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“Excuse me, ma’am…”

You’re roused from your dozing on the sun lounger. you open your eyes to peer through your round sunglasses. A bar waitress is there, leaning forward over you in her polo shirt and shorts.

You realize you’re naked, until your sleepy mind focuses to get your bearings, to remember your surroundings.

“Sorry… er, yes?” you respond to her.

“A couple sent me to check on you. They thought you might sun burn if you stayed sleeping”.

“Oh. right, thanks” you say, rolling over. The girl doesn’t leave and appears to be a little uncomfortable, loitering. “Is there anything else?”

“Er, actually, ma’am… there is…”

“Well?” you’re a little irked at her intrusion, “What is it?”

“The couple also gave me a message for you” she says, plucking up courage. “They said to ask if… if your pussy was still full of your boyfriend’s spunk from earlier…”

You lower your sunglasses at the girl, wondering if she’s flustered because she’s shy (unlikely, given the staff are as broadminded and frisky as the guests) – or more likely she’s actually a bit horny being used for such a crude errand “Probably, he’d been at the Mojitos- he spurted buckets in me”.

“They said if you said ‘yes’, to tell you they require your attendance…”

“Did they, huh?” you feel a little intrigued, but more irritated someone thinks they can order you about.

“Actually, they said if you don’t come with me, they’ll make sure the lady sends your boyfriend back with empty balls…”

“What the fuck?” you look round and realize I’m not there. Curiosity getting the better of you, you rise. “Better take me to them, then”

Padding after the bar girl, she leads you round past the hot tub, to a secluded area we haven’t explored before. In among trestles of creeping vines, you discover large round seating area strewn with cushions, the space between the circle one large round padded mat.

There’s more than one couple there – there’s two. In addition, there’s also two male staff present, judging by their young toned bodies and brown skin tones, plus the discarded uniform cast aside. There’s also a few trays, with empty cocktail glasses.

“Ah, there you are!” a man looks up, greeting you. He’s the grey-haired, sophisticated looking mature man you recall from yesterday. He’s reclined, enjoying a blow job from a younger blond woman who’s being fucked from behind by one of the staff boys. Over to the side, his wife, judging by her similar age, is receiving a double penetration, grinding on one man, seated, whilst the other staff youth plunges his cock into her bum, making her sob with pleasure. A third man in his 30’s reclines, getting his breath back.

“I told you she’d come over” the older woman smiles. Looking to your escort, she pants, “What did she say, when you asked what I told you to?”

“She said ‘probably'” the dark skinned bar girl replies.

The blond, looking up from her blowjob, shows an interest. You think you recognize her as the wife of the reclining, recovering man. “More than probably, I should think – unless you bathed and washed it away?”

“I didn’t” you respond, your brow furrowing. “What’s this about? And where’s my boyfriend?”

“It’s about sex, silly” the older woman replies, gesturing the boy behind her to still a moment. “He’s here…” lifting her nearest arm to you from where she’s bracing herself on the backrest of the seat, you see i’m the man seated beneath her that she’s riding. I look at you with a sheepish expression.

“He owes us both a load of cum, cos you took one from each of our men, yesterday. You know the rules!”, the blond says, stoking they older man’s cock near her face. We tried to catch up with you earlier, but I saw you were both busy”

“Good luck with that!” you scoff. “He came four times this lunchtime. Big loads too, thanks to the Mojitos he’d had. I imagine he’s not recovered yet” you guess the sun’s still hot, so it’s only mid afternoon at the latest.

“That’s what your’e here for, silly” the older woman smiles, circling her hips on both cocks in her.

“Time for a swap around” The gray haired man announces. Looking at the girl that brought you, he says “Are you busy?”

“Most guests are resting. The bar’s quiet” she answers. Knowing where this will lead, she starts pulling off her clothes.

“Good girl. Make yourself useful… go and get him nice and hard again” he nods toward the recovering man. Climbing up out of his seat, he directs you to sit where he was, in front of the blond.

“Hey!” she protests, “how come your wife gets to fuck this cumslut’s boyfriend and I get to lick his slut clean?”

“Because your’re the best pussy licker of the two of you. Also, because you husband insisted on cumming in you, before letting anyone else fuck you” he chuckles.

“Just marking my territory!” the reclining man shrugs, just as the now-naked bar girl steps over to him. “she likes a little lubrication before everyone takes turns”

“Your slut certainly made gaziantep lezbiyen escort this one nice and slippery for my arse!” the older woman jokes.

“I’m Geoff. That’s my wife, Angela, getting her favourite double-fuck” the older man does the introductions. “That’s Paul, over there. And That’s his wife, Helen”. You notice Geoff doesn’t introduce the staff members. He probably doesn’t know their names. Chances are they’ve roped in every server that’s bought more drinks.

The blond – Helen, looks up at you and parts your legs. There’s something about the casual familiarity of these people that makes you relax. You comply with Helen’s urging and show off how incredibly wide you can spread yourself, giving her full access. She purrs at the sight of your offered pussy and starts slowly, kissing up your inside thighs.

The youth behind her has stopped, probably taking his cue from when Angela stilled his friend, to allow the talk to take place. Geoff looks in on Helen’s round arse. “You all right there young man? Managing to get enough friction, or is she to slippery?”

“I’m happy to help, sir” He politely replies, starting to move in and out again.

“I know Peter shot a big load in there. Here, allow me!” The boy pulls out and moves aside, as Geoff takes his place. Helen moans and runs her tongue over your opening as Geoff casually slides himself deep into her creamy cunt “Fucking hell, Pete, she’s fukkin full, mate. You not been getting enough?” He jokes, grinding into the tonguing Helen.

“It’s them cocktails, innit?” He replies, watching the young girl lapping at his hardening cock.

“I’m not the only one here with a cuntful of cum” Helen purrs, her fingers playing with your wet opening. Spreading you and delving into you with her tongue, making you gasp.

You look across at me, seated like you, but a little further round the curve of the settee. I look back at you, holding still as Angela grinds on me, till she concedes moving, as the lad behind her starts shafting her her arse hole.

The other lad, who had his place usurped by Geoff, merely waits further instructions. His cock hard, shaft and balls wet from Pete’s prior unloading in Helen. “You can have my wife’s arse after your mate’s done with it” Geoff offers. “She’ll be glad of a second helping”

Seeing he might be waiting a while, you decide to help him out. You becon him over. Given Helen is intent on licking your man’s sperm spurted in your hole earlier, it seems fitting you get a taste of her husband’s that he spurted in her.

“Oooh you dirty bitch!” You moan, feeling her open you wider with her fingers and start sucking at your spread hole. The staff member climbs up on the sofa so you can get your tongue on his slick shaft.

“I can taste your man’s sperm!” She mutters in between slurps and licks, her remark only just audible over the loud wet slapping of Geoff enjoying her sodden hole.

“I can taste yours as well!” You shoot back, making her look up at where you’re licking the thick coating from the lad’s balls and shaft.

In response to this taunting, Geoff reaches in to play with Helen’s clit as he pumps into her. Not wanting this to get awkward, he sets about trying to make Helen orgasm.

“Here, woman. I think I remember saying “all change!” Earlier. You’ve not done any swapping round!” Dave scalds his wife.

“Very well” Angela rolls her eyes, chuckling. “You just want to watch me while you fuck Helen’s creamy pussy!”

Touching the leg of the youth, she gets him to draw out of her arse. Lifting up off me, she holds my cock and turns around, spreading her legs over mine. Backing into my lap, she looks at her husband. “Push yourself into my bum!”. Lining my shaft up, she feels it nudge her sphincter and slides slowly down. “This what you wanted to see? Me taking another cock in my arse?”

“Dont forget our young friend!” Geoff groans, sliding in and out of Helen’s pussy with long strokes, making it audibly squelch each time.

“How could I?” Angela smiles, and opens her pussy up for the lad. “Come here and fuck me!” She directs.

Pete is now fully hard from the bar girl’s very able oral skills. Her instruction was to do just so much. Her task completed, she stops. He realises they’re permitted to participate only at the customer’s request. He considers Angela’s mouth, toying with the idea of mirroring what the other lad is doing with you. The older slut may be a very experienced swinger, but Pete reckons the undivided attention of the tighter bodied young girl is his better bet.

“You want to fuck?” He asks her. She bites her lip, looking at the two groupings of bodies feeling pleasure.

“If you want me to…” she replies.

“Yes, I do. Come up here, turn about and settle on my lap. I want us to watch whilst you slowly ride me”

The girl moves into reverse cowgirl and does his bidding. Her moan as she spreads and sinks her wet hole over his throbbing shaft suggests escort gaziantep lezbiyen she’s into it.

“Mmmm… lean back on me. Then we can both watch them” he coaxes. She does, using his shoulder for a pillow whilst circling her hips on him.

Angela moans as she’s being filled front and back. Like Paul, I’m holding position while the lad in front thrusts. I can feel his cock moving back and forth in her pussy, through the membrane that separates us.

“You always look magnificent taking two cocks!” Geoff admires his wife, whilst enjoying the creamy hole of the blond he’s fucking. Watching over her back, Geoff admires Helen’s tonguing and fingering of your open pussy, then your busy mouth on the local youth, who’s clearly gasping, trying to hold back.

Helen starts pumping three fingers hard into you, making you gasp and suck harder yourself. Each time your sexual energy starts to build, she pulls out her fingers and sucks them clean of their creamy coating. “I’m gunna eat all your man’s spunk” she grunts looking up at you. Then I’m gunna get it out of Angela too!”

“Be my guest!” You throw back, between slurps at the thick young cock being offered to your mouth, “I can always make him shoot more”

“Oooh..” The young bar girl groans, stretched out on Pete as he casually twirls her clit. “Youre all very bad people!”

“You like watching, missy?” Geoff grunts, fucking away at Pete’s wife, “you work here cos you love sex? Just like these lads do? You youngsters ever fuck each other?”

“Uuug… too many guests use us, like you’re doing… the boys have to take pills like male guests… mmmm!” She groans, grinding on Pete’s thick shaft.

“Do they cum in you?” Pete gasps, wondering how far he’s allowed to go.

“Hey!” Helen looks up from burying her face on your spread hole, “You’ve not long spurted into me! Wait your turn!”

“It’s not my fault you’re not concentrating!” Pete replies.

“Who’ll be fukkin next… eh, boys?” Angela says, leaning back on me and luxuriating in her slow double fuck.

“I do luv a creamed cunt!” Geoff groans, starting to slide wetly back and forth faster in and out of Helen, making her loose focus on her feasting of you. She has fer face stuffed into your open hole, snuffling and slurping, clearly making a pig of herself.

“It’s certainly not Helen’s turn to get another flooding!” Angela moans.

“Oh, for fuck sake… here, lad… do us all a favour… fuck my wife hard and fast and don’t stop till you cum!”

The bar waiter does as he’s told, pumping his cock fast into Angela, with the sole purpose of achieving his orgasm. Geoff picks up the pace on Helen, confident the lad will be spunking soon.

“Fuck this!” You snarl, needing some of what the wives are getting. You scramble clear of the distracted Helen, dragging the local guy you’ve been sucking by his cock. You throw yourself on the seat and spread incredibly wide. “Fuck me… now!” You moan, the lad quickly taking up position.

“Madam… I’m getting close…” his mate gasps to Angela.

“Mmm… you like sloppy seconds?” Angela pants in my ear as she’s being used hard.

“Only had my Jeanie’s…”

Turning to the lad, she gasps “Fukkin cum deep!” Immediately the lad rams home and arches his back, moaning as he does just what he’s asked to.

“Give her four jets inside, then pull out and shoot the rest over her!” Geoff is looking closely and adds additional touches for his own amusement. Grunting, the lad heaves out his jerking shaft, unleashes a volley that plasters her hole and then grabs his cock, to send three more ropes up over the older woman, who looks scathingly her husband.

Stepping back, the spent lad picks up his clothes and resumes work, collecting glasses, then leaves for the bar.

Geoff just calls out “Jeanie here’s changed, so… all change!”

It must be a game of theirs. It doesn’t follow that pairings differ, but certainly positions do. Helen ends up on the seat beside you face up, her round pear shaped arse half on half off. Angela decides likewise, sliding her bum off me to get into position beside Helen. I’m soon balls-deep in her cum drenched hole.

Peter throws the bar girl on her back beside Angea and resumes his place in her dark-lipped pussy, shafting her firmly, now he’s in a position to do so. “You isn’t answer me… are male guests free to shoot into staff girls?”

“There you go again!” Helen grunts.

“It’s not my fault!” Pete responds, “she’s very tight!”

“I prefer the sloppiness of a true slut who’s full of cum!” Geoff grunts, squelching in and out of Helen.

“Mine’d be creamier if that lad had cummed his all in me!” Angela complains.

“I like to see you getting the best of both!” Geoff grins. “Here’s a thought… we have four spread ladies and four men to fuck them. Let’s see who likes what the most! Chaps, change for the lady on your right!

Cocks leave hungry holes, as men assume position gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar in between the thighs of he neighboring woman. Pete lines his bulky shaft to your hole, watching the bar waiter sink into his wife beside you. Geoff is soon balls deep in his own wife, moaning with relish as his cock gets caressed with the cum it’s just claimed, whilst he admires the streaks of sperm adorning her abdomen.

Further down the line you hear me groan out “Fuck… she IS tight!”

“Told you!” Pete groans, sliding in and out of you. You’re spread very wide, his groin slaps your thighs. “Your cunt is a better fit… its built for fucking!”

“Oooh use it then!” You grunt, “have my slut cunt!”

“All our wives have slut’s cunts!” Geoff moans, admiring the coating on his shaft every time it appears when he pulls back.

After a minute of groans and rhythmic slapping sounds, Geoff calls “all change!” Again, making for the Indonesian looking girl. I arrive between your thighs.

“Dont you go cumming in me!” You gasp, as I run my cock head up and down your gaping valley. “…or that staff girl! Ooohhh fuck, I love your cock!” You loose your thread as I go balls deep, grinding into you firmly. “Oohhh fuck you know how to make me cum!” You start panting faster.

Pete is beside me, thrusting into his own wife. “I really thought you’d have copped a load from someone else by now!” He cheekily jokes.

Angela has the barman in her. Sliding in and out steadily to preserve himself, she decides on taunting him. “That’s your mate’s hot creamy load you’re feeling in me!” She pants at the lad young enough to be her son. “I bet you’re loving your job today, aren’t you?”

Geoff has his cock in an equally young girl. In his experienced hands she’s soon shuddering and squealing out in orgasm. Shaking whilst her strums her clit. Once her ecstasy subsides he calls “all change!” Again.

There’s a big drool of precum hanging from his tip by the time he gets to you. You suspect he nearly lost it with the young girls clenching muscles. You quickly sit up and sink your mouth over his cock head, slurping up his juice. He groans “awww you cumslut, you’re not mean to be drinking it…”

“So fuck me then!” You pull off him, “I’m the only slut to not get cummed in here! Shoot in me now!” You lie back pulling your cuntlips wide, showing where his cum should go.

I’ve just slid into Helen when something happens along the circle of seats. Beyond where Pete is fucking Angela, the two staff are facing each other looking sheepish.

“What’s up?” Asks Geoff.

“This is my cousin…” The boy explains.

“Well, if you’re not comfortable, best skip this round. All change!” Every man is obliged to move on. The youth is now before you. You look at his dark skinned body, his lithe young toned body, then focus on his long shaft, covered in cream from Angela’s freshly seeded hole. It’s high time you got yours.

“I want you to fuck me fast” you whisper to him… “Use my slutty hole to get off… I want you to shoot in my cunt!”

The lad slides in, making you moan, just as others do at the same moment of insertion. “Fuck it…” you gasp, “You’ve got a long cock…. use it on that cunt! It’s about time you spunked!”

Helen is breathing hard beside you, getting close herself. Hearing your urging, she decides to try to push my buttons. “You’re slut wants a cuntful… listen to her! I’ll cum if you explode in me! Fuck me hard like he’s fucking her!”

Angela is enjoying Pete’s thickness, he’s pumping with long strokes just to make her creamy hole squelch loudly. “Aww… that’s it!” She moans, “you love the feel of a used hole, don’t you?”

Geoff is next to her, enjoying the dusky girl, who’s yelping squeals of joy every time he shoves balls-deep. He seems like he’s getting there, too.

Knowing Geoff typically calls switch after a minute, you get frantic to tip your fucker over the edge “Uuugh… yes… fuck me like a slut…. fill me with spunk… uuuggh… I’m gunna cum…!” You sob. You’re legs are so wide, almost horizontal, giving the best access of all the women. You angle your hips to ensure his cock head rubs your g-spot perfectly. You’re very close and hopeful you get to cum fast, reckoning on you clenches to finish him off. Your fingers find your clit and you work your pleasure button hard and fast. Your other hand slips down below the action to massage his full balls, egging him to empty them.

Your eyes roll back as you tense up and your flushed body quivers. “UUUURGH!!! CUMMINNN!” You yell. Your clenching hole must have even the ladt straw, as the cock immediately unleashes its pent up load, his orgasm meeting yours head on. “YESS!” You squeal, your hard orgasm enhanced by your beloved feeling of being flooded with sperm at that moment.

“All change!” Call Geoff, abandoning the lithe young pussy in haste, his cock showing a big strand of precum. No doubt he was moments from cumming himself. The girl in writhing in frustration, desperately in need of her own climax. Peter is soon taking up position.

Geoff pulls the lad from you, where he was savouring your mutual climax. Cast aside he watches as Geoff eagerly aims his drooling cockhead with your open, dripping fucked hole.

“Aww for fuck’s sake!” Helen complains, when she realizes there’s one less cock an she’s the one left without, as I plunge into Angela beside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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