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The moon, swollen hung full in the night. Darkness caressed her skin, skyclad she felt power dripping from her body.

The Night of the Great Hunt was alive with sounds and scents.

Once in the clearing, she began the ritual, cleansing herself as well as the ground by her craft. As the hour drew closer she began to dance, lost in the moment. Her breasts felt tender, a thrum pulsed from deep inside her as she became wet.

Twisting and dipping she swirled with the exertions of the dance until her skin began to glow.

Without thought her feet found the ancient patterns, soon the magic rose around her, forming shapes of mist that danced with her, then as she released the power the mists dropped into the ground.

A sharp tang filled her senses as he arrived at the edge of the clearing. She could feel the pulse of his blood, pounding hard. Long minutes passed as she felt him watching, even as her dance changed from joyous and free to a seduction.

Sinuous movement of arms and legs wove a sexual act as her hips thrust and her nipples hardened.

Then she stopped. Her chest heaved as sweat dripped. A new movement began as she shifted her feet her hips began to sway to the tune of the night. Energy flowed from the ground up through her body even as the air seemed to congeal around her body, making her appear both soft and diamond hard in the moonlight.

He stepped forward entering the circle. Long black hair hid his face as he crouched, his arms spread wide, he circled her like a warrior seeking an opening.

She thrust back her shoulders, arms wide to the sky, still swaying even as she turned to face him. His movements threatening, cautious, hers taunting, welcoming.

Thrice they circled, each time closing the gap. Now she allowed the power to flow out of him, no longer willing to control, she risked all by releasing him. He tensed, a gasp tore from his throat, like a man having fallen from a cliff to plunge deep into an icy lake, he once more breaks the surface for a life-giving breath.

Awareness entered his eyes, no longer black with animal cunning, now human intelligence filled those eyes. For a moment he broke the rhythm as he straightened up to look around in confusion.

Then her power, whip-like lashed across him, he gasped as his softening cock, instantly hardened. His eyes were drawn to hers.

He licked suddenly dry lips as her sway Göztepe Escort drew his eyes down.

Her scent, wild and hot was drawn deep into his lungs. His eyes moved up her body, then she felt a flash like lightning as their eyes met.

She laughed, loud and long at his growl of lust. No longer controlled by her his strength and power lashed out to surround her. The Goddess had sent her a match.

He raised a hand, eyes still locked with hers, even as she began circle him. He slowly turned even as his feet began to match her steps. They began to dance matching movements like an imperfect mirror. Her gestures smooth and flowing, his strong and rough. Slowly they blended as she raised her hand allowing their fingers to touch, then their fingers spread. Hands closed locking them together.

She felt the rapid beating of their hearts match. Pounding filled her head as she felt his power surge and overwhelm her, gasping she collapsed. In an instant his arm swept around her back to hold her upright, tight against his chest.

Rough hair tickled her nipples hardening them painfully.

Never before had she felt so faint, so weak, so powerful as energy filled the air around them pouring into them both.

For long endless moments they were poised, motionless, his hand holding her hand out wide from their bodies, the other arm tight around her waist like dancers frozen in a dip.

Then his mouth dropped to cover hers. Shudders ripped though her body even as his tongue pushed deep into her mouth. A sharp tang of male taste filled her senses even as her tongue touched and then danced against his.

She felt helpless, shocked by this feeling, her power seemed magnified by his, yet his flowed solid like a mountain from the deep earth, while hers came from the air surrounding them.

Gently she felt herself settled on the ground. His power from deep within the Earth itself reached up to fill her even as seconds later he filled her.

Her shriek of pure lust echoed across the night as her legs closed around his hips trying to draw him deeper. With each thrust the earth shuddered beneath them, yet even as trees shook she clenched him deeper inside her. Energy flashed exploding through her body, erupting through her skull as her orgasm burned through her. Each hard thrust lifted her even as his hands dropped to clench and grasp her ass pulling her back onto him.

Ritual İstanbul Escort was lost as his head dropped to allow his tongue to play across her chest, licking up their sweat, leaving hot trails behind.

Her hands flew up, first to clench at his shoulders, then to claw and dig in for purchase as she was lost in the insane maelstrom of lust.

Another orgasm ripped her into shreds of pleasure- her soul seemed to splinter into tiny pieces- then she was again pulled back in as his lips locked on her hard nipple, sucking it deep inside his mouth before his tongue darted across it.

“Aiiieee” She screamed as another eruption took her.

The moon over his shoulder seemed to shudder in time with the waves of pleasure sweeping away her sanity.

He entered her with a hard slapping sound, then he changed his stroke, now moving back until it almost slipped out, causing her to sob with loss, then he began to move forward, glacially slow.

He filled her, it felt like a mountain growing inside her, infinitely, painfully slow it moved into her depths. She screamed her frustration, her pleasure as he filled her. An eternity passed of erupting tension until that moment when he was fully sheathed inside her.

Then like the tide, he withdrew.

“No!” She screamed as he began to withdraw just as slowly as before. He legs locked around his hips, trying to hold him inside her. She knew she couldn’t survive this terrible, merciless onslaught again, it would kill her for pleasure.

Again at her entrance he paused, and then just as slowly he started it over.

For what seemed like hours he moved, in then out of her with that awful, joyous patience. Each time he withdrew she tightened behind him, so that when he once more relentlessly moved forward she was so tight, it was like he took her virginally with each remorseless thrust forward. Her world shrank to that tension, that movement, that contact. And the power the flowed through them both.

Unnoticed the sky clouded, first flowing and then racing across the sky to cover the face of the moon.

He was once more poised at her entrance, the tiniest contact maintained, when his lips met hers. Gentle, with incredible tenderness as his hardness maintained contact, his teeth nipped and played across her lips. Learning her shape, memorizing her mouth exploring it’s texture.

Then, just as she Anadolu Yakası Escort relaxed, smiling against his mouth, his tongue plunged deep into her mouth even as he thrust deep into her.

Lightning ripped across the sky leaving the sharp tang of ozone.

Her shriek again tore the night as he now pounded into her. Her hips hurried to meet his thrusts as the wet slapping of their meeting matched the pounding of their hearts. The skies opened as rain pounded down unnoticed upon them.

As she once more erupted she felt his body go rigid, deep inside her. All movement froze and then his release filled her. Their combined orgasm flared through them, the earth shuddered even as a bright glow like the sun filled the night exploding out from her circle of power.

Long moments, an eternity later she came back to herself. Soaked with sweat and their combined juices, the sharp tang filled the air even as she was cradled in his arms.

The clouds parted as the moon once more floated full across the sky. A warm breeze slowly dried them.

Gentle lips met hers smiling even as their heartbeats separated, each slowing.

“How, where am I, No- Forget that.” He whispered, his voice deep and cultured. “Who are you?”

“I am the Queen of this night.” She whispered, sharing his smile.

“I must, I want you, I…” He paused shifting uncomfortably even as she felt him begin to grow hard still inside her.

“Again?” She asked, laughter and joy filling her voice.

His answer was a laugh as he moved once more into the primitive dance of life.

* * *

Later, much, much later she rose, reluctant to leave the warm of his arms even as the chill dawn air raised goose flesh on her body.

He slept, curled on his side. His cock, now spent with a dribble of seminal fluid staining the dirt they had exposed, worn right through the soft grass by their violent lovemaking.

“Truly this night was blessed.” She sighed, even as her hands caressed her belly, aware already of the growth that had started this night. A new generation of witches had been well welcomed into this world.

She had met her match, her mate, she would never forget this love. It filled her.

She barely resisted bending down to once more touch those lips, instead she called her power again. Fading the intense love she knew he also shared with her, allowing him to think this a wildly vivid dream, so he could survive the remainder of his life, without more than a vague regret. Now he would find another to share his life, that was her gift, her thanks to him, emotional survival.

Then like the mists, she turned to disappear into the rising sun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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