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success or failure? Please read Part One first!

The following morning I went off early into the village to get some provisions in for lunch. Tina wanted some bottled water and I hoped to have the chance of a word with Rob, the young English waiter at the beach restaurant where we had eaten a few times. He was part of my plan for level number six.

Quite luckily I bumped into him outside the small Spar supermarket.

‘Hi, Rob,’ I called. He ambled over with his bags in hand. He was very good looking, about nineteen, I guessed. I imagined him working for an advertising agency modelling jeans or other rugged outdoor wear. A firm body, almost hairless chest and long muscular legs. Yes, he had walked off one of those menthol cigarette adverts on the back of old Sunday supplement magazines, in my teens. I was betraying my age! I don’t suppose Tina remembered those mountain stream cool smokes.

I had watched Tina follow him with her eyes at the restaurant. I knew there was a chemical or physical attraction there, at least. He seemed nice.

‘I thought you’d get everything wholesale,’ I queried, looking at his overflowing bags.

‘It’s too far every day to Nice and it’s so hard to tell what we’re going to need at this time of the year. Some things we have to buy locally – and some things are better bought here too,’ he added.

‘Of course,’ I said. ‘Rob, have you time for a quick coffee? I’ve got an unusual proposal for you.’

Clearly intrigued, he accepted my invitation and we crossed “La Place des Baisers”. Seated at our rusting metal table in the sun I attempted to explain what I wanted.

‘It’s about Tina,’ I began. ‘It’s one of her fantasies and I wondered if you could help me fulfil it for her. It’s all about trust, I suppose.’

‘Go on,’ said Rob.

‘Well,’ I hesitated. ‘She wants me to watch her make love to another man, a total unknown stranger.’

Rob was silent for a moment whilst he took in what I had said.

‘But she knows me. Not personally but she knows who I am and things,’ Rob protested.

‘Yes, she does. But she has agreed to be blindfolded and you will not say a single word throughout. She must never know or ever have any clues it was you. She won’t see you, she’ll just touch and experience your body in every way you choose to pleasure her. She trusts me to arrange things so she has no fears.’ I paused as he seemed to be thinking about what I had said. I continued: ‘It’s what she wants, Rob.’

None of this was quite true, of course. Tina had agreed to nothing as yet. She didn’t know what the sixth level was but I had a feeling she would agree, eventually. She had come this far; she would not want to ‘waste’ her efforts. And she wanted that car. That was what drove her – metaphorically, of course.

‘All right,’ Rob said, with a grin. ‘She’s lovely to look at, I’d love to have sex with her if she wants to. But I have to know that. Tina must tell me even if I can’t speak to her, she must tell me and convince me she really wants me to do it. If she does, then I would love to screw your wife for you, Andrew. Sorry I can’t reciprocate.’

‘Great,’ I said, ignoring the apology. ‘How about tomorrow night at about ten o’clock?’

‘Too early for me,’ said Rob. ‘I can’t get away from the kitchen before eleven. Can you keep her awake until then?’

‘I think if she knows what’s planned she’ll be very wide awake. Okay, it’s pitch 439, just opposite the ‘Poubelles’. He nodded indicating he knew where I meant. That seemed to be it. Easier than I feared. Now to tell Tina.

We shook hands as if we had done a deal and I suppose in a way I had. Rob strolled off with giant strides towards the restaurant. I wondered what his position was: was he part owner or did it belong to his family? I had never asked. Somehow I felt it was more important to him than just a holiday job.


‘Where have you been?’ cried Tina when I wandered back to the caravan. She was sitting on the step wearing a bikini and her ubiquitous plimsolls. ‘I was about to come looking for you.’

‘Sorry, I was chatting.’ I realised that was not a very clever remark. She would come back straightaway with a question that I could predict only too easily. I needed lightning inspiration.

‘Who to?

‘To a family from Brighton,’ I improvised. ‘They arrived last night and they realised in the Spar that I must be English. My brilliant French, I expect. They were quizzing me about the best places on the beach and where to eat and so on. They bought me a coffee.’

‘You’re not usually that sociable, Andrew,’ she commented and got up to help put my shopping away.

‘I couldn’t be rude,’ I said hoping she would leave it at that. I decided to tell her about level six. It would distract her comprehensively from her current career as principal inquisitor.

‘Are we going to the beach today?’ she asked.

‘Yes, sure. But I was hoping to tell you about level six,’ I just tossed it carelessly into the conversation.

That got her attention.



‘I kind of thought the next level ankara escort would be later, back home.’

‘You don’t have to,’ I said gently. ‘You will never have to, Tina, but I am going to tell you about it.’

She sat down on the upholstered window seat at the front end of our caravan.

‘Go on.’

‘Tina, I will never think anything bad if you pull out now but you need to understand that four of the last five levels will involve you going further than you have been so far, apart, I suppose, from when you were with Tim. But he’s a good mate and you’ve known Tim and Becky forever. So I just wanted to say I want to explore your limits, to the very edge.’

‘You mean you just want me to give up and save you a load of cash more like! You don’t put me off that easy! Tell me!’

I must have grinned as she grabbed a cushion and threw it at me. I caught it and put it down casually.

‘Level six,’ I said firmly.

‘I want that car,’ she said softly, in defiance, almost under her breath.

‘You are to make love to a total stranger whilst I watch you. You will be safe at all times but you will see nothing as you will be blindfolded throughout. He will not speak at all, not a single word. However, you are allowed to speak in response to his love-making. But he wants to hear you tell him clearly that you have agreed to this and that you want to go ahead. Otherwise he won’t do it; he will leave. He will spend quite some time with you and may wish to fuck you more than once or in more than one way. But he is required to pleasure you foremost. It is for you to enjoy.’

I knew this was a bit more than I had told Rob so far but I presumed I’d have the chance to amplify our plans tomorrow evening.

Tina was silent.

‘It’s probably someone you spoke to this morning,’ she announced, ‘not a family from Brighton or perhaps it’s someone who’s here with a family from Brighton,’ she went on as she stacked the bottled water in a cupboard by the sink unit.

Damn her perceptiveness, I thought. But she wasn’t quite on the right trail.

Tina started to get the beach stuff together.

‘We’re meeting Al and her parents down by the Dragon Rock. They say it’s really sheltered there,’ she said as if nothing unusual had happened between us.

Then I got in her way deliberately in the somewhat cramped caravan kitchen area. I put my arms around her and pulled her to me. I kissed her tenderly and pushed the bikini straps off her shoulders. My fingers cautiously investigated the fastener at the back. It sprang open and Tina’s little breasts appeared. I held them both and bent to kiss her again.

‘I love you,’ I said.

She pushed the bikini bottoms down and stepped from them.

‘I’m going to do it, Andrew. I’m not going back now. I’m going to enjoy it too because I’ll think of you as he fucks me.’

She put her arms around my neck and jumped into my arms, as her legs enclosed my waist tightly. I turned and fell with her onto the window seat. We laughed and struggled to untangle ourselves.

Tina got up and pulled me to my feet too.

‘Come,’ she said and she took me to the bedroom at the other end of the caravan. Deliberately flopping onto the bed on her back and with legs well apart she said: ‘Make love to me, Andrew, please.’

We hadn’t fucked since we had both been with Al.

At first I lay next to her and we touched each other intimately and confidently. She rolled my foreskin back and stroked the tip of my cock until it and I were totally aroused. I sucked on her right nipple, which always ‘volcanoes’ better than the other, and fingered down into her cunt lips. I didn’t go further as I love it when she gets so excited she has to ask me.

‘Come on top of me, please,’ she asked.

I did. I positioned myself over her but used my knees to avoid putting my full weight on her. She reached in to hold my erection, running a fingernail along the underside.

In response I pushed a finger deep inside her anus. She shuddered and dug her nails into my inner thigh.

‘It’s tonight, Tina. Eleven o’clock.’

‘Now,’ she replied and I pushed my penis up into my wonderful wife. I pushed hard several times and then withdrew only to thrust myself immediately back into her. She loves this. We have reached that level of sexual need that we are both allowing our instinctive appetite to take over in a helter-skelter race to our individual orgasms.

I hold Tina tight as I tense myself to feel that flood of pleasure as my semen courses through my penis to its destination. Tina groans as she enjoys her own pleasure. We lay bathing in post-coital physical contentment.

‘I will do it – for you, for the car and,’ she eyed me wickedly – ‘for me. I understand now how I can have fun without risking what we have, Andrew.’

Rob arrived at ten past eleven. Tina was getting restless and nervous and I was just panicking that he might not come when he knocked loudly on the caravan door. Tina started with electric nervousness. He remembered to remain silent however when he came in. Tina had been blindfolded ankara escort bayan since half past ten. Her idea: she said she didn’t want to spoil anything and we had used some sticking plasters to ensure that if the sex got, well you know, a bit passionate and physically demanding, the thing wouldn’t just come off.

‘If that happened I’d have to find someone else then,’ I teased. Tina took me literally and even when I reassured her I was joking she maintained that I had been right and the level would be incomplete until I located a new lover for her.

Rob was staring at Tina. She was wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of white panties. He pulled his own shirt off and dropped his jeans, kicking them and his beach shoes to one side. A certain sense of embarrassment was now in the air. It had not crossed the minds of either of us that Rob’s own nudity might be a problem. He was nervous about stripping off in front of me. Still he went ahead and stood before her.

‘I think he’s waiting for you to say something, Tina.’

‘Hello,’ she began. ‘My name is Tina and I want you to really enjoy having sex with me. I am doing this to fulfil a challenge from my husband Andrew and to complete my own hidden fantasies. I want this to happen. You may take me in any way you wish but I do not expect to be hurt – beyond maybe a little pain. I hope you are not here for a quick fuck: I expect to be pleasured at length. My body is fully available to you – not just my cunt. I presume Andrew has told you that?’

He nods and then smiles realising the futility of his nod for she cannot see him of course.

‘Did all that sound crap, Andrew?’

‘Not your normal sort of pick-up line but I think he got the message! I think he wants you to touch him first, Tina.’

Tina steps nearer holding out a hand to locate him. She touches his hard smooth chest. Reaching up she puts her arms around his neck and melts her body against his. Rob gently pulls her t-shirt over her head. Rob bends to her face and they kiss. He guides her over to the bed and picks her up in his arms. Gently he lowers her to the mattress.

‘Take my panties off now, please.’

Lying alongside each other they explore. Tina is stroking Rob’s long thin cock as it becomes fully engorged so the veins and ligaments stand out proud of their manliness. He starts to finger her cunt which is already glistening with her excitement. Tina is making encouraging noises as she sways her hips to the touch of his hand.

‘I want you to remember something. If I say you are wonderful or that I love you then in my mind I can see my husband doing this to me. It is and always will be him that I love but equally I want you to get any pleasure you want from me tonight, Tom. I shall call you Tom.’

She paused for a moment and then said in a rush: ‘I think I would like you to get a bit rougher with me now, Tom. I want it now but you choose how.’ We could both see her smile.

‘Tom’ reaches underneath her bottom and lifts her towards his spear. He plunges it firmly, up to the hilt into Tina’s scabbard. She shouts my name as he thrusts himself into her, lowering both her body to the bed and his to her chest. His hands move to hold her breasts and pull and squeeze her nipples. Tina, inebriated by her approaching first climax, groans and pulls herself to him, embracing him tightly with her arms and her legs.

‘Fuck me, come in me, Tom. I’m coming!’ She spasms with the delight of her own orgasm and I sense Rob’s climax as his thrusts become more urgent and, maybe, less full. I know he is coming inside my wife, I sense his ejaculation spurting up into her, and although I am pleased by her acquiescence I suppose I hope she doesn’t like it too much. She calls my name again, telling me she loves me. I tell her I love her and I feel somewhat reassured as they calm together and Rob holds her, protectively snuggling her in his arms. They doze a while, a sort of half sleep or perhaps they have just closed their eyes.

I took a swig from my glass of tequila and I suspect I dozed off too, just for a few minutes. I’m awakened by something and as I stir I see that Rob is gently pushing Tina on the shoulders, urging her to move her head down his chest. Tina is working her way down, licking him. Their positions relative to each other are changing as she is moving he too is moving so that his face will be near her crutch.

Rob turns on his side and Tina follows him so that Rob is able to bury his face into her crutch. She lets him thrust his tongue forward as he licks along her labia and pushes up forcefully into her. She is grunting with pleasure as her own tongue runs along his penis which has stiffened again at her touch. I can see her tongue pushing into the lips of his cock. Then she moves forward and her own lips encircle Rob’s glans.

Rob’s response is to push his face fully into her cunt and he is eating her. She rolls on to her back and moaning with the thrill, enhanced maybe by the unknown of it all, as she displays herself to this male who is taking her to her second orgasm.

‘God, this escort ankara is unbelievable, Tom,’ she mutters between gasps as she continues to suck on Rob’s penis. Angling her head she is taking him fully down into her mouth and throat and is in danger of choking. Tina is trembling and I realise she is climaxing again.

Rob senses this too and his own orgasm ripples through him. His semen erupts into Tina’s throat and she starts to panic that she can’t breathe. She realises she must swallow and she swallows his seed and breathes in hard, her panic making her rapidly gulp in air. Rob is still licking up her juices as they slow. Rob sits up and pulls her up into his arms. Tasting his own semen, no doubt, he kisses her deeply.

Then with his index finger he begins to draw on Tina’s tummy. She catches on immediately as he draws a T then an H, an A, an N and a K. Followed by a Y, an O and U.

Tina smiled behind her mask and whispered: ‘It was a pleasure, my pleasure…’

Rob left having never said a word.

‘Come here,’ she said. I moved over to her and touched her on the shoulder, bending over her to then kiss her. She felt the texture of my shirt close to her face.

‘Undress,’ she told me. I moved a hand to the sticking plaster so I might remove her blindfold. ‘No,’ she said sharply.

I undressed quickly and lay down next to Tina, pulling the duvet over us both. It was very late now and there was a chill in the air.

‘Come on top of me, Tom,’ she said placing a finger on my lips to silence me. ‘Screw me one more time, Tom.’ Her fingers softly found and surrounded my cock and as she fondled it I felt it grow harder still. My own fingers had found her wetness. She was incredibly wet still and open.

‘Fuck me, Tom.’ I understood she was making me back into the Tom figure as if the whole experience were to become one for us both. I mounted her and my penis just slipped inside her.

‘Welcome home,’ she whispered. ‘Whatever happens you must come inside me, as soon as you can, please.’ I began to thrust and she held my hips and found the energy still to push her hips up to meet me and to tell me how good I felt. I wondered if she felt much of me but this expression of her love filled me with wonder at just how much Tina must love me. I banged away and began to enjoy the thought of being the second man to have her that evening. As I considered her broader sexual experiences this made me come at last and as I did so Tina raised her arms and began to pull the blindfold and the plasters away.

Sight restored, she stared into my eyes and then kissed me on the lips. She winked and with a rueful sort of grin said: ‘Hello, Tom. I love you.’


Not much more that is worthy of report happened during the rest of the holiday. We flew home safely and once we had been met at the airport by Nikki and Richard, they told us how they had got on at Thetford – a Silver Medal, which wasn’t bad at all considering they had never mounted a display themselves before]. Nikki was full of what was doing well on the nursery and really seemed to be starting to know all the plant names.

‘Granpa worked ever so hard too, Tina,’ Nikki reminded us. ‘He’s doing the watering this morning.’

‘Yes, she keeps on testing me all the time,’ said Richard, laughing.

Nikki and Richard had clearly got on really well together whilst we were away and I was very aware just how close the two of them seemed. Nikki was twenty now and must have spent a lot of time with her dad during the last three years since Debbie died. Richard had devoted himself to his only daughter and had not sought other company. They seemed to belong together.

Later that evening we were alone together at last, back in our own home. Tina was stretched out on the sofa, wearing just a pair of shorts.

‘I’ve done six levels now, Andrew,’ she began. ‘Are you going to announce what the next one is?’ She grinned at me and said: ‘I still want it you know.’

I knew she was talking about the car.

‘I’m going to tell you about the next two levels,’ I replied. ‘The first one could be the easiest of all the levels; the second may be harder to arrange.’

‘Go on,’ Tina said, intrigued.

‘OK. Level 7 involves punishment.’ Tina was staring at me. ‘Whenever I have spanked you playfully, once or twice quite hard,’ I began, ‘you have never complained and so I began to wonder whether secretly you might enjoy being punished a little. So it’s up to you Tina: I am going to punish you twice in the next month, if you wish to pass level 7. However just when will be your choice and how is your choice also. By that I mean you may just choose one simple slap of the hand on your bottom with your shorts on or you may want to try something much more exciting, more physically challenging. It’s up to you.’

‘You can still surprise me,’ she whispered. ‘What’s the other level?’

‘That’s the harder one: for Level 8 I want you to take me with you to some kind of party where we will both have sex with other partners. That’s if you want to continue the game?’ I teased. I knew now she would not stop. What I didn’t know and hadn’t started to think about were the appetites we had both awakened and how we might both still want to satisfy them once the game was over. Might I be risking everything or ultimately fulfilling the potential of our relationship?

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