his butt crack. A wave of desire filled his body, but she soon pulled the finger free to enjoy Ronica’s next order.

“Now get down on one knee,” Ronica commanded Carl.

He did as he was ordered, anxiously awaiting the taste of the President’s hot mound. Ronica then ordered Tesse and Lynn to tear Miss Vicki’s dress off and caress and fondle her until she was mad with lustful desire. Eagerly, each lady jumped at the chance to get the Mistress worked up to a frenzy of hot lust. One yanked and ripped while the other one snipped away the material until Vicki’s dress fell into a heap on the floor. Since her large breasts were already exposed, Tesse slid her hands underneath the woman’s arms to cup and fondle her. Lynn, on the other hand, dropped down in front of Miss Vicki to pull her panties down. As she did, however the sudden, intoxicating scent of female perfume overwhelmed her.

For a minute, Lynn locked her face in stoic positing just inches away from Vicki’s dark red, panty covered triangle. The material had already been soaked with cum from excitement experienced throughout the evening. Lynn reached up to grab the elastic belt then yanked them down as fast as she could. Suddenly, her eyes were filled with the wonder of one extremely hairy pussy. Carl gulped at what awaited his mouth. Charles just about growled fateful words that would disqualify him from the Reading Room and Lynn just about lunged to ram her tongue inside the woman’s hairy cunt.

But Ronica interrupted by saying, “Carl! Eat the President’s hot mound!”

Lynn stood quickly and moved to Miss Vicki’s left side while Tesse followed suit on the other. Both fondled and caressed their Mistress as Carl lunged for the hairiest pussy he’d ever seen. Vicki moaned in response and completely surrendered herself to the three. Their hands roamed freely along her shoulders, down her spinal column, till they rested sensually on her gorgeous, round ass. Midst slurping and moaning, Charles stroked his rod to full position. He knew he’d have to save his load for later, so he stroked himself close to the edge many times.

Ronica further ordered Lynn and Tesse to take Vicki’s breasts and do whatever they wished with her soft pillows of flesh. Hungrily both licked and jabbed at Vicki’s nipples sending waves of hot desire throughout her body. Carl ate her skillfully, as his tongue poked and prodded her clit and pussy lips. The result for Vicki was electrifying, to say the least. Within minutes, the roaming, caressing hands amidst one hungry mouth caused Miss Vicki to begin to shutter in orgasmic delight. Her screams filled the Reading Room as her volume increased in intensity.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah, IEIEEIIEIEIEIEIAIEAh!” she squealed loudly. “Eat me, eat me, eat me, eat me, and eat meieieieiieeiei!” Vicki begged as her clit spasmed in Carl’s sucking lips.

The Mistress fell spent into Lynn’s and Tesse’s arms as they too, released her nipple buds from their pleasurable torture. Carl then stood, wet faced and ready to read his manuscript. As the others somehow managed to return to their places, he lifted his parchment to get it closer to the candle’s light. What was left of it, that is.

Carl read, “The woman on my date’s left must suck the cock of the man on my right. After he explodes in her mouth, she must offer her creamed tongue to the Mistress. If the Mistress refuses to taste it, she must suck my cock dry of its load.”

Vicki nodded toward Lynn and she moved quickly to take advantage of the long dick of Charles. Since she had been watching all the action, she was more than ready to take his load down her throat. Charles positioned himself so that Lynn could kneel and suck him inside. Lynn wasted no time doing this, but quickly found that Charles was ready to blow. She attempted to slow her pace, but it was too late. When the head of his cock pressed against the back of her throat, he grunted wildly and pumped his cream down Lynn’s throat to her belly. Bead after bead of cum blasted inside her throat until he pulled his cock back to allow the last spurt to coat Lynn’s lashing tongue.

When she pulled free of his now spent rod, she left her mouth open and walked over to Miss Vicki to give it as an offering. Miss Vicky truly liked the taste of freshly blown cum, but knew she could get it anytime from Charles. He fell back into his chair spent and relieved. Lynn then stood, walked back to her chair, and continued to enjoy his salty load. Tesse and Ronica were touching themselves like it was nobody’s business.

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