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Did I even sleep last night? No I must have because how else could I have a dream about my Dad’s club actually being a sex club and me giving my brother a blowjob in front of dozens of strangers. That totally had to be a dream, right? I had to admit it was a good dream. But I felt different, so it couldn’t have been a dream, could it? My mind was just so muddled. I heard rustling downstairs in the kitchen. Since it was late morning, actually it was closer to the afternoon; I decided it was time to get up. Maybe if I went downstairs to see who it was making noise I could get distracted from thinking whether or not my fantasy had been a dream or reality. I walked downstairs like a zombie. I needed a cup of hot something to wake me up. It was my dad starting to prepare what looked like breakfast. But it was 11:30, I don’t know why he was making breakfast for himself so late.

“Morning,” I mumbled coming in. I turned on the kettle and took out a cub with hot chocolate mix. My friends made me try coffee once but it really wasn’t my thing. Besides I’m not exactly sure I needed the caffeine. While I was doing all this my dad was talking to me.

“Good morning sleeping beauty, I didn’t expect you up this early after all the excitement last night.” I gulped. So it wasn’t a dream. Reality hit me like a freight train as I saw the contract dad had given me sitting on the table where I had left it last night. I eyed it remembering everything last night in full detail. My eyes shot lasers at the papers like I was torturing them to give me the best way to bring up what I wanted to my dad. Dad noticed and laughed a little.

“So did you make your decision? If you need more time don’t pressure yourself you can take as long as you need.” My head shot to him and my mouth filter broke. That’s what I call it when I’m too stupid to think before speaking and I end up saying something ridiculous.

“Where do I sign?” My dad laughed even harder because he knew I was pissed at myself for just blurting it out. He continued to talk to me while putting things in order to cook the eggs. I was grateful to see he was cooking for the two of us.

“Well that is just a basic contract, bare bones so to speak. I took the day off to fine tune the contract with you so it fits what you need. Then we are going to spend the day together.” He surprised me as he took a step forward and cupped my pantie covered pussy. His face was so close it made me blush. My dad was so domineering, it made me feel safe and protected. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “and I do mean together.” I caught on to what he was trying to say and blushed even harder. He pulled back like nothing ever happened to cook. My dad had just proposition, no promised, to have sex with me. The man must have been reading my thoughts because he started to answer all the questions I was having.

“You’re a virgin, and my daughter, so I can’t very well send you on stage or to some stranger to have your virginity taken as some sort of sex commodity. I considered letting your brother have you since the two of you got along so well but I figured it was my job to take care of my little girl. Plus you must have read the contract top to bottom, there is a clause in there gives me certain benefits.” I knew what he was talking about but wanted to read the passage again. Since the contract was still sitting there I looked over it until I found the section. I read it aloud so my dad would hear that I understood what he was talking about.

Additional Responsibilities:

With the employee’s permission the employer is permitted to be intimate with the employee at his discretion. The employee is not permitted to confront the employer regarding times when they may be intimate such as: requesting pendik escort sexual favors, requesting a time to be intimate, requesting that intimate relations be used to obtain something in the work place or elsewhere. The employer will not be allowed to appear at the employers home to be intimate with the employer; all interactions will be conducted at the workplace.

“So you basically made all your employees your bitches?” I said joking around. But from what this said he actually had. He laughed and said in a playful tone, ‘it’s good to be the king.’ I had thought the same thing when I had read some of the sections in the contract last night. The wording really gave my father a lot of power over the employees. They were dozens of little clauses that gave him control of small pieces of their life. If you thought about it the reasons behind it were actually reasonable. My dad wanted to protect the employees as well as the clients. It all made sense to me so I wasn’t too concerned about it.

“Do you have any questions that you have fore me darling?” My dad asked as he put the plate of breakfast in front of me at the table. I started digging in and suddenly it was like a completely regular conversation between a father and daughter.

“What did you mean about training last night?

“Well you can’t expect me to just send you to work full time without some sort of training. You’ve never even been with a man; you have a lot to learn. There is also acting lessons, you were very natural up on the stage but that was also a simple scene and Ray carried you a lot. Not that, that’s a bad thing I just want you to be able to command the stage. That comes with experience and practice. My training method combines single training sessions with your work experience. That way you can have sort of classroom and real world lessons to draw from. Ray and I will work together in training you since I’m pretty busy. In a perfect world I could give you my undivided attention but I’m pushing it taking today off. We have two training modules that we use; a short and long version. As I told my secretary you are going to follow the longer one so it’s about 14 individual lessons while you’re working. We’re going to schedule fourteen dates that will be your formal lessons but you’ll be working and having some extra curricular lessons tied in with that.” He wiggled his eyebrows so I knew what he was insinuating.

“Ok, sounds good to me. Are there any other technicalities I should be aware of?”

“Just that I like it hard and fast” I sucked in a breath. I wasn’t expecting such a bold statement so soon. My dad was always a bold person. He could get away with it too. He had a body to die for that made women melt and a demeanor that made men respect him. If anything his ability to build such a successful sex club was a testament to that. I think my trust in his ability to be in control at all times was what made me so calm in the face of all this insanity. I was just sort of staring at him with a big goofy smile because I was just so happy. It felt just so right to be taking this path. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this was going to be my future. But I liked this road and I intended to run down it, consequences be damned.

“Now that all of that is settled lets go.” He got up and threw me over my shoulder. I squealed in surprised. My dad gave me a playful smack on my bottom. “Did you think I was going to be wasting any time to get in your pants sweetie? I’ve been waiting for this ever since you took that stage last night.”

“Why are you so ok with this?”

“For the same reason you are so ok with it. I just want what I want, I’m not going to let anything stop me.” He tossed me on his bed. Lying on maltepe escort the bed he looked even more intimidating to me. My imagination ran free of what he had in store for me. He climbed onto the bed and shifted me so I was sitting between his legs. My upper body was facing towards him but my hips and legs were hanging off to the side. It was comfortable and with him on his knees we were intimately close. He started combing his fingers through my hair.

“Just relax honey; I’m going to take care of you. Your first time is going to be romantic, special and definitely unforgettable.” I looked around the room nervously.

“What if mom or Ray comes home?” He chuckled throwing some hair behind my shoulder.

“They have dibs on you after me.” Dad didn’t let me talk anymore. He silenced me by crashing my lips against his. All I could do was smile and kiss him back. This was perfect. Dad kept working me over. His hands held me close by the hips or one would drag across my calves. He didn’t use his nails but his fingertips pushed hard enough to cause a slight pain. I myself was rubbing my hands against his defined chest. He was much hairier than Ray was. I didn’t mind it though it was sexy to me.

I was the first one to get naked because my dad just pulled off my night gown suddenly. So I was sitting there in nothing but my underwear. He was looking down at me drinking up my image. I could see the bulge forming in his pants. Knowing that he was excited gave me confidence. I jumped up onto my knees and pulled off his shirt. Now my dad was shirtless so he was only wearing jeans. I needed to get them off of him. While I was fumbling around with his belt he cupped my breasts. I slid his jeans off just enough so his ass and more importantly his cock were out. He went back to kissing me and tangling his hands into my hair. My hand reached down to grab his cock but he grabbed my wrist to stop me.

“Not yet honey, take it slow. We have all the time we need.” He used his hands on either side of my face to tilt my head up. I welcomed his kisses, even though I wanted something more. He was the one who decided when I did what I wanted. I dropped kisses down his chest, then stomach until I finally reached the treasure trove. My tongue worked him over before my lips even touched him. When I first gave him a blow job in his office I was so nervous that I was a little rough, this time I was calmer. My motions were slower, more sensual. Above all I enjoyed it more. My dad knew this too and he reacted to it. I thought I was going to be able to taste his sweet cum when I was caught off guard by my dad throwing me onto my back on the bed.

He wasted no time to pull my panties up so that they were at my knees. Since their presence kept me from opening my legs I couldn’t spread them when my dad lifted my legs up. My knees were sitting on my chest and I had no idea what was going on. Then I felt it, his tongue sliding across my slit. It felt even better then Ray last night. My dad knew I wasn’t going to put my legs down so his hands moved to my ass. His tongue went everywhere on me; across my asshole, along my clit, inside my pussy. It was all so wonderful I just closed my eyes and enjoyed. My dad followed my pulling my underwear the rest of the way off and spreading my legs. I was all too willing to open myself up to him.

He ate me some more, then his mouth left me. I was disappointed until his fingers started to work me. They felt as good, if not better, then his tongue. He rubbed my clitoris out. My hands were clawing at the bedspread because it felt so good. Even though my eyes were closed to enjoy I could still feel my dad’s eyes on me. I could feel his smile so bright that it made this romantic. Everything about kartal escort this moment with my dad was romantic. He made it so, this wasn’t just sex, it was making love. Though I had a feeling that he was holding himself back to be gentle with me. I couldn’t wait to really feel my father. My thoughts were interrupted as my dad really went after my pussy. He spread my lips and attacked my clit. It drove me wild. Soon my hands were roaming to pinch my nipples and everywhere else around me. My back was off the bed with how hard I was arching it, only my ass and my head were touching the mattress. I was just about to cum when my dad pulled away.

“If I didn’t then you don’t.” He said laying down next to me.

“That’s not my fault you pushed me off.” He pounced on top of me and kissed me again.

“Don’t you worry, you’re about to turn into a puddle by my hands.” I felt his jeans get flipped off while he was busy kissing me. His dick was rubbing against me and I knew the main event was about to come. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. One of his hands grabbed his dick and started tapping my pussy. He broke our kiss to speak into my ear.

“This is my favorite part. Just hold on to me, I promise we’ll both enjoy this.” He didn’t even give me a moment to prepare and just started to push into my pussy. My mouth opened to let out a moan. I couldn’t believe this, it felt so good. How did I miss out on this for so much of my life. Dad gave me a few moments to adjust then started moving his hips. I did my best to adjust to the new feeling. His sexy voice that was whispering in my ear did make it easier.

“Like it baby, you feel amazing. It may even be a waste to let other men have you. How about you just become my personal girl?”

“Oh god, Dad it feels amazing!” We stared into each other’s eyes lovingly. Dad’s hips were still pounding away on me. He hit my sweet spot and I just melted away. I almost creamed right then.

“Jesus Christ, harder, harder please Dad!” I begged him to give me more so I could cum. He surprised me by rolling us over so I was on top of him. When I looked down at Dad he had a devilish smile on his face.

“Go as hard as you like honey.” He said as he thrust his hips forward. His hands were on my waist pulling me down at the same time. Dad was so deep it felt like he was touching my womb. It took my breath away. I loved my dad so much in this moment. Leaning down I started kissing my father again. His arms wrapped around me and we both started moving. We continued to kiss as we pounded each other. My Dad’s hand found the back of my head and I put my hands on his face. The acts were so intimate that it didn’t even feel like I was having sex with my father. Our bodies were so in tune with each other that he didn’t even need to say anything for me to understand he wanted to see more of me. I came up on my knees and he happily drank up the sight of me fucking him.

Doing it this way was much more intense and I could only do if for so long before I had to drop back down onto his stomach. My Dad started fucking me faster bringing me to the peak of ecstasy. I came first clawing at the bed sheets and moaning into his neck. We took a momentary break then Dad repositioned us. We both got on our knees with my dad behind me. Again I felt a whole new feeling as he entered me. His hand was strumming my clit at the same time. He was kissing my neck and whispering into my ear. I could tell my dad was getting close to achieving his own orgasm so I bent down so I me face was pressed to the sheets.

“Holy shit you look fucking amazing like this.” His praise made me shiver in delight. My Dad pounded me until he came all over my ass. We were both breathing heavily as I rolled over to look at him. Both of us couldn’t stop the smile that was plastered on our faces. He gave me a deep kiss again.

“How about I go have you again while we talk about the contract?” He asked me with a twinkle in his eyes and a playful tone in his voice.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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