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Marc was so relieved that she wasn’t going to leave him to his fate that he almost smiled in gratitude, but then he remembered that she was probably the sole reason he was in this position to begin with. And now she was finally getting a look at all the good stuff he’d been keeping from her. Maybe relief was premature.

“And are you willing to have us release him in your custody? It’d be a temporary thing — you could act as his parole officer — we’re pretty short-staffed here.” Marc’s heart sank.

“And what would that involve?” she asked. “I really don’t have time if it’s going to be a lot of bother. Maybe you should just process him in the regular way.”

But that was worse! “Oh, no, please,” he heard himself saying. “I won’t be a bother. Please….”

She raised an eyebrow. “Well, if you put it that way — OK. Let’s try it for… a week, how’s that?”

“Well, I guess that seems long enough. But that means you’re gonna have to finish the spanking – I haven’t got time now.”

“No problem. I’ll do it once a day — that should be just about right. After all, I’m just a woman and just one spanking from me couldn’t possible be enough.”

The chief grinned and agreed. He stood up — pulling Marc to his feet.

Norma felt a flood of heat at the sight of the gorgeous bareass stud standing in front of her. He was hers for now and he knew it. He was too embarrassed to meet her eyes.

“But I’ve got a few ground rules, young man. I can’t be responsible for you if I don’t know where you are. So, for the next week, you’ll be staying in my spare room, where I can keep an eye on you. If you give me any trouble — any trouble at all — I’ll punish you myself. You’ll keep me informed of where you are at all times, and I will have the final say as to what you can do. Clear?”

Marc was appalled — she was gonna own his ass for a whole week. But — thinking about the alternative — he quickly nodded.

She handed him a pair of gym shorts she’d brought for him and he quickly put them on. He followed her, half naked, out to her car and they drove to his apartment, where he packed a light suitcase with some basics. He started to slip into some jeans — he was so sick of being half-naked all the time. But she stopped him with a sharp “No!”

He started to rebel, but then he saw the look on her face and backed off.

“You’ll wear what I tell you to, boy.”

He hung his head gave in. The thought of what the holding cell might be like was still pretty vivid.

She allowed him nothing but some shorts and T-shirts. istanbul travesti No underwear, no socks or shoes. For now, she told him to stick to the shorts — they’d see later about T-shirts.

Again, he acquiesced. The gym shorts were better than nothing.

When they got back in the car, somehow it was even more embarrassing when the head of his oversized dick popped out of the shorts than it had been when he was completely bare. He moved to tug the shorts down over it, but she just held up a hand. He stopped.

She smiled over at it a few times as she drove — finally reached over and pulled the material back a little more, so she could get a better look. The 19-year-old was so humiliated, he couldn’t speak.

She laughed at his blushing. “There, that’s better. You look so much better when you’re not hiding your best feature.” She grinned wickedly at him. “You just sit there quietly and think about all the bad things you’ve said and thought about me over the past few months, and let’s see if by the time we get to my place, you can come up with some suggestions for a way to cancel that debt over the next week.”

His mind raced as he desparately tried to think of any way to pay her off that didn’t involve the obvious. Not that she wasn’t fairly decent-looking — for her age. But he was damned if he’d be some woman’s plaything. He was a man!

But when they finally pulled up at her condo, he was still drawing a blank. He was beginning to think that he’d probably have to use his body — but maybe it wouldn’t have to be that. Maybe she’d be satisfied with, like, just looking or something. Or, at worst, maybe just feeling him up. He knew damn well his body was exceptional — hell, most broads begged him for it. The most he usually allowed them to do was to give him head. Well, hell, maybe he’d let her do that. That couldn’t be too bad.

That was as far as he’d gotten when she opened the front door for him and motioned him in. She showed him to his room. Gave him a few house rules — don’t close your door — there’s only one bathroom — when you want to use it, check with me first.

And so to business — the first spanking would be now.

“Oh, no! Oh, come on! My ass is so sore, I don’t think I could take any more. Please — not until tomorrow… please!”

She just grinned and motioned him to follow her. She sat well back on his bed, and motioned him over her lap. Groaning, he started to lean over her to get into position.

“Not like that, stupid! Get those shorts off — all spankings are bare-assed. You istanbul travestileri know that!”

His jaw dropped. Obviously, he hadn’t thought this thing through. “Oh, but… but…”

“No buts! Just your bare butt over my lap. Make it fast, or so help me, I’ll spank you twice a day. You’ve got until three… one…”

Before she reached “two” he was pulling down those shorts and at the count of “three” he almost fell across her lap — his big dick and balls jammed hard into her crotch.

She almost came on the spot — she’d wanted this son-of-a-bitch for so long and to suddenly have that huge glorious cock of his pressed between her legs — oh, god, it was good!!

He was too freaked, hoping he’d made it in time, to notice her response. By the time he was fully in position, she was back in control. She had him positioned so the bed supported his upper body and legs. Only his hips were over her lap — full crotch to crotch contact — only her thin skirt between them (she’d deliberately not worn panties for this first one — she wanted to feel every detail. And she could! She was thrilled — she wasn’t sure it would feel this good.

But then she started — Whap!! — Long pause with her palm pressed into his hot ass — Whap!! on the other side — Another long pause while she got a good feel of that cheek.

He tried to tough it out — no woman should be able to make him yell — but lasted only about half a dozen spanks. He started yelping and yipping, squirming around on her lap (she loved it — sex was the last thing on his mind). By the time she was half through (she had decided that about 40 a day was as many as she could handle), he was begging her to stop, crying lightly. By the time she finished, he was openly sobbing.

For this first spanking, she had decided to stick to the outer cheeks. That way, she’d have someplace to go with these spankings — she wanted to make them progressively tougher on him — he seemed to be pretty easily embarrassed. That raised several arousing possibilities.

Once finished, she pushed him roughly off her lap. He wasn’t ready for that and sprawled onto his hands and knees, bright red asscheeks raised high in the air.

“OK, on your feet!” He struggled to rise while rubbing feverishly at his big red SORE asscheeks. His cock had obviously had SOME reaction to the spanking — as she was pretty well aware, it had grown some in size and was arching out at quite an impressive angle. God! He was beautiful. Asshole or not, she loved looking at him. As he gradually got himself travesti istanbul under control, he noticed the way she was watching his big bouncing dick with a little smile on her lips. He quickly turned his back to hide it.



She slapped his ass twice as hard as she had been for the spanking. “Turn around!!” He quickly complied, coming within a couple of inches of slapping it across her face. “You don’t have any private parts in this house, do you understand?”

“Uh… yes… yes, ma’am,” he quickly stammered out. He couldn’t take another whack like that.

He gasped as she reached out and grabbed hold of his oversized schlong. “While you’re in my house, this cock belongs to ME!! Got it? Not you — ME!! I am going to have a lot of fun with you this week, and THIS…” she squeezed and pumped his dick until it reached full, rigid erection “is gonna be a real big part of that process.” She laughed wickedly. “Did you really think you were going to get away with a little touchy-feely during the spankings? Oh, no!! Your payback is gonna be everything you’ve been worrying about — and then some!”

“I’m taking the week off — in your honor. Me and this body of yours,” she stroked his cock with one hand while she reached down and grabbed his balls with the other, “are going to have one hell of a good time this week. I promise you. You can join in or not — as you please. But you damn well better be every bit as good as you look. Cause if you aren’t — I have a very inventive mind and a lot of friends I owe favors to.”

“So let’s get started — I’ve got a couple of hours to kill before dinner.” She pulled up her skirt. “On your knees!”

Marc groaned — he was a complete virgin when it came to giving head. But quicker than quick — he obeyed. Oh, shit! His worst nightmare. (But he’d better develop some damn quick skills. He didn’t want her pissed off at him again.)

And so it went. By the end of that week, Marc was fully trained — he could satisfy a woman with his cock, his tongue, or his hands.

And, even more impressive, he could do the same for a man — he could take a cock of any size up his ass or down his throat (or both at the same time). He didn’t really enjoy it much, but he did it very well. (Norma had invited his buddies from the shoe place over to help with this part of his training. They were happy to oblige — he was always so arrogant about his big dick and hot body — now they planned to get some use out of all those assets — like in the back room of the shoe store, for example. And they’d been deputized by Norma, so that if he resisted, they were officially empowered to administer a spanking.)

Of course, Norma had it all on tape, so that, in the end, Marc’s “one week” sentence became a much more indefinite term of service.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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