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The Seventh Coven – Part 3

The professor’s adventure continues with members of the coven.

This story is a continuation of my Halloween tale in which the professor took part in a fertility rite at a local Wiccan coven. I recommend starting there. All characters and situations are complete fiction, a product of my fertile imagination. Any similarity to actual people and situations is purely a coincidence. Any errors in the portrayal of Wiccan culture are mine and I apologize for any misrepresentation. All constructive criticism is welcome.


Story recap:

The professor was teaching a course in comparative world religions for his college. One of his students, Amy, invited him to participate in her coven’s celebration of the Great Rite which took place on the Wiccan feast of Samhain, also known as Halloween. In the days immediately preceding the holiday, the professor was visited by seven different witches from the coven who prepared him for the Rite with oral sex. When he arrived at Coven House for the Rite he was strapped down and had sex with seven of the members who were drawn, in theory, at random. He later learned that there were some interesting internal coven politics going on.

The professor was asked to respect the privacy of coven members and not attempt to meet any of them. This did not apply to Amy who was his student. While he did not seek out members, two members sought him out: Bridget and Victoria. In the days after the Great Rite, the professor interacted with all three. Amy, his student, explained some of the coven’s practices after their Wednesday evening class. Bridget came to visit the professor in his office and was taken on as a volunteer “research assistant.” She is planning on coming over to help the professor on Saturday afternoon. Finally, the professor had dinner with Victoria twice and had sex with her Friday evening and Saturday morning.


I arrived home on Saturday morning about eleven. Victoria had served me a delightful breakfast of late season raspberries, mixed nuts, little quiche-like tarts, and some outstanding coffee.

Over breakfast, we discussed the possibilities of future erotic encounters. I got the impression that Victoria had thoroughly enjoyed our time together, but was not ready to commit to a second evening of passion. That was fine with me. At this stage of my life, I preferred sex without strings attached.

When I got home, I put on a pot of coffee and jumped through the shower. I suspected that I might become intimate with Bridget and I wanted to be clean for her. I put on some professorial-type clothes – a pair of khakis, some penny loafers, a dress shirt, plus a tweed jacket complete with leather elbow patches.

I decided that I should have something prepared just in case Bridget was actually interested in research. I prepared a list of Wicca related questions, some of which I was sure I could have easily researched myself. Nevertheless, it would be a good starting point for our afternoon, just in case.


I was organizing the books in my study when I heard the doorbell. I looked at my watch – 1:56. Where had the time gone?

When I opened the door, Bridget stood there with a grocery bag in each arm, and a third at her feet.

“Come in! Come in! Here let me take some of those.”

She stepped into my foyer, “I brought you some things that should help you both professionally and personally.”

I closed the door, “Where shall we go? The kitchen?”

“Good idea.’

I led Bridget to the kitchen where I realized she still had her coat on, “Let me take that.”

As I helped her off with her coat, I checked out her hourglass figure. Her full breasts and hips nicely filled out a modest emerald dress. Her red hair was stunning against the green. I took her coat to the foyer’s coat rack. By the time I returned to the kitchen, she had unpacked her bags. She was a beautiful woman; her freckles and button nose were adorable.

Her blue eyes locked in on mine, “I’m sure you are wondering what all of this is.”

There were several jar spells which I recognized from Victoria’s kitchen. She also had a little kitchen witch, several candles, an empty jar, a quill pen, a jar of ink, and some containers of spices.

“Some of it I recognize.” I wondered if I should tell her that I had been to Victoria’s house. I decided she probably already knew, “I recognize the jar spells, although I don’t know what they’re for. The kitchen witch is like Victoria’s.”

“Victoria told me you were going to have dinner with her last night. I hope that went well.”

“We had a lovely evening together.”

“I really like Victoria. She has been so kind to me since I joined the coven. I’ve learned so much under her mentorship.”

Bridget turned to the task at hand, “I have three spells for you and the supplies to make a fourth. The moon’s waxing, so the timing is right for what I would like to do.”

She looked around, “We need to set up a small sacred bursa escort space.”

I pointed to an area I seldom used, “Can we use this corner of my kitchen counter?”

“That will do for now.” She pointed at a jar, “This one with the red wax seal is one we made for you at the coven. We hope it brings you joy and happiness. This one with all the salt and white wax is for your health. We want you to live a long life. This last one with the blue wax and the parchment is for wisdom. We know that you are a brilliant man, but this spell is to provide you with wisdom regarding the spiritual and magical world.”

“Spiritual and magical world?”

Bridget arranged the jars and candles, then looked up at me, “I suppose I can tell you. Tuesday is the full moon. The coven will be very busy that evening we will be holding our monthly esbat. We also need to make moon water, take moon baths, and most importantly we will have a business meeting of the membership.” I nodded. “There are two important things we will vote on. The first is whether Boudica should stay on as our high priestess. The second is to bring you on as our high priest. That’s why we thought you may need the spell for spiritual wisdom.”

“I see.”

Her eyes were mesmerizing, “I thought as part of your research into Wicca, I could show you how to make a spell.”

“Okay. What kind of spell?”

Bridget touched my hand, “It will be a simple protection spell.”

“And that’s what all of this is for?” I said indicating the ingredients.

“Yes. We need a bit of dirt from your yard as the final ingredient.”

“Any dirt?”

“If you can get some that is close to your sidewalk.” Bridget handed me a small dish, “Maybe two teaspoons or so will be enough.”

I went out and got the dirt. When I came back, she had all the spices laid out.

Bridget lit a short white candle and moved it to the center of the counter.

She motioned to me, “Come stand next to me Professor. While it is crude, this is our altar. We will be casting a spell with the spirit’s help. An offering of sorts. We need to clear and center our minds.”

She took my hand in hers, closed her eyes, and bowed her head. For a moment I returned to my youth, holding hands with the girl next door. I looked over at her profile, then to her lovely breasts.

She took several deep breaths, “Breathe with me. Relax your mind. Cast all other thoughts away.”

My only thoughts were of Bridget. It was as if she had cast a love spell on me. I was completely enchanted by my redhaired witch.

She whispered, “Spirit of the cosmos, bless our efforts today.”

Bridget released my hand then smiled at me. She handed me a small jar, “Now we’ll cast the spell. Put some salt in the bottom.”

“Is this Himalayan pink salt?”

“It is. I blessed it during the last full moon. Pour in just enough to provide a base of about a quarter to half an inch.”

“Okay, what’s next?”

“The earth you brought in. Sprinkle it evenly so you cover the salt… Nice. Now you need to write out what you want.” She handed me a small piece of parchment, “Regular paper and pen works too, but we go old school and prefer parchment, a quill pen, and real India ink. It gives the spell a feeling of gravitas. You should write something like, ‘Protect this house.'”

I dipped the quill in the ink well and wrote, “Protect this house and all those who dwell here.” It was cool hearing the quill scratch on the parchment.

Bridget looked at, “Much better. Sprinkle some of this regular salt on the ink to dry it…. Okay, now roll the parchment around this cinnamon stick and place it in the jar. That’s it…. The cinnamon has protective powers. Now take some rose petals and create a layer that fills about half the jar…. Good.”

“What do the rose petals do?”

“They turn hate into love. Finally, fill the rest of the jar with this dried sage. Leave enough room so the cork can fit in.”

“Victoria used sage to clean her house.”

“You catch on quickly. Sage cleans away all negativity and brings safety. Now put in the cork…. Good. Now you will seal it with twine.”

I wrapped the twine around the lip and then I used a hitch to loop it over the top several times. I finished it with a reef knot.

Bridget looked at the twine closely, “I like your knot tying.”

“I learned it in the Navy. That last knot is a square knot or a reef knot. It goes back to the days of sail.”

“Oh, you’re good at this. That is precisely the spirit with which we make our spells. With your knot tying, your own words, your own handwriting, plus your dirt, this spell is unique to you and this house. Now spill a little wax on the top and set the burning candle in the wax…. That’s it. We’ll let that burn down to nothing. The wax will flow over the twine and seal the spell. Now we need to give thanks. Will you pray with me?”

“What shall we say? Spirit of the cosmos, thank you for this spell?”

“That sounds perfect. Let’s say it together.”

Bridget took bursa escort my hand again and bowed her head. Together we said, “Spirit of the cosmos, thank you for this spell.”

I asked, “Do we leave it burning?”

“Yes. We’ll let it burn out. We don’t need to be here.” Bridget looked over at me, “I have something else I think we should do, but this time I will be doing the research and you can be my assistant.”

“What is that?”

“I’ve never done it before, so this is an experiment. It is a form of sexual magic.”

“A very interesting topic.

Bridget stepped up to me and placed her hands behind my neck, “Might I be so bold as ask my employer to help me with my research?”

I placed my hands on her hips, “You may be so bold. How can I help you?”

She pulled my face down and gently kissed me. Her soft lips barely touched mine. There was a hint of mint on her breath. I moved a hand to her back and pulled her against me as she wrapped her arms around my head, pulling my mouth to hers. Her lips parted and our tongues set their own spell in motion.

She whispered into my mouth, “I can’t believe I am this lucky.”

I moved my hand from her hip to her fine ass as our tongues danced together.

Bridget eased the kiss and looked lovingly up into my eyes, “Perhaps we should retire to your bedroom.” Neither of us moved, “I will need to be prone… and naked… for the spell casting.”

“Things become even more interesting.”

Bridget grabbed the last grocery bag. I took her hand and led her up the stairs to my bedroom.

When we reached my bed, Bridget took my hands and looked into my eyes, “Professor, I have a request for you.”


“I need you to bring me to an orgasm and you need to keep me there for as long as possible.”

“A beautiful redhead wants me to bring her to orgasm. How can I say ‘no’ to that?”

She stepped closer to me and put her arms around my neck again, “I hope you can’t.”

I cupped her luscious ass cheeks, “Plus, it sounds like fun.”

“Actually, I think it will be exhausting for both of us. Do you know how to sustain a woman’s orgasm?”

“It has been my practice to use her nipples, clit, and g-spot to get her there and keep her there. Typically, a woman’s clit becomes too sensitive and it becomes hard to sustain an orgasm with just her nipples and g-spot.”

“You know what you are doing. I am going to ask you to bind my hands and feet so that I cannot get away from you. I will need you to continue to stimulate my body no matter what I say or do. Can you do that for me?”

“I will give it my best effort.”

She gently kissed me, “Thank you. Now, you’re probably wondering why I want you to do this.”

I was losing myself in her eyes, “I am.”

“The sexual orgasm is one of the most powerful spiritual forces that a human being can generate. It is said that when a person is in a sustained orgasm, they enter a trance.”

“The French call it la petite mort, the little death.”

“I didn’t know that. That sounds about right. It is said that if a person is in an orgasm-triggered trance, they can direct their mental energies to another and cast a powerful sexual spell.”

“A male couldn’t do that. Our orgasm only lasts for a few moments. Who are you going to cast your spell at?”

“You Professor.”

“Me? Okay.” I wasn’t too sure about this, but the idea of having sex with Bridget erased any hesitation, “So, what will happen?”

Bridget pulled my face close to her and kissed me again, “Well, I’m not exactly sure.” Another kiss, “That’s why it’s research. From what I’ve read, energy will be transmitted from my body to yours.”

I could feel her breasts pressed into my chest, “You are transmitting some powerful energy right now.”

“When I am in an orgasm, I will focus my mind on your penis, your erection. Maybe, just maybe, you will have greater sexual power when we are done.”

Scientifically I was having my doubts. Physically and mentally, I was going to love bringing Bridget to an orgasm and keeping her there, “How long should I keep you cumming?”

“I’m hoping for several minutes. Personally, I’ve never cum for more than several seconds, maybe a half a minute, at any one time.”

“And I take it you brought something for me to tie you down with in that bag.”

“I did. Let’s move your clock where you can see it.”

She dug out some restraints from her bag and attached them to my headboard. “We need to keep my legs spread and my vagina accessible, but I think I need to have my hips restrained. I may try to buck you off me.”

I had an idea, “How flexible are you?”


“How about if we bind your ankles at the headboard? That will keep your legs spread and your legs from bucking me off. We can tie your wrists either at the headboard or to the side of the bed.”

Bridget studied the situation, “I like the headboard. We’ll have my arms next to my legs. I will be splayed out and you can use me however you bursa eskort wish.”

“Okay. We’ll work this out.”

Once the restraints were secure, Bridget returned to my side, “Can I undress you?”


I tossed my jacket aside. Bridget turned to me and unbuttoned my shirt.

She ran her fingers through my chest hair, “Do you always dress like this?”

“Only for my research assistant.”

“Just so you know, I purchased this dress for you.”

“You are strikingly beautiful in it.”

“Thank you.” Bridget was looking intently into my eyes, “Professor, I have been hoping to be with you ever since I met you a week ago.”

“Be with me outside the Rite.”

“Yes. Be alone with you. Be one with you. Would you like to pull the dress over my head?”

“I’d love to.”

“There’s a zipper…. That’s it.”

I pulled the dress over Bridget’s head. She didn’t wear anything under it. Her body was stunningly beautiful. Her full breasts had the perfect combination of perkiness and sag, pink nipples on pink areolae. Her lovely, flared hips framed her wild red bush. Her body was toned. Her arms and legs showed muscular definition. Freckles dotted her fair shoulders and chest.

She looked down at her body, then up at me, “You know that in the coven we let most of our body hair be natural.”

“Amy told me.”

“It took some getting used to. I still shave my legs and armpits. I do love my fire bush though.”

“I love pubic hair on a woman.” I touched her cheek, “You could say I am prejudiced, but I think redheads are the most beautiful people on earth. And I think you, my dear Bridget, are perhaps the most beautiful of the beautiful.”

She pulled my face down and kissed me, “Flattery will get you everywhere Professor.”

She knelt before me and dropped my trousers, “I agree with you about redheads though. I love your penis and your red pubes. I love mixing my pubes with yours.”

Bridget took my cock in her hand and looked up at me. She began licking around the head, “I’m thinking you need to be fully erect when I try to cast my spell.”

She licked and sucked me, moaning her pleasure. As I became tumescent, she began stroking my shaft while sucking the head, “As a practicing witch…” She sucked hard, “I love to worship…” She took most of me into her mouth, “A beautiful cock…” More sucking. “Most of all…” She ran her tongue around the crown, “I worship your beautiful cock.” She took me completely into her throat and pulled off, “I love doing this.” She vigorously stroked me, then back to sucking, licking, and stroking. “This is so nice.” When I was fully erect, Bridget continued sucking just to make sure.

Finally, she stood and jumped onto the bed, “Time to tie me down.”

“First your wrists.” I fastened the restraints to each wrist, “Okay, now bring your legs up.”

I bound her ankles to the corners of the headboard. Her legs were spread wide, providing easy access to her pussy and anus.

I adjusted the cords, “Try and lift your hips.”

“I can barely move anything.”


She smiled a naughty smile, “Professor, I trust you completely. I am in your control. You can do with me what you will.”

“I think I just might. I will take my time and thoroughly enjoy your amazing body.”

“I was hoping you would do that. Maybe penetrate several of my holes. You can have any part of me you desire.”

I really didn’t want to do that – take more than one hole. My first objective was to kiss that beautiful pussy. She was already quite wet. I pressed my nose into her fire bush and breathed deeply.

“Bridget, your pheromones are casting their own spell on me.”

I lapped at the juices flowing from her opening, “Your taste is exquisite. I could lap at your fountain all day.”

Bridget giggled, “That makes me happy and it feels so good.”

I got on my hands and knees and crawled over the top of her. My erection touched her vulva.

She smiled at me, “I want you.”

I leaned in and kissed her, probing with my tongue. She responded, entwining hers with mine. I placed my cock at her opening and slowly pressed into her womanhood. Her warmth and wetness enveloped me.

She spoke into my mouth, “That feels so good. I remember how you stretched me during the Rite. We should do this as often as possible.”

“Gladly.” Tease her. While I was at full penetration, I moved to her ear and nibbled at her lobe. I brushed her erect nipples with my chest hair. Gentle kisses down her neck. As I moved lower, my erection came out of her. Then I traced my tongue across her collarbone and down her cleavage. I locked in on her eyes as I began licking a circle around each succulent breast. I slowly moved toward the center, but stopped when I got to the areola. Then I repeated the move with her other breast. Back and forth I moved between those luscious mounds.

Bridget whispered, “Please suck me.”

I touched her erect nipple with my tongue and she groaned. An easy suck, then I repeated that on her other breast. Back and forth, increasing the suction each time. I swung forward and kissed her lips again, my cock at her opening. I pressed myself deep into her pussy with a single, slow thrust.

She spoke into my mouth, “You feel so good inside me.”

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