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The Sales Trip II

It had been three lonely months since my business trip to Singapore. Mary and I chatted every day on the internet and we always talked about the time we spent in her bed, her daughter’s bed and the shower. Just thinking about the fantastic sex I had with Mary was enough to get me rock hard every time. When I thought about being with her and her 16 year old daughter Cindy I always lost control and shot my load.
After my big success in Singapore my boss, Mr. Burrows had given me a promotion and a new office. I was given another contract to negotiate in South America. I had worked on it and some other accounts for months and now I had to go close this deal. I told Mary that I would be away on business for a week and I would miss our chats. It was Wednesday and I had almost a week before I had to leave Monday morning. When Thursday came I was anxious and already to go to South America but when I got to my office that morning I found a note on my desk.

The note said: Emergency in Singapore.
Come to my office.

Jack Burrows

As soon as I saw the note I turned around and went to see Mr. Burrows. As soon as his secretary saw me she spoke into the intercom. “Sir, Tom is here”.
“Send him in” I herd Mr. Burrows reply.
The secretary didn’t say a word as she motioned toward the office door. When I got inside I could see that Mr. Burrows was just hanging up the phone.
“Tom we have some big problems in Singapore and I need you there by Monday” he said.
“Monday sir? I am leaving for South America on Monday to close the Bradford account” I replied.
“Not anymore, the Singapore contract has already been signed and the Bradford account can wait for another week. It may keep you busy doing two business trips back to back but you know about both deals and nobody can get up to speed in time”.
“Ok sir, when do I leave for Singapore” I asked?
“When you leave my office go to the finance office and pick up an airline ticket, a company credit card and some cash for the trip. When you are done there stop and get what ever paperwork you will need, then take the rest of the day off and be ready to fly out tomorrow morning” he instructed.
“Yes sir, I’ll call from Singapore when everything is taken care of”
“Great Tom. Have a good trip, and try to enjoy yourself a little this time. You looked all worn out when you came back last time” he said.
“Yes sir. Ill try to enjoy myself a little this time” I said. I was laughing inside as I thought about why I was so worn out last time. Oh yea, I will try to enjoy my self allot more.
I left Mr. Burrow’s office and went down to the finance office where I spent about 40 minutes doing all the paperwork and signed for the credit card, cash and airline ticket. I am glad that they already had everything ready for me. I don’t know how long it would have taken. After a short stop in my office to pick up the Singapore files I was on my way home. I took the rest of the day to review the files and rest up for the trip. That evening when I saw Mary on line I told her I had a surprise for her.
“What is it” she asked?
“I got the word today that I will be going back to Singapore, and I will be leaving in the morning” I told her.
“I can’t wait to see you again, and I think Cindy will be happy to see you too” she replied.
“What time will you arrive here’ she asked. I told her when I would arrive and all the information on my trip.
“Oh no” she said. “I can’t be there to pick you up. Maybe I can have a friend pick you up” she said. I told her not to worry about it. “I am a big boy and can find my way to the hotel” I told her.
We continued to chat for another hour before I signed off and went to bed. The thought of being with Mary and her 16 year old daughter Cindy again kept me awake all night. I felt like shit the next morning when the car pulled up in front of my door to take me to the airport. I think I slept most of the way to Singapore.
When I landed in Singapore I still felt like shit. I had gotten some sleep on the plane but with the jet lag and the time change my mind and body were all screwed up. After waiting for twenty minutes I finely got my last bag and headed for customs. The line was long this time so it seemed like it took forever to get through customs. When I had cleared customs I walked through the sliding doors and left the security area. I was tired and didn’t expect anyone to be there waiting for me and I didn’t see Mary. I started walking through the crowd and was surprised when I felt a tape on my shoulder. I looked up into the eyes of a beautiful young woman. I just froze there and stared into her beautiful soft brown eyes until she held up a home made sign with my name on it.
“Yes that’s me” I said. She replied but I couldn’t understand what she was saying. She put the sign down and handed me a piece of paper. I took it from her, opened it and read what was written on it.

Hi Tom
This is my best friend Alice. She doesn’t speak or understand English but she knows where to take you and she will
help you get checked in to your hotel. I will be there to see you as soon as I can get done work.
See you soon

Again I looked at this beautiful young woman’s face. She had soft brown eyes, long silky black hair and a smile that made the entire world brighter. I nodded that I understood the note that she had handed me. Her smile got even brighter as she turned and started leading me to the main entrance. I gladly followed her. My eyes and my mind were fixated on her incredible body as she walked. Her long hair hung down over her shoulders to the middle of her back and the tight jeans that she wore showed the shape of her perfect little ass. I watched her long hair swing back and forth and her incredible ass wiggle with every step that she took. With every step I took my cock got harder and harder. I didn’t realize it at the time but I must have looked like some kind of pervert following this beautiful younger woman with a raging hard on that made my pants stick out like a tent. She led me through the parking lot to a small red car. In minutes we were rolling down the highway. I still couldn’t take my eyes off her and she knew it.
It wasn’t long before we pulled up in front of the hotel. A short slender man in a uniform walked out of the hotel pushing a luggage cart. Alice met him and I at the back of the car. He said something and Alice replied but again I couldn’t understand what they were saying. The man turned to me “Good day sir. We are very happy to have you staying with us. I will take your bags for you and when you are checked in I will take them to your room sir” the man said.
“Thank you sir” I replied. The man smiled again and quickly pulled my bags from the trunk, loaded them onto the cart and followed us into the hotel. After checking in at the desk the bell boy led us to my room on the third floor. Once in the room I tipped the man and Alice made a call on her cell phone. She talked for a moment and then to my surprise she handed the phone to me.
“Mary” Alice said to me with a smile.
“Hi sweetie” Mary said. “I am almost done work. I called Cindy and told her that I would be getting home late tonight. She said that she would go over to her friend’s house for a while after dinner so she will be alright. Alice told me what room you are in. I will be there in an hour, until then Alice will take care of you”. I was curious about what she meant by Alice would take care of me because she said it with a giggle.
“Ok Mary, I will see you in an hour” I said then handed the phone back to Alice. Alice listened for a few seconds then said something before she hung up.
It had been a long trip and I was dirty and sweaty so I told Alice that I was going to take a shower. She looked at me with an expression of non understanding so I pointed to the bathroom and made some showering motions. She smiled and gave me an understanding nod, then a strange little smile. After going through my suite case I pulled out a change of clothes and other things I would need to shower and clean up. Alice just sat on the chair and watched me move around until I went into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. After adjusting the water temperature I stripped down and stepped into the shower. The hot water felt so good and soothing after the long trip cooped up in the aircraft. I was riding in business class but sitting for so many hours is enough to cramp any muscles. I had finished shaving while I was in the shower and the hot water running over my tense muscles was having a good affect. Most of my body had relaxed. The only part of my body that wasn’t relaxed was my cock, it was very hard. The sight of Alice’s ass wiggling as she walked through the airport kept running through my mind and the thought of how beautiful she was kept my cock hard and throbbing. When I wasn’t using it I hung the washcloth on my cock like it was a clothes hook. The more I thought about Alice the harder it got to control myself. I wished that Mary would get there soon because she would be happy to help me with my problem. I had reached my limit and I knew that I had to do something or I would explode. I threw the washcloth in the corner of the shower and grabbed my throbbing shaft. Before I could get down to business I herd the door to the bathroom open. I froze with the fear that Alice was right there and would catch me jerking off in the shower. The shower door opened and Alice was standing there with nothing on but her red satin panties and a red lace bra. All I could do was stare at her incredible body and breathe hard. Between her and Mary they had to be the most beautiful women I had ever seen.
A sly smile spread across Alice’s face when she looked down and saw my fingers wrapped around my engorged member.
“Wa, wa, what” I stuttered. I couldn’t even talk right.
She said something but again I didn’t understand what she was saying. Seductively she thrust her chest out, reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. Before I could say anything her bra straps slid off her shoulders and the bra fell to the floor. I swallowed the giant lump that had caught in my throat and another one took its place when she bent over and slid her panties down. I watched her spread her thighs slightly to allow the crotch of her panties to pass between them. Slowly she slid the panties down her smooth shapely legs to her ankles. When she stood back up I got the full view of her beauty. Her breasts were small, firm and had perfect little brown nipples that would make your mouth water. They looked like they belonged to a teenager. My eyes continued down her hard smooth curves and over her tight fit belly to the silky tuff of black hair that covered the top of a sweet looking pussy.
“Ooooh, ma goooooodddddd” I muttered. I was completely caught up in her beauty. I just couldn’t get enough of her and was frozen there until she stepped forward and into the shower with me. She closed the shower door behind her and turned to face me. Her soft brown eyes were all I could see. My concentration was broken when Alice gently pulled my hand off my cock. She looked down at my pulsating shaft and smiled that beautiful smile again. Without a word she sank to her knees, gently wrapped her fingers around my shaft and leaned forward. Ever so softly she touched the tip of her tongue to the head of my cock. I felt a rush shoot through my body like nothing had before. Slowly her tongue began to move around in small circles and then larger circles. The soft touch of her tongue circling the head of my cock was almost too much. I could feel the pressure in my balls begin to build and I thought I would shoot my load in her face. Her tongue began to lick up and down my shaft barely touching my soft sensitive skin, it felt fantastic. Alice could feel the pressure in me start to rise but she wasn’t ready. Her grip on my cock quickly tightened to stop my load from getting away from her. She held her grip tight on my shaft while she ran her tongue up the length of my manhood to the head. Again she started doing circles around the head of my cock until she was ready. All of a sudden the head of my cock disappeared between her lips and the cheeks of her face collapsed.
“MMMMMMMMMm” I herd her moan. Her lips pushed farther down my shaft and I could feel her tongue licking the bottom of my cock all the way. Her head started to move up and down, slowly at first and then faster and faster. The hot water from the shower ran down our bodies as her head kept moving up and down my shaft. The pressure in my balls had been stopped by the grip Alice had on my cock but now I didn’t think I could take much more.
“UUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGG” I groaned. I was almost ready to scream when Alice drove her mouth down on my cock. It went deep into her mouth as she let her grip go. In a micro second the pressure in my adıyaman escort balls found release and a massive load of cum shot uncontrollably up my shaft and into her waiting mouth. I couldn’t help myself and I began to pump my cock in and out of her mouth as load after load of hot thick cum pumped up my shaft and emptied into her mouth. I could still feel her tongue working its magic on the bottom of my cock as she swallowed as fast as she could. Lightly she gripped my cock to guide it as her head began to move to meet my thrusts. My body was out of control and began to quiver. My head was thrown back, I was groaning and my knees were getting weak but Alice kept sucking until she had swallowed the last drop. When my balls were empty and Alice knew I was done she pulled her head back and kept her lips tightly around my shaft until the head slipped out of her mouth. A thin string of cum stretched between the head of my cock and her lips. She licked her lips, swallowed once more then began to lick the tip of my cock to get the last little bit of cum that was still oozing from the head. My mind was lost in a fog of pure pleasure when she stood back up and put her arms around me.
We were locked in a warm loving embrace with the hot water running all over and down our naked bodies when my mind began to clear. My hands began to run up and down her back. Soon I found my hands cupping her hard ass cheeks. I couldn’t believe how firm and tight her ass was. My mind had finely cleared and I couldn’t wait to explore her naked body with my lips and tongue. I kissed her neck, then her upper chest, then her firm breasts and hard brown nipples. Slowly my knees bent and my tongue licked between her breasts and then started down over her hard belly. Before I got vary far she grabbed my head and gently pulled me back up to my feet. I looked at her face and she shook her head to say no. She turned around, shut the water off then led me out of the shower. We spent the next few minutes drying each other off.
When we were done drying off Alice took me by the hand and led me into the other room and stood at the side of the bed. She put her arms around me and gave me a very passionate kiss before she sat down on the edge of the bed. Her eyes moved from my hardening cock to my face and then back to my cock. A big smile crossed her face then she reached up to invite me back into her arms and onto the bed. Now it was my turn to say no. I gave her a wicked grin and shook my head no. She looked disappointed until I dropped to my knees in front of her. I bent over and kissed her right knee, then her left knee and then back to her right leg. Each time I kissed her leg I would move a little farther up and spread her legs farther apart. My lips moved up over her thighs while my hands caressed her inner thighs until I reached the soft brown fold and mound of black hair that adorned her perfect body. I took a deep breath and slowly blew my hot breath on her bare pussy, a shudder shoot through her belly. Gently my fingers parted her delicate lips and another long blast of my hot breath enveloped her pussy. Tenderly I planted a kiss between her lips, then another on her clit and even another. Her body was responding with one small quake after another and her juices were beginning to flow. I could feel her dampness on my lips and I was ready for my tongue to take over. Her pussy juice was sweet and soon it covered my entire face. My tongue danced on her hard clit for a moment before I started to explore the rest of her wet crack. My tongue circled around and teased the entrance to her womanhood before I returned my attention to her hard clit. My fingers spread her pussy lips wide apart and I opened my mouth wide to cover as much of her sweet pussy as I could. I sucked on her cunt and my tongue licked and tickled the sensitive tissue between her legs. A sudden surge of sexual pleasure rocked her body with a strong spasm. The sweet juice from her womanhood began to flow freely into my open mouth. My mouth and tongue worked in unison to devour all the female cum that I could get. Alice was not having an orgasm yet but she was on the edge. When my tongue plunged into her hot gushing hole and worked around inside of her. It was more than she could take.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH” she screamed time after time. Massive amounts of pussy juice flooded into my mouth and I eagerly slurped up as much as I could. Her legs were now wrapped around my head, her head was rocking back and forth and she was squeezing my head with both hands. It was almost painful but I wasn’t complaining as I continued to lick, suck and swallow all the pussy juice that I could in my mouth. She shook, groaned, moaned and gushed for several minutes before her grip on my head relaxed and I pulled away. Her juices covered me entire face from my forehead to my chin and some was running down my neck. I couldn’t believe how much cum she left on me and in me. Even after I stopped licking her cunt she continued to convulse in orgasm.
Her body stopped convulsing and her orgasms began to subside. I stood up, hooked my arms under her knees and lifted. Her legs and hips rolled up into position for fucking. She had recovered enough to know what I was doing and she spread her legs wide and pulled her knees to her chest to expose her womanhood and ass hole to me. I looked down and saw that her pussy was still dripping. A puddle was forming on the carpet under her hot wet ass. Alice hadn’t completely recovered from her mind blowing orgasm but her body was ready for the next step. I stepped up and rubbed my cock against her little crack. After rubbing and pushing my cock gently worked in between her soft brown folds and came to a stop at the entrance to her tight little hole. Alice let out a loud gasp as the head of my cock stretched her hole and forced its way inside of her.
“UUUUUUHHHHHHHH” she grunted when I pushed deep inside of her. Her pussy was tight and my cock filled and stretched her tight love tunnel. I could feel her pussy tighten and loosen in spasms as it adjusted to the size of my cock. I pushed my cock all the way in to my balls and just left it there to enjoy her tightness. Her pulse pounded against my cock and I enjoyed every beat. Slowly I pulled back until only the head was still inside of her, then I pushed all the way back inside until my balls slapped against her ass. She was still very wet and I picked up a steady rhythm as my cock slid in and out of her. Alice wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in every time I pushed into of her. I could hear her grunt with each stroke and when I pushed hard she would let out a soft moan. I would force myself deep inside of her, her clit got a hard pounding when our bodies slammed into each other. We were both enjoying the pounding and grinding that we were giving each other so much that we didn’t hear the door open behind me. Our fucking had gotten more intense, our minds were completely lost in a heavy fog of pleasure as our bodies slammed into each other.
Alice was still coming down from her orgasm when I started fucking her and now she was building to another. I could feel my cock start to twitch and the pressure in my balls start to build.

“UH, UH, UH, UH” Alice continued with each stroke. Each time her grunts got deeper and louder, she was getting ready for another blow out orgasm.
“UUUUUUUUHHHHHGGGGGGGGG” I groaned as I fought to hold back the load of cum that was building. I was starring down at Alice’s beautiful face, her eyes were tightly shut and she was biting her lip. All of a sudden her eyes and mouth popped open and she let out a low scream. I could feel her pussy tighten and the feeling of warm liquid wash over my cock and down my balls.
I couldn’t take any more and the pressure in my balls rushed up my shaft. I pushed hard and deep as I threw my head up and released my load into Alice’s womb. At first I didn’t notice Mary standing there but when my eyes opened and my mind began to clear I saw my beautiful sexy Mary standing there holding a video camera. She was moving around to get our action from different angles and she must have gotten some great video because she was holding the camera with one hand and the other hand was inside the front of her skirt.
The sight of someone standing there with a camera and the fact that we didn’t notice her was very sobering. Alice looked up at Mary and then at me, she winked at me and then nodded. I pulled my cock out of Alice’s pussy and stood up. A mixture of Alice’s pussy juice and my cum was running down my shaft, over my balls and down my leg. Alice cupped her hand over her cunt, stood up and said something to Mary while she ran into the bathroom. Our juices were combined and running through her fingers, some ran down her legs but most of it just dripped off her fingers and onto the carpet. I looked at Mary and watched her follow Alice with the camera. The sight of Alice’s naked body, wiggling ass and the trail she left on the floor was really something to see. My cock was still a little hard and I felt uneasy when I saw Mary turn the camera on me and hit the zoom button.
Mary followed me into the bathroom and watched and videoed as Alice and I took another shower. When we were done cleaning up I was tired and weak.
“Is it my turn now” Mary asked?
“Let’s go get some dinner first and then we can come back to the hotel for the night. What about Cindy” I asked?
“Don’t worry about Cindy. I didn’t tell her that you were here, you can surprise her later. Tonight you are mine” Mary said.
Alice and Mary talked for a moment them Mary turned to me.
“Alice said that was great and wanted to know when you and her can get together again” Mary asked?
“It’s been a long trip and the sex was fantastic but I am tired. After dinner the three of us can come back here and spend the night together. I don’t promise anything but I think you two can get a rise out of me. Besides we have an entire week for fun and games” I replied.
Mary, Alice and I all got into Alice’s car. Alice got into the drivers seat and Mary guided me to the back seat. We were barely away from the curb when I felt Mary’s hand fumbling with my zipper. By the time we got to the corner she had her hand inside my pants and her fingers around my soft meat. Mary pulled my cock out and played with it all the way to the restaurant. Several times she bent over kissed my cock, took it into her hot mouth and played with it with her tongue. My cock was still soft but that didn’t stop Mary. She took my entire soft cock into her mouth and sucked it. My cock was curled up in her mouth like a snake. With her licking and sucking it didn’t take long before it was hard again and Mary enjoyed every inch. I even felt my cock slip past the back of her mouth and into her throat several times. When we got to the restaurant Mary was on one side and Alice on the other when we walked in. I was a very lucky man to have two such beautiful women with me and everyone knew it. I could tell how envious the other men were by the way they looked at us when we walked in the door. Alice talked to the waitress and she led us to a quiet little corner booth. The waitress gave me a sexy grin when she brought our meals. She must have thought that I was something special to have two such beautiful women with me.
During dinner Mary and I planned how we would surprise Cindy Monday afternoon. I knew that I would have business meetings all morning but I would make an excuse and take the afternoon off. Marry, Alice and I would meet for lunch, then Mary would take me to her apartment and let me in to wait for Cindy. When dinner was over we had all the details worked out and we got back into Alice’s car for the trip back to the hotel.
When we got back to my hotel room I opened the door, Mary was the first one in the room followed by Alice. The door wasn’t even closed when I saw Mary’s skirt drop to the floor around her ankles. I was surprised to see that Alice had been the one who unfastened Mary’s skirt and let it drop. Alice was standing behind Mary and pulling Mary’s blouse up. Mary cooperated with Alice and raised her arms over her head so Alice could easily pull the blouse up over her head. Alice picked up the skirt and placed the blue skirt and matching blouse on a near by chair. I knew that Mary was horny and ready for a hard cock, a good fucking and anything else I wanted to do to her. I could see a wet spot growing in the crotch of her purple lace panties. Mary wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were hard, dark brown and standing out like bullets. I think I herd someone pass by in the hall behind me and they must have gotten a great show of Mary’s sexy little body. Mary wasn’t as tall as Alice and she was a little older but her body was as young and hard looking as a woman half her age. I was a very lucky man to have two such hot, sexy and beautiful women with me in my room. I had sucked, licked and fucked one and now the other was waiting for her turn.
I was struck in awe and still holding the door wide open when Mary walked up to me and pushed the door out of my hand and closed. She akkent escort smiled as she gently pushed me back against the wall. Without a word she dropped to her knees, pushed my feet apart and unzipped my pants. Once my zipper was down Mary reached inside my pants and around my underwear to grab my cock. It was only half hard when she pulled my cock out and wrapped her lips around it. I could feel her suck hard and the head of my cock hit the back of her mouth. Her head came up and back down 3 or 4 times before I felt my cock go farther into her mouth and start down her throat. Mary choked when my cock sprang to full hardness in her throat and she pulled back quickly.
“MMMMMM” she moaned and her lips smacked when the head of my cock slipped out of her mouth. Alice was near by capturing all the action with the video camera. I was leaning against the wall beside the door and my head was laid back against the wall. I was enjoying every lick and suck that Mary was giving me. All of a sudden we herd a knock at the door. We were startled and Mary jumped to her feet. There I was with my cock sticking out of my pants and standing straight up with Mary’s saliva running down my shaft. Mary turned to face the door, then said something I didn’t understand. Then a male voice came from the other side of the door.
Mary looked at me with a relieved look. “Its just the champagne that I ordered” she said with a giggle. She quickly turned and said something to Alice, then pulled me around the corner into the bathroom. Mary only had her panties on and my cock was still sticking out when Alice walked by. I herd the door open and a short conversation between the man in the hall and Alice. Then I saw a small cart with a bucket of ice, a bottle of champagne and some tall wine glasses roll by just before I herd the door close. Mary peaked around the corner then motioned for me to follow her. We went back into the room where Alice had taken the cart and champagne. Mary handed me the bottle while Alice set out a glass for each of us. I opened the champagne and poured some into each glass. We all lifted our glasses and Alice said something. Mary translated and told me that Alice had toasted to our health and a night of fun. We each emptied our glasses and placed them back on the table.
“I have an idea for you Tom” Mary said. She said something to Alice and Alice placed the camera on a nearby table. They led me over near the bed and together they stripped me completely naked. All my clothes were lying on the floor and my cock was hard, I couldn’t stop watching Mary walking around in nothing but her sexy little panties. Mary and Alice stepped back, Alice began to take her clothes off and Mary slipped out of her panties and held them up to my face. The sweet scent of her womanhood filled my nostrils. The large wet spot in the crotch of her panties was only a two or three inches from my nose. When she dropped the panties I saw that Alice had moved up beside Mary. They were both completely naked and I couldn’t get over their beauty.
Mary was about ten years older than Alice and she was a little shorter but she looked excellent. Mary was in great shape with her hard brown nipples standing out from the end of her small firm turned up breasts. Her slender little hips and shapely body made Mary and Alice look almost like sisters. I had been with Mary before and I knew that she had a beautiful body, a sweet face and smile and an even more beautiful personality. Her hair was short and framed in her face and beautiful brown eyes perfectly.
Mary and Alice pushed me down onto the bed and then onto my back. Alice picked up the camera and walked around naked taking video of Mary and I. Mary kneeled in front of me, spread my knees and moved in closer. I was ready for Mary to go down on my shaft but I was surprised when she turned around picked up her wine glass and took a mouth full of champagne. She quickly turned back around and carefully pushed my cock between her tightly closed lips and in to her champagne filled mouth. I had never felt anything like it before, the champagne was still cold in her mouth and the bubbles tickled the head of my cock. She kept her lips closed tightly around my shaft while she moved her head up and down. The champagne quickly warmed and lost its bubbles in her hot mouth. She swallowed deeply, pulled back and took another drink of champagne. With her lips tightly closed she gave me a wink and her mouth went back to work on my cock. It was an incredible feeling that I wanted to share with Mary so when she swallowed again I sat up put my arms around her and pulled her onto the bed with me.
“He, He, He, He” she giggled when I got off the bed and spread her legs.
“Your turn now sexy” I said then I took a drink of champagne and plowed my mouth between her soft wet pussy lips. When my lips were pressed against her tender pussy I carefully opened my mouth wide to let the champagne mix with her sweet juice and envelope most private parts. The champagne washed over her hard clit and the bubbles attacked it without mercy. While the bubbles attacked her clit my tongue licked up and down her pussy. The champagne took on an entirely new flavor as it mixed with the juices in her pussy. I closed my mouth and swallowed the sweet mixture in my mouth. I started to sit up but Mary grabbed my head and pulled it hard into her cunt once more. When she released my head I sat up and took another mouth full of champagne. This time I spread her legs wider and rolled her hips up to allow better access to her hot pussy. Again I pushed my mouth in between her pussy lips but this time I moved down to her tunnel of love. I pushed my tongue into her tight opening and explored the threshold while the cold and bubbles from the champagne washed over the surrounding flesh. Instantly a spasm shot through her body like a bolt of lightening. Mary wrapped her legs around my head and her hands pulled my face harder into her cunt. My tongue continued to lick and the champagne swirled around it and washed over the tender flesh of her womanhood. Mary was holding my head tight against her cunt and I could feel her hips bouncing up and down on the bed as she tried to push her pussy harder against my face. I was having a hard time breathing but Mary had a firm grip on my head and wouldn’t let go. All of a sudden her bouncing stopped and her body got ridged. I could feel a flood of warm pussy juice enter my mouth and mix with the champagne. Mary’s orgasm had been so strong that her juices overpowered the taste of the champagne. I swallowed the mixture and it was quickly replace by the juices from another orgasm. I continued to lick, suck and swallow until Mary released my head. We were both out of breath but we weren’t done yet.
I looked around and saw Alice was licking her lips and rubbing her pussy. The camera was on a shelf and in position to take in all the action. Mary’s legs were hanging limply over the side of the bed and her feet were on the floor. Pussy juice was still oozing from her crack when I rolled her over and picked her hips up. I pushed her knees into the bed so her legs wouldn’t bend and I pushed her feet wide apart. Alice knew what I was going to do and reached down grabbed my shaft and aimed it at Mary’s wet hole. I leaned forward and pushed my stiff shaft against Mary’s slippery hole, I pushed all the way in and I herd Mary let out a loud gasp. Alice leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss then she reached between my legs and cupped my balls. She carefully massaged my balls while my cock rammed into Mary’s tight cunt. Sometimes I couldn’t feel Alice’s hand but I knew it was still down there. I think she was rubbing Mary’s pussy and working her clit while I was fucking her. Between the attention that Mary was getting from Alice and I it didn’t take long before Mary was moaning and groaning loudly. Even with her face buried in the pillow Mary’s moaning was loud. I was enjoying Mary’s tight twat gripping my cock and I could feel the pressure in my balls start to build. After all the fucking and sucking from Alice before I didn’t know where the pressure was coming from but it was building fast. Mary was building fast to another orgasm and I could feel her pussy tighten around my shaft. Then she did something that I didn’t expect, she reached back a spread her ass cheeks. My cock was covered with her slippery cum and her dark brown asshole looked so inviting. I pounded Mary’s cunt a few more times, then on a back stroke I pulled all the way out and pushed hard against her asshole. Her asshole was allot tighter than her cunt but after pushing my way through the entrance my shaft easily slid up her ass.
“EEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWW” she screamed into the pillow as the muscles in her asshole yielded and then clinched tightly around my shaft after it forced its way in. She grabbed the pillow and forced her head deeper into it and screamed again. I herd her moans, groans and soft whimpering turn into a pant and then an orgasm blowing scream. I couldn’t take any more and I pushed hard, my balls slapped against Mary’s pussy. Alice’s finger had replaced my cock inside of Mary’s pussy and it was buried deep inside her. The rest of Alice’s fingers were holding my balls against Mary’s cunt.
“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, Oh, Oh, Oh” I groaned and panted with every stroke. My cum shot out and deep into Mary’s bowels at the same time Mary was pumping her pussy juice all over Alice’s hand. When we were done I pulled out of Mary’s ass and just collapsed on the floor behind her. Mary’s feet slid back and her knees buckled, her body slipped to the floor beside me. She sat down but jumped back up because her asshole was sore from being freshly invaded.
The three of us drank the rest of the champagne and then we raided the mini bar. We got cleaned up again and got back into bed. Between the jet lag, the booze and all the sex I was completely wiped out and don’t remember the rest of the night. All I know is that I woke up the next morning with Alice on one side of me and Mary on the other side. We were all completely naked, covered in cum and pussy juice and we were on the floor. My entire body was sore, even my asshole was sore which makes me wonder what they did to me after I passed out. I really can’t remember and I am not sure that I want to.
I carefully got up and tried not to wake Mary and Alice. They groaned and rolled over but didn’t wake up. Quietly I went into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. There were towels all over the bathroom but I couldn’t find any that were clean. I went back to the bedroom and quietly called for some extra towels. The man that answered the phone sounded surprised when I asked for more towels. Apparently I had called two times during the night for more towels. Jokingly I said that I was a very clean person. He laughed and asked if I needed enough towels for the two ladies in the room with me.
“Are they still sleeping naked on the floor sir’ he asked? “If they are I will try to be quiet” he said.
“Yes they will need towels and yes they are still sleeping” I replied.
“Alright sir, I will be right there” he said.
About three minutes later I herd a soft knock at the door. I told the man thank you as he handed me the towels. Then he winked and said “If you don’t mind me saying sir, I think the shorter lady has a nicer ass, but they are both very hot”.
“Thanks, I agree, they are both hot” I replied quietly as I closed the door. I went back to the bathroom and I had to smile when I passed those two naked women on the floor. I went in and took another shower, shaved and brushed my teeth. I was still naked when I came out of the bathroom. Alice and Mary were still completely naked and just waking up. They got up and went into the bathroom together. This time I held the camera and watched as they stepped into the shower. Mary and Alice washed each others body. It was exciting to watch them rub their hands all over each others body. My cock was limp and sore and I was exhausted but I was still feeling the excitement. When they were done cleaning up and were dressed we went out for breakfast. It was Sunday morning so we took our time, relaxed and had a big breakfast. We all needed some extra energy. When we got back to the hotel we stopped in the lobby for a moment, Alice said something to Mary then turned to me and gave me a big kiss. Then she gave me a little wave, a wink and a smile before she turned around and went out the door. Again my eyes were fixated on her ass and that wiggle. I almost didn’t hear Mary translate Alice’s good bye and I can’t wait to see you again message.
Mary and I went back to my room. The maids were still cleaning when we got there. One of the maids spoke to Mary, Mary blushed, then she said that we should come back in a half hour. The Maid couldn’t believe the mess we had made and it would take some time to clean all the spots out of the carpet. I smiled and we went back down to the lobby.
“You look exhausted” Mary told me.
“Ya. With the jet lag and all the, Ah, Ah, action last night I am wiped out” I explained.
“Ok Tom. When you gaziantep anal yapan escort get back into the room I will leave and let you get some rest. You need it” she said.
“Ok Mary. Thanks”
We talked for another half hour and made plans to get together for lunch the next day with Alice. When we went back to the room the Maids had finished cleaning so we went in. Mary walked to the desk by the window.
“oops, I forgot something” she said.
I looked on the desk and there was Mary’s panties neatly folded with a big cum stain on them. Mary picked them up, folded them in half and placed them in her purse.
“I will take care of them at home. Now I will let you get some rest” Mary said. Then she gave me a long kiss and left.
I spent the rest of the day going over the files, paper work and notes from my last business trip here. I rested and nursed my hangover while I got ready for my meetings.
The next morning I was feeling much better. I still hadn’t adjusted to the time difference but I felt good. I went to the business meeting and explained that I was still tired from jet lag and I would not be back after lunch. They said they understood and we could continue the next morning. We all sat down for the meeting and at 12:30 we broke for lunch. I left to meet Mary and Alice at the same restaurant by the river that we went to the first time. When I got there Mary and Alice were already waiting for me.
“Hi Tom. Have a seat” Mary said as soon as she saw me. “You look tired” Mary said.
“I am fine, it’s just the time difference” I replied with a smile.
Mary looked at me. “Are you ready for Cindy” she asked? “I hope you have some energy left to give her a good fucking” Mary giggled. Cindy is Mary’s sixteen year old daughter. I couldn’t believe that Mary was talking like that about her own daughter.
“I still feel a little uncomfortable having sex with a girl so young” I told Mary.
Mary told me that it was alright, it was something that both Cindy and Mary wanted. Mary also told me that in Singapore it was legal for a girl of sixteen to have sex with whoever she wanted.
“It may be legal here but I still think that she is very young” I replied.
Mary and I talked and planned while we ate lunch. Mary didn’t tell Cindy that I was back. She just wanted me to surprise her when she came home from school. Mary had to go back to work so we ate quickly and then Mary took me to her apartment and let me in. I took my shoes off at the door before I went in. Mary took them and put them in the back of a closet where Cindy wouldn’t see them. Before she left to go back to work Mary took out a video camera and showed me how to use it. She wanted me to take video of me fucking Cindy. I still felt a little uncomfortable about having sex with a girl so young but Mary wanted me to, and Cindy wasn’t resisting the last time.
Mary went back to work and locked the door behind her. I went in and lay down on Mary’s bed. In about ten minutes I was lightly sleeping. I almost didn’t hear the front door open when Cindy came home. I herd Cindy coming down the hall and I just barely got behind Mary’s bedroom door when Cindy walked past. Like Mary told me Cindy went straight into her room, took off her clothes and went into the bathroom for a shower. When I herd the shower running I went into Cindy’s room and set the video camera on the dresser facing the bed. I made sure it was set up and running, then I took my clothes off and got into Cindy’s bed. About fifteen more minutes passed before I herd the shower stop, and five or six more minutes before the bathroom door opened. I watched Cindy walk into the room, she was completely naked. She was as cute and sexy as I had remembered. Her sweet young face, small teenaged breasts with tiny brown nipples and a thin patch of hair above the tightly closed crack between her legs made me very excited and also reminded me just how young she really was.
“Uncle Tom” Cindy yelled excitedly!
“Uncle Tom” I asked?
“Yes, that’s what mom told me to call you if I ever talk to anyone about you” she replied.
Cindy ran over to the bed and pulled back the blanket.
“Oh wow, it’s bigger than I remember” she said.
“What do you want me to do” she asked?
“Why don’t you get into bed and we can go from there” I replied.
Without a word Cindy jumped into bed with me, cuddled up to me and kissed me. For someone that young and inexperienced the kiss was very passionate. She gave me a long kiss while her hand slid down over my belly and searched for my manhood. When she found my cock she wrapped her fingers around it and slowly stroked it up and down.
“Do you want me to suck it” she asked?
“That’s up to you, do you want to” I asked?
“Oh yes, mom told me that it was very good” she said.
“Go ahead and do what ever you want” I told her
With out another word her head moved down and I felt her tongue touch the head of my cock like she was tasting it. “MMM MMM” she moaned and then she began to lick my shaft. She didn’t spend much time licking my cock before I felt her hot mouth and lips close around the head. Her fingers were gripping the base of my shaft, her head was moving up and down and she was sucking hard, it felt great. I twisted my body around and pulled her legs toward me until I was under her and her teenaged twat was hanging over my face. The blanket was pulled all the way back and I knew that the video camera was capturing all the action when I pulled her legs apart and her young pussy open for my tongue and the video. I gave her the best licking I could and soon she was grinding her small pussy against my face. I made sure to spread her pussy and her ass cheeks for the camera. Her young pussy juice was sweet and flowed easily with just a little licking. With her sexual inexperience it didn’t take long before her body exploded with an orgasm. She stopped sucking my cock and drove her pussy down hard on my face. Her legs clamped tightly around my head and she rocked her hips back and forth grinding her pussy on my nose and chin. I couldn’t hardly breathe but I wasn’t fighting it either. I stopped licking and soon her rocking and orgasm stopped. She was breathing hard when she dropped down and laid flat on top of me. When her breathing clamed down and she had recovered from her orgasm she rolled over and spread her legs wide.
“Will you fuck me now” she asked?
I bent over and kissed her, then I adjusted her position so the camera would get a good view up between her smooth young legs so it would capture the view of my cock spreading her young pussy lips and pushing deep inside of her. Cindy groaned when the head of my cock pushed past the boundary of tight muscles and slipped inside her very tight young hole. Slowly and inch by inch I went deeper inside of her until I was as deep as I could go. I knew that she wasn’t a virgin anymore but her pussy was as tight as one. I could feel her pussy muscles tighten and loosen in spasms, and it felt like her pulse was pounding all around my cock. I just left it deep inside of her for a moment so her body could adjust to the invasion. When I felt her start to relax I slowly pulled out to the edge and then back in. Her body adjusted more quickly this time so I picked up a slow steady rhythm, in and out, then in and out again. I had forgotten about the camera and I was just enjoying this fantastic young lady’s sexy tight body. Her legs wrapped around the back of my legs and she kept trying to pull me deeper and harder in to her. When I remembered the camera I raised up and rolled her hips up to expose her cock filled cunt to the camera. What a view it must have had, I couldn’t wait to see the video myself. Cindy’s body was so hard and tight that I could already feel the pressure start to build in my balls. I knew that I wouldn’t last much longer in this position so I put my arms around Cindy, pulled her naked body close and rolled over so she was on top. I think it surprised her but in 2 or 3 seconds she knew what to do and she began to ride up and down my hard shaft. Harder and harder she dropped and ground her pussy into me trying to take my cock deeper inside of her. Again I thought about the camera and I pulled her down on top of me. Her small breasts and tiny hard nipples pressed against my chest as she laid there and her body slid up and down my body. With both hands I reached around and grabbed each of her ass cheeks and spread them apart while I pulled and pushed her up and down my shaft. With her ass, her lags and her pussy spread wide open my cock was clearly visible as it slid in and out of her tight pussy. I didn’t know how she would react but I took a chance and reached farther around and pushed the tip of my middle finger into her asshole. We were locked in another kiss but she let out a squeal and her muscles tightened around my finger in an effort to keep it out. She wiggled her ass but it was too late, my finger was already inside her asshole and I didn’t want to take it out. Her body was small enough so I had no trouble reaching her ass. When she finely accepted my finger in her ass and relaxed I pushed it in deeper. She went wild and the intensity of her passion doubled. She was kissing, rubbing, and sliding up and down my body like a wild woman. For someone so young and with so little experience she turned into a wild woman in seconds. She sat back up and bounced up and down on my shaft harder and faster. It felt unbelievable. My mind was lost in what was happening and all of a sudden I realized that it was too late for any control. Cindy’s pussy was so tight around my cock that it felt like she was gripping and milking me.
“AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGODDDDDDDDD” I groaned and uncontrollably I shot my load. She was still bouncing up and down and her pussy kept pumping me for every drop. I don’t know if she realized that I had shot my load but she just kept going. Suddenly she stopped bouncing and her body dropped down hard. Her pussy got tighter and she began to shake. I felt the hot juice from her cunt spread over my shaft, she wiggled and ground her pussy into my groin. I pulled her down on top of me so the camera would capture our fluids oozing out around my cock as I reached down and spread her ass cheeks again. Her hot love juice was running out and all over my balls even though her hot pussy was still clamped tightly around my shaft. Her arms were locked tightly around me and her lips were pressed tightly to mine while her tongue pushed its way into my mouth. The camera had captured enough for now so I let go of her ass and wrapped my arms around her and held her tight.
We laid there in each others arms and with my cock still inside of her for a long time after her body stopped quivering. Neither of us realized it but we both fell asleep like that. The next thing I knew I herd someone talking. We had slept for hours and Mary had come home from work and walked in to find us sleeping. Cindy had rolled off of me and my cock was exposed and limp but Mary was sure that we had a good time together. There was half dried cum and pussy juice all over both of us and the bed, it was a mess.
“I hope you saved some for me” Mary said, “but first we have to change the sheets”.
Cindy woke up and saw her mother standing beside the bed. Quickly Cindy grabbed the blanket and pulled it over us to hide herself.
“Don’t worry sweetie, just go get cleaned up and then I will help you make the bed” Mary told her. Cindy pulled the blanket back and led me into the bathroom. Her sexy young body was incredible and I enjoyed helping her in the shower, and then I enjoyed her washing me in the shower. Her breasts were very firm, her nipples were hard and after cleaning her out I couldn’t resist fingering and licking her pussy again.
When we were done in the shower we walked naked back to Cindy’s room. Mary was standing there waiting for us and I noticed the camera was gone. Mary and I never told Cindy about the camera.
During the rest of the week I fucked Cindy, her mother Mary and Alice several more times, the camera was always with us and on. Some times it was Cindy and Mary or Mary and Alice. I made one request and they all agreed, I wanted some pictures of all of them together in the nude. What a turn on that was to see them all naked together, Mary in her 30s, Alice in her 20s and Cindy in her teens. By the end of the week I was exhausted and it had nothing to do with business. Mary, Alice and Cindy all took me to the airport. Before I went through security Mary handed me a CD.
“Movies we made so you don’t forget us” Mary whispered in my ear. I was exhausted, my cock was limp and warn down to a nub. I had fucked three incredible women time after time, one was a teenager and one was her mother. Ya, like I would ever forget these women and this week. We all kissed and groped each other one last time, then we parted and I went through security. I slept all the way back to the states.
When I got back to the office I actually hoped that I would not have another business trip like that in South America. It would take me weeks to recover. My boss commented that I looked even worse than I did after my last business trip to Singapore. He said when I got back from South America I needed to take two weeks off, I needed it.
The next time I chatted with Mary on the internet she told me that she may be coming to see me on a business trip.

But that’s another story.

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