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Still dressed in only the half cup bra and the crotchless panties, Emma slid the silk jacket off Monica’s shoulders and hung it up. “Poppet,” Emma said, “could you gather a few paper towels from the bathroom?” She looked down at her legs, “I think I need a little cleaning up.” Emma looked back up at Monica and grinned.

It took Monica only a second to return with the towels, two of which were damp with warm water. She started to hand them to the older woman, but Emma stopped her. “You do it. Please?”

Monica glanced down at Emma’s dripping pussy, then placed the towels on the bench. Putting her hands on Emma’s hips, she slid the panties down. Emma stepped out of them and spread her legs. Monica bent down and then rested on her knees, her face inches from Emma’s cunt. “You want me to… to clean you up?”

“Yes, poppet, I want you to tidy me up so I can put the dry panties on. Go ahead, I won’t mind.” Which was funny, because it surely wasn’t Emma who had problems. Monica picked up one of the moist towels and slowly reached out to touch Emma. She wasn’t exactly reluctant, but you couldn’t say she was eager, either. “Pull my pussy lips apart first and mop up the overflow. Then move to the perineum…,” Monica gave her a puzzled look. “The perineum is the tissue between the vaginal opening and the anus. Clean there and the use another towel to clean my legs.”

Monica separated Emma’s cunt lips, accidentally brushing over the clit. Emma started at the contact. “Ooooh, that feels good, poppet. You can do that more.”

Monica had never seen a pussy up close, not even her own. Emma’s pussy, with all it’s lovely pink parts, fascinated her. She stroked the clitoral hood and felt it get hard, like a little cock. A lady cock.

Not that she had much experience of cocks to go by.

Monica separated the folds of the inner labia, exposing the entrance to Emma’s vagina. Emma watched her with far away eyes. “Go ahead, poppet, you may put your finger in there. It will feel different from your own, but it works the same way.” Monica slid her index finger into Emma’s still wet cunt, slid it out and then slid two fingers in. Emma groaned. “Turn your palm up, poppet, and make a come hither motion with your fingers. Don’t go in too far, just to the second joint. You’ll feel a spongy spot on the top of my cunt. That’s the ‘g-spot’, and it feels really good to have that stroked.” So Monica stroked the g-spot as Emma’s hips began to move back and forth, still inches from Monica’s face. “Now take your thumb and wet it with your spit and then slowly circle my clit. You do know where the clitoris is, right?” Monica nodded her head yes. “Good. Be firm, but not harsh.” Monica continued the come hither g-spot stroking and the circling clit stroking as Emma’s hips moved faster and faster while her breathing grew shorter and shorter. Suddenly, Monica felt Emma’s cunt spasm around her fingers as Emma pushed her pussy hard into Monica’s hand, while Emma’s juices literally flowed down her wrist. After her orgasm faded, Emma pulled Monica to her feet and pulled her close, kissing her gently, then more firmly, then probing with her tongue.

This was all too much for poor Monica. She needed to get off in the worst possible way, and she broke the kiss, dropped her skirt to the floor and putting her hand inside her panties, started to finger herself again.

Emma stopped her. “Let me do you, poppet. One good turn deserves another, no?” Emma undid the buttons on Monica’s blouse, slid it off and hung it up. She picked up the skirt and hung it up, all while Monica stood there in her white sports bra and cotton granny panties. Emma pulled the sports bra over Monica’s head, then gently pushed Monica down on the fitting room bench. Emma knelt down between Monica’s legs and pulled the granny panties slowly down, putting Monica’s knees together and then sliding the panties over one foot at a time. Each time Monica lifted her leg to free the panties, Emma had a clear view of Monica’s all but virgin assets. Like the rest of Monica, she was beautiful there, and once the panties were, off, Emma bent over and kissed the top of Monica’s lightly furred slit while her hand slowly massaged the pussy as a whole, outer lips, inner lips, clit, sliding two fingers in then out, then repeat.

Monica, for her part, was stuck somewhere in her mind, both entranced with what Emma did to her, and yet unbelieving at the same time. Fortunately, Emma did most of the thinking.

Emma straightened and leaned forward enough to blow gently on Monica’s nipples, which were hard already, but hardened even further. Emma tweaked one nipple while the slowly sucked on the other, switching breasts every ten or fifteen seconds. Monica couldn’t keep her hands from pulling Emma’s head into her breast when she sucked on a nipple. Emma would take the nipple and the whole areole into her mouth. When she would change breasts, she left behind a stiffly peaked nipple with the shiny areole tented up around the nipple.

Emma’s hands had continued to stimulate Monica’s Onwin cunt. After a few minutes of breast play, she bit each nipple sharply, causing Monica to start in pain, and to flow even more in her pussy. Emma turned her attention back to Monica’s pussy, where she now used her two fingers on Monica’s g-spot and her tongue and lips on the clit. Monica soon because to rock back and forth into Emma’s face, while her breath grew short, just like Emma’s had a few minutes before.

After only a minute of this seriously seductive attention, Monica peaked, her pussy spasmed, and she all but screamed in her pleasure. Emma looked up at her as she came down from the heights, and said, around Monica’s pussy, “Remind me to stuff your panties in your mouth next time. We don’t want the whole world to know you are cumming on my face.” She laughed and pulled away. “Also, just so you know, you taste wonderful. Fresh and light and beautiful, just like you. Now let’s continue cleaning up and get dressed, you in your new panties and bra, me in my old – but still new – ones and we will rejoin Jeff.”

Jeff, for his part, had re-entered the store proper and taken the item tags to the counter. Before he did anything else, though, he clipped Monica’s tag to the pocket of the silk jacket he wore. As he turned to the task of purchasing the now very used crotchless panties and half cup bra, a little frisson of pleasure trickled across his skin and libido. He’d done retail before – who hasn’t? – but not in a semi smutty lingerie store and not while his girlfriend and their lovely new girl-find were, well, at the very least getting totally naked together in the back of the store. He would be sorely disappointed, as well as very surprised, if more sex didn’t occur before the two women dressed.

Maybe even after they dressed.

In the mean time, his job was to be a Monica stand-in, and despite any expectations to the contrary, he looked forward to this little masquerade. Jeff purely loved the feel of lingerie, and if his chances of selling anything in this quiet late afternoon hour were slim, he was more than open to the opportunity, should it arise.

Of course, some things remained half arisen.

He finished up his purchases, put his credit card away, and then simply watched the occasional mall walker pass the storefront. The women’s voices were a low but constant background noise, barely noticeable over the store’s music. No discernable words but the tone was  both comfortable and erotic. Whatever bond he had established with Monica yesterday, Emma seemed to be building upon today.

Life was good, in other words.

A young man entered the store, the first person to enter the young store while Jeff had the watch. About five nine, slender, he had a hesitant and shy look about him. And a confused look. “Could you tell me where Monica is?” Then he read the badge. “Hey, that’s Monica’s badge! Why are you wearing it? You’re not Monica!”

“Very observant of you, young man. My name is Jeff, it is true, not Monica, but I am standing in for her for a little bit. She’ll be back shortly. May I help you in the meantime?”

Not at all mollified by Jeff’s words, the young man carried on. “I want to… I want to see Monica. I need to talk to her.”

“Hmmmmm.” Jeff stroked his chin. A totally artificial gesture, but one that went right over the head of the intended audience. “Well… say, what is your name, anyway?”

“David,” came the somewhat resentful answer.

“Well, David, Monica will be back shortly. In the meantime I can help you, or you can come back in a bit and Monica will help you.”

“I can’t come back in a bit. That’s the problem. I am supposed to meet Monica in the food court after we both get off at four. But my mom called and she wants me home right after work, so I can’t meet her. And I need to tell her.” David’s palpable anxiety intrigued Jeff.

“I will be happy to pass the message on to Monica. If you want, you can write it down and leave it on the counter for her. Will that work?”

Not satisfied, but lacking alternatives, David wrote a brief note, folded in it half, addressed it to Monica and left it on the counter.

“I will make sure she gets it.”

“Yeah, sure, whatever. Please just let her know. It’s all because of my mom. Anyway, I gotta go.”

“Bye, David, and rest assured, Monica will get the note in a few minutes. I will tell her you were sorry you missed her.” David turned and practically ran out of the store.

Not long after David left, a young woman entered the store. Jeff smiled at her and received a quizzical look in response. He answered her unspoken question, “Just a temp, ma’am, standing in for Monica for a bit. May I help you?” He did not come out from behind the counter.

You have to gentle them first.

The woman looked around the store, clearly hoping to find another clerk. Finding none, she forced a little smile and answered, “I’m just looking around, thanks. No help needed.”

“I’ll be here if you have any Onwin Giriş questions. Just so you know, the front of the store tends to clone Victoria’s Secrets while the back of the store is more… exotic.” He answered her smile with a polite and slightly quixotic smile of his own.

She immediately went to the front of the store, exactly as Jeff had expected, and slowly wandered between the silk push-ups and the boy shorts and the lovely thongs, the camisoles and the teddies, but nothing seemed to  catch her interest. Her apparently aimless drift took her further and further into the store, until finally she came to a stop in the middle of the smut, bewilderment written all over her face.

Jeff, sensing the critical moment had arrived, approached. “May I help you?” His smile this time was both genuine and caring. Which is exactly how he felt – no masquerade there.

“I… I…,” she blushed, prettily, but with an overtone of desperation, “I don’t know what to buy. Or how to wear it, or what to do when… when… you know, when I have it on.” Her eyes were moist almost before she stopped speaking.

“May I ask you a few questions? They won’t be rude or terribly prying questions, I promise.”

“Yes, sure. I just need some help.” It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure the help she really wanted had little to do with lingerie sizes.

The store had two stuffed chairs outside the fitting room, and Jeff pointed to them, saying “Let’s sit down over here for a minute and just talk, shall we?”

“Oh, I shouldn’t take up your time, I’ll just be going.”

“Ma’am”, he spoke in a determined voice, “I have nothing but time, and we really should sit down and talk, don’t you think?”

Startled, the woman simply sat down in the nearest chair. Emma and Monica’s voices were more noticeable, though not so much as to make render more than the occasional word understandable.

Jeff sat in the other chair. “My name is Jeff, by the way, despite what the nametag says.”

She smiled and uncertain smile and replied, “Mine’s Brenda. I just had a baby. Six weeks ago. Her name is Alice. Here’s a picture”. All said in one breath, no pauses. Anxiety take people in funny ways.

“Beautiful baby. Much like the mother.”

Brenda blushed again, “Oh she’s got her daddy’s looks. Scott is a handsome man.” At the mention of baby Alice’s daddy, a spasm of pain crossed her face.

“Well, we might differ on the source of baby Alice’s good looks. Still, you aren’t here for Alice.”

Brenda grinned at him, a small grin, but real. “No, I am here for me. Or rather, for us. For Scott and me.” Unvoiced but there in her voice and gaze was the thought that it was for baby Alice, too.

“You and Scott, eh? Brenda, without intending to be rude, just how long has ‘it’ been?” Jeff put the quotes around “t” with two fingers on each hand.

Without even a pause for thought, Brenda said “Four months, two weeks, three days and about six hours.”

“Again, without intending to be rude, how often before that?”

“It was all the time when we first married, two years ago. Then I got pregnant with Alice, and it became less and less frequent, and it was a month before that last time.” Her eyes and face were turned inward as she spoke.

“What do you think is going on?”

Without looking up, she answered “I don’t think Scott has found someone else. He’s been a good husband, just a little… distant, in bed, you know.”

“Do you want more than ‘distant’?”

Her eyes flashed at him. “Yes. I want Alice to grow up with her daddy. I want us to have other children. I am no great catch in bed, I don’t cast blame here. I just want there to be an US.”

“Okay then.” Jeff leaned forward and touched her hand, lightly, and then sat back. “So, if I may guess, you are here to find something that you hope will bring some spice into your marriage bed?”

She nodded, surprised at his grasp of her situation and motives. “If I can figure out how to make it great in bed, maybe we can figure out how to make it great everywhere else.”

“I admire your heart, Brenda.” And he really did. That’s a lot of self knowledge for a young person. “More questions, if that’s okay?” She nodded yes. “Who takes the lead in your relationship, at least with respect to sex?”

“Scott does. I… I am not all the comfortable with the whole thing. My mom raised me that you had to do it, but you didn’t have to like it. I don’t think that’s good enough for Scott.”

“Is it good enough for you?”

Brenda looked down at the picture of baby Alice. “No, I don’t think it is. And not just because of Scott. I think Mom put me on the wrong train in this, and I don’t want to do the same thing to Alice.”

Just then Emma and Monica stepped out of the fitting rooms. Both glowed with post orgasm bliss, but Emma sparkled while Monica looked stunned. In a good way, but, still, stunned.

“Monica, Emma, perfect timing. I’d like you to meet Brenda. Brenda, meet Emma, my girlfriend, and Monica, Onwin Güncel Giriş who works at the store and is our friend.” Monica started at these words, and then smiled big. “Brenda’s come shopping here in the hopes she can find something to spice up her love life. What do you think, can we help her out?” All spoken as he put the badge on Monica’s jacket pocket, smoothing it over breast with a gentle caress. All three women noticed the caress. Emma smiled while Monica blushed but moved into his hand. Brenda stared, her attention completely captured.

“I… I… I hope so, Jeff.” Monica turned to Brenda. “Do you know what you want, ma’am?”

Jeff spoke. “Brenda knows she wants more, but that’s all she knows. We are about to find out what kind of more she wants. So pay attention to Brenda, and we will let her tell us what she needs.”  Jeff pulled Emma to stand near him on one side of the chair, placing Monica on the other side. He then motioned to them to rest their hips on the chair back. When they were arranged, he sat down and placed the hands nearest him on his shoulders; Emma’s right hand and Monica’s left.

“Now, Brenda. A few facts. Do you orgasm?”

Brenda looked down at her feet as she blushed, then paled. “Not often and… never with Scott.” She looked up. “I don’t mean I do with other guys.  I mean, uhhh, only by myself.”

“Do you masturbate frequently?” asked Jeff.

Now Brenda blushed a deep, deep red. “No, not often. Just when I can’t stand it any more. I love the way it feels, but then I feel so bad, so dirty. My mom would just die if she knew I did it.”

“Yes, I see how it is.” Jeff looked up at Emma. “Emma, do you masturbate?”

“You mean when I’m by myself? Only some of the time. I prefer to jill off when you are watching.” Emma gave Jeff an evil grin.

Jeff turned to Monica, “How about you, Monica?”

Now it was Monica’s turn to blush. “I, uhhh, do it once in a while.”

Emma jumped in. “Monica, you looked quite good at it just a few minutes ago. How often is once in a while?”

Twisting back and forth on the chair back, mortified, Monica said, “Okay, it is like three or four times a week.”

Brenda took this all in, her eyes growing bigger and bigger while her mouth fell open into a wide ‘O’. “What did you mean, ‘a few minutes ago’?”

“We all just got off in the changing room a few minutes ago,” Emma answered, “and then Jeff came out here to run the store, and Monica and I got off a few more times on our own. I am surprised you didn’t hear us. I thought I was going to have to stuff panties in Monica’s mouth to keep it down to a low roar. She’s a real screamer.”

Monica almost fell of the back of the chair and now it was Brenda who was stunned. Jeff said, “How do you feel about all this sex going on just before you got here, and then while you sat here, talking with me? Does it bother you, Brenda?”

“I.. I don’t know what to think. You all must be crazy!”

“Maybe so, but we are having fun and making it work, even if I just met Monica yesterday and Emma only met her this afternoon. I think there is a long friendship in the making. What do you think ladies?” Emma nodded her head emphatically, and after a brief pause for thought, so did Monica. “Now what do you imagine is different between the three of us and you and Scott?”

“I don’t know. It must be a lot!”

“You’d be wrong it you thought that. There’s nothing really different about us. We are just like you. Well, we don’t have baby Alice, and she is beautiful, no?” And we have different features and hair color and background, but inside, we are all the same. We’ve learned one thing you haven’t.”

“What’s that, J… Jeff?” Brenda asked.

“We know that whatever looks like a sexual hangup is just a powerful sexual experience waiting to happen. For example, have you ever kissed a woman, Brenda?”

“No, no, never!”

“Monica, how about you?”

Blushing yet again, “Not before today, no. But today, yes.” Her eyes got a little dreamy at the recollection. Emma knew how to kiss.

“Brenda, do you see how it struck Monica? But if you had asked her yesterday, her response would have been the same as yours. Would you like to try kissing a woman today?”

“No! I couldn’t do that!”

“That’s perfect! Now we know we are on to something. I think we should have a demo first. Monica, Emma, let’s illustrate how one woman kisses another.”

Monica hesitated, but Emma pulled her to her feet. Holding Monica’s hands behind her back so that nothing could come between them, standing belly to belly, Emma leaned in and kissed the side of Monica’s neck, and then caressed Monica’s cheeks with her lips, followed by biting gently at Monica’s lower lip. Monica’s eyes closed and a low moan escaped her lips.

Jeff watched Brenda’s breathing accelerate; the pulse in the side of her neck became rapid and her lips turned blood red. “What are you feeling, Brenda?”

“Nothing, nothing at all!”

Jeff laughed. “Brenda, you are exhibiting every physical sign there is of arousal. I don’t think you are a lesbian – but what you are is turned on by exhibitionism. At the very least you are a voyeur. I imagine we all are. I know I am.” He turned to Monica and Emma. “What do you two feel?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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