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I am a first time writer and I would like a few comments on how to make my story better. Thanking you in advance. – Incestualgirl

* * * * *

As Nicola walked through the door she could hear noises coming from somewhere in the house. She stopped at the bottom of the stairs and listened carefully. It sounded like muffled moans but she couldn’t be sure. She followed the noise up the stairs and around to her mother’s room. She could hear grunts and moans and as the door was slightly open so she stuck her head in out of pure curiosity. What she saw shocked her and at the same time sent a tingle through the young girl’s body. At 18 she was 5’6″ and had developed quickly, with nice pair of full tits, long brown hair and long tanned legs with a tight shapely ass attached. She was beginning to notice men, women and children looking at her in ways she never noticed before. But she was not ready for what greeted her as she peeked around the door.

Her mother was straddling someone with her back to the door. Who? She could not see, but she could clearly see the 8-inch cock on which she was impaled. She was bouncing up and down swaying her head from side to side moaning and groaning. With words like,

“That’s it baby mmmm yeah oh yeah fuck me oh fuck me honey.”

Her mother loved every minute of this skewering and Nicola knew it. The cock was moving fast into her as she bounced up and down on it. Nicola could clearly hear the squelching from the cock mashing into the soaking wet pussy of her mother’s. Lana was gripping her ass as she rocked and bounced on this magnificent cock that had Nicola mesmerised.

Then she heard it. She could not believe it but she was certain. She heard her 19-year-old brother, Ken’s voice, and he said

“Oh mom oh yeah mom that’s so good fuck me oh yeah f…fuck me.”

Nicola nearly lost her balance as she leaned in the door when she heard this. She wanted to scream but her throat tightened up and to make matters worse she could feel herself getting hotter and sweatier as she watched her mother’s beautiful frame bound up and down on her brother’s cock. She envied her mother’s body and looks, even though Nicola made grown men stir in their pants. Her mother, Lana was 47, 5’8″ with a 32D-24-34 figure. Her long wavy fair hair cascaded over her shoulders and her ass was still pert and firm even after 2 kids.

Nicola couldn’t help herself as she walked into the room wanting to scream at them but she couldn’t. Unknowingly to herself her hand had made its way to her young tight cunt and was rubbing it through her shorts. She had started to play with herself ever since that night at a friend’s sleep over when they sneaked some boys into the room. One of the boys from her class had played with her tits and pussy and she had liked the feelings it produced. So now here she was walking to the bed with her hand rubbing slowly over her wet vaginal opening as her mom and brother fucked each other. The all of a sudden her mom’s head spun around. But she was in the middle of her first orgasm and could do nothing but scream out her daughter’s name as she came. Ken had no idea that his sister was there and replied with,

“Yes mom I wanna fuck her too oh yes mom you want her just as bad as me.”

This burned Nicole’s ears but she could not move from the spot she was in. Her mother recovered quickly from her ordeal and jumped off her son’s cock leaving him confused. That was when Ken seen his sister. She was still standing there with her hand no longer moving but still on her cunt with a visible wet patch under it. Lana stood there naked in front of her young daughter. She held out her arms and said,

“Oh baby I am so sorry but it was only a matter of time before you found out dear. However, I would have liked to do it in a more less awkward way.”

Her young girl had grown up enough that now was the right time to introduce her to the family secret. Ken had only found out a week before and she hoped Nicola would be as willing to the idea of incest as much as Ken was. She explained also that she had involved them a little earlier than she had expected because of their father dieing only 2 years before. She explained how lonely she had got without their father around to comfort her in their big cold bed at night.

This she said as she stroked her son’s still hard cock. Nicola could not take her eyes of her brother’s hard member and as she guessed, the secret was that her mother’s own family had been indulging in this taboo act for many years. Also it had been Lana’s wish to carry on the tradition and even get her children involved with their aunts and uncles. Nicola was still confused by the idea especially since she had just watched her mother come while fucking her sibling senseless. Her mother told her that sex was an act between two people (or more) that loved each other and who can love each other more than one’s own family. This settled Nicola for the time being. Just then Lana realised her son was close and she told the young virgin girl to take hold of his gaziantep escort bayan cock and she directed her through the steps of how to make a man or boy come. Nicola had never seen a hard cock before and she marvelled in its feel. Her mother went around the other side of the bed and held her girl’s hand as she pulled on her brother’s young hard prick, which was still wet and slimy from her mother’s cum only moments before. Lana did not want them to disappoint her family when she brought them into the fun. She wanted them to be able to satisfy her brothers, her sister, her parents and the in-laws who had also become accustomed to this depravity.

As she stroked his cock her mother instructed her to lean forward and gently taste the head of his cock. Nicola felt the texture and taste of his used cock, which she found intriguing and searched a little more with her open mouth as Lana played with his bulging testicles. Ken was in heaven; here he had two gorgeous women playing with his cock and he loved it. Lana was impressed by her girl’s willingness and encouraged her to take as much as she could into her mouth. Her son groaned and grabbed fistfuls of bed sheet as Nicola took 4-inches into her sweet hot soft mouth. Lana got up from where she was kneeling and walked around the back of her daughter. She whispered in her ear that she would make her feel as good as Ken and proceeded to take off her young daughter’s shorts and panties as Nicola moved to accommodate her mother. Then Lana pulled off her young girl’s blouse and realised her she had no bra on. This made the oversexed mother even wetter as she coaxed her daughter on to the bed so that she was on all fours sucking on her brother cock. Nicola scooped her hair to one side so as too not have it in her way. Then she realised that her legs where being spread and that her mother had begun to play with her young pussy. Her pussy was still quite hairless but it had begun to sprout some dark hairs and it looked so inviting. The attentions of her mother made her suck more intently on her brother’s firm shaft. Her mother looked at this sexy young pussy, which was already starting to get wet with cunt juice and was in awe at how beautiful it was. She remembered how she would sneak into Nicole’s room and pull off her panties and gaze at it with wonder and now, here it was only a couple of inches from her face begging to be sucked. She spread the pink puffy lips apart and licked from her clit to her anus. This sent a shock wave through the young vixen’s body. She took a deep breath and continued pleasuring her older sibling. He was nearly there and was arching his back trying to fuck his sister’s mouth. Lana then inserted a finger into the young girl’s wanton pussy and continued to lick her anus. She then followed that with a second and pushed in as far as she could until she hit a stop. It was then that she realised her daughter was still a virgin. It was not that she had thought Nicola had had sex it just had never dawned on her before. She continued to probe her cunt and brown cavity as Nicola sucked greedily on Ken’s cock. Moans and groans filled the air and he was urging his young sister on,

“Suck hard sis oh yeah Nicola mm yeah suck harder Nicola oh its so good sis mmm I’m nearly there.”

When Lana heard that she shot up from her daughter’s exquisite cunt to get some sperm in her mouth. She so liked the taste of it. She encouraged her young girl on and told her how good come tasted and felt as it flowed down your throat and chin, and that she’d love it! Nicola pulled and sucked on his prick until he arched his back and froze. Then he was there with a,

“Ohh nnnggghh I’m cumming mom I’m cuummmmminnng in her mouth mmm oohh Nicola yeahhh mmm fuck ohh yeah keep sucking mmm yeah.”

Lana’s eyes opened like saucers as she watch her daughter swallow as much as she could. But Ken’s young testicles had been building up so much his jets were long and full. Jet after jet of hot gooey come shot down the hot little vixen’s throat that she nearly gagged. But she wanted too much to impress her mother that she held back. As she continued to suck on his cock as it began to go limp and she let in flop from her mouth with a gasp of breath. She and her delightful mother looked straight into one another’s eyes and embraced each other in a passionate filled kiss, sharing her brother’s fluids with her very horny mother. They kissed each other so hard and so vigorous it was like they were two long lost lovers who had been waiting so long to be back together again. They enthralled each other and Ken moved off the bed to give them room. He went over and sat in the rocking chair that was in the corner, still totally naked of course as they both whispered how much they loved each other and how they would do anything for each other. As they kissed Lana took the young girls hand and placed on the older woman’s drenched pussy. Nicola could feel the warmth and moistness of the slit. She slowly stuck one of her fingers into her mother’s escort gaziantep bayan snatch as Lana crooned and arched her back to meet the little didget that was invading her. Lana then kissed Nicola on her neck and slowly nibbled her ear lobe. Nicola giggled with the ticklish feeling as her mother moved down further to the young girl’s breasts. They were both breathing hard as they realised how turned on they both were. Lana then nibbled on Nicola breasts as she slipped her finger into Nicole’s pussy. Nicola was beginning to moan as she began to feel the pleasure welling up inside her. Lana then made her way down to the sweet pussy, which she had only just got a taste for. Nicola was so nearly there and she arched her back to meet her mother’s searching tongue.

Just then they heard the phone began to ring. Ken jumped from the rocking chair and answered it as the phone startled the two girls. It was the principal of his and Nicole’s school. He wanted to talk to their mother but there was no need to worry, as it wasn’t anything serious. It was about some PTA meeting but it was enough of an interruption to take the heat out of the proceedings. Lana was the secretary of the parents committee so she had to sort one or two things out. She kissed her son and daughter and told them that they were not to speak of this to anyone. They were also not to play with each other unless she was there because she wanted to teach them and she did not want them to get into any bad habits, which would mean they would not make good enough lovers for her family. She also wanted Nicole’s virginity in tact for when they visited their grandparent’s house. Lana wanted her daughter broken in by Lana’s father, John. She wanted her daughter to feel the special feeling of losing her virginity as she did. The two of them understood and went to there own rooms.

But Ken could not wait. He wanted his younger sibling so much. When their mother had left the house Ken wandered into his sister’s room and found her naked hungrily licking her fingers and hands. She had just finished having a wank but he did not know this. As he walked towards her he said,

“Nicola I know what Mom said but I do want to play with you again, so much.”

Nicola was now obviously very turned on and welcomed her brother with open arms as he flopped onto the bed beside her. Her hand instantly was on his prick, which was already rock hard. They kissed each other and were moaning softly as she rubbed his crotch and he began to play with her now pointing nipples. As she began to unzip his trousers and she felt his fingers part her folds and rub her clit. She then pulled out his throbbing member and jerked him with her little fist. Nicola then reminded her brother they could not fuck. Ken was clearly frustrated by this but soon didn’t care as his mind came back to the young hand on his pulsing prick. Nicola then begged her brother to suck her cunt but he had a better idea. He got her up and lay on his back as he told her to straddle his face and suck his cock while he tongued her clit. Ken had seen this on a video he found in his mom’s room. Soon Nicola was bucking against Ken’s face as he fucked her mouth. In the space of two hours she had gone from knowing very little about sex to being completely obsessed by it. As they sucked and licked Ken began to cry out his nearing orgasm,

“Ohh yeah sis mm suck my prick I’m gonna cum mmm yeah please sis ohh yeah.”

Her brother’s words urged her on and were enough to send her over the edge as she felt him gush into her mouth. He came with a torrent of cum that shot into her waiting mouth. She gulped down his salty excretion and soon was splashing into and onto her brother’s mouth and face.

“Ohh fuck Ken ohh yeah mm suck me bro ooh yeah mmm fuck… fuck ohh yeah ohh god Ken I love this mmm yeah.”

The two siblings exhausted from their playing slowly found their way back to one another’s mouth and embrace as they mixed each other’s juices. Again Nicola savoured her taste and her brothers as they both fell asleep holding each other.

While all this was going on in Lana’s house there was some fun to be had in her childhood home. Her sister, Marie, had decided to drop in and found her younger brother, Daniel, sucking on his mother’s cunt. As she walked in she responded with,

“Mmm what do we have here?”

Her mother’s eyes shot open and greeted her youngest daughter with a welcoming smile. Marie was quite similar of her sister except had one child who was 18, Karen, and was 5’9.” She had a superb body 38D-26-36. All of Daniel’s friends fancied the arse off both his sisters but especially 45-year-old “sis” Marie. Daniel was 36 6’1″ with an athletic build. He was quite tanned and had that classic chiselled jaw that ran through all the males of the McConnell family. As for his mother, Elaine, she was 65, 5’6″ and could still attract the men with her 34DD-26-34 sexy body. She looked after herself very well and as she well knew sex is the best gaziantep bayan escort exercise anybody can do and in her family she had enough of that to make sure she was always in shape.

From Marie’s vantage point she could see Daniel’s long 9-inch member hanging down between his legs as he slurped on his mother well used pussy. She reached under him and slowly ran her fingers up and down it as he greeted her with a muffled,

“Hi sis” and she replied back, “Hi bro.”

There was a special connection between him and his sister as she was the first to bring him into to the family joys when he was 18. He would never forget her for this and figured he owed her for this. Then she reached into one of the nearby bedside drawers and pulled out a 12-inch black dildo. She also took out some lubricant as she remembered how much he liked to be fucked up the ass by not only dildos but also his father and the dog, which was out in the back yard. She lubed up his ass with her two middle fingers and then the dildo. She then slowly inserted the long thick rubber cock up his ass as he moaned into his mother’s open cunt. Elaine could see everything Marie was doing and told her daughter,

“That’s it my sweet fuck his ass oohh yeah fuck him as he sucks my cunt mmm he is a cunt sucking ass fucking bastard oohhh yeah keep it up mmm fuck him fuck him.”

Marie loved hearing her mother talk like that and reamed her brothers ass while he sucked harder on his mother cunt. The sight was amazing and all Daniel could do was fuck back onto the long dildo, which by now he was taking about 8-inches of, and suck on his mother cunt as she came in his mouth with suck intensity.

“Ohhh I’m ccummmmminnnngg ohhh fffuuucckkk suck my cunt mmmm you dirty fuck suuccckkk ooohhh my baby mm suck mommy’s cunt mmm”

Daniel’s mouth and face was covered with his mother juice as his sister fucked him harder as she got so turned on by the sight of her mother cumming all over her brother face. She had seen this many times before but it was still unbelievably arousing to watch it. While he cleaned his mother’s cunt with his tongue and mouth his sister slowed down her fucking then Daniel turned his head to let Marie know he was ready. She slowly but surely quickened the pace at which she fucked his tight muscular ass. His mother had got up from in front of him and slid herself under his hanging cock. So now here this young man was straddling his mother while getting ass fucked by his sister with a big black rubber cock. Marie moved her leg up and down between her mother’s crotch and slid it up and down over her clit. Her shin was rubbing hard against her mother’s clit as she impaled her younger brother. He was moaning loud now screaming,

“Yes Marie fuck me oohhh yes fuck my ass you bitch mmm I want it so much ohhh Marie mm fuck me mmm oohh yes yes…”

He was nearing orgasm as his sister fucked him hard and deep.

“Mmmm mom ohhh I’m gonna cum ooohh fuck mmm mom Marie mom mom ohhh yes mmm fuck me fuck me mmm” he yelled.

Then he came hard whimpering as his sister pulled in and out of his overused ass. Hot thick globs of cum shot into his mother’s mouth as she swallowed in vein trying to get every last drop into her stomach. Then he collapsed onto the bed exhausted as he always is after a good ass fucking and his mother let his cock fall from her cum drenched mouth and hands. Marie then pulled the shit-covered dildo from his ass and offered it to her mother to lick it clean. Elaine took it deep into her mouth as she cleaned all of her sons shit from the long thick fake cock. As she stood up his mother looked triumphantly at her young daughter as she said,

“Come here my sweet and get what you deserve.”

Then she gave her a taste of her brothers cum and shit as she kissed her daughter hard flicking their tongues, mashing the lips and grunting and growling as they savoured the flavour of the young mans cock and ass. Marie still had the dildo in her hands and she placed it against her mother’s already soaking cunt. Her mother moaned hungrily into her child’s mouth as she felt the think long shaft slip into her sopping hungry cunt. She reached down and held it in place as her daughter quickly hopped out of her clothes. She fell back onto the double bed and Daniel gave them room as he turned around to enjoy the show. His sister was pushing the dildo in and out of her mother as the kissed feverously. Elaine pulled her daughter tight to her as she fondled her ass and pulled on her back almost trying to fuck her whole body.

While this was going on Daniel’s young virile shaft was beginning to get life back into it. He sat on the side of the bed stroking his cock as his mother and sister got very hot and heavy. Now they were locked in the classic sixty-nine position, heads bobbing between spread thighs, the sound of tongues and lips working their magic rising above the stillness of a country afternoon. Breasts flattened against bellies, their bodies moving together, fingers caressing firm bottoms, thighs shifting open then closing, muffled groans filling the room. She was really working her mother’s cunt hard and as sucking hard on her clit as her mother growled into her daughter’s cunt. Her mother had her pussy lips pulled apart as she tongue fucked her sexy daughter. She inserted two fingers into her soaking cunt and slowly bent them back and forth over the G-spot. Marie was crooning,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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